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Rating: 4.5/5




Wraths are, and I’m pretty sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t know here, a Californian quartet that combines members of 1208, The Darlings and most famously Jim Lindberg of Pennywise, whilst the latter of these is the best known member this is by no means a vehicle for Jim Lindberg, the combined talents of the members makes Wraths at least the equal of the individual member’s bands, if not the greater. The My Home EP follows on from their self titled debut album that was released last year, and given a second pressing this year, via Bird Attack Records, and the four tracks contained on this EP indicate that Wraths are very much a going concern.

The EP’s title track is a brutal attack on gentrification, something that is close to my heart, and I would imagine pretty much everyone reading this, as this is a global issue affecting pretty every major city as the character and culture is stripped away in the name of coffee shops, chain stores and unaffordable high rise properties. The punk venom continues with Trusted You which is another barbed attack that has it’s sights set firmly on the abuse of trust that exits in organised religion. and The Beat Goes On continues the assault on universal problems, this time confronting the issue of bullying. This Is My Farewell marks the end to the all too brief My Home EP, and keeps the energy levels off the scale on what for me has easily been Wraths finest release to date.

It feels weird to say this after having witnessed a jaw dropping set by Pennywise at this years Rebellion Festival, but after hearing the My Home EP I’m conflicted as to which outfit I’d rather Jim Lindberg focused his energies on, I’m just hoping that he can manage to keep both going. There’s obviously more than enough on this EP to keep any Pennywise fan happy, but this is not in anyway a side project that repeats the sound of any of the members other outfits. Wraths are very much a separate entity and with the My Home EP they have released their hardest hitting recordings to date.

The My Home EP can be ordered via Bird Attack Records here

Wraths Release Second Vinyl Pressing Of Debut Album

wraiths-lpWraths are made up of skate punk veteran Jim Lindberg, of Pennywise, and his band of cohorts, including members of 1208 and The Darlings, they channel the ghosts of punk’s past, combining the dark guitar driven tones of TSOL and Dag Nasty, and the glaring sun bleached angst of the Descendents and Circle Jerks. Wraths debut album was released last April and the first vinyl pressing of their debut album sold out fast, so Bird Attack Records have released a second pressing, on alpine white vinyl. There are only 200 of these in the Bird Attack Records store so if you want a copy you’ll have to be quick

Wraths debut album can be streamed and purchased here

The Darlings – Mr.Morgan Crow (Live @ Old House Sessions)

Darlings_Press1West coast rock n’rollers The Darlings have posted a video of their eponymous frontman Buddy Darling performing a solo acoustic version of the band’s track Mr.Morgan Crow live at The Old House Sessions. The track features on the band’s latest LP Made of Phantoms released back in 2014.

Check out the acoustic video below.

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Live Concert Review

Face To Face, Strung Out, The Darlings,The Artist Life

Live (April 29th, 2011)

Starlite Room - Edmonton, Alberta




On Friday night, the Starlite Room was a time machine – transporting the aging crowd back in time to a glorious moment of mid-nineties punk rock as Face To Face and Strung Out took the stage in a co-headlining show reminiscent of the hey-days of the skate-punk movement.

Toronto’s The Artist Life, the youngsters of the tour, kicked off the evening and sounded pretty good as the sound seeped through the walls into the line-up of people waiting at the doors (myself included) but being unable to get in time makes it difficult to say much else. The Darlings, however, were another story.  For an opening band, they had the crowd eating out of their hands. Oh yes, they sounded fantastic – another nod to the skate-punk styles that made Epitaph the monster that they are today – but that was only the start as their stage presence made them truly powerful.  They were funny, in your face and confident, controlling the momentum with a poise and grace many headlining acts fail to grasp and even pulled Jason Cruz up for a Misfits cover; the night couldn’t have asked for a better opening act.

Cruz made his second appearance of the night shortly after as Strung Out took the stage and ripped through their fifteen song set list. While not quite as memorable as the last time they took the stage at Starlite Room in September, the Simi Valley punk band still had it in them as they played through their technical, metal influenced punk and got the crowd singing along to songs like Firecracker, Blueprint of the FallVelvet Alley, Wrong Side Of The TracksBlack Crosses and more. Cruz vocals were strong but sometimes got lost in the mix, falling below the blistering solos of Jake Kiley and Rob Ramos. Of course, half the fun of any Strung Out set is watching prolific drummer Jordan Burns tear the skins up and Friday was no exception.

The band left the stage, drenched in sweat, as the crowd chanted for more. Strung Out may not have returned, but their punk brethren in Face To Face took the stage and turned the night’s events into a truly nostalgia soaked messed. 

Yes, they played a few new cuts from their upcoming Laugh Now, Laugh Later album (Should Anything Go Wrong and It’s Not All About You both sounded fantastic) but most of their set focused on older stuff as tracks such as Walk The Walk, Disconnected, You’ve Done Nothing, Ordinary, Complicated littered the set; and despite pushing forty, the band didn’t miss a beat.  In fact, they relished in it, joking about their age and the aging crowd itself and promising to keep playing until their seventies if the fans keep showing up.

As a whole, the evening was a night of nostalgia; and, like a good wine, Face To Face have gotten better with age (or maybe worse, I never saw them back in 1996). Either way, the night was a success despite the added restrictions (no re-entry? come on now) and heightened security. If only more of today’s bands carried a show like this.

The Darlings - Self Titled

The Darlings


Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




On their debut EP, SoCal’s The Darlings hope to make a name for themselves, to stand out amongst the sea of copy cats and create something that actually captivates the listener and gets them coming back for more.

And on their debut EP, SoCal’s The Darlings successfully complete almost all that that thy hoped to do when they released it.

Instead of following the trend and creating a sound ready to be picked up and co-opted by MTV, The Darlings have taken word from some more experienced and older punk acts. Merging together Sing The Sorrow era AFI and Tiger Army with some more straight forward punk rock like Social Distortion and Face to Face, the quartet creates a fast paced sound built on the rhythm section. The vocals switch between that of Davey Havoc and Nick 13 seamlessly. The resemblance is so close sometimes its scary. Add in some background vocals (Dead Light) and you cement the AFI reference and when the bass takes the forefront (Lacerate), you hear some slight rockabilly in their sound like Tiger Army.

The record has a generally ominous attitude to it with songs about death and demons; but they never go overboard with it or force it down your throat. Instead the lyrics just help set the mood along with the slightly darker and heavier Alkaline Trio like music. While there are a few guitar flourishes, like the bridge in It’s Gone, it is often the rhythm section that really pushes the EP. The drumming is straight forward and strong, to the point where you tap your foot without noticing and the bass supports it; listen to Cruel World, which sounds slightly like The Matadors, to hear it. They only really stumble when they pull it back and try an acoustic rock track with Love Story. There they sound like a radio rock wanna be act (think Staind) which ends the album on a slightly sour note.

So while they may not be treading on brand new territory, The Darlings have picked the right influences to keep the listener’s attention which makes them stand out. However, the record doesn’t fulfill all that they had hoped in the way that it doesn’t really bring you back wanting more. While solid and an entertaining release, the record lacks an occasional punch to really stop you and make you want to replay it. Maybe if the vocals were a little higher in the mix they would have it; as it is, The Darlings is a good EP but one that may be a little forgettable once you stop playing it. Despite that, I’d still be interested to see what the band can come up with next.



The Darlings Announce New Full Length

LA alt-rock outfit The Darlings has announced that the band will be releasing their brand new full length, The New Escape, April  24, 2012 on Gadsen Records/UMG.  The band was also recently confirmed for to perform for the Vans Warped Tour between July 13-August 5.

The band’s first music video, “Broken Heart Still Beating,” can be viewed below.

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Video: The Darlings – Broken Heart Still Beating

The DarlingsThe Darlings’ have released a new music video for their single Broken Hearts Still Beating – it can be seen below.

The track comes from their debut LP release, The New Escape, due out April 24 on Gadsen Records/UMG. The band will be filming a new music video later this month to be released in April.

The band has also been added to the lineup for this summer’s Vans Warped Tour, marking their 4th time performing on the annual trek.

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Tours: The Darlings/Strung Out/Face To Face

The DarlingsLA’s The Darlings will be hitting the road with Face To Face and Strung Out for a tour that will last until July 1st.  The band will be touring in support of their latest release, The New Escape, released recently on Gadsen Records.  The album was recorded at Z Studios and Tao Creations in Los Angeles and was produced/recorded/mixed by Ed Faris. Guest musicians on the disc include Donnie Nemarnik of Tiger Army and Jason Cruz of Strung Out.

Tour dates can be found below.

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Darlings Stream/Details New Album

The DarlingsLA’s The Darlings, who won this year’s Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands and had their song “What Lies Below” picked up by the Anaheim Ducks, who used the track for their 2009-2010 season promo spots on Prime Ticket, have announced details regarding their new album The New Escape.

The record was recorded by at Z Studios and Tao Creations in Los Angeles and was produced/recorded/mixed by Ed Faris. Guest musician’s include Donnie Nemarnik of Tiger Army who plays pedal steel guitar on “Head Hunter” and Jayson Cruz of Strung Out who provides back up vocals on “Where Do We Go.”

The New Escape will be streaming in its entirety exclusively here starting today until Monday Nov. 8th. The album is also available for pre-order here.