Random Hand To Reissue Debut Album On Vinyl Via TNS Records

Random Hand COPRandom Hand are back! To celebrate TNS Records have decided to reissue their awesome debut album, Change Of Plan, on vinyl for the first time, marking ten years since it was first unleashed on the punk and ska loving scene. Listening back to Change Of Plan it reminds you how packed full of huge tunes it is, from the metal flavoured ska classic Play Some Ska, to the brooding grooves of Danger Makes Enemies. The album will be issued on the 9th February on bright red vinyl, lovingly presented with updated artwork by Simon Mitchell. Random Hand will play Manchester Punk Festival in April and will be playing a selection of songs from the record at festival and club shows across 2018
You can pre-order Change Of Plan via TNS Records here

Pizzatramp Announce New Vinyl Release

PizzatrampWelsh thrash punks Pizzatramp have announced a new vinyl release. The LP, titled Revenge of the Bangertronic Dan Plus 13 Songs  brings together the band’s latest EP in full and selected tracks from their first 3 EP’s into a single package, due for release on January 19th via TNS Records.

This is a limited pressing of 540 units on random coloured vinyl. Pre orders available here

Pizzatramp Release ‘Revenge Of The Bangertronic Dan’ On Vinyl

Pizzatramp ROTBDTNS Records have released a new slab of vinyl from Welsh thrash punks Pizzatramp, the record takes tracks from four of the bands EPs and puts them on vinyl for the first time. Side A contains all of their 2017 release, Revenge of the Bangertronic Dan,  and side B is made up of thirteen tracks of Pizzatramp‘s first 3 EPs. Revenge of the Bangertronic Dan Plus 13 Songs is pressed on random colour vinyl so each one is unique and TNS Records will also give something, so far yet undecided, away to the first ten pre-orders.
Pizzatramp‘s website can be found here
You can pre-order Revenge of the Bangertronic Dan Plus 13 Songs here

TNS Records Release 2017 Sampler As A Free Download

TNS Sampler 2018Manchester’s not for profit DIY punk and ska label, TNS Records, have put together a free Bandcamp sampler featuring tracks from the records they released, and re-released, in 2017, including tracks by Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man, Black Volvo, Throwing Stuff, Wonk Unit, Grand Collapse, Kollapse, The Domestics, Matlida’s Scoundrels, Faintest Idea and Stand Out Riot . The twelve track compilation is now available as a free download and all of the records are currently available in the TNS Records webstore.
The TNS Records website can be found here
You can download the TNS Records sampler via Bandcamp here

Faintest Idea Reveal Video For ‘Ouroboros’

Faintest Idea Mar 17Faintest Idea have revealed their latest video, Ouroboros, the final piece in a trio of videos that make up a short film detailing the socio-political issues faced in the UK as a result of the current Conservative government. In the final episode of the three-part series our plucky banker who featured in the first two videos has the tables turned on him as he’s dressed in The Hunt’s traditional red regalia, and chased through woodland by the band who have donned fox masks in a delicious reversal of roles. Faintest Idea have also announced a run of UK/EU tour dates and festival appearances for spring and summer.

You can view the video for Ouroboros, and Faintest Idea‘s tour dates, below Read More…

Black Volvo Detail Sophomore Effort

Black VolvoDutch punk rockers Black Volvo have announced details for their second album.  The disc will be titled Bad Driving and is due out on March 17, 2017 via TNS Records on vinyl (pink and black) as well as CD.  You can pre-order it now.
Upcoming tour dates can be found below.

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Manchester Punk Festival 2016

MPFThe Manchester Punk Festival, brought to you by Manchester DIY promoters TNS Records, Moving North and Anarchistic Undertones has returned for a second year. The first Manchester Punk Festival was held in 2015 and is returning for a second year on 21-23 April 2016. Tickets are available for just £21 but there are less than 150 tickets remaining.

There will be over 60 bands playing across three days, with the majority playing on Friday and Saturday. The Thursday will be one small gig with very limited capacity. This years acts include The Flatliners, Oi Polloi and Sick On The Bus


There are nine free compilations on the Manchester Punk Festival Bandcamp site showcasing the bands appearing, check out the details below. 

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Faintest Idea Detail New LP ‘Increasing the Minimum Rage’

Faintest IdeaKings Lynn, UK street punks Faintest Idea have announced details of their upcoming full length, Increasing the Minimum Rage. The LP is the band’s third and is due for release on April 1st via TNS Records. The band have said this about the record:

“The new record sounds heavier both musically and lyrically than our previous releases…With free market capitalism still rampant things don’t look too great for the younger generation. The album is a reflection of the time we find ourselves in, it is the sound of people trying to keep hope in a seemingly bleak future.”

Check out the cover art and track list for Increasing the Minimum Rage as well as the band’s upcoming tour dates below.

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Video: Roughneck Riot – All That We Know

Roughneck RiotWarrington, UK folk punk outfit Roughneck Riot has premiered a brand new music video.  The video features the song “All That We Know” from their latest record, Out Of Anger, which will be released back in October 2014 via Manchester based TNS Records. 

Watch the full video below.  New tour dates are expected soon.

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Vanilla Pod Announce Mini Album To Celebrate 20 Year Anniversary

Vanilla PodKings Lynn, UK punk band Vanilla Pod have announced a new mini album to celebrate their 20 year anniversary. Seeing Out The Sunrise is due to drop in the UK on April 18th via Dry Heave Records/TNS Records and via Fixing a Hole Records  in Japan.

Ahead of the release the band are streaming Wishing Well, and have also announced a number of shows in the UK in support. Check below for details.

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Roughneck Riot

The Roughneck Riot

Out Of Anger

TNS Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Rugged UK folk punk outfit The Roughneck Riot understands the underlying value in playing the type of melodic punk rock that fans want.  An album as skilled and straightforward as Out Of Anger relishes in the simplicity of a steady beat made all the more novel by an atmospheric combo of lead mandolin and accordion.  The ease and finesse of the combination makes for a welcome likeness to the ever steady, highly stylized rhythms of contemporaries Flatfoot 56.  It won’t take much for prospective fans to fall for the bawdy celtic overtones within.

Central to The Roughneck Riot’s instant appeal can be found in Out Of Anger’s steadfast pacing and renegade attitude.  Where some bands end up sticking to what they know and suffer for it, The Roughneck Riot stick to what they know and absolutely flourish.  Opener “Animosity” roars open like a sailor hot on the heels of pint of whiskey.  Vocalist Mattie’s lightly polished voice retains just the right mixture of coarse edges and raspy hoarse flow to sell the tough guy attitude without going overboard.  “Parasites” continues the momentum with tight harmonies that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Bad Religion tune, and “England’s Desperate Liars” finds Matty crisply picking his mandolin to a melody that could fit snuggly in an acoustic Dropkick Murphys crowd pleaser.   It boils down to personality, and the whole troupe comes together with plenty to offer.

There is a bit of a modern edge floating around the disc that serves to differentiate the Manchester sextet from their peers.  Take the initial moments of “Should We?”, in which the band briefly lives within a loosely pop/rock framework that reserves all but guitars, bass and drums until the battle cry worthy chorus.  Once the chorus hits, all bets are off – welcome to the party that is The Roughneck Riot.

That songs like “Never Silenced, Never Stopped” can exist in the absence of vocals for well over a minute speak to The Roughneck Riot’s sonic vision.  There’s little doubt that Out Of Anger will engross listeners.  Those with a keen ear will further find a vibrant social conscious as experienced from the modern working class.  These aren’t tunes about the distant coal miners and factory workers of yesteryear, but rather the toil and strain of a growing burdened class.  “It’s getting harder to survive, the world has got its back up against the wall” shouts Matty of life’s winding maze of a rat race in, “The Other Side.”

Out Of Anger never ventures far of The Roughneck Riot’s comfort zone, but that doesn’t stop it from just feeling right.  Out Of Anger keeps up a feverous pace without ever losing momentum or wearing out its welcome.  The band will inevitably need to evolve in due time, but as it stands now, The Roughneck Riot hits the mark, even if it’s a mark you may have heard before.

Tours: Roughneck Riot (Germany)

Roughneck RiotWarrington, UK folk punk outfit Roughneck Riot has announced a string of German tour dates.  The The  band continues to support their latest effort, Out Of Anger, released back in October via Manchester based TNS Records.

Full tour listings can be found below.

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Live Video: Roughneck Riot – “The Idiots Are Taking Over” (NOFX Cover)

Roughneck RiotWarrington, UK folk punk outfit Roughneck Riot has released a live video for the band’s cover of a NOFX song.  The video features the track “The Idiots Are Taking Over.”  The band comments:

“We did this in our practice room with Super Gaz on camera-holding duties. Enjoy!… Thank you to everyone who’s watched, liked and shared our cover of NOFX’s Idiots Are Taking Over already.

Due to the massive response, we’re going to be doing an acoustic cover every month of bands who have inspired us over the years! Keep your eyes and ears peeled. What to do next? Let us know what you want us to cover on Facebook, Twitter etc.”

The band continues to support their latest effort, Out Of Anger, released back in October via Manchester based TNS Records. 

Watch the full video below. 

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Video: Roughneck Riots – Parasites

Roughneck RiotWarrington, UK folk punk outfit Roughneck Riot has premiered a brand new music video.  The video features the song “Parasites” from their upcoming record, Out Of Anger, which will be released on October 13, 2014 via Manchester based TNS Records. 

Watch the full video below.  New tour dates are expected soon.

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Roughneck Riot Detail New Album / Release Studio Diary

Roughneck RiotWarrington, UK folk punk outfit Roughneck Riot have announced that their upcoming record, titled Out Of Anger will be released on October 13th via Manchester based TNS Records. The album has been the culmination of 2 years of writing about what’s been going on around them, saying: 

“We’re reinventing and rewriting folk music to make sense to our lives today…we write music for people; regardless of race, nationality, age, gender or sexuality.The past 2 years have been quite ridiculous in the UK. We’ve been mostly writing when something has made us angry.”

The band are playing a number of shows across the UK and Europe leading up to the records’ release, full dates, as well as their studio diary can be viewed below.

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Wonk Unit Join The TNS family; Detail New Album & Tour

TNS Records has announed that Wonk Unit has joined the TNS Records family.  The label will release the London band’s forth album, Nervous Racehorse, on March 13, 2014.

The band has a series of tour dates scheduled for March.  Check them out below.

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