Lagwagon & Bad Cop/Bad Cop Confirmed For Rebellion Festival

Rebellion 18 - Nov 17Fat Wreck Chords Label mates Lagwagon and Bad Cop / Bad Cop have been added to the line up for the 2018 Rebellion Festival, the two bands will join the likes of Peter Hook And The Light, Ruts DC, UK Subs, Dirt Box Disco, Ramonas, Hands Off Gretel, Aerial Salad, The Queers, The Adolescents, DRI, Svetlanas and Chaos 8 at the Blackpool Winter Gardens between the 2nd and 5th August 2018.

The full line up for the 2018 Rebellion Festival can be viewed here

Tickets for the 2018 Rebellion Festival can be purchased here

Reel Big Fish Announce ‘The Beer Run’ US Tour

Reel Big Fish The Beer RunReel Big Fish are hitting the road again for a summer tour dubbed The Beer Run, tapping into the band’s passion for craft beer, several venues and markets on the trek will be participating in an experiential beer festival, which will include tie-ins with local breweries, tastings, lectures, drinking games and more. Joining Reel Big Fish on all dates will be The Expendables, The Queers and Tunnel Vision.

Tickets for The Beer Run go on sale today, Friday the 28th April.

You can view Reel Big Fish‘s tour dates on The Beer Run below Read More…

Guttermouth Stream ‘The Human Mulligan’ And Confirm US Tour

guttermouth-legal-ncsRude Records have announced the release of The Human Mulligan, the new single from Guttermouth, the track is taken from their upcoming EP, New Car Smell, that is due out on November 25th, New Car Smell will be released worldwide in collaboration with Bird Attack Records. The EP is the follow up to Got It Made, their first EP of new music in 10 years, which was released in early July. Guttermouth have also announced US tour dates that run from November 2016 to March 2017 where they will be touring with the likes of Get Dead, The Cryptics, Agent Orange, The Queers and Atom Age.

New Car Smell can be ordered on physical formats here and downloaded here

You can stream The Human Mulligan here and view Guttermouth‘s US tour dates below Read More…

Tours: Dwarves / The Queers

DwarvesThe Dwarves and The Queers have announced that they are on tour together for the remainder of August.  

Tour dates are available below.

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Dan Vapid & The Cheats Stream New Song / Announce Tour

VapidDan Vapid & The Cheats have released a stream of Cold and Rainy Days, a song from their latest full length, Two (review coming soon!) which was released on July 23rd via their own label Torture Chamber Records.

You can listen to Cold And Rainy Days here, and check out selected tour dates below.

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Tours – Teenage Bottlerocket & The Queers

Teenage BottlerocketWyoming punks Teenage Bottlerocket are embarking on the second leg of a co-headlining tour with The Queers this autumn. Support on all dates will be provided by pop punk band The Copyrights.

Freak Out, the latest full length from Teenage Bottlerocket was released last July via Fat Wreck Chords , whilst the last new material from The Queers was 2010’s Back to the Basement.

Full tour dates, along with a the new Andrew Seward (Against me!) directed Teenage Bottlerocket video for Freak Out, can be seen below.

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The Queers - Munki Brain

The Queers

Munki Brain

Asian Man Records

Rating: 4/5




The Queers are one of those bands that I know so little about but want to know so much about. Other than the odd song here or there, I haven’t really heard much by the band; and I even missed them when they came through town a year or two ago (something I’ll regret for a while I’m sure). So to say I know a lot about the band would be a blatant lie, but I do know that what I’ve heard from them I really like andMunki Brain is no exception.

For the odd few people who know less about The Queers than I do, let me recap for a moment. The Queers are an old pop-punk band who prove time and time again that pop-punk’s not dead. Merging the simplicity of The Ramones with the beach-flair style of The Beach Boys, the trio from New Hampshire create an straight forward, energetic, simple and catchy pop-punk song. The songs follow your simple verse-chorus-verse pattern without becoming boring and they sing about the same thing every pop-punk act sings about: girls.

On Munki Brain the band rarely deviates from that course of action, and it works perfectly because it’s sincere and honest. They aren’t trying to be something they aren’t and it comes through on the recording. Of course, they do switch up the momentum just enough to keep the listener full engaged. What Ever Happened To Filthy Phil is a more straight up punk rock song with a distorted guitar riff threaded through the backbone, I Think She’s Starting To Like Me is a piano driven pop-punk track while Monkey In A Suit is a harsher, politically driven track. Mixed in between all of those are songs like the catchy sing-along Houston, We Have A Problem and the incredibly catchy I’m A Fool all with Joe Queer’s signature nasally vocals topping it off.

Suffice to say, Munki Brain is a wonderful pop-punk album. The songs are fun, catchy and sincere, sweet and innocent. And from what I’ve heard about the band, once you’ve heard one Queers song you’ve heard the basic foundation for them all; so if you’ve liked anything by the band in the past then you’ll like this too. This is a must-have for pop-punk fans, and one of the better releases from 2007 thus far.

Tours: The Wild

The WildTonight, Atlanta’s The Wild are kicking off a three-week tour of the U.S., covering most of the Southeast and parts of the East Coast. They will be sharing the stage with The Taxpayers for the first half and then join up with The Queers for the second half o the tour. The dates are below.

The Wild is touring in support of its 2011 releases, including A Collection and a Split 7″ with Pittsburg’s Run, Forever

Both albums are available as free / donation-based downloads. Quote Unquote Records released the mp3 version of A Collection here, while you can download the songs from the split 7″ from the good folks at If You Make It.

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Riptides Announce Two Split 7″ Vinyl Splits

The Riptides have announced that the pop punkers will be releasing two separate 7″ splits with bands The Dwarves and The Queers on Asian Man Records this December. Only 500 copies of each will be made available.

The Riptides last released their Tough Luck EP on Rally Records in 2010.

Riptides Announce Two Split 7" Vinyl Splits

The Riptides have announced that the pop punkers will be releasing two separate 7″ splits with bands The Dwarves and The Queers on Asian Man Records this December. Only 500 copies of each will be made available.

The Riptides last released their Tough Luck EP on Rally Records in 2010.

Joe King (The Queers) Chimes In On Weasel Incident

The QueersJoe King, the front man of The Queers and long time Screeching Weasel fan and friend, has posted a blog detailing his response to the now infamous Screeching Weasel incident at SXSW which caused numerous bands to drop off of Weasel Fest and four of the members of Screeching Weasel to quit the band. He says:

Hey I don’t advocate hitting chicks but everyone knows Ben doesn’t either. You guys are all acting like you’ve never been to a punk show before. You people and bands who should know better too. In the heat of the moment he lashed out after getting spit directly in the face. Mother of God I pray it happens to all you do gooders out there. Let’s see how cool you all are. The sad thing is Ben would be the first one sticking up for you too.

His full blog can be read below.

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Interview: Dangerous Dave of The Queers

The QueersAsian Man Records have posted an interview with The Queers’ bassist Dangerous Dave on Verbicide Magazine’s website. In the interview, Dave talks about touring and the state of music today.

All the great albums were recorded before all this new technology — we don’t have to use it just because it’s available. I never understood punk rock to be so robotic and sterile and lame — I always thought it was raw and fun. That’s the way it was done, and that’s what we do. You don’t read reviews that say, “The fourth word of the third verse of track seven, one minute and 20 seconds in, well, that’s a little off.” Hopefully, more bands will take the approach that they don’t have to follow the trend of using auto-tune on every single vocal line and matching up the bass line with the kick drum on every single note. It’s okay to be a little bit off; makes it more fun. Listen to the old albums — there are bad punches on Ramones albums. No one gives a fuck!

The interview can be read in its entirety here.

Stream: The Queers – Back To The Basement

The QueersStereokiller are hosting a full album stream of the new album from The Queers, Back To The Basement.  You can listen to the album here.

Back To The Basement is available today from Asian Man Records. The band also plans to release their entire back catalog through the label in the near future.


The Queers – Fucked In The Head

The QueersLong running punk rock act The Queers is streaming a new track from their forthcoming album, Back To The Basement, due out November 16, 2010 via Asian Man Records.  The track is titled “Fucked In The Head,” and can be heard on the band’s myspace page.

Listen to the track here.


The Queers Wrap Up Recording; Set To Reissue Back Catalogue On Vinyl

The QueersThe pop punkers in The Queers have announced that they have recently wrapped up the recording session for their upcoming album, Back To The Basement.  The album is due for a November 17, 2010 release via Asian Man Records, with a complete back catalogue reissue on vinyl to follow.  The band comments on the direction of the release:

“We kind of veered back to the Love Songs for the Retarded style of songwriting and was a blast recording. We used Hoglog from Teenage Rehab on drums and recorded up in KY. Only one cover-White Minority by Black Flag. Fucking A it’s a good one! Kind of feels like the old Queers again. I like the poppy stuff but time to go back to what we love.”

The band also touched on a supporting tour which will include Kepi Ghoulie and The Riptides, as well as The Apers for the Canadian leg of the tour.

Open for The Queers

The QueersAsian Man Records is giving bands a chance to open for The Queers on their upcoming tour with Kepi Ghoulie and The Riptides on their Rocket to America Tour 2010. In order to participate in the contest bands must submit an mp3 of themselves playing a Ramones song. The entire list of rules can be seen here. The deadline is September 17th.

The Queers released Munki Brain in 2007 on Asian Man Records and their newest release, Back to the Basement, will also be released on Asian Man Records November 16th. A complete list of confirmed and unconfirmed tour dates of their Rocket to America Tour 2010 with Kepi Ghoulie and The Riptides can be seen below. Read More…

Mp3: The Queers – I Knew GG When He Was A Wimp

The QueersPop punkers The Queers have released a new track for stream on their myspace page., Back To The Basement.  The track is titled “I Knew GG When He Was A Wimp” and comes from their upcoming Album, Back To The Basement, due out November 16, 2010 on Asian Man Records.  The band is quoted on saying that they “fully expect [the album] to be an instant classic.”

Check out the track here.

The Queers Set To Record New Album

The QueersThe Queers have announced plans to record a new album in the next couple of months after along with a few shows with Screeching Weasel. In a new MySpace bulleting, legendary frontman Joe Queer said:

Hello friends and neighbors. Sorry we have been so quiet lately. We are doing Insub Fest and the NY Harbor boat cruise the next day. I still have to list the boat show info but it is indeed the day after we do Insub. We are playing with the immortal Screeching Weasel in Orlando and the next night with The Riverdales. Can’t wait. 

We will record our new album in the next couple of months finally. We might have a few special guests on it but I will confirm all that later. It is looking like we will do a big pop tour this fall when the new album is out. We are hoping to do it with The Yum Yums from Norway as well as The Apers and maybe another Asian Man band.