See Through Dresses – Pretty Police

See Through DressesOmaha, NE’s See Through Dresses has premiered a new song.  The track is titled “Pretty Police” and will appear on their upcoming album, Horse Of The Other World, which is due out on June 30, 2017 via Tiny Engines Records.

Listen to the song here.

Sinai Vessel Announce New LP

sinai-vesselSinai Vessel has announced plans for a new album, Brokenlegged, in early 2017. The album will be available via their new home on Tiny Engines Records.

Track listing and upcoming tour dates are below.

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Personal Space – Offering

Personal SpaceBrooklyn, NY’s Personal Space has premiered a new song from their debut full-length.  The track is titled “Offering” and will be available on Ecstatic Burbs, which is due out on October 14, 2016 via Tiny Engines Records. Pre-orders are live.

Listen to the new song here.



Can You Feel My Love? / Lifeline

Tiny Engine Records

Rating: 2.5/5




Walleater are a quartet who hail from Leeds, England and this is a good old fashioned slice of introspective indie pop. The first track, Can You Feel My Love?, is the kind of crowd pleasing anthemic indie song that would have gone down a storm in the late eighties, it’s reminiscent of The Stone Roses at the height of their powers and if that’s your thing then you should probably investigate their bandcamp. The second offering on this single is Lifeline and it’s more of the same, although for me it’s a slightly stronger more upbeat song. Had this been released three decades ago I think they might well have had a potential hit single on their hands, but is this something there’s a demand for in 2016? 

Whilst this by no means a bad release it’s like an echo from a previous era, Walleater sound like a band that’s arrived late to the party. Had they been around at the height of indie and shoegaze popularity the sky might well have been the limit for them, but here in 2016 they sound like something of an anachronism. However, we live in an era where reunion tours are filling sizeable venues, pretty much every indie band from the eighties has reformed and there seems to be an inexhaustible demand for the sounds of yesterday, so you never know. At the very least this is cetrtainly a better single than The Stone Roses new release.

You can purchase this single and their back catalog here.


Beach Slang - Cheap Thrills On A Dead End Street EP

Beach Slang

Cheap Thrills On A Dead End Street

Tiny Engines Records

Rating: 4/5




Furthering the trickle of new material marking Beach Slang’s quick rise in popularity, the Philadelphia, PA band follows their debut EP with a second four-song dose of raspy alternative tunes.  Their latest effort, Cheap Thrills On A Dead End Street, comes mere months after their formal introduction and cements the four-piece as a band to watch for on the road to their eventual full length.  The EP offers plenty of fuel for the loose Goo Goo Doll meets Superchunk comparisons that ran rampant during the first wave of reviews, while continuing to placate the hunger of the No Idea Records faithful with vocal likeness to Sunshine State and Leatherface.  

The band’s draw hinges on their cohesive mix of indie, emo and pop-punk, straddling the line between stuck-in-your-head melody and edges rough enough to keep genre veterans enthused.  Opener “All Fuzzed Out” lands with a heavy, south of mid-tempo beat that finds frontman James Snyder’s marching in line with the equally weighted beats of former Ex-Friends drummer Ed McNulty.  Beach Slang’s authority commands a casual assertiveness that cannot be tuned out despite the intentionally murky film muddying the otherwise magnetic atmosphere.  Singing along with crowd pleaser “American Girls And French Kisses” becomes second nature as a blanket of rolling riffs bolden the track-title dominated chorus.  The less remarkable “Dirty Cigarettes” serves as an early intermediary between album highs that showcases the band’s guitar dominated-side taking control in a way that lesser known-acoustic acts Chad Michael Stewart could perhaps benefit from.

The album closes with with the fuzzed out acoustic piece, “We Are Nothing.”  While not nearly as instrumentally gripping as the first three, the takeaway message of raw individualism punches through adamantly in the featured lyric, “we are nothing like them.”  The sentiment doubly describes Beach Slang’s style and early runaway success.  Despite drawing upon a host of elements from like-minded acts, there’s no risk of plagiarism.  Cheap Thrills On A Dead End Street is uniquely Beach Slang – offering up four more tight tunes to a rapidly growing and fulfilling body of work.


It Looks Sad.

Self Titled EP

Tiny Engines Records

Rating: 3/5




Sometimes you don’t need a roadmap to enjoy the sights and sounds around you.  As the blur of lights and colours meld together as you sit in the passenger seat, the world slows down and life just seems that much simpler.  Such is the sonic resonance of Charlotte, NC four-piece dream-pop outfit It Looks Sad.’s self-titled EP. 

Take the carefree pace of Beach Fossils, pair that lethargic, hazy atmosphere with some of the more pointed segments from a Surfer Blood tune and you’re left with four tracks like the surprisingly engaging “Raccoon.”  Coming in a few notches north of lo-fi, shimmering guitars mark Jimmy Turner’s steady, pseudo-monotone vocal performance as he succumbs to the repetitious posing of the question “Am I real?  Are you there?”.  Turner’s yawned vocals serve as a cornerstone of simplicity in this generally less than mid-tempo guitar-dominated outing.  As evidenced in “Fingers,” neither vocals nor guitar compete with one another for airtime.  Repetitious lines wither away at variable moments, intermittently reemerging like a fog sprawled across a hazy valley.

As such, the band sparingly reserves any audible deviations for heightened effect.  Take the emo-flooded late-song anguish of “Ocean” or emotional vocal outpour accompanying the rhythmic percussive march of “Radical.”  Each distinct talking point ensures that each of the EP’s four tracks showcases a different side to It Looks Sad. 

With their self-titled debut, It Looks Sad. showcases a strong foundation featuring a handful of budding tangents worthy of further exploration.  The pleasantries of their dream-pop core leave plenty of room for enjoyment in its current form and ample room for future development.

Beach Slang Join Tiny Engines Records; Plan New Album

Beach SlangPhiladelphia, PA’s Beach Slang has signed on with Tiny Engines Records.  The band plans to head right back in the studio in late June to record a new release that will come out in the Fall.The band continues to support their debut EP, Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?, released earlier this year on Dead Broke Rekerds.

Beach Slag features members James Snyder of Weston, JP Flexner of Ex-Friends and Ed McNulty, formerly of Nona, currently of Crybaby.

Ovlov – The Great Crocodile

Ovlov Little BigNewton, CT’s Ovlov has debuted a brand new song.  The track is titled “The Great Crocodile” and is set to appear on their newly announced new split 7″ with Philadelphia, PA’s Little Big League.

Stream the song here courtesy Stereogum.  The band’s label, Tiny Engines Records, is currently taking pre-orders.

Dikembe – Hood Rat Messiah

DikembeIndie/emo band, Dikembe has debuted a brand new song. The the song is titled “Hood Rat Messiah” and is set to appear on  Mediumship, which is due out in August 2014 via Tiny Engines Records with vinyl pre-orders scheduled to go live in June.  The album will follow the band’s recent new split 7″ with The Jazz June

Listen to the song here courtesy Noisey.

Dikembe Announces Full Length

DikembeIndie/emo band, Dikembe has announced details for their next full length. The LP will be entitled Mediumship and is due out in August 2014 via Tiny Engines Records with vinyl pre-orders scheduled to go live in June.  The alum will follow the band’s recent new split 7″ with The Jazz June

Be sure to check out the album trailer below.

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Somos Full Album Stream

SomosBoston, MA’s Somos has launched a full albums stream of their upcoming new full length.  Their Tiny Engines Records debut will be titled Temple Of Plenty and is due out March 25, 2014.

Listen to the full album here.