The Bouncing Souls – ‘Battleground’

The Bouncing SoulsAsbury Park, N.J., punk rock legends The Bouncing Souls are premiering a video for their new song Battleground today via CLRVYNT. Watch the video here.

Along with the video, the new track is available for purchase through iTunes. Proceeds from the purchase of Battleground will benefit the Indigenous Environmental Network.

In regards to the song, The Bouncing Souls vocalist Greg Attonito said:

“In our almost 30 years as a band we have chosen to make our political statement by how we live our lives. We have made a conscious effort with our music to positively effect the current paradigm, bring people together and hopefully be a part of creating a more kind, respectful and understanding world.

It appears we as a society are potentially on the verge of taking a huge backward step on that journey towards a better world. We have been inspired by this intense moment in our history to create a direct energetic statement through this new song, ‘Battleground,’ which we’ve chosen to release just after Inauguration Day because it marks what is possibly one of the most significant moments in our recent history. We feel its important to use the platform we’re lucky enough to have as artists to do our best to speak up for the basic human rights which seem to be at serious risk.

The song ‘Battleground’ was inspired by recent events at Standing Rock and the ongoing attacks on human rights all over the world. It’s a call to everyone to stand up for our collective rights, for kindness and respect for all people and the Earth. A portion of the profits of each download will be donated to, an organization created to ‘educate and empower indigenous people to address and develop strategies for the protection of our environment, our health, and all life forms – the Circle of Life.’ We encourage you to purchase the song and make a donation if you can. Thank you.”

The Bouncing Souls will tour the U.S. west coast in March. Check out the dates below.

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Bouncing Souls Release Battleground In Aid of IEN

bouncing souls battlegroundNew Jersey’s punk rock legends, The Bouncing Souls, are kicking off 2017 with a bang. Galvanized by the tumultuous moment in history that America currently finds itself in, the band wrote and recorded a fiery new track, Battleground, which they are premiering today, along with a video. The intensely relevant track is a call to remember our humanity in troubled times, it finds The Bouncing Souls at their most directly political but still full of the heart and love that has always propelled their music. Proceeds from the purchase of Battleground will go to the Indigenous Environmental Network, an organization closely involved with environmental protection, the empowerment of indigenous peoples, and ending the DAPL.

Battleground can streamed here, purchased here and the video can be viewed below Read More…

The Bouncing Souls Announce American Fall Tour Dates

bouncing-souls-simplicity-tourNew Jersey’s punk rock mainstays, The Bouncing Souls, recently released their landmark tenth full length album, Simplicity, via Rise Records. The legendary band combined the best elements of their past and present to create an album that would translate perfectly into the live setting, and now they’ve announced a run of North American tour dates to put these new classics to the test. Simplicity has been lauded by critics and fans alike for its well-rounded approach in adding to The Bouncing Souls‘ twenty plus year legacy. It’s an album that couldn’t exist without the ones that preceded it, but still captures the element of youthful spontaneity that made The Bouncing Souls so special in the first place. The Bouncing Souls will be joined by of their talented friends to help celebrate the release of Simplicity, the Fall North American tour dates include shows with the likes of Anti-Flag, Off With Their Heads, Masked Intruder, Cayetana and more.

The tour dates can be viewed below and Simplicity can be ordered here

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Moms Snowbird

The Moms


Bar/None Records

Rating: 4.5/5




New Jersey punks The Moms have been treading the boards of venues across the USA for the past five years and have been building their following through relentless touring and previous low key releases on Paper And Plastick and Panic State Records. They are now signed to Bar/None Records and Snowbird is their first release for the label. The EP was recorded with Pete Steinkopf of The Bouncing Souls and Brett Romnes from I Am The Avalanche, the combination of these two veterans and The Moms has produced what is one of my favourite singles of the year.

Opening track Road Soda sets the tone, this is irresponsible bouncy punk rock and this is an ode to the joys of drinking on the road, I get the feeling that The Moms aren’t planning on acting as role models anytime soon. The first five tracks are all fine frantic numbers that flash past in a delirious blur and the final track, Criminal, brings things to slightly slower anthemic finish. My personal favourites are Road Soda, Seen Enough and The Bottom, these tracks alone, which comprise half of the EP, would be enough to warrant buying Snowbird but you take into account there are three other tracks which are almost their equal and you should already be reaching for your wallet to pre-order The Moms latest release

Snowbird is comprised of six short sharp bursts of discordant punk rock that should improve your day immensely and keep a smile on your face, the influence of both The Bouncing Souls and I Am The Avalanche can be heard on Snowbird, this is somewhat unsurprising given who produced this EP, but they have their own sound which melds discordant post hardcore with an irresistible bouncy punk spirit. There is enough variation across the six tracks on Snowbird to keep things interesting, and to make you wish this was an album rather than EP.

Snowbird will be released on September 16 and can be pre-ordered here

The Moms website can be found here

You can watch the video for Road Soda and Stop/Start below


The Bouncing Souls


Rise Records

Rating: 4.5/5




The Bouncing Souls have become something of a punk rock institution, they have been producing their brand of anthemic punk rock since the tail end of the eighties. In that time they have relentlessly toured and recorded, Simplicity is their tenth full length studio album, and it should be greeted with enthusiasm, so why do I have a sense of trepidation before playing it? I’ve been a fan of The Bouncing Souls for many years, but I felt their last release, 2012’s Comet, lacked some indefinable quality, it just didn’t seem to hit the spot like their previous albums. Thankfully my concerns were ill founded, as Simplicity has firmly recaptured the spirit and energy that characterised their early albums.

The first two tracks are exactly the kind of material that The Bouncing Souls became known for, fast short furious bouts of punk energy, but the album really starts to come into it’s own from the third track, Satellite, this is a song that is as good as anything they’ve ever written. But Satellite is not on it’s own, all thirteen tracks on Simplicity indicate that The Bouncing Souls are back on form, they veer madly between melodic hardcore and bouncy pop tinged punk without once hitting the brakes. Greg Attonito‘s vocals effortlessly adapt from fist pumping heartfelt punk defiance, to the softer tones that are employed on the albums slower numbers. The anthemic choruses and killer guitar hooks are in full effect, along with that infectious energetic quality that makes The Bouncing Souls such a uplifting band.

The title Simplicity hints at a back to basics approach with the material, and this is exactly what you get, this album sounds re-energised and has all the qualities that epitomised their best material, I would argue this is one of their best, if not the best, albums. The Bouncing Souls sound as fresh and lively as they ever did, this album is a triumphant return to form and is one that I think will be amongst my favourite albums from 2016.  Simplicity is not only a record that captures the spirit of The Bouncing Souls earlier work, it is also one that builds on their impressive back catalogue, and it is arguably their best album to date.

Simplicity can be downloaded and ordered from the usual sources, the limited edition vinyl can be ordered here

The Bouncing Souls web presence can be found here

The Rise Records website can be found here

The Bouncing Souls post video for ‘Up To Us’

The Bouncing SoulsThe Bouncing Souls released a video for Up To Us of their new album Simplicity through The song is about how music inspires, about losing your heroes and about the responsibility the band feels to carry a torch for the spirit that great music has given them. The video embodies this message wholeheartedly in true Bouncing Souls fashion, or as Greg Attonito says it: “It’s up to us now to make this fire never burn out“. 

Get Simplicity through the bands site or check out the video here.

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Bouncing Souls stream ‘Simplicity’

Bouncing Souls - SimplicityNew Jersey’s punk rock icons Bouncing Souls are streaming their new album Simplicity over at Spin. Simplicity is the first album recorded with drummer George Robello (Hot Water Music) and is set to release on July 29th. The record can still be pre-ordered here.

The tracklisting and link for the stream can be found below the break.

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The Bouncing Souls Date And Detail New LP

Bouncing SoulsLong running punk act The Bouncing Souls have announced details for their next full length.  The disc will be title Simplicity and is set to drop on July 29, 2016 on Rise Records.  The band comments on the new album and recent addition of bandmate George Rebelo:

“Who would have believed in 1989 we would end up making nine studio albums! and who knew George Rebelo would end up in the Bouncing Souls! Not us, but after he learned over 100 songs a did and couple of years worth of gigs we began to feel like some new version of the Bouncing Souls and time for a tenth.”

The album follows 2012’s Comet.

The Jukebox Romantics – Sign To Jailhouse Records / Release New EP / Announce Tour

jukeboxromanticsPunk/hardcore label Jailhouse Records has announced the recent signing of New York based band The Jukebox Romantics.The band is gearing up for a U.S tour this summer, with plans to tour Europe in early 2016.
The band’s Jailhouse Records debut will come in the form of a 7″ entitled Plot Points set for release June 9, 2015. A full-length release later in the summer will follow their debut. Produced by Bouncing Souls guitarist Pete Steinkopf.

The Jukebox Romantics are in your face, fun, soulful punk in the vein of bands like The Bouncing Souls, One Man Army, and Alkaline Trio. They hail from downstate New York, just in the shadows of NYC.

The Jukebox Romantics will tour throughout the U.S during Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2015. Also, hitting Canada for Pouzza Fest. The band plans to announce future Canadian and European tour dates for Fall of 2015 and early 2016.

Live Concert Review

The Bouncing Souls, Youth Brigade, Saint Alvia, Off With Their Heads

Live (Oct. 2nd, 2009)

The Starlite Room - Edmonton, Alberta




Drunken punks took over downtown Edmonton last night as the Bouncing Souls brought their 20th Anniversary tour through the Starlite Room and proved that after twenty years together, the new Jersey quartet still know how to put on a great punk show.

Up and comers Off With Their Heads kicked off the evening with their fast paced, Dillinger Four-esque pop-punk. Ryan Young was in a good mode as he joked with the crowd in between delivering his always depressing and pessimistic lyrics in songs like Until The Day I Die, Fuck This I’m Out, I Am You, Keep Falling Down and Terrorist Attack. While nothing extremely out of the ordinary, the Minneapolis act were as solid as ever and even threw in a fantastic cover of Joe Strummer‘s Silver and Gold for good measure; all of which made Off With Their Heads the perfect warm up band for the night that was to come.

Saint Alvia picked up where Off With Their Heads left off and put on an equally energizing set, although with a drastically different sound. With four vocalists alternating singing duties, an organ and equal mixes of punk rock, dance hall reggae, and soul, Saint Alvia continued to rile up the crowd as they played through Romeo, Blonde Kryptonite, Unspoken Bond and Time To Go; but it was punk veterans Youth Brigade that truly showed how chaotic a punk show can be.

Celebrating their twenty-fifth anniversary together, the Stern Brothers brought the punk rock style and energy of the eighties with them into the Starlite Room. Playing faster than you could believe, the punk icons had the old school fanatics out in force as they played classics like Believe In Something, Punk Rock Mom, and Violence. However, nothing could compare to their final song: Sink With Kalifornija. The archetype for punk rock sing-along’s, Sink With Kalifornija had everyone, well, singing along; and I mean everyone from the crowd to members of The Bouncing Souls and Off With Their Heads who all jumped at the chance to sing the anthem with the Stern Brothers. It was madness and energy confined to a small stage that cumulated with Shawn Stern playing his guitar with his microphone while being lifted up by a fan. It was an ending that most rock stars would kill for – and they were only the opening band.

By the time the Souls hit the stage a little past midnight the floor was full and ready to explode. Opening with True Believers, the crowd tore apart and never rested as the band sampled tracks from their entire career including as far back as I Like Your Mom and as recent as Gasoline and Airport Security. Throughout it all, the drunken fans sang along with nearly every word; pushing and shoving their way to the front. The occasional stage diver broke through the security, sang a few words and dove into the energetic mass of people below while the rest happily ran in circles and sung along to cuts like Hopeless Romantic, That Song, Private Radio, The Gold Song, Fight to LiveSomething To Believe, Kids and Heroes, Lean on Sheena, and the rousing closer of Gone.

Front man Greg Attonito continued to sing in his very unique, almost static, fashion which is always a comical sight to see. No other singer would be able to pull off a delivery like that, but the intensity and excitement of the crowd always makes up for it; although it would be nice to see him put some more energy into his delivery at times. Alas, it is what it is and twenty years in, nothing’s going to change now.

Oddly enough, the addition of a fifth touring member playing the organ worked as a detriment to the show rather than a benefit as the instrument came through the sound system with a high pitched tinge placed way too high in the mix, creating the cringe-worthy feeling of feedback. In fact, the sound was a slight problem the entire night as the vocals were often slightly harder to hear than necessary but a crowd full of energetic fans could really care less.

Live Concert Review

The Bouncing Souls

Live (May 9th to May 12th, 2011)

Reggie's Rock Club - Chicago, IL




Ass tattoos, fist bumps, cute girl in her undergarments, killer openers, stagediving, crowd surfing, and the ultimate sing-along (forever!); sounds like the best weekend ever – and it was pretty close. The Bouncing Souls came to Reggie’s Rock Club in Chicago to play all of their unheard tracks for a 4-night stint that covered their entire discography from May 9-12, and they did not disappoint.

The band started with The Good, The Bad, and the Argyle on Thursday, and ended with Ghosts on the Boardwalk on Sunday. Every night the band was supported by great opening acts such as The Flatliners, The Arrivals, The Falcon, and The Copyrights. After more than 20 years together, the Souls were still able to pack the house every night. Saturday evening was sold out, and even though Sunday was the least crowded night, the room was still filled to the back bar.

Highlights of the weekend included the Friday and Saturday set which consisted of Self Titled and Hopeless Romantic on Friday, and How I Spent My Summer Vacation and Anchors Aweigh on Saturday. The crowd looked tame enough throughout the openers, where little movement occurred throughout the room; with the exception of Saturday where a decent amount of people danced, pushed, and sang along to the Chicago bands the Night Brigade and the Falcon. It was clear that the Souls were the reason everyone was there, and the club became more packed as the evening progressed.

Whenever the Bouncing Souls took the stage for a new album, a pretty girl in her underwear and bra would come onstage holding a big picture of the album cover to the background noise of Rocky music, and an announcer spitting out facts about each Souls release. As soon as the band would take the stage, the crowd exploded into a huge pit, and bodies started lunging into the air, and onto the stage of a venue that holds a pretty stiff no stagediving/crowdsurfing policy. In fact, when security would try to pull a crowdsurfer to the ground, there were instances where the crowd would pull the other end of the person to keep them away from security and up in the air.

Both Thursday and Sunday also had a very positive response, although the Sunday crowd was much tamer, potentially because they had been there all weekend. A few times over the course of the weekend, singer, Greg Attonito, would walk across stage to fist bump crowd members, and extend the mic out to the enthusiastic fans. There was also some fun fan features where a fan got to play trombone with the band, and they someone was choosen to reenact the back-and-forth conversation in Shark Attack. One die hard person came onstage to moon the crowd his combo “hopeless romantic” and Bouncing Souls logo butt tattoo.

Some opener headlights include the Falcon, who played with Derek Grant (the drummer of Alkaline Trio) on bass. Brendan Kelly’s shotgun of an entire Old Style Tallboy in mere seconds kept the fans enthusiastic, and overall their performance was fun and energetic for a band Brendan Kelly claims isn’t really a real band. Another shining opener was The Copyrights, who played many new songs off their upcoming Red Scare release. The new songs sounded really good and the record is due to be released later this summer.

The Bouncing Souls never disappoint, their fans are really dedicated, and it was a really unique, incredible experience to hear all of their albums live. To see all of the songs you don’t expect to ever hear live all in the span of one weekend is indescribable. Hopefully we keep seeing these guys tour year after year, will get some new material to check out soon, and it is apparent that their fans, the true believers, will indeed be singing along forever; even if they do only go on tours so they can eat other people’s food.

Video: The Bouncing Souls – Comet

Bouncing SoulsNew Jersey’s The Bouncing Souls have released a new video for their track Comet – it can be seen below.

Comet comes from the band’s 2012 album, Comet, that was released through Rise Records.

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Video: The Bouncing Souls – Infidel

Bouncing SoulsNew Jersey’s The Bouncing Souls have released a new video for their track Infidel – it can be seen below.

Infidel comes from the band’s 2012 album, Comet, that was released through Rise Records.


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Chunksaah Records Announce New Releases and Tours From Various Artists

Chunksaah Records has announced that they will be re-releasing albums from various artists including Tim Barry, The Bouncing Souls, Luther, and Dave Hause, and also announcing new tour dates for 2013. 

Check out the list of artists and the tour dates below.

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The Bouncing Souls - Gold Record

The Bouncing Souls

The Gold Record

Epitaph Records

Rating: 4.5/5




In the punk community, there are some bands that are always there. Just there. They never break it hugely and become the biggest name of the scene, nor do they vanish into obscurity after one or two albums. Instead, they are just there. Putting out solid releases, playing amazing live shows, and everyone who hears them loves them. They are the bands most bands strive to be, and the type of bands fans love to hear.The Bouncing Souls are one of those bands. Never breaking into the mainstream, but always there, in the backdrop with a rabid fan base of sweaty punkers singing along to every word; and they are back with their new record, The Gold Record, which could easily be seen as the band’s greatest achievement.

The record is full of your classic Bouncing Souls gems, making one cohesive album of non-stop fun. There’s the underlying energy from their first few albums mixed with the more mature melodic sensibility, which they started showing on Anchors Aweigh. Topping it all off is none other than Greg Attonito’s perfect vocals, he hasn’t lost his touch over all these years and can still belt out a perfect tune when needed.

The songs tell a story of a trip through Jersey – the band’s hometown. They sing of their love for their city, the streets, and the music that makes them feel alive. It’s an introspective look at a life growing up, a life with music, adventures and pizza shops; then end it all with a ode to all the unheard music, the music that never was heard but instead stayed “on the floors in the closets of our mind”. They do a cover of Avoid One Thing’s Lean On Sheena that gets instantly implanted into your skull; while Letter From Iraq takes a look at the war floor from a soldiers mind through a soldier’s own words.

While the album may not be the most inventive album, nor will it launch them into the mainstream, it is an album their fans will love. It is sincere and energetic, and whether it will become a gold record or not, it is definitely The Soul’s golden achievement – and any fan will testify to that.

The Bouncing Souls - Anchors Aweigh

The Bouncing Souls

Anchors Aweigh

Epitaph Records

Rating: 4/5




The Bouncing Souls have improved with each and every record they have released upon the world. Lyrics, music, beat, they make everything smoother and more complete each album and “Anchors Aweigh”, the sixth studio album, is no different.

It is another middle of the road, fast paced punk rock album with music which gets your foot taping and everyone around energized. They do display some change in pace with songs like “Kids And Heroes” and “Night Train” which have portions of much slower music. That slight change is nice to hear every once in a while, it is something new and gets your interest. Each song has something unique to itself, be it an amazing guitar riff here or a catchy bass melody there, every song has something which grabs your attention and pulls you into the music. The lyrics though, are by far the thing which makes the album so great.

The album has a constant theme of living for the day while never forgetting the past too. The lyrics are incredibly powerful  and tells stories of which everyone can relate to. Lyrics like “Don’t Forget that you were born free, It’s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees” and “Harvest Moon in a desert sky, making good time as we pass it by, where ever this road takes us, it was meant to be” are ones which display a vivid picture and an amazing lesson.

This 17 track album (yes, there is a bonus song) is one which any Bouncing Souls fan must get their hands on. It is a new album and a new phase for the Souls, a more mature one, one which shows the band’s growth and one which demonstrates the skill of this talented band.

Luther Release New Album

Luther have been busy recently. From premiering songs on Huffington Post to upcoming tours with Timeshare and The Bouncing Souls they are pretty tough to miss. On top of all that, their debut album Let’s Get You SOmewhere Else comes out on Chunksaah Records October 9. The album can be pre-ordered here.

In addition to  the release of the album, Luther will be touring across the United States and Canada with acts like The Bouncing SoulsThe Smoking Popes, and Dave Hause of The Loved Ones.

A complete list of tour dates can be seen below.

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Video: Bouncing Souls – Coin Toss Girl

Bouncing SoulsPunk rock legends The Bouncing Souls released a music video for the single “Coin Toss Girl.” It comes off of the band’s ninth full length studio album Comet, which came out in June on Rise Records.

The band will be heading on a short Canadian run with Dave Hause of The Loved Ones and Luther. Dates can be viewed below.


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Tour: Man Overboard (U.S./Europe)

Man OverboardAfter spending the summer on the 2012 Vans Warped Tour, Man Overboard have announced a string of East Coast dates. Check out the debut episode Defend Pop Punk TV on Property Of Zack. The band is also raising money on eBay for The Bouncing Souls, who were recently robbed after a show in Allentown, PA. The band’s self-titled album is available for purchase on and in stores. Tour dates can be found below.

Man Overboard 2012 Tour dates.

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Tours: The Bouncing Souls / Dave Hause / Luther (Canada)

Bouncing Souls

Fresh off their recently completed Canadian tour, New Jersey’s The Bouncing Souls have announced plans to return to the Great White North this October in support of their latest album, Comet.

Joining them on the tour will be Dave Hause and Luther, the dates are below.

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Chuck Ragan Auctions Guitar For Bouncing Souls Theft

Chuck RaganChuck Ragan has generously auctioned off his personal guitar to help The Bouncing Souls recuperate after having their tour gear stolen in early August.  

The Hot Water Music frontman’s piece fetched a notable $2,275.00 by the auction’s close after 31 bids.

Video: Bouncing Souls – Static

The Bouncing SoulsSeminal punk act The Bouncing Souls has debuted a brand new music video.  The video features the song “Static” which comes from their brand new full length, Comet, released last month via Chunksaah Records/Rise Records.

Watch the full video below.

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Video: The Bouncing Souls – Ship In A Bottle

The Bouncing SoulsSeminal punk act The Bouncing Souls has debuted a brand new music video.  The video features the song “Ship In A Bottle” which comes from their brand new full length, Comet, released last month via Chunksaah Records/Rise Records.

Watch the full, stop-motion style video below.

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Bouncing Souls Stream New Full Length

The Bouncing SoulsPunk veterans Bouncing Souls have launched a full album stream of their freshly dropped full length, Comet, out today via Rise/Chunksah Records.

Give it a spin here.

Tours: Bouncing Souls / Menzingers / Luther (North America)

Bouncing Souls

New Jersey’s pop-punk veterans The Bouncing Souls have released the full schedule for their North American summer tour alongside The Menzingers and Luther.

The tour kicks off on June 12th in Washington, DC and wraps up on August 4th in Boston.

The dates are below.

The tour is in support of their ninth studio album Comet due out on June 12th, 2012 through Chunkasaah Records.

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Bouncing Souls Release “For All The Unheard” Live Album

Bouncing SoulsNew Jersey’s The Bouncing Souls have just released a new digital album album entitled For All The Unheard. The album is available digitally on a USB stick.

The album was recorded over a span of four nights earlier this year in Los Angeles and the Troubadour. It was during their For All The Unheard tour series which saw the band play all eight of their albums front to back – playing two albums a night over four nights in various cities. 

The USB/Lanyard can be purchased here.

Bouncing Souls Release "For All The Unheard" Live Album

Bouncing SoulsNew Jersey’s The Bouncing Souls have just released a new digital album album entitled For All The Unheard. The album is available digitally on a USB stick.

The album was recorded over a span of four nights earlier this year in Los Angeles and the Troubadour. It was during their For All The Unheard tour series which saw the band play all eight of their albums front to back – playing two albums a night over four nights in various cities. 

The USB/Lanyard can be purchased here.

Video: Hot Water Music & Bouncing Souls Share Stage at FEST 10

Hot Water Music and Bouncing Souls shared the stage earlier this weekend with a joint performance of “Wayfarer” at this year’s FEST 10.  Both bands had their own performances during the weekend festivities.

Watch the video below.

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Video: Hot Water Music & Bouncing Souls Share Stage at FEST 10

Hot Water Music and Bouncing Souls shared the stage earlier this weekend with a joint performance of “Wayfarer” at this year’s FEST 10.  Both bands had their own performances during the weekend festivities.

Watch the video below.

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Greg Attonito Of The Bouncing Souls Debuts Video For Volcano

Greg AttonitoGreg Attonito of The Bouncing Souls debuted his new video for the single Volcano off of his solo-album Natural Disaster.  

Natural Disaster  is available  on 10″ Vinyl from Chunksaah Records

Watch the video below. 

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