Zebedy STP


Set The Pace

Self Released

Rating: 3/5




North Wales based angular alt rock quartet Zebedy have self released their new EP, Set The Pace, today, the 15th September 2017. Zebedy‘s roots go back almost a decade when an embryonic version of the band first emerged as a live jamming trio, over the years they have steadily refined their sound and incorporated new members and influences, all the while building their fanbase with a commitment to live shows. Their latest four track EP follows on from their sophomore album, 2013’s Marionette, and showcases their latest material that has shifted into a more slightly more aggressive style away from their straight up rock roots. 

The tile track possesses the energy and attack of Rage Against The Machine, but it is blended with a slicker rock approach that incorporates technical elements that are transplanted from the metal and rock influences. After the impressive blast of the opening track we get Of Revelations, this heads off into a more straightforward metal direction before the brief instrumental, In, bridges the gap to the EP’s closing number, Bloom, that blends the rage of the opening track with every other element in the band DNA, and as a result it veers wildly across the alt rock spectrum.

Zebedy incorporate the rage of metalcore and distil this with melodic influences from the parallel world’s of rock and metal, but they largely, but not completely, avoid the self indulgent excesses of those genres to keep the energy flowing throughout the Set The Pace EP. The title track is easily the outstanding track from this release, it set the bar high for the rest of the EP so it’s not really a surprise that the tracks that followed don’t quite hit the same heights, having said that if your tastes lie more toward rock than alt rock you won’t be disappointed by Set The Pace.

Set The Pace is now available via digital platforms including Zebedy‘s Bandcamp which can be found here