Video: The Early November – Narrow Mouth

Early NovemberNew Jersey indie group The Early November is streaming a new music video.  The video features the song “Narrow Mouth” from last year’s full length, Imbue, available now via Rise Records.

Watch the video below.

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Early November

The Early November


Rise Records

Rating: 4/5




For those who have been around the block a few times, The Early November will forever symbolize the best of Drive Thru Records.  The long since defunct label became a breeding ground for creative, melancholy pop-punk with personality.  Although the biggest commercial successes came from New Found Glory and Hellogoodbye, the iconic voice of Ace Enders left the most lasting associative mark on this reviewer.  He struck an unmistakable balance between soft expression and genuine emotion that few mid-00’s emo groups ever achieved (most were content to take the easy way out and emulate Taking Back Sunday).

After a brief hiatus in which Enders explored his craft through various other collaborations and side projects, The Early November reunited and continued along their way with the well received comeback album, In Currents.  Skip forward three years and the band is back at it with the latest extension of their sound with Imbue.  While Enders has evolved along with his various other acts, The Early November retains that quintessential Drive Thru Records stamp.  In a world where everyone is constantly moving forward, it’s unexpectedly satisfying to take a breath and enjoy a tasteful dose of days gone by.  

Now, The Early November’s familiar tone shouldn’t be confused with mere nostalgia.  Ender’s fragile confidence and heartfelt culmination of lightly laced piano rock remains as emotionally in tune as ever – it simply won’t be drawing the same young crowd as it did back in 2006 during their stint on the Vans Warped Tour.  A sensitive, mid-tempo track like “Magnolia” speaks to the psychological scars that linger from a lifetime of former high-school woes but with the wisdom of maturity.  Ender’s pointed, syllable specific articulation remains one of the best benchmarks of the aging scene, infusing every bit as much emotion through his sensitive tone as more visceral acts.  A song like “Circulation” or “Cyanide,” with a backdrop of loose, twinkling partially disjoined jangles even hints at an appreciation for downtrodden moments of post-punk acts like Dikembe.  Even so, the strongest moments remain rooted in the mumbled whispers of far flung verse of those like “The Negatives” and “Harmony.”

Of course the band endeavors to counter Imbue’s wholly somber tone with periods of skyward reaching yelps. They often emerge during the chorus of initially delicate leads-ins such as “I Don’t Care.”  Crackling, classically emo shouts flare as razoring guitars rush into the fray.  It takes a while for some of these sonic highs to really pan out, but by the time album closer “Nothing Lasts Forever” races along, the balance of noodly guitars and crunchy riffs reaches optimal balance.  Curiously, it remains the contrasted moments of vocal regress within harder songs that remain the most emblematic of The Early November’s deeply personal approach.  They encounter the most difficulty when straying into big guitar territory for too long, ending up with songs like “Boxing Timelines” which are reminiscent of a less flattering Something Corporate.

Considering their hiatus and return to form, The Early November has aged remarkably well.  Even with comparing them to more contemporary and relevant soft-spoken acts like Sorority Noise or Kittyhawk, the sense of decade-old nostalgia supersedes comparison and plants The Early November in the welcoming light of homecoming.  While the young, loyal crowd of the Rise Records faithful may find similar enjoyment to that of labelmates Transit, it’s the older crowd of late twenty-somethings that stand to gain the most from Imbue – and that’s just fine for us.

The Early November Premiere Video for ‘Boxing Timelines’

The Early NovemberNew Jersey alt-rock band The Early November have premiered the video for Boxing Timelines, a track taken from their latest record, Imbue, released earlier this week via Rise Records.  The band are currently on the road in support of the LP, check out the video here, and the full list of tour dates below.

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The Early November Stream New Full Length

Early NovemberNew Jersey indie group The Early November has premiered a full stream of their upcoming full length entitled Imbue, which is due out on May 15, 2015 via Rise Records.

Listen to the full album here.

The Early November – Cyanide

Early NovemberNew Jersey indie group The Early November haspremiered a new song.  The track is titled “Cyanide” and is set to appear on their upcoming full length entitled Imbue, on May 15, 2015 via Rise Records.

Listen to the song below.

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The Early November Announces New Album; Plans Tour

Early NovemberNew Jersey’s indie group The Early November has made good on their claim to release a new album this year.  The band plans to release a brand new full length entitled Imbue, on May 15, 2015 via Rise Records.

Tracklisting, album art and tour dates can be found below.

The band also has plans for an extensive tour of north America and Europe featuring support from You Blew It! and A Great Big Pile Of Leaves on select dates. 

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The Early November Tease New Album For 2015

Early NovemberNew Jersey’s indie group The Early November has made known their intention to release a new album this year.  The band wrote on New Year’s Day:

“Why hello there 2015. I think we’ll put out a record & tour during your stay.”

The band last released In Currents, which dropped in 2013 on Rise Records.


Ace Enders / The Early November Announce Acoustic Dates

Ace Enders TourAce Enders and members of The Early November are hitting the road in July for a series of intimate acoustic gigs, The setlist will be taken from the back catalogue of  The Early November and I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business as well as Ace’s solo material. Support for these dates will be announced shortly.

Check out full dates below:

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Tours: Ace Enders / The Early November

AceEndersAce Enders and members of The Early November have announced that they will heading out for a acoustic-based tour.  The tour will feature songs played from the diverse catalog of The Early November, I Can Make A Mess & solo catalog.  

Tour dates can be found below.

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The Early November Reissues Legacy Album

The Early November has announced that they will be reissuing their album, The Room’s Too Cold, as well as performing it in its entirety at Union Transfer in Philadelphia, PA on December 21st 2013.  To mark the 10 year anniversary the album will be repressed on vinyl by Rise Records and include brand new art along with deluxe packaging.  The band plans to perform the record from “front-to-back” for the first time including various songs which have never been played live.

Further details ca be found below.

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Video: I Can Make A Mess – ‘Enola’

I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody's BusinessI Can Make A Mess, the latest project from Ace Enders (The Early November) have just released a video for Enola. The song features on the album of the same name, which was released in June 2013 via Rise Records. Ace was on the 2013 Warped Tour, playing 2 shows a day, one with a reformed The Early November, and another as I Can Make a Mess.

The video itself  is stunning, following a young girls journey through a forest with stunning simplicity. It can be seen over on youtube.

The Early November - For All Of This

The Early November

For All Of This

Drive-Thru Records

Rating: 3/5




The Early November are one of Drive-Thru Records‘ newest signings. They are a four piece emo-rock band from out of New Jersey. Ace Enders on guitar and vocals,  Jeff Kummer on drums, Sergio Anello on bass and rounding off the quartet is John Dubitsky on guitar. Their debut EP, release appropriately in the early November, (Nov. 5th, 2002), has 7 two to three minutes emo-rock songs, and finishing the EP off with a nine minute song (We Write The Wrong).

First off, once you pop this little EP into your hardrive, you start installing the Universal Media Player. This is a neat little toy which has been on a couple recent DTR releases. Read my Allister review onLast Stop Suburbia for a more detailed description of what the program does. The video they have this time is an acoustic live video of Ace in his basement. It is only one video, but it has two songs on it. The first one is Open Eyes, this song is NOT on the EP. It is a pretty good song, but the volume changes too much. The second song is on the EP, Sunday Drive. The video is pretty good, but not the most exciting. At this point I would also like to point out that there is an acoustic version of the EP, but you can only get it at Both versions have the enhanced portion.

They open the album with Every Night’s Another Story (one of the three favorites, the other two being  All We Ever Needed  and Ashala Rock. Once the rumors of TEN signing to DTR, those three songs got over 180,000 downloads in two months. They have also now added I Want To Hear You Sad to It starts off with a metallic riff, like the one of Midtown‘s opener, Become What You Hate. I really like this song. It has some changes in the volume and rhythm, which add to the effectiveness of the song. It has some catchy lyrics and is just an amazing song to open the EP with.

The second song is one of my favorite on the whole EP. I Want To Hear You Sad is the song which comes to mind when you mention TEN. Most likely because it is the song used to promote the EP the most by DTR. It has great lyrics, which just get stuck in your mind (For All Of This, I’m Better Off Without Out You. Do You Regret, All Your Loneliness?) while maintaining an incredible tune. All You Ever Needed comes third in the onslaught of amazing songs. This one is a slower song then the previous two. I like the song,  and urge you to listen to it. Sunday Drive is the fourth song. It is one of the slowest songs on the EP. Its a OK song, but definitely one of my least favorite on the album.

Take Time And Find comes fifth on “For All Of This“. This song has a different sound then the rest of the EP. It has a much harder sound and one that is the most electric. It was done well, but its not my favorite. Ashala Rock is a great song. It starts off soft and slow then gets a lot harder and very powerful. It has good lyrics and is just a overall wonderful song. Come Back is an incredibly slow song with a chorus that is just mesmerizing. It has a great beat and it a great slow song.

The final song is We Write The Wrong. I think they ended the EP badly with it.  The song itself is ok, but the music afterwards just drags on and on and on, repeating itself many times. Other then that I am quite impressed with the EP, and expect to see more of them soon. I am not sure if I’ll be bale to come back to this in a year and still like it, but it is good to keep my occupied for a while.

Early November/ I Am The Avalanche

I Am The Avalanche / The Early November


Drive-Thru Records

Rating: 3/5




Splits are always a dangerous thing to buy. Normally, people will pick them up for one of the two bands on it, because that’s who they like. Right there, that doubles the risk of buying a CD. Already half the songs are written off as being bad and you only have half the CD to look forward to.

At the same time, EPs are a dangerous thing to buy. They are normally the same price as a full length CD but only have half the songs on it. So it better be really good for someone to dish out their hard earned cash towards it.

But then when you get a split EP, those dangers seem to instantly double. Is the listener a fan of both bands on it? Will the small amount of songs be worth the money? Well sometimes, you gotta take the risk and buy it, and that’s what most people will do here; especially if they want to hear the first ever released songs from Vinnie Caruana’s (former Movielife singer) new band I Am The Avalanche.

So let’s look at the CD and see if it is worth it. The first two songs come from DTR‘s semi-veterans The Early November. With two EPs and a full length CD under their belts, the band already has a very sturdy and solid following. The first song is a very rough demo of Outside, a new song from upcoming three-CD album, and for their longer fans, their second song is Ever So Sweet performed live in Philly. But, not being a huge fan of anything past their first EP, the first two songs on this split don’t really make for that enjoyable a listen.

But, then we get to the two songs that make this EP really worth it – New Disaster and I Took A Beating (Acoustic) by I Am The Avalanche. Everyone was surprised and saddened when the news of The Movielife breaking up was released, but by the looks of these songs by Caruana, their loyal fans will soon be happily rewarded. The two songs sound remarkably like The Movielife, with a little less intensity; and the powerful and catchy I Took A Beating will easily become everyone’s favorite song.

So, it is a risky buy. Two bands and only two songs each, but it is worth it just to hear the new songs by I Am The Avalanche. Oh, and as an added bonus, the booklet has the lyrics for all four songs.


The Early November – Tell Me Why

New Jersey’s indie group The Early November have released a music video for their song “Tell Me Why.” The track appears on the band’s most recent album also titled In Currents, which dropped last year on Rise Records.

Watch the video below.

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Video: The Early November – In Currents

New Jersey’s indie group The Early November have released a music video for their new song In Currents. The track appears on the band’s most recent album also titled In Currents, which dropped this past July via Rise Records.

Watch the video here.

The Early November is currently on a fall tour with Cartel and Seahaven. See remaining dates below.

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Tours: The Early November / Cartel

The Early November and Cartel have announced that they will be touring together.  The Early November recently released their latest full length, In Currents, last month via Rise Records.  

Check out the full tour listing below.

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The Early November Acoustic Session

The Early November recently sat down for an acoustic set for Property Of Zack.  The songs played include “Digital Age” and the new album’s title track, “In Currents.”  The band continues to support their recent full length, which dropped earlier this month via Rise Records.

Watch the performances below.

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Live Video: The Early November – Fluxy (ft. Dan “Soupy” Campbell)

A video of The Early November performing the song “Fluxy” with Dan “Soupy” Campbell (The Wonder Years) has surfaced from their June 30, 2012 Currents record release show has surfaced online.  The performance took place at The Trocadero in Philadelphia.

Watch the band perform below.

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The Early November Stream New Full Length

Rise RecordsSoft spoken pop punkers The Early November have launched a full album stream of their brand new album.  The album is titled In Currents and is set to drop July 10, 2012 via Rise Records.

Give the full album a listen below.

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The Early November – Frayed In Doubt

Soft spoken pop punkers The Early November have posted a brand new song. The track is titled “Frayed in Doubt” and is set to appear on their comeback album, In Currents, due out this July via Rise Records.

Give the song a listen here.

The Early November Trailer For Next Full Length

The Early November has released a trailer for their upcoming full length, In Currents, due out on July 3, 2012 via Rise Records.  The album marks the band’s first new album in six years.

Watch the trailer below.

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Tours: The Wonder Years / The Early November

Wonder YearsWhile still headlining the on-going Glamour Kills tour with Polar Bear Club, Transit, The Story So Far & A Loss For Words, Pennsylvania’s The Wonder Years have announced that they will soon be hitting the road with  The Early November as well.

The spring/ summer tour kicks off May 23rd in New York, NY at The Irving Plaza and wraps up on June 8th in Anaheim, CA at the House of Blues. The dates are below. The tour will feature added support from The Swellers & Young Statues.

Pre-sale tickets can be purchased here while public sale beginning April 7th.                                                   
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Early November Start Recording

Recently reformed The Early November has announced they are about to hit the studio.  The band tweets:

“We’re keeping our SXSW momentum going by starting to record the new record today! We’ll all be updating regularly!”

The album will be their released via Rise Records and marks their first new album in six years.


The Early November Sign With Rise Records; New Album Spring 2012

Recently reformed The Early November has announced they have signed with Rise Records.  The band is currently working their first new album in six years at The Living Room Studio in Hammonton, NJ.  There is current talk of a spring 2012 street date.  The band released a joint statement:

“We are pleased to announce that after a few years of rest and even longer since last recording, The Early November will be making another record to be released by the fine folks at Rise Records. Our very own Ace Enders will be recording and producing and even in these early stages, we are all incredibly excited and happy. Look for it and much more of The Early November in 2012. From the bottom of our collective heart, thank you all for the support all these years. It’s truly overwhelming.”

The band has released a signing video in which all the band members discuss their future which can be viewed below.

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