Guerilla Ghost Release Video For ‘Undeserving Of A Proper Title’

Guerilla Ghost Suicide NotesGuerilla Ghost is the brainchild of Martin Defatte (Volunteer, Tron Jovi) and Chuck Jones (The Beholder, Import/Exporter, the Milwaukee punk, rap and hardcore hybrid have now revealed the video for Undeserving Of A Proper Title, the track is taken from their newly released album Suicide Notes Of The 21st Century.

You can stream and order Suicide Notes Of The 21st Century here

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Dewar PR Release Free Digital Compilation

Winter 2017Southern Ontario based Dewar PR have teamed up with The Sludgelord to reveal their new Winter Compilation, the album is available to stream on Soundcloud or download via Bandcamp. The Winter Compilation features Allfather, Napalm Ted, Pseudo/Sentai, Volunteer, Final Sign, Yeti On Horseback, Arriver, Dead Register, Engraved Darkness, Flidais,  The Glorious Rebellion, Czar, Siderian, Ascentia and Nihilio

More information about Dewar PR can be found here

The Winter Compilation can be downloaded here and streamed here

Buildings Volunteer Split

Buildings / Volunteer


Triple Eye Industries

Rating: 4/5




Minneapolis’ Buildings and Milwaukee’s Volunteer have both been hard at work in their respective cities, each crafting their own distinct brand of dissonance over the course of the last few years. This release brings the two geographically disparate bands together for hell raising six track EP, each band has contributed three tracks to this Split EP that was released at the tail end of last month via Triple Eye Industries.

First up on this EP are Buildings, this is their first release since last years Life Doesn’t Matter EP and their contribution to this release continues in their fine tradition of genre defying brutal noise. Opening track Something Better is a brief slice of discordant alt rock, it’s a fine warning shot that just makes this Split hit the ground running with it’s brutal pounding beat and abrasive guitar riffs, the next two tracks are almost the equal of it and the first three rounds of this EP have all hit the mark. Buildings could fall under almost banner you try to describe them with, punk, noise rock, post hardcore and alt rock would all be appropriate, but somehow fall short of capturing their essence.

The second half of this Split opens in an even more aggressive fashion, Volunteer make an intense and heavy assault on the senses, if Buildings were the opening burst of shock and awe then Volunteer are the tank that crashes into your living room. They are angry, loud and heavy, very heavy. The guitars are pulverising distorted numbers that don’t relent until the final cymbal has faded away the end of the final track. This is their first release since 2014’s Goner EP and it sounds like they’ve been building their rage over the last two years, and have unleashed it all in the twelve minutes that their three songs occupy on this Split.

Both bands compliment each other perfectly and you couldn’t ask for a more perfectly dysfunctional match up. Unlike many of the Split EP’s I’ve encountered where the bands are at odds with each other, this is one where the bands compliment each others natural aggression and noisy style perfectly. If you’re a fan of either band, or just of noisy brutal alternative music, then this is a release that belongs in your collection, whilst I have a slight preference for Buildings contribution it is exactly that, slight, and this EP showcases two bands that I look forward to hearing a lot more of.

You can order a copy of the Buildings / Volunteer Split EP here

Buildings And Volunteer Announce Triple Eye Split EP

Buildings Volunteer SplitMinnesota’s Buildings and Milwaukee’s Volunteer have been hard at work in their respective cities, each crafting their distinct brand of dissonance over the course of the last few years. Triple Eye Industries is happy to announce that on August 26 they will release a split EP featuring brand new material from both acts. Since the release of the Goner EP in 2014, Volunteer has evolved, they’ve added Kevin DeMars on drums, and former drummer Mark Sheppard has moved to guitar, Volunteer is at its strongest in 2016. Their side of the split finds them at their angriest and most aggressive, with bigger guitars, tighter rhythms and furious vocals. Buildings make their Triple Eye Industries debut with their three offerings on the split. Much like Volunteer, Buildings have also experienced a slight line up change with the recent addition of bassist Mike Baillie. Their side of the split contains the band’s best material to date, while showcasing what the band does best: Pushing the sonic boundaries of what a trio can create. The songs contained here are as hectic as they are sparse and don’t let up from start to finish.

You can pre-order the split now on clear with blue splatter, opaque yellow or black vinyl here