Kamikaze Girls To Release ‘Seafoam’ Album

Kamikaze Girls SeafoamKamikaze Girls will release their forthcoming debut album, Seafoam, on 9th June 2017 via Big Scary Monsters Records in the UK and Wiretap Records in the US. Alongside the news, the band have revealed a June 2017 UK tour with Watford indie punks Nervus as well as a string of festival appearances including The Great Escape, 2000 Trees and Truck Festival.

Seafoam can be pre-ordered here (UK) and here (US)

You can view the video for the track Berlin, and Kamikaze Girls tour dates, below Read More…

Elijah Newman And The SideEffects Release New EP

Elijah Newman GhostsElijah Newman And The SideEffects who’s brand new EP, All I Found (Was A Ghost), is now available for download and streaming via Wiretap Records and all the major digital retailers. If you’re fan of artists like Ryan Adams, Frank Turner, Dave Hause and JT Woodruff then you should give this EP a listen.

Elijah Newman And The SideEffects Facebook page is here

All I Found (Was A Ghost) is available via Wiretap Records Bandcamp here

Gender Roles Sign To Wiretap Records

Gender Roles Planet X Ray FlyerGender Roles have signed to Wiretap Records and to celebrate they have released a music video for their song Skin, the track is from their debut EP, Planet X-Ray. The EP will be released with help from Hanger Records on limited cassette on April 14th. The trio deliver hazy indie-punk that dishes out fuzzed-out, Snarling vocals, brutal bass, and a heavy dose of cymbals congealed together with off-kilter guitar licks to create a feel-bad-feel-good mix.

Planet X-Ray can be purchased digitally here and pre-ordered on cassette here

You can view the video for Skin below Read More…

Elijah Newman And The SideEffects Sign To Wiretap Records

Elijah Newman GhostsElijah Newman And The SideEffects have signed to Wiretap Records, and to celebrate they’ve released a music video for the track Come Back Home. The track is taken from their upcoming EP All I Found (Was A Ghost) that is due to be released digitally on Friday March 31st, the five track EP captures the bands hooky choruses and punk sensibilities that are tinged with folk overtones.

You can pre-order the All I Found (Was  A Ghost) EP here

You can view the video for Come Back Home below Read More…

Wiretap Records Release Latest Charity Compilation for ACLU

Wiretap Attention Feb 17Wiretap Records latest ATTENTION! Charity Compilation is now available to download for Pay What You Want donation, 100% of proceeds after Bandcamp Fees will be donated to the ACLU. It features thirty great tracks from Del Paxton, Regarde, Kamikaze Girls, Super American, Ducking Punches, I’m Fine, Cold Wrecks, Spanish Love Songs, Daydream, The Exquisites, Pinned in Place, Get Married, Low Speech, Odd Robot, Pseudo, Accidente, Movies About Animals, Great Apes, Leveless, Geometers, Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves, Southpaw, Cables & Arms, Nights Like Thieves, The Offseason, Sixteen Scandals, Old Notes, Iris Jupiter, Skoundrel and more. Over the next four years Wiretap Records will continue to release ATTENTION! compilations and will be donating 100% of proceeds to the ACLU.

You can down load the latest ATTENTION! compilation and donate to the ACLU here

I’m Fine Release Debut LP ‘Never Knowing Best’

Im Fine Release NKBI’m Fine‘s new album, Never Knowing Best, is now on general release through Wiretap Records. It can be streamed via Spotify and Apple Music, and is available for download via iTunes and Bandcamp.

You can order Never Knowing Best digitally here and on limited edition cassette here

The Punk Site review of Never Knowing Best can be found here

I’m Fine‘s Facebook page is located here

Im Fine NKB

I'm Fine

Never Knowing Best

Wiretap Records

Rating: 3.5/5




New Orleans, Louisiana’s I’m Fine will release their debut full length album, Never Knowing Best tomorrow, February 3rd 2017, the album was recorded in the band’s hometown of New Orleans by James Whitten with help from Brian Pretus of Pears. I’m Fine combine elements of punk and indie that sit happily alongside post hardcore and emo influences. Whilst this is the band’s first full length I’m Fine have been around since 2011, they released an initial burst of EP’s between 20111 and 2012 and then, at least as far as I can tell, there has been silence, apparently this was due to band members running into personal issues and problems that derailed their initial impetus, but they stayed together regardless of what life threw at them and now it seems they’re back on track with the release of Never Knowing Best.

The album jump starts into life with the lo-fi explosion of Merit Badge, the lead single that was streamed in advance of the release, it carries a raw discordant quality throughout that is reminiscent of an angry hyperactive Dinosaur Jnr, without giving you chance to draw breath the album launches into Dead Eyes, this kicks the pace up a notch and it is swiftly followed by Nabors, this track builds the intensity and incorporates a few math rock flourishes into their sonic assault. Legends In Corners brings a more thoughtful element into the mix that segues into the defiant strains of Cursive before Late Night Talks About Nothing brings an anguished moment to the album. For me Grow With Us and Burma bring the albums finest moments, with fine upbeat and insistent rhythms that are married to their raw discordant style, just as you think I’m Fine are building to a upbeat finale Never Knowing Best has a final twist, it closes with two complex disquieting numbers, Evil Bubbly and Trash Eyes, that brings what has been a wildly fluctuating dissonant debut to a close.

I’m Fine are a band that wear their influences proudly on their collective sleeves, their sound has a resemblances to bands such as Latterman, Gnarwolves, Cursive and At The Drive In, but that isn’t the end of the story, they incorporate different elements and styles into every track making Never Knowing Best an unpredictable beast of an album. It captures the rage of post hardcore, and this is the style that is at their core, but they straddle so many genres you just can’t pin them down, hints of math rock complexity are incorporated, indie and emo sensibilities pervade and it’s all delivered with a punk DIY ethos, with a running time of just over twenty minutes you could argue that Never Knowing Best is somewhat on the short side, but it’s a brief satisfying blast from a band who might not know best, but they certainly know their own minds.

You can pre-order Never Knowing Best digitally here and order the limited edition cassette here

I’m Fine Premiere New Song ‘Merit Badge’ From Upcoming LP

Im Fine NKBNew Orleans, Louisiana’s I’m Fine are premiering the track Merit Badge off their upcoming album, Never Knowing Best, that is due out February 3rd 2017 via Wiretap Records. The new record was recorded in the band’s hometown of Nola by James Whitten (Pears, Thou) with help from Brian Pretus of Pears.

You can pre-order Never Knowing Best digitally here and the limited edition cassette here

You can stream Merit Badge here


Get Married

Into The Cosmos

Wiretap Records

Rating: 4/5




Californian punk band Get Married released their sophomore EP, Into The Cosmos, earlier this month via Wiretap Records, Into The Cosmos follows on from their impressive 2015 debut, Four Songs, and builds and refines the style they introduced us to on their initial release. Get Married have a fine pedigree as the members have been involved in the Californian punk scene, in particular guitarist and vocalist Jaake Margo is well known in his local scene, having previously been in bands such as Cheers to DoerrDisabled Intent and Kill The Bats prior to the formation of Get Married, now hopefully Get Married will gain him recognition outside of his native state.

Dream Boy opens Into The Cosmos with an infectious blast of upbeat pop punk with a breakdown that comes straight of the doo wop handbook and boasts lush harmony vocals on the chorus, Kuzco’s Poison ups the ante with a more frantic number that contains all the elements of the opener, but all delivered in a more frenetic style. Kingpin continues the joyous upbeat vibe of the EP with a rock ‘n roll chorus and finally New Neighbour brings Into The Cosmos to a close, this is a shift in style and they dip their toe into the more energetic side of indie, it reminds me more of The Fratellis or Dirty Pretty Things than their punkier influences, don’t interpret that as a bad thing as it isn’t, as this just adds another dimension to an impressive EP.

Into The Cosmos channels early doo wop with a modern punk twist along with elements of emo, indie and pop punk, think of Elvis Costello fronting a cross between Silver Sun, Weezer and Masked Intruder and you’re probably about there. Get Married‘s latest EP marks my final review of 2016 for The Punk Site, and after the year that 2016 has been, one that’s seen us lose far too many faces and seen too many idiotic decisions made, but if you want something to lift you spirits and see you into 2017 in fine style then Into The Cosmos would make a damn fine addition to your new years eve playlist. You can stream Into The Cosmos on Spotify and Apple Music and download via iTunes and Bandcamp, the EP is also available on Green or Red  7″ vinyl via Wiretap Records.

You can stream and purchase Into The Cosmos here and pick up the 7″ vinyl here

Wiretap Records Release Charity Chrstmas Compilation

wiretap-xmasThe first Wiretap Records Christmas Compilation has been released the label asked a few bands, artists and friends to record a holiday themed track or original song to donate to the compilation. The Wiretap Christmas Compilation features Get Married, The Stragglers, Avenues, Margate, The Dollyrots, The Record Collection, Spanish Love Songs, My Double My Brother, Brenna Red (From The Last Gang), The Lucky Eejits, Sons Of Strangers, Ryan Allen And His Extra Arms and Brendan Scholz (from Mercy Music). Although the Wiretap Christmas Compilation is a name you price download Wiretap Records encourage you to donate at least $1 or more if you’re able to as proceeds from this compilation will be donated to the Anti-Bullying Organization, Stomp Out Bullying.

You can download the album here and read more about Stomp Out Bullying here

Get Married Release ‘Into The Cosmos’ EP

get-married-itcCalifornia punk band Get Married have announced that their new EP, Into The Cosmos, will be released today, Friday December 9th, via Wiretap RecordsInto The Cosmos channels early doo wop with a modern punk twist and a hint of emo and pop punk.

You can stream Into The Cosmos on Spotify and Apple Music and download via iTunes and Bandcamp, the EP is also available on Green or Red  7″ vinyl via Wiretap Records.

You can stream and purchase Into The Cosmos here and pick up the 7″ vinyl here

Get Married To Release New EP ‘Into the Cosmos’

get-married-itcCalifornia punk band Get Married have announced that their new EP, Into The Cosmos, will be released this Friday December 9th via Wiretap Records
Into The Cosmos channels early doo wop with a modern punk twist with a hint of emo and pop punk
You can order the Into The Cosmos here and pick up the 7″ vinyl, on two choices of colour variant, via Wiretap Records here

Wiretap Records Announce Black Friday Sale

wiretap-black-friday-2017Wiretap Records have announced they are having a Black Friday sale, this means you can jump on some savings this Black Friday and Thanksgiving Weekend! Over the weekend you can pick up 12″ LP’s for $10 and 7″ EP’s for only $3. 

The sale covers the entire Wiretap Records back catalogue, and includes releases from Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves, Avenues, Spanish Love Songs, Sons Of Strangers, Cables And Arms, Warn The Duke and many more.

There are no codes or queues, just go here to take advantage of the Black Friday savings

Wiretap Records Release ‘Attention’ Compilation

wiretap-recordsThe Wiretap Records Attention Fall 2016 Compilation is live, it features tracks from Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves, Talk Show Host, Surf Dads, Blowout, Casual Friday, Kamikaze Girls, Same – Band, Get Married, Daydream, Turnaways, Letdown, The Brass Action, Hot Knife, Fourth And Long, Caskitt, Facial, Awkward Age, Lilac Daze, Fossil Youth, No Better, Just Friends, Cedar Spring Motel, Prince Daddy And The Hyena, Forfeit, Stay Wild, Arkless, Sibling, Fox Wound, Spanish Love Songs and Layden And The Lion. Stream it all day long or Pay What You Want for thirty solid tracks. If you discover at least one new band from this comp, the label will have reached their goal. Go support the bands individually, buy their entire album, buy their merch, buy from their store, but also support the indie label that put out the record. 

You can stream and download the Wiretap Records Compilation here 

Get Married To Release ‘Into The Cosmos’ EP

get-married-itcCalifornian rock n’ roll punks Get Married have announced their new EP titled Into The Cosmos out this December via Wiretap Records. The follow up to their debut EP, that was appropriately titled Four Songs, that was issued in March 2016.

The new songs capture Get Married‘s potent synthesis of classic sounds plucked from the recent, and distant, past that is fuelled by a nostalgia for early rock & roll and doo-wop, as well as first-wave emo and shoegaze.

You can stream and pre-order Into The Cosmos here

Kamikaze Girls

Kamikaze Girls

Lucinda Livingstone & Conor Dawson

Wiretap Records & Bearded Punk Records
By on August, 16th 2016 at Brakrock Ecofest, Belgium


Kamikaze Girls is a UK based two piece who play a unique blend of punk with ingredients from all kinds of genres. The songs often have poppy choruses but they’re emotional, raw and noisy in their own way. The love singer/guitarist Lucinda Livingstone has for fuzzy noises and guitar pedals is no stranger to this sound. Their debut EP Sad is one to watch out for and will be released through Wiretap Records (North America) and Bearded Punk Records (Europe) in September. Thematically it tackles issues of mental health the band has struggled with in the past: “We wrote it when we weren’t having a very nice time and every time we play it we feel better about it” says Livingstone. We had a chat with Kamikaze Girls’ Lucinda Livingstone and Conor Dawson about their upcoming release, Riot Grrrl and how it was like to play the Fest for the first time.

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Wiretap Records releases free summer compilation

Wiretap Records CompWiretap Records released a 40-track summer compilation with the brief title Attention: A Wiretap Records “Instant” Compilation. Summer 2016. The comp is available to download on a pay what you want basis over at Wiretap’s bandcamp page. “If you discover at least one new band from this compilation, we’ve reached our goal” says the label. And since there’s 40 artists included, the chances of doing no discoveries are slim. The comp includes songs from Pocket Science, Bike Tuff, Spanish Love Songs, Cedar Spring MotelKamikaze Girls, Turn it Around and None The Wiser.

Kamikaze Girls Release Video ‘Ladyfuzz’

Kamikaze GirlsUK’s up-and-coming grungy punk act Kamikaze Girls launched a new video for the single Ladyfuzz. The song will be on their forthcoming 5-track debut EP Sad. Ladyfuzz is a metaphor for a period in the life of singer Lucinda Livingston when she was struggling with her mental health. The song features the typical fuzzy sound the band is known for, as well as some poppy elements. The video was shot in Livingston‘s childhood bedroom and the surrounding area. It’s released through Punktastic and can be found here.
The upcoming debut EP of the band can be still be pre-ordered here (North America) or here (Europe).

Spanish Love Songs vinyl release

Spanish Love SongsSpanish Love Songs is a 4-piece pop punk band from Los Angeles, California in the veins of The Menzingers, Run Forever and Iron Chic. The band announced a vinyl release of their debut album “Giant Sings The Blues“. It is now available for pre-order trough Wiretap Records (North America) and Bearded Punk Records (Europe). The pressing is limited to 200 copies.

Pre-order North America: Wiretap Records
Pre-order Europe: Bearded Punk Records


Tours: Warn The Duke (US)

wtd press photoWarn The Duke, the Brooklyn based project of former River City Rebel Dan McCool and also featuring members of Big D And The Kids Table have just kicked off a tour of the northeast US. They are out in support of their debut LP Ghost be Gone, released in 2015 and due to get a vinyl release this year thanks to Wiretap Records. Andrew Dole from Cymbals Eat Guitar will be filling in for usual drummer Derek Davis on all dates.

Check out the full list of shows below.

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