It’s Not Dead Festival Returns To California For 2017

It's Not Dead 2017Old and new-school punk rock fans demanded it, and Vans Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman has delivered, It’s Not Dead, one of the country’s largest punk rock festivals, is returning to Southern California this summer, after a two-year break. It’s Not Dead will once again invade the Glen Helen Amphitheater Festival Grounds on Saturday, August 26, with another massive line-up of bands on four stages.

Tickets for It’s Not Dead will be available from 9am on Monday 20th March here

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Wraths Release Second Vinyl Pressing Of Debut Album

wraiths-lpWraths are made up of skate punk veteran Jim Lindberg, of Pennywise, and his band of cohorts, including members of 1208 and The Darlings, they channel the ghosts of punk’s past, combining the dark guitar driven tones of TSOL and Dag Nasty, and the glaring sun bleached angst of the Descendents and Circle Jerks. Wraths debut album was released last April and the first vinyl pressing of their debut album sold out fast, so Bird Attack Records have released a second pressing, on alpine white vinyl. There are only 200 of these in the Bird Attack Records store so if you want a copy you’ll have to be quick

Wraths debut album can be streamed and purchased here



Self Titled

Bird Attack Records

Rating: 3.5/5




All Jim Lindberg projects inevitably end up being compared with Lindberg’s punk rock pillar, Pennywise.  But his latest side project, Wraths, looks for inspiration from decades pre-dating the melodic-punk movement of the 90’s typically associated with the rise of Pennywise.  In fact, Wraths simply doesn’t lend itself for much of a comparison.  The project is largely based on jarring, disjointed, and abrasive time signatures that jump to and fro with little regard for the melody typically associated with Lindberg.  He even trades his smooth vocals for a vicious bark with teeth as sharp as daggers.  Better comparisons reside with the 80’s punk movement, and the boisterous calls to arms that comes with referencing Black Flag and Dag Nasty.  The result might be unsettling for Lindberg’s fans, but certainly achieves a sense of sonic upheaval reflective of the lyrical content.

Right from the start, opener “Oh God” lurches jarringly to life.  Perhaps intended to jolt the audience out of any sort of passive listenership, Lindberg rattles off a grim descriptor of life as we know it.  Accompanied by dark, guitar-driven angst and bursts of thumping bass, the band makes no apologies for their brazen ways.  “You’re a loser, we’re all losers… I’m in the back of the line and I’m doin’ fine,” asserts Lindberg of our societal positioning in the rat race of which we are all a part of (“Back Of The Line”).  Abstaining from participation in this destructive cycle marks Wraths’ defiance, but as “War Drums” further suggests, such actions are equally as isolating as per the ominous chorus line, “lost and alone in the unknown.”  Taken together, the tracks both compliment and contrast with one another in their abrupt nature and lightening quick runtimes (most clock in around a minute and thirty seconds).  While most Pennywise tracks harmonize into sweeping album arcs, Wraths embrace and thrive on a wholly disjointed delivery.

At under 25 minutes, Wraths offer a succinct introduction to a forceful but familiar style.  Make no mistake about it, Wraths is not for the faint of heart, and is certainly geared towards fans of abrasive punk that embraces frayed edges.  Within the context of Lindberg’s career, Wraths earns its keep by starkly defining itself against his legacy work in Pennywise.  Whereas other Lindberg projects like Black Pacific were short lived likely due to melodic similarity, Wraths is its own beast with a wild roar entirely its own.  Here’s to hoping we hear more from Wraths down the line.

Wraths Stream 3 Songs

WrathsOver the holidays, the good folks at DyingScene streamed 3 new songs from Wraths, the new project of Pennywise front man Jim Lindberg.  

Listen to the three tracks here and read the accompanying interview to find out what is in store for Wraths.


Jim Lindberg’s New Project WRATHS Releases Debut Track

Wraths, the new project of Pennywise front man Jim Lindberg, has premiered their first song.  

The track is titled “Oh God” and can be heard below.

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