The Afghan Whigs Announce Three Additional UK Tour Dates

Afghan Whigs In SpadesFollowing the release of their critically acclaimed album, In Spades, and a successful UK tour in May, The Afghan Whigs have announced that they will return to the UK for three additional shows this August in Nottingham, Leeds & Brighton, Ed Harcourt will support on all dates and tickets go on sale on the 16th June at 10am.
The Punk Site review of In Spades can be read here
You can view The Afghan Whigs tour dates below and tickets can be purchased here

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Afghan Whigs In Spades

The Afghan Whigs

In Spades

Sub Pop Records

Rating: 4/5




The Afghan Whigs are set to release their spellbinding new album, In Spades, that will be available on CD, vinyl, cassette and download formats from the 5th May via Sub Pop Records. The album is the follow up to the band’s internationally acclaimed 2014 full length, Do To The BeastIn Spades is a searing and soulful rock effort that emphasises its pop instincts, while contrasting with the seductive themes found throughout. From its evocative cover art to the troubled spirits haunting its halls, In Spades casts a spell that challenges the listener to unpack its dark metaphors and spectral imagery.

Birdland offers a haunting and atmospheric introduction to In Spades that’s overlaid with delicate strings, this gives way to the enchanting and heady beats that populate the superb Arabian Heights, a track that was deservedly one of the singles that was released ahead of the album. Demon In Profile, the lead single from In Spades, boasts a piano led melody and soulful brass that’s combined with the kind of guitar riffs that make the hairs on the back of you neck stand up. In Spades continues to weave an erratic and mesmerising path through it’s ten tracks, from the anthemic, Toy Automatic and Light As A Feather, through the unsettling, Oriole and The Spell, to the strident distorted riffs of Copernicus and the dark melody of I Got Lost, before In Spades closes with the passionate finale Into The Floor.

In Spades is an impressive album that recalls the highpoints of The Afghan Whigs long and varied career, In Spades is their eighth studio album that they’ve produced in their off and on three decade long existence, and it’s one that should satisfy their existing fanbase as well as ushering new converts into the fold. The Afghan Whigs were always a band that seemed to be ahead of their time, now with the release of the impressive In Spades, and the popularity of bands that mine the darker and more atmospheric side of the alternative and indie scenes, then it may be that the world has finally caught up with them.

You can pre-order In Spades here

The Afghan Whigs website can be found here

The Afghan Whigs Release Erotic Video For ‘Oriole’

Afghan Whigs In SpadesThe Afghan Whigs have shared their new erotic video for Oriole, that was directed by erotic art director Amy Nicole Hood. Oriole is the standout track from the bands forthcoming new album In Spades that is due out on May 5th worldwide from Sub Pop Records. The album is now available for pre-order on CD, vinyl, cassette and download formats and pre-orders of the vinyl format of In Spades will receive the ‘Loser’ edition on 180 gram white-chocolate vinyl.

You can pre-order In Spades here

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The Afghan Whigs Release Stream Of New Song ‘Arabian Heights’

Afghan Whigs In SpadesArabian Heights is the driving new track from The Afghan Whigs forthcoming album, In Spades, that is due out on May 5th worldwide from Sub Pop. The song exudes the gutbucket exoticism of Houses Of The Holy and Physical Graffiti writ large, driven by drummer Patrick Keeler‘s bravura and tribal cadences. The Afghan Whigs will also be heading to the UK for live shows in May 2017.

You can stream Arabian Heights here and pre-order In Spades here

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The Afghan Whigs To Release ‘In Spades’ Via Sub Pop

Afghan Whigs In SpadesThe Afghan Whigs have announced a spellbinding new album, that will be available on CD, vinyl, cassette and download formats, In Spades will be available from the 5th May via Sub Pop Records. The album, led by the single Demon In Profile, is the follow up to the band’s internationally acclaimed Do to the BeastIn Spades is a searing and soulful rock effort that emphasises its pop instincts, while contrasting with the seductive themes found throughout. From its evocative cover art to the troubled spirits haunting its halls, In Spades casts a spell that challenges the listener to unpack its dark metaphors and spectral imagery.

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Mudhoney Euro Tour

Mudhoney / Los Pepes

Gorilla, Manchester, UK

14th July 2016

Rating: 4.5/5




Mudhoney BQ4A9475 Gorilla lies on the edge of Manchester’s city centre, from the front it appears to be a bar that serves a fine array of alcohol and food, but behind this façade lies a mid sized venue that resembles nothing less than an outsized air raid shelter, albeit a well appointed one that has an extensive range of alcohol for sale. Gorilla lies directly across the road from The Ritz, where Mudhoney played when they last visited Manchester, it seems to me that the more intimate setting for tonights concert is one that should suit both of the bands that are playing tonight perfectly.

Mudhoney BQ4A9367Due to the inevitably awful early evening Manchester traffic the opening act, Los Pepes, have already taken the stage by the time I arrive. The bass from their bone crunching punk ‘n roll immediately starts to rattle my ribcage and it is clear that the volume at Gorilla is reassuringly loud. Los Pepes play a pummelling brand of punk rock, they have been together for a few years and have toured extensively in Europe, but this is their proper first foray into the UK. The prestigious support slot for Mudhoney means they are playing to an appreciative and receptive audience, and they are a band I am left wanting to hear more from.

Mudhoney BQ4A9203I personally last saw Mudhoney live in the late eighties at an appearance at Reading Festival, for some reason my memory of the event is a bit hazy so I’m embracing the opportunity to re-acquaint myself with Mudhoney‘s brand of punk infused garage rock. As it approaches the time for them to take the stage the bar is five deep and the sold out Gorilla is packed to capacity. The temperature is steadily rising in the intimate venue and it keeps rising from the opening instrumental, Fuzzgun. Their trademark fuzz heavy riffs energise the mosh pit from the opening chords until the closing notes that mark the end of the relentless barrage of distortion.

Mudhoney BQ4A9582This is the kind of show that turns the clock back to when Mudhoney were at their critical and commercial peak, there is clearly a sizeable chuck of the audience who remember the era when Mudhoney was an essential part of the alternative scene, and was part of the soundtrack for an entire generation. The clubs and venues from that era are now largely a distant memory but Mudhoney seem to remain as vibrant and energising as ever, whilst they have a tried and trusted style and signature, it is one that has evolved over the years, but importantly it is one which has remained distincty and uniquely their own

Mudhoney BQ4A9529Inevitably the audience explodes into a frenzied mosh pit during Touch Me I’m Sick, pint glasses are launched skyward  from the sweaty and delirious crowd as their debut single from 1988 receives a frenetic outing. Mark Arm then ditches his guitar for the final stages of the set and he prowls the stage like a hybrid of Henry Rollins and Iggy Pop, stopping only to take hefty swigs from a bottle of wine. The enthusiastic crowd howls, stamps and claps for them to retake the stage and, after a brief hiatus, Mudhoney return for a fine encore that inevitably culminates in a stunning and frantic rendition of the classic In And Out Of Grace.

AMudhoney BQ4A9551 bra was thrown onstage during the set, much to the bemusement of Mark Arm, and one member of the audience will clearly be leaving the venue somewhat unsupported, this is not something that Mudhoney will ever have to worry about based on the reception from the enthusiastic Mancunians who were present for tonights concert. There are few bands that have managed to retain the energy levels that were on display during Mudhoney‘s set tonight, after nearly three decades and nine albums that is a testament to their unyielding commitment to remaining truly independent.

Mudhoney BQ4A9672Tonight has been a triumphant return to Manchester for Mudhoney, they played a career spanning set and it speaks volumes about the quality of their later material that it blends seamlessly alongside the established and well known crowd pleasers, this has been one of the loudest gigs I’ve encountered this year and despite it taking three days for my ears to stop ringing I have no complaints. The sweat and beer drenched crowd is herded out in the warm Manchester night and I am not alone in hoping that it’s not too long before Mudhoney return to my neck of the woods.


IMG_1352Photography is by Paul Husband, he is an award winning, published photographer based in Manchester, England, you can visit his website here

Set list photo courtesy of Marcelle Jones

You can visit Los Pepes bandcamp here and their facebook page is here 

You can visit Mudhoney‘s website here and the Sub Pop Records website here



Video: No Age – Live on Letterman

No AgeIt is never easy for a high energy punk band to translate the frenetic energy of their live shows onto late night television, but on 23rd January, Los Angeles art-punks No Age  made a pretty good go of  it on the Late Show with David Letterman.  They tore through C’Mon Stimmunga, a song from their 2013 record An Object (Sub Pop Recordson a stage they  draped in white sheets, just adding to the oddness of it all.

You can check out the Letterman performance and the video for their track I Won’t Be Your Generator  below:

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Hot Hot Heat - Make Up The Breakdown

Hot Hot Heat

Make Up The Breakdown

Sub-Pop Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Have you ever been at home, or in the car, or anywhere really, and just needed an album you can play and just sing along to, dance, and have fun. Well…here it is. This is such a great album, with great songs. Right from the start the vocals bring you in, and the pattern will stick in your head and you’ll be humming along all day, all week, until you just HAVE to learn the words. And you won’t be disappointed either, because all the songs are very well written with great lyrics to back up them up.

To be honest, I was a little weary of this band when I first heard them. Personally I listen to a wide range of music, but focus mainly on the harder (not hardcore, but close to) bands. But I’ve always had a soft spot for ska, emo, and such. I regularly play Stay What You Are by Saves The Day while I’m cooking simply because it’s a great album to sing along to. And now that I found this, I won’t be hearing STD much anymore.

So Gary says: get this album. Listen to it…actually LISTEN to it, and give it a good chance. It took me a few before I really enjoyed it as much as I do. I did like it first listen, but every time I play these songs I like them that much more. Bottom line…get it, listen, sing, dance, enjoy.

Video: No Age – Fever Dreaming

Los Angeles, CA indie-rock duo No Age has released a brand new music video.  The video is for the track “Fever Dreaming,” which originates from the album, Everything In Between, released last year on Sub Pop Records.

Check out the video below.

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Video: Pissed Jeans – False Jesii Part 2

Sub Pop Records hardcore punk group Pissed Jeans has released a new video for the track “False Jesii Part 2.”  the track comes from the 2009 album King Of Jeans, the band’s third overall album, and second on Sub Pop.

Watch the video below.

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Album Stream: No Age – "Everything In Between"

LA’s two piece indie rock group No Age officially release their sophomore studio album Everything In Between today on Sub Pop Records. The Album is their follow up to the much acclaimed 2008 release Nouns.  Everything In Between is now streaming off of FADER and can be heard here. You may also buy Everything In Between for the Sub Pop website here.

Various Artists – Sub Pop Sampler

Sub Pop has been a staple in the independent music community for years. Somehow their music continues to be relevant well after Nirvana left their roster. Enjoy this free 2009 sampler!

Download the Album From Sub Pop Records