Donaher ISMLIT


I Swear My Love Is True

Dodgeball Records

Rating: 3.5/5




New Hampshire Power Pop quartet Donaher have been added to the impressive and ever growing roster at Dodgeball Records, and now they have released their debut full length via the fledgling label. I Swear My Love Is True is an album that sets out to make the definitive soundtrack to falling in love, with it’s seemingly almost inevitable flipside of heartbreak and unrequited love never far away. I Swear My Love Is True is now available on limited edition splatter vinyl via Dodgeball Records, and also on CD and digital formats via Donaher‘s Bandcamp.

I Swear My Love Is True kicks off with the brief acoustic introduction of Found Me, however this is would seem to be there just to mislead you, as from this point the album kicks into a lively hook filled full length of power pop. Tracks such as Heather, The Wrong Side Of Webster Street and the superb No Other Dude are perfect examples of lovelorn power pop that anyone who’s ever worshipped from afar will be able to relate to. Amidst the heartache inspired power pop there are brief returns to Donaher‘s gentler acoustic style with Courtney and the first half of the album’s finale, I Fell For You, before this final moment breaks out into some tortured noisey power pop.

This is an album that will be lapped up by those who love the likes of the Smoking Popes, The Get Up Kids, whose frontman Matt Pryor appears on the track No Other Dude, and the non recidivist side of Masked Intruder, as like those bands Donaher have the ability to take the yearning heartache of unrequited love and translate it into bitter sweet punky power pop. I Swear My Love Is True is a ten track album with more many more hits than misses, for me the acoustic elements break the flow of the album ever so slightly, but it must be said that Donaher have made an impressive debut and are a more than worthy addition to the Dodgeball Records family.

I Swear My Love Is True can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp here

The limited edition splatter vinyl edition of the album can be purchased from Dodgeball Records here

Tours: The Hotelier / Oso Oso / The Spirit Of The Beehive / Runaway Brother

Hotelier - Home Like Noplace There IsThe Hotelier has announced that they will head on tour this Fall with  Oso Oso, The Spirit Of The Beehive and Runaway Brother.  The band already announced plans for tours with Beach Slang & Rozwell Kid later this month and The Get Up Kids and Josh Berwanger in September.

The band continues to support their first two albums, both available via Tiny  Engines Records.  Tour listings are below.

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Animal Style Records Release Charity Label Sampler

Animal Style RecordsLos Angeles, Calif. based label Animal Style Records released a charity sampler with all proceeds to be donated to the Freedom to Marry campaign.

The sampler features bands such as Mixtapes, Born Without Bones, We Are The Union and Wolves At Bay, covering songs from Descendents, Weezer, Bigwig and The Get Up Kids. The sampler is available for $4 download here. See the track listing below.

Animal Style Records launched this charity sampler in celebration of the recent marriage of the label’s founder Matt Medina.

Matt and Jess Medina commented:

“We got married on Jan. 19, 2014, and with the help of our friends in Mixtapes, Born Without Bones, We Are The Union and Wolves At Bay, we released a 7″ to commemorate the occasion. We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to celebrate our marriage with our family and friends, but we recognize that not everyone in our country is so fortunate. We want to make the songs available to a larger audience and donate the proceeds to because we support everyone’s right to love and marry.”

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Reggie and The Full Effect Song Premiere

Reggie and the Full EffectReggie and The Full Effect, side project from The Get Up Kids keyboardist James Dewees, has premiered a new song. The track is titled 37 and will feature on his upcoming kickstarter funded album, No Country for Old Musicians. For the album’s November 19th release, James teamed up with Pure Noise Records following his successful crowd sourcing venture.

You can check out the song here.


The Get Up Kids Re-Releases Finally Get Released

Get Up KidsOriginally scheduled to be released on September 17, the re-releases of The Get Up Kids‘ classic albums, Eudora and On A Wire, will now be released on October 8th due to manufacturing plant delays. A first pressing of 1000 copies of each vinyl album can be pre-ordered starting today at the Workhorse Music store. Fans that already pre-ordered the album will also receive their copies around the new date of October 8th.

Eudora was the band’s third full-length album, released in 2001 on Vagrant, and is a collection of B-sides, covers and rarities. The vinyl edition has been out of print for approximately a decade and this issuing will be a double album.

On A Wire was originally released in 2002 also on Vagrant, this issuing of the album will be on 180-gram vinyl.

Get Up Kids Re-Issues Classic Albums on Vinyl

GetUpKidsThe Get Up Kids have revealed plans to re-release their classic albums, Eudora and On A Wire, on vinyl again. The records will be available on September 17th, 2013 through Workhouse Music Store and will be limited to 1000 copies. 

Eudora was the band’s third full-length album, released in 2001 on Vagrant Records, and is a collection of B-sides, covers and rarities. The vinyl edition has been out of print for approximately a decade and this issuing will be a double album.

On A Wire was originally released in 2002 on Vagrant Records and will be on 180-gram vinyl.


The Get Up Kids

There Are Rules

Quality Hill Records

Rating: 3/5




I missed the whole Get Up Kids phenomenon back in the early 00’s, and by the time they broke up it was all news to me.  Needless to say, news of their reunion and return to the studio fell on deaf ears, and I was far from the streets when the welcome wagon rolled back to town.  History treats them as a key influence along with Saves The Day and The Promise Ring in setting the rules for turn of the century emo.  Their fifth studio album overall, There Are Rules, serves as an introduction for myself to a band that defined a genre I was never terribly into.

My biggest shocker after contextualizing There Are Rules has been how unlike their original influences, or ever their past selves the Kansas quintet has become.  It’s nothing like the whiny, heart-on-your-sleeves emo I’d typically associate with Get Up Kids, nor resembling any of the folky elements of frontman Matt Pryor’s recent solo work.  “Post-emo” might be the best descriptor, and anyone holding the group to their past identification needs to rethink their newly outdated schema.

For starters, each song resists the carefree, poppy adolescent rebellion of their past flame.  It’s been seven years since Guilt Show dropped, and the band has matured.  Get Up Kids’ new norm rests with repetition, fuzzed out guitars, and plenty of attempted spontaneity.  The most immediate flags stand on tracks like “Rally ‘Round The Fool,” “Keith Case,” or “Shatter Your Lungs.”  These songs reduce the soundscape to a pulsating electronic rhythm section, penetrated by sharp, piercing synth notes.  Each case admirably attempts layering minimally, artistically slipping in welcome atmospheric extras.  Unfortunately the buildup often comes without payout, as the rising crescendo fades away with little trace of a finale – like a pleasant car ride to a store that has since closed it’s doors.

In between these thoughtful plodding segments the band revisits its hooky guitar with a host of catchy, fuzz-laced melodies that are easy on the way down, but do little to stick around after the fact.  The most memorable moments arise in crossover attempts “Regent’s Court” and “Automatic,” when respective comparisons to The Strokes and Hot Hot Heat take the band delightfully off course.  A combination of strong rhythmic rails and erratic convulsions should assist listeners in overcoming their tendency to judge by existing expectations.  The best of the more conventional adaptations, like “When it Dies,” achieve an ease of alternative-styled listening somewhere along the lines of White Lies meets Rural Alberta Advantage.

There Are Rules is best taken for what it is: a drastically different output by a band people had once pigeonholed firmly in the career-ending emo camp.  Considering that most former Get Up Kids followers will have aged with time, and assuming that time has matured their listening habits, There Are Rules should be easy for former fans to slip back in with – probably.  The experiment isn’t without its flaws (i.e. slow and repetitive moments), but as a newcomer I can certainly appreciate its ambitions.

The Get Up Kids Reissue Four Minute Mile and Woodson

Get Up KidsIn celebration of the 15 year anniversary, Doghouse Records will be reissuing  The Get Up KidsFour Minute Mile on vinyl as well as the Woodson 7″. 

The releases will be available through a handful of bundle options and more details can be found here.


Get Up Kids NOT Breaking Up

Get Up KidsDue to a misinterpreted Facebook posting, there have been some rumors floating around saying that The Get Up Kids arebreaking up. They’ve released an official statement below regarding the rumors:

“The Get Up Kids are not breaking up after this European tour, as has been erroneously announced in some areas of the press. What was said was that this could be the last set of tour dates for a spell, especially in Europe, as members are splitting off to work on some other projects for a while. That is—Matt Pryor has a new solo album, May Day (which was funded with the help of a Kickstarter campaign) that is due in January. Rob Pope is likely working on a new Spoon album (Britt Daniel has spent the year writing new songs for the next release). James Dewees continues to play in My Chemical Romance. Ryan Pope is spending some time in Europe. Jim Suptic is being a dad for the second time.

It is not even a ‘hiatus’ which always seems to mean something much more final. At this point, there are no Get Up Kids dates booked beyond the current set of shows in Europe, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be looking to do more live touring in the future. We’ve had a great time making these new songs, and playing them live, and have enjoyed being a band together again, so the Get Up Kids will be continuing on in 2012 and beyond. We started working on this current album, There Are Rules, over two years ago, and have toured the world supporting the release, for what will be the better part of 10 months (and in fact had played a lot in 2010 prior to the album release, too)—we have been working hard on being the Get Up Kids again. So taking some time to work on some other projects seems well deserved.”

Earlier this year The Get Up Kids released their fifth album There Are Rules, their first full-length in seven years. 

Videos: The Get Up Kids Cover Blur

The Get Up Kids recently payed a visit to the AV Club‘s studio to contribute to their UnderCover Series. According to the band, the Blur tune “Girls And Boys” is almost a staple during their sound-checks while on tour. 

The video can be seen below.

The Get Up Kids are currently on tour in support of their latest release There Are Rules (Quality Hill). They recently wrapped up a number of shows in the States, but are planning to hit Japan, Taiwan, and Europe later in the summer. Full dates here.

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Get Up Kids Premier Video, Announce Tour Dates

Get Up KidsThe Get Up Kids and Paste have teamed up to premiere the band’s fourth music video,”Rally Round the Fool“, from their latest album There are Rules.  The video is below.

The group has also confirmed an 8 date tour which starts tonight (July 7th).  To see the complete list of dates check below.


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Video: Matt Pryor – Pictures, Record, and Ring

Matt Pryor of the Get Up Kids has teamed up with Blurt to release a new  acoustic video, “Pictures, Record, and Ring.” The video is a track from his unreleased album There’s Still a Light.  He will release a new video each week until June 1st.  The unreleased album  is part of a Kickstarter campaign (and only available through this incentive program) to raise funds  for his upcoming album May Day (named such because he plans to to all of the work on the album for the month of May).

To watch the latest video, click here.

Matt Pryor (Get Up Kids) to Release New Album Through Kickstarter

For the month of May, Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids, New Amsterdams, Terrible Twos) is recording a new solo album titled May Day which will be funded strictly through donations from his Kickstarter account.  Fans who donate money will receive goodies such as vinyl test pressings, exclusive t-shirts and screen-printed posters, the guitars played on the record and an unreleased solo record dubbed Still There’s A Light. Pryor has also posted a video of him performing “Where Do We Go From Here” off of the unreleased album.

The goal is to reach $10,000 by the end of the month. To make a donation or watch the video click here.

The Get Up Kids Do Daytrotter Session

Get Up Kids - DaytrotterThe Get Up Kids are the latest band to take part in an acoustic session for Dayrotter. The newly reformed band performed three tracks from their new album There Are Rules: “Regent’s Court,” “Keith Case” and “Rememorable.” 

You can stream or download it here.

Tour: The Get Up Kids and Saves The Day

The Get Up Kids and Saves The Day will be co-headlining a summer tour starting June 2nd in Palantine, Illinois, and finishes up June 12th in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

The Get Up Kids are touring in support of their latest and fifth release, and first full length in seven years, There are Rules (also the first on their own label, Quality Hill Records). Saves The Day is touring in support of their upcoming album, Daybreak.  The complete 10 date tour can be viewed below.

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Download:Ghettoblaster Mix Tape Issue 27

Get Up KidsWith every issue of Ghettoblaster Magazine a free mix tape is offered.  The magazine now is now up to Issue 27.  The current tape boasts such acts as The Get Up Kids, Lemuria, and the White Wires.  The mix tape can be downloaded here.

The entire track list is below.

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Video: The Get Up Kids on Hoppus On Music

On Friday, Kansas City’s The Get Up Kids visited Fuse TV’s Hoppus On Music to play two songs from the new album, There Are Rules, and sit down with host Mark Hoppus to discuss the new record and their history together.

You can see the band performing Your Lung and Rememorable, along with their interview below.

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Video: Get Up Kids – Automatic

Get Up KidsPost-punk group the Get Up Kids have released a new video for their track “Automatic.”  The song comes from the group’s latest release, There Are Rules, the long running band’s first full length since their 2005 hiatus.

The video can be viewed below.

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Streams: Dave Hause, Get Up Kids, Amanda Palmer

Dave HauseSpinner has updated their weekly album streams and this week they’ve posted a few album streams that you will probably be interested in.

Found within the twenty-six albums available for streaming are the new albums from Dave Hause (Resolutions), Amanda Palmer (Goes Down Under), The Get Up Kids (There Are Rules) and Iron & Wine (Kiss Each Other Clean).

You can listen to all the albums here.

Get Up Kids Launch Pre-Order

Get Up KidsThe Get Up Kids long anticipated full length album, There Are Rules, is now available for pre-order.  The album is available January 25, 2011 via Quality Hill Records, and serves as the followup to their 2010 EP Simple Science.

Pre-order information can be found here.

Contest: Win The New Get Up Kids Album (CD+LP)

Get Up KidsOn January 25th, the emo front runners The Get Up Kids will release their fifth studio album, There Are Rules – which is their first since 2004’s Guilt Show and since their reunion in 2008.

Recorded in the summer of 2009 with with longtime collaborator Ed Rose, There Are Rules will not be released on Vagrant Records, with whom the band released their last three albums with. Instead, the album will be released through the band’s own Quality Hill Records, named after the historic Quality Hill neighborhood in the band’s hometown of Kansas City, MO. The album was mixed by Shellac bassist Bob Weston, who produced the band’s debut album Four Minute Mile.

Enter to win a copy of the LP and the CD here and don’t forget to pre-order the album here.

The Get Up Kids – Shatter Your Lungs

Get Up KidsFor those of you not yet in the know, The Get Up Kids are gearing up to release a new record this month (their first full length in 7 years). The album,There Are Rules, is due out January 25th through their own label – Quality Hill Recordings.

The band has just released the third song from the album, Shatter Your Lungs, which follows the release Automatic and Regent’s Court.

The song can be heard here.

The Get Up Kids: Automatic

Get Up KidsThe Get Up Kids have unveiled yet another new track from their forthcoming album. The song is the single Automatic and can be heard below.It has also been pressed on a 7-inch which you can find via their Merch store (the seven inch will be available January 11th) or it can be purchased digitally via iTunes.

There Are Rules, the band’s new album, is their first new album in seven years and will be released on January 25th, 2011 through their own imprint, Quality Hill Records.

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New Song: The Get Up Kids – Pararelevant

Get Up KidsThe Get Up Kids have released a brand new song from their upcoming record. The track, Pararelevant, can be downloaded by putting your email into the form below or it can be streamed here.

The band will release a limited edition 7″ single titled Automatic on January 11th, followed by the new album – There Are Rules – on January 25th via their own Quality Hill Records.

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The Get Up Kids – Regent's Court

Get Up KidsLegendary emo act The Get Up Kids have released the first new track from their highly aniticpated new album, There Are Rules. The track is called Regent’s Court and can be streamed or downloaded from Stereogum.

There Are Rules is the bands’ first new album in seven years and will be released on January 25th, 2011 through their own imprint, Quality Hill Records.

Tours: The Get Up Kids In 2011

The Get Up Kids have announced that they will be heading out on tour early in the new year, with dates starting in January and running through February 2011.  Prior to the tour the band is scheduled to self release their upcoming full length, There Are Rules, due out January 18, 2010 on their own Quality Hill Records.

Tour dates can be found below.

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Get Up Kids Taking DIY Approach For Next Album

The Get Up Kids have announced that they will be self-releasing their next full length album, There Are Rules (2011).  The decision marks the first major departure with the band’s long time home Vagrant Records.  Frontman Matt Pryor explained the decision as aligning with the band’s “proverbial rebirth,” since their 2008 reunion.

The band last released their Simple Science EP earlier this year on Simple Psyence Recordings.

Get Up Kids Acoustic Performance

In support of their recently released EP, Simple Science on Vagrant Records, The Get Up Kids have recorded a couple of acoustic tracks for media website Alter The Press.  The tracks include “Your Pretty Pretty Things,” and “Out Of Reach.”

Check them out below.

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