Destroy Orbison LQ

Destroy Orbison

Liquid Courage

Suck It! Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Destroy Orbison are a four piece Texan punk band who’s debut album, Liquid Courage, was released last year, and now it has finally received a physical release as it has now been re-issued on a limited edition cassette via Suck It! Records, as well as still being available digitally via Bandcamp. Destroy Orbison are reportedly building up towards releasing some new material via Out Loud Records, so it would seem that there’s never been a better time to introduce yourself to this quartet of drunken upstarts from the lone star state.

The Failure provides the first dose of Liquid Courage, and it’s a welcome shot of intense skate punk that is followed up with the title track that delivers another round, and we all know that after the second round no one’s leaving the bar early and Shitty Times is dedicated to avoiding work the day after the night before. Every track is written about what Destroy Orbison know and all ten tracks are delivered with a hedonistic enthusiasm that you can’t help but warm to. This may be an album that sounds rough round the edges, but on a release such as Liquid Courage this approach just adds to the album’s charm.

Destroy Orbison have delivered ten tracks of grass roots DIY frantic punk rock that are done and dusted in a shade over twenty minutes, and you can’t help feeling that with Liquid Courage the band have created the natural counterpart to Pkew Pkew Pkew‘s debut album, as both are dedicated to the simple pleasure of getting drunk, very drunk, straight edge they certainly aren’t. Liquid Courage is ten rounds of beer fuelled punk rock that is delivered with a distinctly live feel that captures the chaotic feel of the band perfectly, and after experiencing Liquid Courage I’m looking forward to hearing what they’re serving up next.

Liquid Courage can be ordered digitally and on cassette via Suck It! Records here

Colorblind Leaving



Suck It! Records

Rating: 4/5




Colorblind hail from Norman, Oklahoma and they released their new album, Leaving, in July, which means it has now been available for almost a month, so whilst we are a little late to the party I’m glad that we eventually got here, as Colorblind have delivered an impressive debut full length. Leaving is a release that wilfully defies any expectations you may have had, and it must be said that this is a more than worthy successor to their acclaimed 2016 EP, Turn To Stone. 

The phased guitar introduction to Don’t Leave immediately reminds me of celebrated post punk bands such as The Chameleons, this element is blended with the drive of grunge and the style of indie to create a powerful hybrid, Caroline and Out Of My Mind fully embraces the energy of the grunge influence and this continues into the slightly more downbeat tracks such as Streetlights, Wanted To Believe and What’s Real? There are rockier moments such as Pretty Lies that bring a different dimension to the album and sit alongside the intense shoegaze of Push Me Away, Things We Do and the final number, Lost Cause.

Colorblind are another fine example of the positive results of differing styles and genres colliding head on, it’s impossible to pin down exactly where the bands loyalties lie, but for me that is one of the album’s strengths. If this was just a band recreating the grunge scene then my interest would have waned long before I got to the end of Leaving, but as this is an album that encompasses a clash of styles, with influences stretching from the late seventies onwards, the result is an original fuzz drenched hazy album that carries a strong undercurrent of dark energy.

Leaving can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp here and their Facebook page is here

Limp Wizurdz FS

Limp Wizurdz

Fugue State

Stress Engine Records / Suck It! Records

Rating: 4/5




I’ll be upfront, the band name Limp Wizurdz didn’t exactly raise my expectations, this is at least partially Fred Durst‘s fault who has given me an aversion to all things limp, but I’m never one to judge a band by it’s cover, or their chosen moniker. Limp Wizurdz are an oddball punk band straight outta Oklahoma who have released an idiosyncratic and suspiciously hazy release that is at least twice as good as I expected it to be, and whatever preconceptions I may have had have well and truly been binned before the first song is done and dusted.

Fugue State kicks off with Cough! a downbeat distorted melancholy grunge fix that kicks into life likes it’s been spiked with adrenaline, Bike Messenger brings in a grimy post hardcore feel whilst Staple Gun and Cankicker brings a laid back punk approach. Jeff’s Checkers goes off on another tangent whilst Nervous Tick beings a fuzz ridden heavyweight instrumental into the mix before the final track, Spooky, brings Fugue State to a close with a monstrous riff that for me is the album’s finest moment.

Fugue State is not an album that can be identified as one genre, they seem to have pretty much carved out their own niche, but fans of the more left field and experimental punk bands such as Culture Abuse, Butthole Surfers and Dead Milkmen will be in their element with Limp Wizurdz‘s mix of punk, indie, grunge, post hardcore and psyche. Fugue State is a timely reminder why it’s important to keep an open mind, if I had judged this album on the band name or album cover I’d have missed out on a deliciously unique and experimental take on punk.

Fugue State can be streamed and downloaded via the Stress Engine Records Bandcamp here

The limited edition cassette of Fugue State can be ordered via Suck It! Records here