The New Lows Perform New Song Live

The New LowsOrlando, Florida’s The New Lows have released a video of the band playing a brand new song at a January 11, 2015 live show. The as-yet-to-be-named jam is the latest in a series of new tunes the band has been releasing over the last several months.

Check it out below.

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The New Lows – St. Sans

The New LowsOrlando, Fla. indie/punk veterans The New Lows are giving away the song “St. Sans” as a free download. The song comes from the band’s new album I Couldn’t Sleep, which is available in various colours as a reissue on vinyl from Kiss Of Death Records

Check out the song here.

The New Lows Announce New Drummer, Vinyl Album Release

The New LowsOrlando punks The New Lows have announced that Eric Pitman (VRGNS) has replaced Gregg Lightwood as the bands drummer. His first show will be on 22nd October in Orlando ahead of their appearance at theFest on Hallowe’en.

The band have also teamed up with Kiss of Death Records for a limited vinyl-only run of their self released album, I Couldn’t Sleep. There are only 500 copies available, so head here to get pre-ordering.

The New Lows - I Coudn't Sleep

The New Lows

I Couldn't Sleep

Self Released

Rating: 3/5




The New Lows are the Netflix of the music world.

You hop onto Netflix when you want to be entertained – you won’t get all the summer blockbusters nor the Oscar award winners; but no matter what style you like, Netflix has a little bit of everything for you and you’ll be able to happily waste a few hours watching TV without having to search too hard.

That’s what I Couldn’t Sleep is. A low-fi amalgamation of indie punk, creating a joyful burst of entertainment that caters to everybody’s likes in one way or another. Like some of those random Netflix films, I Couldn’t Sleep may not leave you in awe and running to tell your friends to check it out; but that’s not saying I wouldn’t watch it again if the movie came up on TV either.

Bursting out of the gate with Losing StreakThe New Lows deliver a highly energetic one-two punch of low-fi, mid-nineties Floridian punk. It’s No Idea Records meet Lookout Records, with raspy vocals ala Knucklehead and a certain Snuff-like quality. They pump up the pop aspect on ferpoahknicht, delivering an undeniably catchy tune before slowing it all down for a soothing, duelling vocal sing-along with Ghost – which should make High Dive fans interested.

You have the airy, whistling-laced indie-pop ditty in Arbor that sounds like a somewhat less materialized John K Samson tune while Abyeance has almost a Matt Skiba demo quality to it. There’s the necessary acoustic track with Frying Pan and the Frenzhal Rhomb-influenced Bite Me somehow follows.

There’s something for everyone, yet I Couldn’t Sleep somehow stays consistent. It never jumps too out to left field and still flows nicely, held together by the low-fi production and garage-rock overarching style.

And just like some of those Netflix films, I won’t run and tell my friends to check out The New Lows – but I’ll definitely replay it whenever I see the album sitting around and drag my friends to their show if they ever come through town. Sometimes, that’s good enough.


Video: The New Lows – Pilgrim

The New LowsOrlando, Fla. veterans The New Lows have premiered a new music video.  The video features the song “Pilgrim” from their new album, I Couldn’t Sleep, which is due out in mid-June on vinyl via Kiss Of Death Records.  The band plans to tour in June and July.

Tour dates and the video can be found below.

The New Lows originally released the new album of their own back in November 2012. It’s still available at their Bandcamp page, as well as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Grooveshark.

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Kiss Of Death Records To Issue The New Lows Album On Vinyl

Kiss of Death RecordsOrlando punk group The New Lows have announced that they will be releasing their 2012 full length, on vinyl.  The release will be handled by Kiss Of Death Records with specifics due out soon.

The disc can be listened to on the band’s Bandcamp page.

The New Lost Post “The Free EP”

The New LowsOrlando, Fl’s The New Lows have posted a free EP, cleverly dubbed The Free EP, for download on their Bandcamp page. The EP compiles seven early versions of previously released songs and one unreleased tune, “F.”

In addition to The Free EP, the band also have a few shows coming up, including a pair of dates opening for Free Energy; the dates are below.

They released their latest album, I Couldn’t Sleep, in November. It’s still available at their Bandcamp page, as well as on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Grooveshark.

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Video: The New Lows – Do We? We Do (Beck)

The New LowsOrlando, Fla. veterans The New Lows recently recorded a cover of Beck’s “Do We? We Do” live at Full Sail University.

The performance was done as part of Beck’s new Song Reader project, an album of sheet music of which the artist encouraged fans and bands to release covers. 

The New Lows released a new album of their own, I Couldn’t Sleep, in November. It’s still available at their Bandcamp page, as well as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Grooveshark.

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