Holy Mess to Release Self-Titled Album on Vinyl

Holy MessPittsburgh’s A-F Records has announced plans to release the self-titled debut album from The Holy Mess on vinyl on July 7th. Originally released in 2011 on Red Scare Industries, the record has been re-mastered for vinyl by Clinton Lisboa with updated gatefold artwork by the original artist Brunofsky.  

The release is limited to 1000 copies. 100 on doublemint (A-F Records record club exclusive), 200 on Baby Pink vinyl and then 700 on heavy doublemint and baby pink splatter on bone vinyl.

It is available for pre-order here.

The Holy Mess – Nervous Sister

Holy MessPhiladelphia’s The Holy Mess has premiered a new song.  The track is titled “Nervous Sister” which is set to appear on their forthcoming new record, Comfort In The Discord, set for release on July 28, 2014.

Check out the song and find pre-order details here.


Tours: The Flatliners – US/Canada + Europe

FlatlinersCanadian punks The Flatliners are heading back out on the road in 2013, with dates announced in both North America and Europe. Support for the eastern leg comes from Austrian band Astpai and The Holy Mess while out west A Wilhelm Scream, Such Gold and The Sheds join the fun. Across the pond, Brighton based skate punks Gnarwolves jump on the bill.

Full tour dates:

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Holy Mess - Self Titled

The Holy Mess

The Holy Mess

Red Scare Industries

Rating: 4/5




Maybe I’m biased, having spent the majority of my youth going to shows in the Chicagoland area, but I’ve always felt that the punk rock that originated from the Midwest was always a little bit better than what was being offered up by the “legendary” punk acts of the East and West Coasts. Yeah yeah, go ahead and disagree with me, but the truth is that the Hüsker Dü discography mops the floor with anything the Ramones ever did, and Articles of Faith were waaaay more important to punk rock than the Dead Kennedys could have ever hoped to be. Believe it.

And now that you’re up to speed on the benefits of paying attention to what happened/ is happening in the middle states, let’s go ahead and look at a band that hails from The City of Brotherly Love. I know I know. Right now you’re asking yourself, “Why the hell did this guy go off on a tangent about the inferiority of punk rock that was birthed outside of the breadbasket of the United States, when all along he was going to talk about a band from Philadelphia?” Well, smart ass, here’s your answer.

Having recently signed to Chicago-based label Red Scare Industries, The Holy Mess has unmistakably expressed their predilection for association with musicians of a particular musical fabric. If you knowRed Scare bands, you’ll get this. If you don’t, the brusque nature of The Holy Mess’ delivery should be the tipoff that this band doesn’t really sound like they’re from the Northeast. Instead, they’ve successfully managed to capture the essence of what punk rock was in Chicago in the 80’s. Think “Body Bag” by The Effigies. No joke. At this moment, you should be skipping your happy self out to your beater to make that trip to the local record store. Again, I’m dead serious. This album is 11 songs of sweaty, passionate punk rock that will leave you begging for more. And I mean on your knees, snot-faced begging! The good news, however, is that the band is currently in the studio recording a full-length of brand new songs for a 2012 release, so you shouldn’t be on your knees for very long.

The Holy Mess - The Benefit Sesh

The Holy Mess

Benefit Sesh

Evil Weevil Records

Rating: 3/5




Over the past several years labels like Fat Wreck Chords and Red Scare Industries have become safe havens for those keeping that gruff, gravelly style of punk rock alive and well.  The Lawrence Arms,Banner PilotThe Menzingers – all fantastic signings with no signs of slowing down.  But as long as there is a centralized ground zero, there is also a periphery from which fans and musicians emerge to create new and exciting ventures that will probably never make it to this promise land, but that we all come to love anyway.  And that’s where bands like Philadelphia’s The Holy Mess fits in.

The little known four-piece has been kicking around Philly basements and bars since 2004.  Above all, this is a group that plays the music they want.  They haven’t changed a lot since their initial EP, but as is clear with their latest release, the three song 7” Benefit Sesh, they play with an unmatched love and passion for their roots.  This is a band that doesn’t believe in filler, but rather turning out heartfelt tunes that gives the expression DIY a good name.

Benefit Sesh is refreshingly straight forward, full of energy, and a shoe in for the ever-growing libraries of bearded basement punkers everywhere.  “Goodbye 3713” is the type of crowd pleaser you’d expect to find fans new and old pumping their fists in the air while knock knuckles with vocalist Rob Malloy in solidarity.  They keep up a roaring tempo as the rest of the band chimes in with enthusiastic bursts of nonsense.  The EP reaches an energetic high midway through “A Soulful Punk Tune About A Working Class Dreamer” with the band amping up their guitars, thumping their drums, and racing through the track without so much of a glance over the shoulder.  As the track title implies, The Holy Mess exists without regrets or restraint.  The third and final track, “I Think Corduroy Is Making A Comeback,” closes the album on its biggest, most anthemic note.  Heavy on chorus repetition, the track bounces along as both guitarists pump out dirt simple hooks, setting up Malloy for a shared lead-out of divergent lines and vocal support.

At just over nine minutes, Benefit Sesh concludes well before most listeners will be finished with its high.  Thankfully the 7” is also one of those short little releases that you can play two, three, or maybe even four consecutive times without ever losing that initial spark.  Still, I can’t help but feel hungry for more.  I realize The Holy Mess’ virtues stem from their laid back approach, but I’d love to see the band get ambitious and treat us to a full length.  Get those fingers crossed, and in the mean time, give Benefit Sesh another deserving spin…

The Holy Mess Full Album Stream

The Holy MessThe Holy Mess has debuted a full album stream of their upcoming new album, Cande Ru Las Degas, due out August 14, 2012 via Red Scare Industries.

Listen to the full album here courtesy PunkNews.

The Holy Mess – Within the Range of a Raven

The Holy MessThe Holy Mess has debuted a brand new song over on AbsolutePunk.  The track is titled “Within the Range of a Raven” and is set to appear on their upcoming new album, Cande Ru Las Degas, due out tomorrow via Red Scare Industries with a physical release following on August 14, 2012.

Give the song a listen here.

Red Scare Industries Announces New Full Lengths From The Holy Mess and Masked Intruder

Red Scare RecordsRed Scare Industries has announced two brand new albums for their summer release plans.  Wisconsin pop-punkers Masked Intruder kicks off the summer with a new full length, serving as their follow-up to their First Offense 7″, and Philadelphia’s The Holy Mess will be releasing their brand new full length, Cande Ru Las Degas.

Media and details are expected as the release date approaches.

Inaugural Road To Ruin Fest Lineup Announced

The first ever Road To Ruin Fest will be taking place this year April 20-22 in Philadelphia, PA, featuring performances by The Menzingers, Iron Chic, Luther, Tigers Jaw, The Holy Mess, and many more.  Additionally the festival will be hosting pro wrestling events sponsored by CHIKARA.

More information on the event can be found on the official blog here, or on the event’s facebook page.

The full lineup may be viewed below.

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The Holy Mess Set To Record In March

The Holy MessPhiladelphia’s The Holy Mess has announced that they will be entering the studio this March with Matt Allison (Alkaline Trio, The Menzingers) to start work on their official full-length debut.  The band recently released their self titled material-to-date compilation on Red Scare Records.

Check out the video below.

Video: The Holy Mess – Half That And Dublin

The Holy MessThe Holy Mess has released a brand new music video.  The video features the song “Half That And Dublin” which is set to be part of the band’s upcoming Anchorless Records four way split.  The band recently released their self titled material-to-date compilation on Red Scare Records.

Check out the video below.

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Tours: Dead To Me, Off With Their Heads, Riverboat Gamblers

Dead To MeDead To Me, Off With Their Heads and Riverboat Gamblers are heading out on a massive summer tour together starting July 6th. The tour is a shared co-headlining bill with the bands rotating positions with a different headliner every next. The first two weeks in August will see The Riverboat Gamblers replaced by The Holy Mess and The Riot Before.

The dates are below.

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The Holy Mess Signs To Red Scare Industries

The Holy MessRed Scare Industries have signed Philadelphia’s The Holy Mess. Their first collaboration together will be a collection of all their material so far. This self-titled release will include their first 12″, the Benefit Sesh 7″, and two new tracks for a total of 11 remastered tracks. Afterwards, they will follow that up with a proper full length for the label.