Telethon To Release ‘The Grand Spontanean’ This Friday

Telethon TGSTelethon‘s 90 minute, 30 song, 5 act concept album, The Grand Spontanean, will be released this Friday, September 29 via Halloween Records, and features guest spots by Laura Stevenson, Chris Farren and members of The Hold Steady, Less Than Jake and TV On The Radio. The Grand Spontanean is a cosmic trip of punk rock filtered through straight up rock n’ roll, power pop and every other style in which they could meld their sound into. It resulted in a true blue rock opera about a self-centred, internet addicted twenty-something realizing the world’s about to end in a storm of noise and chaos. Digital pre-orders are now available, along with a limited edition CD box set with extensive liner notes and more, you can pre-order The Grand Spontanean here

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Telethon Release Video For ‘Succinct, The Optimist’

Telethon TGSTelethon will release an ambitious new concept album titled The Grand Spontanean: A Tale Told In Five Acts, on September 29 via Halloween Records. The Grand Spontanean is a cosmic trip of punk rock, rock n’ roll, power pop and every other style in which they could meld their sound into. The result is a true blue rock opera about a self-centered, internet addicted twenty-something realizing the world’s about to end in a storm of noise and chaos. The sprawling, thirty track LP also features appearances by Laura Stevenson, Chris Farren and members of The Hold Steady and Less Than Jake. You can pre-order The Grand Spontanaen on CD and digital formats via Bandcamp here

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Telethon To Release ‘The Grand Spontanaen’ On September 29th

Telethon TGSTelethon will release an ambitious new concept album, The Grand Spontanean: A Tale Told In Five Acts, on September 29 via Halloween Records. The Grand Spontanean is a cosmic trip of punk rock filtered through straight up rock n’ roll, anthemic power pop and every other style in which they could meld their sound into. The result is a true blue rock opera about a self centred, internet addicted twenty something realizing the world’s about to end in a storm of noise and chaos. The sprawling thirty track LP features appearances by Laura Stevenson and Chris Farren as well as by members of The Hold Steady and Less Than Jake. Digital pre-orders will soon be available on Bandcamp, along with a ltd edition CD box set and you can stream the tracks On Conpanionship here and Punctuation! here. A Trailer for The Grand Spontanaen can viewed below Read More…


Emilyn Brodsky

Emilyn Brodsky's Digestion

Dead Stare Records

Rating: 4/5




This is New York songstress Emilyn Brodsky‘s third album, charmingly titled Emilyn Brodsky’s Digestion, which follows on quite logically on from her 2014 sophomore album, Emilyn Brodsky Eats Her Feelings. Her latest recording brings back many of the familiar collaborators from her previous releases, including members of The Hold SteadyThe World/Inferno Friendship Society, Balkan Beat Box and Pearl and the Beard. Her style is self described as “creepy comfy folk pop” and whilst I’m not going to argue with her, I think there’s a lot more under the surface of her songwriting than that description indicates.

The album opens with the subtle charms of Sadists, the haunting, and slightly sinister, opener is delivered with a slightly unsettling combination of ukulele and saxophone, along with the lightest of percussive touches. After the gentle opener you get the slightly more abrasive Origami Cranes, in contrast this has a dark, yet strangely mellow, post punk feel to it. The glorious single, You Read Me Wrong, is my personal highlight of the albumit has an unashamed and authentic ’50’s rock ‘n roll feel to it, but as with every other track on this album, it is delivered with her own inimitable style. Every track on Emilyn Brodsky’s Digestion draws on different influences and has it’s own distinct character, this is an album that incorporates numerous elements and spans countless genres, but it’s all done in a laid back style, there is rock ‘n roll, post punk and folk punk, to name but a few of the influences on this album, all of which are delivered with a perfect pop sensibility.

The album is delivered with an unusual and idiosyncratic style, the usual array of overdriven guitars and heavy bass lines are largely eschewed for the likes of ukulele, saxophone and even xylophone. If you’re a fan of the Dresden Dolls, and Amanda Palmer‘s solo work, then this is an album you need to hear, that’s not to say she’s a facsimile, it’s just that that is the only act I’ve heard that’s coming from even a remotely similar musical direction. Emilyn Brodsky has a unique approach to music and one that is utterly captivating.

Emilyn Brodsky’s Digestion can be ordered here

Craig Finn – Maggie I’ve Been Searching For Our Son

Craig FinnCraig Finn (The Hold Steady) has premiered a new song.  The track is titled “Maggie I’ve Been Searching For Our Son” and is from his upcoming sophomore full length, Faith in the Future, which will be in-stores September 11, 2015 on Partisan Records.

Listen to the new track here.

Stream Full Hold Steady Concert Today

Hold SteadyFans of Brooklyn based indie rockers The Hold Steady will be able to watch the band’s show at Underground Arts in Philadelphia today on the Live Nation Channel on Yahoo.  The channel streams one live concert every day for 365 days.  The band continues to support their most recent album, Teeth Dreams, which was released earlier this year on Washington Square/Razor & Tie.

Be sure to check out the full concert here.

Tours: Cheap Girls / Joyce Manor / The Hold Steady

Cheap GirlsCheap Girls has announced additional North American tour dates with Joyce Manor and The Hold Steady.  The band continues to support their recent fourth album, Famous Graves, released this past May on Xtra Mile Recordings.

Tour dates can be found below.

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Hold Steady

The Hold Steady

Teeth Dreams

Razor & Tie

Rating: 3.5/5




The Hold Steady took a hit when they initially lost their mustachioed companion Franz Nicolay.  Thinking a few years back, Heaven Is Whenever suggested a band in lockdown.  Like a lover in denial after a breakup, the American rock band couldn’t seem to acknowledge the gaping hole in its soul.  The resulting album felt colourless and grey, lacking the heart of its predecessors. 

Fast-forward a long four years and the The Hold Steady responds to their relative letdown with their sixth studio full length, Teeth Dreams.  They say that time mends heartache, and perhaps that’s all it took.  Teeth Dreams marks a return to confidence for the Brooklyn band, making for ten songs that play with the ease and lyrical perceptiveness of milestone Stay Positive.  Or put differently, the quintet’s carefree swagger is back and sounding as organic as ever.

Fans will immediately champion that Craig Finn isn’t afraid to rock out and ramble from the start.  Early on, “I Hope I Didn’t Frighten You” finds Finn emphasizing each lyric with his trademark colloquial delivery of self one-upmanship.  The band’s vivid narrative style kicks in, digging back into their lore and referencing the fictitious but intimidating Cityscape Skins, this time around living up to the gang’s reputation with word on the street cautioning a comeback seeing them “stocking up like it’s World War IV.”  Of course this is all told from the perspective of city street gossip, spilling from overheard conversations in dark nightclubs and bars, and making for the protagonist’s relative aura of unease.  The resulting tension suggests some sort of loose connection, as if fearing the return of past ghosts once thought buried.  “On With The Business” even sees some of those ghosts making visits as our unnamed crew wakes up with what Finn refers to as “that American sadness,” and the untimely haunting by one’s past.  Point being for listeners, Teeth Dreams is wildly entertaining and as insightful as any of The Hold Steady’s past works.

Of course fans of American rock n’ roll also stand to gain plenty from The Hold Steady.  Songs like “Spinners” and “Runner’s High” thrive off gritty riffs and a multitude of Steve Selvidge’s punchy guitar solos.  But for every “I Hope I Didn’t Frighten You,” there’s an “Almost Everything” or “The Ambassador” around the bend, ready to kneel down contently for a reflective curbside moment.  While not as defined as their high energy counterparts, this intermittent change of pace rounds out Teeth Dreams as more than just a low level rocker.

Make no mistake; The Hold Steady is back and in full form.  Teeth Dreams succeeds at once again making the New York rockers tried and tested formula feel fresh.  Where Heaven Is Whenever felt cold and contrived, Teeth Dreams is lucid and alive.  The Hold Steady may not pick up too many new fans this time around, but they will certainly excite those already onboard.

So So Glos Announce Euro Tour Dates

So So GlosBrooklyn indie punk band So So Glos are returning to Europe in October for a series of dates with The Hold Steady. The band were most recently in the UK back in February playing shows with Ezra Furman and in a recent interview with us, frontman Alex Levine hinted at a UK return before the year was out in order to support the official UK release of Blowout through Votiv Records.

Full dates available below:

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Video: The Hold Steady – I Hope This Whole Thing Didn’t Frighten You

The Hold SteadyThe Hold Steady has debuted a brand new music video.  The video features the track “I Hope This Whole Thing Didn’t Frighten You” and  from their recently released full-length, Teeth Dreams, released back in March through Washington Square Records.  The band last released Heaven Is Whenever in 2010.

Watch the full video here courtesy Rolling Stone.

Pouzza Fest IV Announces Next Wave of Bands

Pouzza Fest IVMontreal’s Pouzza Fest has announced its next wave of bands, and its nothing if not eclectic. The festival, now in its fourth year is happening from  May 16th-18ththis year and the latest additions to the line up include New York rockers The Hold Steady, the recently reunited Wyoming punks The Lilingtons, Canadian punks SNFU, Dayglo Abortions and The Flatliners. This announcement also included Two Cow Garage, Nightbirds, The So-So Glos, Hostage Calm and Enabler.

A full list of announced bands to date can be seen here.

The Hold Steady – I Hope This Whole Thing Didn’t Frighten You

The Hold SteadyThe Hold Steady has debuted a brand new song.  The track is titled “I Hope This Whole Thing Didn’t Frighten You” and is from their recently announced full-length, Teeth Dreams, which is due out on March 25, 2014 through Washington Square Records.  The band last released Heaven Is Whenever in 2010.

Listen to the song here courtesy Rolling Stone.

Tour: The Hold Steady

The Hold Steady

The Hold Steady have announced the first string of dates for the upcoming year. The initial dates are focused in the eastern United States, but the group have stated that they plan on travelling the world over the next year. 

The group has a new 5 song covers EP in the works, which will be available to members of their fan club, The Unified Scene. Presale tickets for the initial show dates, as well as information about the covers EP are available at the band’s website here.

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Live Concert Review

Death Cab For Cutie, The Hold Steady

Live (Oct. 21st, 2011)

Rogers Arena - Vancouver, BC




The last time I saw Death Cab For Cutie, I warned about the dangers of going to the show tired and exhausted. Having just arrived back from a lengthy travel period and recovering from jet lag, their show in May back in Edmonton had me struggling to keep my eyes open nearing the end of their set. Capping off a hectic work week on film sets, Friday’s show of Death Cab For Cutie and The Hold Steady had the potential to have the same problems; but this time, their soulful, indie-rock made for a perfectly peaceful and relaxing evening.

Oddly enough though, for a Friday night show in the heart of downtown Vancouver, the turnout was rather dismal. While they pretty much sold out the 4,500 capacity Shaw Conference Centre back on that Tuesday night in May, a mere 2,500 people walked into the empty and cavernous Rogers Arena this time – making for a somewhat echoey display. However, those who did make it down where treated to a night to remember.

Brooklyn by way of Minnesota’s The Hold Steady opened the evening; and they were a rather odd pick as their Springsteen influenced bar rock plays a nearly polar opposite to the laid back melodies of Death Cab For Cutie. The band didn’t let that stop them as they played through Stuck Between Stations, Chips Ahoy, Constructive Summer, Your Little Hoodrat Friend and a rousing rendition of Stay Positive for their closer among others. With each song, front man Craig Finn delivered his half sung/half spoken lyrics with energy and his oddly staccato movements. Unsurprisingly, their slower tracks (Lord I’m Discouraged and Southtown Girls for example) were the ones that really captured the crowd’s ears.

Like most shows though, the headliner was the main draw and Death Cab From Cutie were no difference. From the extended introduction to I Will Possess Your Heart to the monumental closer Transatlanticism two hours later, Death Cab For Cutie played it like it was a packed house. Hitting essentially the same songs they did five months ago, the Seattle quartet jumped from album to album without missing a beat.

Unsurprisingly, their Plans cuts were the most well received – in particular Ben Gibbard’s powerful acoustic rendition of I Will Follow You Into The Dark (which he dedicated to The Hold Steady and brought out a sea of cell phones both waving and filming).

When Gibbard set down the guitar and ran over to a small makeshift drum kit set up on the side for We Looked Like Giants, the crowed truly opened up – even more so than they did for the piano led What Sarah Said.

Despite a small turnout for such a large venue, Death Cab brought it all for their two hour set and it would’ve been hard to find a single person there who would disagree with that statement.

Hold Steady - Stay POsitive

The Hold Steady

Stay Positive

Vagrant Records

Rating: 4/5




The Hold Steady came to the forefront of the underground two years ago with their breakout album Boys and Girls in America. There was something within the talk-sing vocal delivery of Craig Finn perfectly layered over the piano-rock tunes that just jumped at you. It’s not like they came out of nowhere either as they had released two records in the previous two years, Almost Killed Me and Separation Sundaybut it was Boys and Girls in America that really struck home with the listeners. It made the anticipation for their follow-up quite high, so much so that once it leaked a month early the label just decided to release it early too.

But does Stay Positive live up to its high expectations set forth to it from its predecessors? For the most part, yes; but there were a few distinct differences.The main difference comes in the production of the album because even though the music at its core is definitely still The Hold SteadyStay Positive has a very different tone to it then anything the band has done before. It’s an odd sensation since the same producer, John Agnello, sat behind the knobs for both records but the production has still changed drastically. Stay Positive suffers from a slight muffled feeling as nothing – from Finn’s vocals to the clash of the cymbals – sounds as crisp as it did on Boys and Girls. Once you get past the pounding opener, the record sound mores like a wall of sound than a collection of different instruments. For the rock oriented tracks, such as Constructive Summer or Stay Positive, it doesn’t make much of a difference but it does hinder some of the slower songs like Lord, I’m Discouraged or Both Crosses who aren’t able to hit as much as home as hard as The Chillout Tent or First Night did before.

Once you get past the production hiccup Stay Positive fulfills all expectations. There’s still that classic rock and roll vibe being spat out by a drunken bar band that you just love so much. There is a sense of americana being delivered through Finn’s signature vocals that is simultaneously intricate and intimate; and the band once again alternates from hard rock tunes like Sequestered In Memphis and slower, piano driven ballads like Yeah, Sapphire with Magazines carefully breaching the gap between the two tempos. It makes for a diverse record that flows rather well and keeps your interest the entire way through.

However, the real gem of The Hold Steady has always been Finn’s lyrical folk tales. The songs are sung with a smug satisfaction, are intelligent, memorable and covered with layered meanings. He constantly nods his heads towards some of his idols as he name drops everyone from Iggy Pop and Joe Strummer to Youth of Today and 7 Seconds all the while telling stories of sex, adventures, love and religion. It takes a few listens for the full meaning of the lyrics to sink in, particularly as you start to realize their connected tie-ins to former Hold Steady tunes. Old characters such as Holly, Charlemagne, Gideon, Craig and Judas all make reappearances and he makes direct references to Massive Nights and being crown the king and the queen again too. With each listen you hear another added layer of meaning within the song which just helps amplify’s Finn’s lyrical genius.

Sadly I don’t believe Stay Positive will have as big an impact as Boys and Girls In America did – particularly since three of the best songs on the record are actually the three bonus tracks – however Stay Positive still has its endearing qualities and there’s enough of them to keep the listener coming back for more.

The Hold Steady - Heaven Is Whenever

The Hold Steady

Heaven Is Whenever

Vagrant Records

Rating: 3/5




Over the past few years The Hold Steady has worked their way into my playlists, starting as relative unknowns and climbing the ranks to comforting mainstays.  I’ve come to see them as one of the hardest working, most intelligent and self-aware bands in indie rock.  In many ways, I should probably even credit them for my interest in the genre.  By 2008’s Stay Positive I became fully committed to the group, even now still breaking out the old album between reviews for a comforting taste of modern nostalgia.  That being said, it pains me to write a review for their follow-up effort, Heaven Is Whenever.

So as you might have guessed, I’m going to join the masses and rag on The Hold Steady for what is undoubtedly the year’s biggest disappointment.  Now don’t get me wrong, The Hold Steady still easily trumps most rock n’ roll acts out there, but for a band defining itself through continual evolution, Heaven Is Whenever is a significant step backwards.  It’s as if with the departure of quirky mustached keyboardist Franz Nicolay earlier this year, songwriter Craig Finn spent all his time trying to retain the status quo and in turn forgot to take any risks.

I’ll concede though, the album starts off strong enough.  After all, “The Sweet Part Of The City,” with its twangy southern style, could very well be that slow moving, scene-setting prelude to an engulfing narrative.  The tune evokes imagery of the nightlife for a down and out renter living in the heart of the city who, with a little help from his friends and a bottle of wine, keeps his spirits high from day to day.  But then “Soft In The Center” follows, and nothing really changes.  In fact, over the next few tracks the music gets uncharacteristically simple, even turning out some very generic and uninspired classic rock riffage.  It’s as if they’ve forgotten to write a body to the story, instead providing the same structure as their intros and conclusions rather than developing characters and feeding the story with sounds unique to each development.

Compounding matters, what once passed as lyrically profound now comes across tired and overdone.  “The Weekenders” for example finds Finn drawing from his pretentious vocabulary, dropping words like “clairvoyance” without notable or particular effect.  Even passages grounding lofty romances in realism (ie. circumstances are “not going to be like in a romantic comedy”) feel isolated and anecdotal rather than sincere.  In one of my favourite tracks, “Hurricane Jesse,” the band actually recycles the title of their previous album.  Like I said, enough with the continuity, it’s time for something new.

It’s only around the halfway point that things start turning around.  While the first half of the record was missing that essential mystique synonymous with Stay Positive, the band manages to work some of it back in by including a blaring brass on “Our Whole Lives,” and a recurrent clarinet solo that comes to define “Barely Breathing.”  For the last few tracks the band also eases up on trying to be THE all American rock group, instead returning to that indie inspired middle ground, restoring a sense of complexity.

But a few solid tracks still can’t save Heaven Is Wherever from feeling downright disappointing as a whole.  I know I sound like a snobby, demanding critic, but there’s just no other way to frame it.  But like I said, The Hold Steady still commands some rock solid fundamentals, and I’d rather listen to Heaven Is Whenever above a long list of other indie rock groups – I just have a hard time imagining choosing it over their existing discography.

Hold Steady - Boys and Girls In America

The Hold Steady

Boys and Girls in America

Vagrant Records

Rating: 4/5




As a reviewer, there’s a few things that are few guidelines we must follow. A simple one is just be careful who you compare the band you’re reviewing too. There are certain bands that have had such an impact on today’s music scene that it is always a risky thing to name-drop them in a review. I still remember the fuss that happened when Stephanie Reines called Steel Train the next Beatles – those are dangerous words to say because you have to be able to back those statements up. Nirvana, Beatles, Dylan, are just some of the bands you can’t use as comparisons at a whim. So as I sit here listening to The Hold Steady‘s new album, Boys And Girls In America, I’m filled with a sense of dread as I prepare to utter the following statement; but after listening to the album numerous times and discussing it with friends and family, I know it’s true: Boys And Girls In America can easily be compared to The Boss‘s Born To Run.

The instant The Hold Steady‘s new album starts playing, you get a distinctive feeling of familiarity. You get a sense of rock’n’roll history as you hear a song structure that is oddly familiar and yet something you haven’t heard for a while. Soon, as you get deeper into the album it clicks: Bruce Springsteen. The album is structured in the same way The Boss structures his songs. Everything is there, from the way Craig Finn talk/sings everything to the driving piano that leads the songs, everything can be compared to early Springsteen. It’s a refreshing sound that never becomes repetitive as it teases your senses with a sense of old, no frills rock and roll that you feel you’ve heard before but the other logical part of you pulls you the other way telling you it’s brand new. It all makes for a pro-longed listen and repetitive listens. Then, throwing a complete twist at you, as Citrus pulls you towards Dylan and his folk-rock melodies.

Everything on this album oozes rock and roll energy, familiarity, excitement and charisma. The growing drum beats, driving piano and spacey guitar riffs mold together for a fun, no frills rock and roll album with lyrics connecting each and every song together. While it’s not a concept album, Boys And Girls is a theme album based around just that, boys and girls, love, relationships, adventures and more. The lyrics are quirky and intelligent (I’ve had kisses that make Judas seem sincere) and show that the band knows what they’re talking about (There was that night that we thought John Berryman could fly, but de didn’t so he died. She said “you’re pretty good with words, but words won’t save your live.” And they didn’t, so he died.).

From the slow First Night, to the perfect drinking song Party Pit and the great rock anthem with You Can Make Him Like HimThe Hold Steady have made an album that reminds us why some albums just need to be fun and not overly analytical. It is a rock album created from the roots of rock’n’roll, and one of the better albums released in recent months.

The Hold Steady - A Positive rage

The Hold Steady

A Positive Rage

Vagrant Records

Rating: 2/5




Live records are a hit or miss endeavour. At times they can become instant classics and go down in the annals of music history (Johnny Cash), other times they can become fan favourites documenting a key moment in a band’s history (Blink182) or a band at the top of their game (Green Day), or there are the times where they can perfectly recap a band’s history with a thirty song set that reminds everyone listening why the band lasted as long as they did (Good Riddance). Those are the hit ones; the miss ones are sadly much more commonplace. They’re records that have no real lasting impact on the fans and are just sort of there for the sake of being there. Massive fans and major completists will devour them, but other than that there’s not much to note.

The Hold Steady’s A Positive Rage falls into the miss category.

Fresh off the heels of Stay Positive, the follow-up to their critically acclaimed breakthrough album Boys and Girls in America, A Positive Rage is a seventeen song set recorded in Chicago last year featuring seven tracks from Boys & Girls with the remaining ten coming from the band’s other three releases. Despite the solid song selection, and the fact that singer Craig Finn effortlessly mixes in the in-between song banter right into the songs – particularly in the extremely elongated eleven minute closer of Killer Parties; A Positive Rage still feels unnecessary.

A Positive Rage offers nothing which is truly memorable or unique but instead feels like a simple “best-of” collection of songs with a lower recording quality. The odd flourish and little live adjustment makes the songs slightly different than their recorded brethren but only truly hardcore fanatics will notice most of the changes as it is rarely a massive change (other than the eleven minute Killer Parties). In that way, it’s like Sum41’s Go Chuck Yourself – a nice collection of songs but you already own everything available on here on other releases.

It’s rare that you feel the crowd in the recording, as you rarely hear them sing along and only occasionally hear them cheering; without that crowd involvement it doesn’t even feel like a live recording for 85% of the release.

The Hold Steady continues to be a fantastic band, but A Positive Rage isn’t a record that will be heralded as a must-have. The song selection is good, but the recording quality is subpar compared to the actual CDs and without anything to really make it stand out as a live album, A Positive Rage is very passable; even for the biggest Hold Steady fan.

Tours: The Hold Steady

The Hold SteadyThe Hold Steady has announced the that they will touring North America this summer.  The band continues to support their 2010 full length, Heaven Is Whenever (Vagrant Records).  

Tour dates can be found below.

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Craig Finn (Hold Steady) to Release Solo 7inch

Craig FinnCraig Finn, frontman of The Hold Steady, will release a new seven inch single, “Honolulu Blues,”  on November 25th. The track serves as a preview of his solo debut which will be out early 2012. The limited edition 7″ vinyl, released with new b-side “Rented Room,” will only be available in select record stores nationwide on Record Store Day’s “Black Friday” sale. Both songs will be available via all digital retailers on November 29.

Produced by Mike McCarthy (Spoon, Trail of Dead) in Austin, Texas earlier this year, Finn‘s solo album features backing by members of White Denim, The Heartless Bastards, Phosphorescent, and Centro-matic.

Finn recently spoke with Pitchfork about the upcoming release. You can read the interview here.

Tours: The Hold Steady

The Hold SteadyThe Hold Steady have announced a series of new dates in November. The full list of dates are below.

The band released their fifth studio album, Heaven is Wherever, was released earlier this year on Vagrant Records.

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Tours: The Hold Steady

Hold SteadyThe Hold Steady have annouced new dates in September and October in support of their new Vagrant Records album, Heaven is Whenever. Tickets are available for pre-sale now through their official website. Tickets will be made available to the general public on Friday July 16th.

The dates are below. Joining them on the tour will be Wintersleep.

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Hold Steady on the Interface

The Hold SteadyMinnesotans-turned-Brooklynites The Hold Steady recently stopped by Spinner to record a few live songs from Heaven Is Whenever – the band’s fifth album that was released through Vagrant Records on Tuesday.

The performance can be seen here.

Tours: The Hold Steady / The Whigs

The Hold SteadyThe Hold Steady have announced a new headlining tour in July in support of their upcoming album, Heaven Is Whenever. Supporting them on the tour will be The Whigs. The dates are below.

Heaven is Whenever, the band’s fifth studio full length, will be released on May 4th through Vagrant Records.  The band recently put the entire album online for streaming.

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Stream The Hold Steady's Heaven Is Whenever

Hold SteadyNPR is hosting a stream of the upcoming full-length from The Hold Steady. The record, Heaven Is Whenever, is due out on May 4th, 2010 through Vagrant Records and follows up 2008’s Stay Positive.

You can listen to the record here.

Hold Steady: Barely Breathing

Hold SteadyThe Hold Steady have released another new song from their forthcoming Vagrant Records release, Heaven Is Whenever.

Check out the song, Barely Breathering, at Stereogum.

Heaven is Whenever is due out on May 4th, 2010.

Another New Hold Steady Song:"The Weekenders

The Hold SteadyBrooklyn, NY’s the Hold Steady have posted a three song from their new album, Heaven Is Whenever, online. The track is called The Weekenders and can be streamed here.

Heaven Is Whenever is set to be released on May 4th through Vagrant Records. They’ve already posted two songs from the album, Rock and Roll Problems and Hurricane J.

The Hold Steady: Rock and Roll Problems

The Hold SteadyJust last week The Hold Steady streamed Hurricane J, a song from the upcoming album Heaven is Whenever. Now a second tune has made it’s way to our ears, this one called Rock and Roll Problems. The album will be available May 4 from Vagrant Records.

You can check out Rock and Roll Problems here.

New Hold Steady Single: Hurricane J

The Hold SteadyPitchfork Media have posted the new single from The Hold Steady. The track is called Hurricane J and appears on the band’s new album, Heaven is Whenever, which comes out May 4th in North America on Vagrant Records and May 3rd in Europe on Rough Trade Records.

The song can be heard here.

Hold Steady Release Limited Edition Vinyl for Record Store Day

The Hold SteadyGigwise has announced that The Hold Steady will release a limited edition run of their new album – Heaven Is Whenever – on vinyl in celebration of Record Store Day.  Each special edition of the album will feature custom screen printed artwork.

The “highly limited” copies will only be available in independent record stores participating in Record Store Day, which takes place on April 17.

Heaven Is Whenever’ was produced by Dean Baltulonis, who also engineered the band’s 2004 debut ‘Almost Killed Me‘. The record will be officially released on May 4th through Vagrant Records.

Hold Steady Announce New Album For May 4th

The Hold SteadyThe Hold Steady have announced plans for their new album, Heaven Is Whenever. The record, which follows 2008’s Stay Positive, is set for release on  May 4th on Vagrant Records and May 3rd on Rough Trade in the UK and EU.

The album was produced by Dean Baltulonis, who engineered the band’s ‘Almost Killed Me’ and produced ‘Separation Sunday,’ and was recorded at Dreamland Recording Studios in Upstate NY and Wild Arctic Studios in Queens, NY, with mixing also happening at Wild Arctic.

The track listing is below. Read More…