Manchester Punk Festival Volume 15 Released Via Bandcamp

MPF 18 Oct 17The Manchester Punk Festival will be returning next year between the 19th and 21st April across a number of venues in Manchester, UK’s City Centre. This is the first volume of the compilations that precede next year’s festival, the Manchester Punk Festival Volume 15 features Mobina Galore, Drones, Natterers, Antillectual, Forever Unclean, Captain Hotknives, Incisions, Egos At The Door, Fresh, All Aboard, Darko, Wolfbeast Destroyer, Foxes Faux, The Lab Rats, Aerial Salad, Regret and Svetlanas, who are all appearing at the festival. Tickets for the Manchester Punk Festival are on sale here

You can download Manchester Punk Festival Volume 15 as a name your price download here

Svetlanas Release New Track Via Posh Boy Records

Svetlanas Promo Oct 17Svetlanas have revealed that they have a new track included on Music From or Inspired by Pump!, a compilation released by Posh Boy Records. Svetlanas have contributed their own unique personal musical arrangement and interpretation of Steppenwolf‘s Born To Be Wild to the album.

Music From Or Inspired By Pump! can be downloaded via iTunes here

Svetlanas website is here and their Bandcamp is here

Manchester Punk Festival Confirms First Bands For 2018

MPF 18 Oct 17The Manchester Punk Festival has announced the first wave of bands for 2018 when the festival takes place on the 19th to 21st April 2018 across six Manchester city centre venues. Now in it’s fourth year, the festival aims to promote the best UK and overseas bands on an affordable line up in good and accessible venues, and today they have confirmed that Propagandhi and Svetlanas will be amongst those heading over to the Manchester Punk Festival in 2018.

Tickets for the Manchester Punk Festival 2018 can be purchased here

You can view the full list of the first wave of bands confirmed for Manchester Punk Festival 2018 below Read More…

Svetlanas Issue Digital Release Of ‘This Is Moscow Not LA’

Svetlanas TIMNLAThe Svetlanas have issued a brand new digital release of This is Moscow Not LA, the new digital edition is available at a special price and it includes two unreleased songs, This is Moscow Not LA, that features Greg Hetson of Bad Religion, and a remix of Negative Approach by legendary punk producer Geza X. The original version of This Is Moscow Not LA, and the Svetlanas back catalogue, are also now available via iTunes. The digital release of This Is Moscow Not LA can be purchased via iTunes here

You can read The Punk Site review of This Is Moscow Not LA here

You can view Svetlanas US and European tour dates below Read More…

Svetlanas Announce US Tour

Svetlanas US TourSvetlanas have developed a reputation for being the most dangerous band in the world, and with good reason, they are considered enemies of the state in their native Russia, a status that has resulted in their exile in Milan, and anyone who has witnessed their confrontational live performances will testify that their reputation is more than deserved, now they have announced an extensive US tour with Barb Wire Dolls and 57 in the wake of the release of Svetlanas latest full length, This Is Moscow Not LA.
The Punk Site Review of This Is Moscow Not LA can be read here
The Svetlanas US Tour dates can be viewed below

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Rebellion 2017 April

Rebellion Festival (Friday)

Blackpool Winter Gardens, UK

Friday 4th August 2017

Rating: 5/5



Rebellion 17 Heavy DrapesA meander from my hotel with twanging hamstrings and aching calves takes me through Blackpool’s faded glamour and back to the Winter Gardens where an enormous queue has formed to get in for Saturday’s impressive line up which means I’ve already missed Aerial Salad by the time I finally get in. My Friday opens with the Kenneths who blow away the cobwebs after last night excess on a sundrenched Casbah Stage, their set of high energy punk rock starts Friday off perfectly. The Heavy Drapes have made the leap from the introducing stage last year to the Empress Ballroom, and you can see why, they deliver an anthemic set of pulverising old school punk rock, that means Friday has kicked into gear early.
Rebellion 17 SvetlanasI catch the end of Sensa Yuma‘s heavyweight set as we head back outside to catch Maid Of Ace rocking the Casbah Stage, and they don’t disappoint the as the hyperactive all female quartet deliver a full tilt set of raucous punk rock, that I sadly have to cut short as Svetlanas are playing the Pavillion Stage, they are a must see as they have just released what looks like being my favourite album of 2017. Svetlanas are something to behold, carrying the energy of early Dead Kennedys and the Dwarves best recordings. Svetlanas lead singer Olga prowls the stage and the dance floor like a caged animal, her intense stage presence is matched by a frantic hardcore edged soundtrack, and all the expectations from their incredible new album, This Is Moscow Not LA, are exceeded. This is a band you need to see live as I doubt I’ll encounter a better live ever act this weekend, or this year, and I have to buy a new t shirt afterwards as the one I was wearing is now soaked as I was down the front throughout Svetlanas incredible set.
As I wander outside for a cigarette I catch John Robb, one of Manchester’s punk mainstays, playing an impressive set with The Membranes complete with a full choir, had it not clashed with Svetlanas this is something I’d have made a point of catching. Tagada Jones follow with a blast of hard edged Gallic street punk, to me bands like this are one of the joys of the Rebellion Festival. I would never have encountered these in my local punk scene, but the Rebellion Festival unites cultures and scenes in the punk community like no other festival, and along with Svetlanas I have encountered two incredible bands from mainland Europe. Behind me a moshpit forms of their hardcore fans who have made the journey across the channel and Tagada Jones are for me one of the best discoveries of the Rebellion Festival, and I recommend you investigate this band who prove that punk rock travels beyond the usual English and American borders.
Rebellion 17 TV SmithSeeing TV Smith is an essential part of rebellion, the former lead singer of The Adverts was there at the start and to see him playing with a full band,  The Bored Teenagers, is a temptation that is too good to resist. Tonight’s set with the Bored Teenagers is focused upon his post adverts solo material, and songs such as the Good Times Are Back and My String Will Snap sound as relevant as the day the day the day were written, if not more so. Further wandering finds another of punks old school, Vice Squad, sounding re-energised for the Rebellion Festival, and alongside their extensive back catalogue they close with the Motorhead classic, Ace Of Spades. A brief  break precedes a return to the Casbah Stage where The Real McKenzies are bringing their Celtic punk rock to Blackpool and they are celebrating 25 years together, another band I’ve intended to see for a number of years and however good you may think they are on record, live is where they are at their beer fuelled best and they bring a party atmosphere to the Friday night at the Rebellion Festival.
I’ve intended to see DOA ever since I bought 13 Flavours Of Doom a long long time ago, several farewell tours have meant that I thought it would never happen, but Friday night at the Rebellion Festival brings the legendary Canadian outfit to the Casbah Stage. There is nothing I can say about these Canadian punk legends that hasn’t already been said, but I’m going to say it anyway, the politically charged punk band deserves every accolade that’s thrown at them, they have been around for four decades and it’s been worth the wait to finally see them. Tonight the Casbah Stage has had a distinctly Northern exposure and when DOA play Already Dead, the first song I ever heard by them, I think I’ve peaked, but add to this songs such as General Strike, that’s dedicated to Theresa May, and Race Riot, then my day is utterly made. DOA return for an encore of Full Metal Jackoff, from their amazing album recorded with Jello Biafra, Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbours, and the inevitable ending of Fucked Up Donald, this marks an incredible end to an amazing day that has mainly been spent on the Casbah Stage, they leave with the words “together we can, together we will, make the world a better place’.
Sometimes the Rebellion Festival holds secrets, such as F.I.L.F., which turns out to be an unheralded and unpublicised Macc Lads reunion, with original members Stez Styx, Mutley McLadd, The Beater and Chorley The Hord, with new addition Bammy, who between them were banned from more venues than any other British punk band, in fact probably more than the rest of them put together. Tonight they are mainly covering classic punk songs and the band are clearly enjoying being back together, but they close with a final encore of the Macc Lads obscene classic Blackpool, and what else would they choose for the Rebellion Festival, that’s thrown in for good measure the venue erupts, and this is the welcome return of another band I never thought I would see again.
The review of the Saturday at the Rebellion Festival 2017 will follow shortly on The Punk Site.
The Rebellion Festival wesbsite is here
Unofficial live photography courtesy of Froggy and Eloise Coone
You can click on any of the photos to view a slide show of the images

Svetlanas Commence UK Tour

Svetlanas TIMNLASvetlanas have released their back catalogue, including their stunning new full length, This Is Moscow Not LA, via their Bandcamp. Their self titled debut, Tales From The Alpha Brigade and Naked Horse Rider are all now available for download and streaming and Svetlanas UK tour commences tomorrow, including an appearance at Rebellion Festival.

The Punk Site review of This Is Moscow Not LA can be read here

You can purchase and stream all of Svetlanas albums via Bandcamp here

Svetlanas tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Svetlanas ‘This Is Moscow Not LA’ LP Released in Europe

The Svetlanas TIMNLASvetlanas stunning new full length, This Is Moscow Not LA, was released via Rad Girlfriend Records in the USA, and the album is now available on CD and vinyl in Europe via Subkultura, as well as being available for download and streaming. The Punk Site review of This Is Moscow Not LA can be read here

This Is Moscow Not LA is available via Bandcamp here and via Spotify here

The CD & vinyl are available via Subkultura here (EU) and Rad Girlfriend Records here (US)

A video for the track Let’s Get Drunk, and Svetlanas EU tour dates, can be viewed below Read More…

Svetlanas TIMNLA


This Is Moscow Not LA

Rad Girlfriend Records / Subkultura Records

Rating: 5/5




Svetlanas have developed a reputation for being the most dangerous band in the world, and with good reason, they are considered enemies of the state in their native Russia, a status that has resulted in their exile in Milan, and anyone who has witnessed their confrontational live performances will testify that their reputation is more than deserved, now as they limber up for a fresh aural assault on the festival circuit Svetlanas have released their latest full length, This Is Moscow Not LA. There is also an added ingredient thrown into the mix as Svetlanas line up has now been bolstered by the inclusion of Nick Oliveri, a man who has his own hellraising reputation, and this should result in a match made in heaven… or hell, depending on your viewpoint.

This Is Moscow Not LA kicks off with an introduction to Putin On Da Hitz that is The Munsters by way of the of The Misfits, after this things kick spectacularly into life and from this point onwards you’d best buckle up. There are no brakes on This Is Moscow Not LA and for me this is an album that is the definition of defiant, hedonistic and destructive hardcore infused punk rock that proves that there is no one else out there quite like Svetlanas. Tell Me Why channels and amplifies the Dwarves, this is followed by Let’s Get Drunk and Vodka ‘N Roll that are a pair of full tilt tributes to the joy of getting trashed, throughout the album there are perfect moments of hyperactive punk rock in the form of Lose Control, Negative Approach and Put Your Middle Fingers Up. There is a tribute to the godfather of rock ‘n roll excess in the form of Speed Freak, a frantic rendition of Motorhead‘s ode to amphetamines that sounds as if it’s played on an overdose and Where Is My Borscht and People Suck are an intense closing duo that prove that all is not quiet on the Eastern front.

Sometimes you hear an album that just makes you want to attack your booze supply with self destructive abandon, and this is one of those albums, few bands manage to deliver this kind of full tilt fuck you, and fewer still can deliver it live with any sense of authenticity. Svetlanas have always had a reputation as a band that should be experienced live, but now they’ve delivered an album the bottles the essence of what makes them such a compelling live act. For me this sounds like the album Svetlanas were born to make, and come this years Rebellion Festival I will be down the front for Svetlanas set on Friday 4th August.
This Is Moscow Not LA should be ordered here and you need to stream it via Spotify here
Svetlanas website can be found here

The Punk Site ‘Rebellion Festival 2017’ Preview, Part Two

Rebellion 2017 April2016 saw the Rebellion Festival celebrate its 20th year alongside the 40th anniversary of punk with a spectacular sold-out event. Over four days at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens, iconic bands from every aspect of punk across the world shared stages with new and emerging talent, and the 2017 Rebellion Festival looks set to be no different. Returning to Winter Gardens in Blackpool from the 3rd to the 6th of August, the line-up is shaping up to be another punk genre defining event. The Punk Site is fortunate enough to be covering the Rebellion Festival again this year, as this is Europe’s largest punk festival and it boasts a bewildering array of bands, acts, art and temptations, we’re going to be looking ahead at what this years Rebellion Festival has to offer

The full line can be viewed here and tickets for the 2017 Rebellion Festival can be purchased here

The 2017 Rebellion Festival preview for Friday 4th August can be viewed below Read More…

Svetlanas Release ‘This Is Moscow Not LA’ Album

Svetlanas TIMNLAThe Svetlanas have been called “the most dangerous band in the world” thanks to their super intense live performances at such international festivals as Vans Warped Tour, South By Southwest and Rebellion Festival, and they are one of the acts featured in The Punk Site‘s recommendations for the 2017 Rebellion Festival. The Italian based Russian thrashcore outfit’s latest release, This Is Moscow Not LA, has just been released via Rad Girlfriend Records and Subkultura Records.

This Is Moscow Not LA is available via Bandcamp here and via Spotify here

A video for the track Let’s Get Drunk, and Svetlanas EU tour dates, can be viewed below Read More…


The Adolescents/Svetlanas

Hot War 7" Split

Altercation Records

Rating: 4/5/5




The Hot War 7″ Split between The Adolescents and Svetlana is simultaneously both militant and eco-friendly. It mixes like Russians in the NHL or vodka in your Coca-Cola. Hot War is aggressive, sugary-sucrose fallout from a pop punk war that never was.

Banned from Russia, Svetlanas are sarcastic and brash in their eastern fronting. “Tales From The Alpha Brigade” sounds like GWAR translated through Google withe bloody, bloody violence on the track. Olga strangles the words as they leave her lips–“Fuck, Kill, Rape!”–so violent, yet so feminine as she hisses at you. Like Drago’s wife/manager in Rocky IV. Oh yeah, they went there on the album art. Rad.

The Adolescents sound like eco-terrorists as they bookend Svetlanas’ two track attack. “Fukushima Lemon Twist” is damnation of nuclear power in under two minutes. “Forever Summer” too, is blatant in its fear of nuclear powered summer on the west coast. The harmonies are beautiful on the final track–you hear the history of west coast punk coming out of a short and stiff set on the split it’s, Gods, amazeballs. The Adolescents  are still doing the good work overseas in Europe (their last two albums were released on Concrete Jungle over there), and Hot War makes you fall in love with them all over again. Plus, fall in love with Svetlanas–their new album is set to be produced by The Dwarves own Blag Dahlia.