Video: The Shell Corporation – Make It Rain

Shell CorporationCalifornia’s skate punk act The Shell Corporation has premiered a new music video for the song “Make It Rain.”  The album is due out on March 2, 2018 through La Escalera Records (U.S.) and Gunner Records (Europe). You can pre-order the record here.   The album follows their Paper + Plastick Records sophomore album, Mandrake, released back in 2014.

Pre-orders can be made here.  Listen to the song below.

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La Escalera Records Confirm Full Line-Up For Fest 6

Fest 6 Jan 17Today La Escalera Records have announced the daily line-ups for Fest 6, along with daily wristbands which can now be purchased along with a limited amount of weekend bundles. The punk rock festival celebrates the six year anniversary of the label and takes place in San Diego, California and Tijuana, Mexico from April 14th to 16th, 2017.

Wristbands and bundles for La Escalera Fest 6 can be purchased here

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Tours: The Shell Corporation (Europe)

The Shell CorporationCalifornia’s skate punk act The Shell Corporation has announced that they will be heading on a European tour in September.  The band continues to support their Paper + Plastick Records sophomore album, Mandrake, that was released this February.

Tour listings are below.

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Video: The Shell Corporation – Trust Us

Shell CorporationCalifornia’s skate punk act The Shell Corporation have posted their new music video for their single Trust Us.

The track comes from their Paper + Plastick Records sophomore album, Mandrake, that was released in February.

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Tours: The Shell Corporation / Stabbed In Back

The Shell CorporationHailing from Burbank, Calif., punk quartet The Shell Corporation announced North American tour dates in May with Stabbed In Back. The tour includes a stop at Pouzza Fest in Canada and The Fest 13 in Florida. The dates are below.

The tour is in continued support of The Shell Corporation‘s latest LP Mandrake released February 25 via Paper + Plastick. The album may be purchased and streamed here.

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The Shell Corporation on Mostly Harmless Podcast

Shell CorporationThe Shell Corporation‘s Jan Drees and Curtiss Lopez recently sat down with the Mostly Harmless podcast outside Illegal Pete’s in Denver, Colorado.  In the interview the band discusses their origins and inspirations as well as their recently released sophomore effort, Mandrake, available now via Paper + Plastick Records and Solidarity Records.

Listen to the full podcast here and be sure to check out our full review.

Shell Corporation

The Shell Corporation


Paper + Plastick Records / Solidarity Recordings

Rating: 4/5




I’m sad to say that I missed the party that marked The Shell Corporation’s quick rise to prominence in the punk underground.  Even with glowing reviews by colleagues and numerous appearances on year-end lists, only now does the Burbank quartet’s sophomore effort, Mandrake, serve as my formal introduction (I only checked out their debut, Force Majeure after the fact).  Not that I’m complaining – Mandrake is a musical mission statement if I’ve ever heard one – but the disc’s strength simply leaves me wishing that I had jumped on board sooner.

 Mandrake is a showcase of not notch melodic political punk that sufficiently breaks from the mold as it confidently runs through eleven highly opinionated songs.  First off, Jan Quixote’s vocals sound more confident than ever.  While he blended in more with the skate-punk tuned guitars for most of Force Majeure, Quixote comes across more like a thunderous bullet cracking above a battlefield in Mandrake.  More Tim McIlrath (Rise Against) than Thomas Barnett (Strike Anywhere) in style, The Shell Corporation’s condemnation of corporate greed and military aggression in tracks like “The Death Of Us” and “Bombs Away” is strong and decisive.  Quixote’s authority transfers well to the blistering drums propelling quick and dirty tracks like “Maguire’s Plea.”

Various vocal harmonies further define The Shell Corporation knack for ear-grabbing hooks and minor but memorable anthems.  “The Message” and “Trust Us” take a nod from Bad Religion’s mid-tempo fist pumpers, while “60 Hours’” calculated vocal control slows things down for a very vivid description and daunting atmosphere of what might be termed expendable white-collar slavery.  The drums and bass make the notion of self-inflicting “60 hours, and a paycheck” particularly ominous even in a corporate culture of rewards and bonuses.

The album ends with the slowly strummed acoustic piece “Prefect World,” offering Mandrake a glimmer of hope against the it’s otherwise grim backdrop.  The Shell Corporation’s formidable core combined with a light peppering of sonic variation (like the spirited upstroke defining “Even Bob Villa Couldn’t Fix This House” and Propagandhi-like aggression of “Appetite For Distraction”) round out Mandrake all major fronts. 

While I missed out on Force Majeure during The Shell Corporations first big slash, I am not making the same mistake twice.  Mandrake is highly recommendable dose of melodic punk rock well worth checking out.

Stream: The Shell Corporation – Mandrake

The Shell CorporationThe fine folks over at Noisey have teamed up with Paper + Plastick Records to stream the new album from Burbank, California’s The Shell Corporation.

The album in question, titled Mandrake, is due out next Tuesday digitally and on CD and will be available on vinyl on April 1st through Solidarity Recordings. It was recorded in the fall of 2013 at The Lighthouse Recording with producer Chris Hesse in Woodland Hills, CA and was mastered by Stephen Egerton. 

You can listen to the album here.

The Shell Corporation will be hitting the road in March to support Mandrake. The tour dates can be seen below. Read More…

The Shell Corporation – Maguire’s Plea

Shell CorporationBurbank, CA melodic punk group The Shell Corporation has debuted a brand new song.  The track is titled “Maguire’s Plea” and comes from their upcoming sophomore album Mandrake, due out February 25 2014 via Fat Wreck Chords.

Listen to the song here courtesy PunkNews.

The Shell Corporation Premiere New Video / On Tour

The Shell CorporationBurbank, CA punks The Shell Corporation have premiered a new video for their track The Death of Us. 

The song features on their upcoming sophomore full length, Mandrake due to drop on February 25th via Paper + Plastick Records. Pre orders are available here.

The video for The Death of Us, the track list for Mandrake  and upcoming tour dates can be found below.

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The Shell Corporation Sign To Paper + Plastick Records

Shell CorporationPaper + Plastick Records has signed California-based punk outfit The Shell Corporation. The group is slated to releases its sophomore full-length, Mandrake, via their new home on February 25, 2014 with a vinyl release following on April 1st.

A teaser video can be viewed on the band’s website.  The band is giving away their 2012 EP Time & Pressure for free to mark the occasion.

Mandrake was recorded late in 2013 at The Lighthouse Recording with producer Chris Hesse in Woodland Hills, CA and it was mastered by Stephen Egerton.

The Shell Corporation - Force Majeure

The Shell Corporation

Force Majeure

EFM Records

Rating: 4/5




Over the last few months I’ve been insanely busy – working twelve plus hour days before even beginning work on stuff for the website. Because of that, I haven’t had a chance to sit and properly write any reviews lately. Just the other day I thought to myself that was a little odd and I missed it – but at the same time, there hadn’t been any records that truly jumped out at me and made me want to go out of the way and write a lengthy review.

Then I threw in The Shell Corporation’s Force Majeure.

This is a record that deserves that extra attention and plays through as one of the stronger albums of the last few months. From the get go, the album brings up some of the best of the underground. Elements ofStrike Anywhere, The Briggs, A Wilhelm Scream, After The Fall, all seep through in a nearly unmatched concoction.

There are moments when Force Majeure sounds like your classic Epitaph skate-punk but without feeling like a cliché knock off. This is sincere, honest stuff with passionate vocals that fall between Thomas Barnett (Strike Anywhere), Tom Gabel (Against Me!), Aaron Scott (Attica! Attica!) and Tom May (Mezingers). In fact, if you were a fan of A Lesson In The Abuse of Information Technology, this works at the follow-up that fits nicely between that and Chamberlain Waits.

But the similarities to other bands isn’t what makes Force Majeure stand out – it just serves as a nice starting point. No, the real power comes from the album’s ability to merge speeds, tempos and sounds while keeping it fully cohesive. There’s some technically driven skate-punk – like Strung Out or A Wilhelm Scream – with melodic elements like Rise Against or Marathon. They throw in the odd acoustic song (All of The Best, Broken Hearted Loser and Dust To Dust) that feels natural and authentic. You get a nice mix heartfelt lyrics along with pointed lyrics with a political edge with the two highlights beingQuantitative Sleazing (about the 2008 economic crisis) and the visceral Ozymandias that uses the famed Network sound clip to build up anger and excitement in the listener. I’ve heard the clip used countless times, but never to such success as The Shell Corporation has.

At the end of the day, I’m still working twelve+ hour days but its albums like these that keep me working through them.

Video: The Shell Corporation – Not Me

Shell CorporationThe Shell Corporation have released a video for “Not Me” from their latest EP, Time and Pressure.

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Shell Corporation Detail Split With The Mighty Fine

Shell CorporationThe Shell Corporation has released details for their upcoming 7″ split with The Mighty Fine.  The four song release features two songs from each band and is due out in late fall via Solidarity Recordings and La Escalera Records.

The band last released their new EP, Time & Pressure, earlier this year.  Track listing and cover art can be found below.

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Video and Tour Dates from The Shell Corporation

Shell CorporationCalifornia’s The Shell Corporation have announced plans for a tour this September in support of their new EP, Time and Pressure. The dates are below.

The band has also released a video for the song Looking For A War from the album as well. It can be seen below.

Time and Presure is available from Solidarity Records now and can be streamed here.

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Video: The Shell Corporation – Organize the Committee (for public safety)

Shell CorporationBurbank, CA’s The Shell Corporation has debuted a brand new music video.  The video features the song “Organize the Committee (for public safety)” from their brand new EP, Time and Pressure, released this past June via Solidarity Recordings. The EP follows last year’s independently released Force Majeure

Watch the video below.

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The Shell Corporation Stream Upcoming EP

Shell CorporationBurbank, CA’s The Shell Corporation has released a full stream of their upcoming EP, Time and Pressure. The album is due out June 5, 2012 via Solidarity Recordings but can be listened to early courtesy PunkNews.  The EP follows last year’s independently released Force Majeure

Give the album a listen here.

The Shell Corporation Signs To Solidarity Records, Continues to Tour

Burbank/San Francisco’s The Shell Corporation have signed with Solidarity Recordings to re-release their debut full length album, Force Majeure.  The album will be available through digital outlets and in 12″ vinyl format in April 2012. It was previously self released in CD format and available digitally for free from Death to False Hope Records.

The band continues to tour in support of Force Majeure and its Bread & Circuses 7” EP; the dates are below. 


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Tours: The Shell Corporation

California punks The Shell Corporation will be hitting the road to close out the year.  The band has announced that they will be heading out in support of their latest album Force Majeure.  

Dates can be found below.

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