Punk Rock Bowling Announce Asbury Park Club Lineup

Punk Rock BowlingPunk Rock Bowling, the Las Vegas based punk festival due to take place on the memorial day weekend (May 26-29th) has announced details for the Asbury Park Club lineup, including Sick Of It All, Street Dogs, and Giuda to name a few.

Tickets for PRB 2017 are available here.  

Details for the newly announced club show can be found below.

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PunK Rock Bowling Announces 2017 Lineup

Punk Rock BowlingPunk Rock Bowling, the Las Vegas based punk festival due to take place on the memorial day weekend (May 26-29th) has announced it’s lineup for 2017 will feature the likes of Vandals, Street Dogs, The Menzingers and Television amongst others.

Tickets for PRB 2017 are available here.  

You can check out the full list of bands below.

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Interview: Street Dogs

Street DogsBoston’s The Street Dogs are no strangers to the festival circuit; but this month they’ll be adding a new festival to their list of appearances as they open for The Dead Kennedys on the first annual Hi Fi Rock Fest in Long Beach, California on Sept. 26th.

We catch up with frontman Mike McColgan to discuss his working class ethos, the festival and the future of The Street Dogs.

Read the interview here also remember to enter to win tickets to the festival here.

Street Dogs

Street Dogs

Mike McColgan

Pirates Press Records
By on August 7th, 2015 at Phone



Boston’s The Street Dogs are no strangers to the festival circuit; but this month they’ll be adding a new festival to their list of appearances as they open for The Dead Kennedys on the first annual Hi Fi Rock Fest in Long Beach, California on Sept. 26th.

We catch up with frontman Mike McColgan to discuss his working class ethos, the festival and the future of The Street Dogs.

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Hi-Fi Rockfest

hifirockfestHi-Fi Music Productions has announced the line-up of their 1st annual Hi-Fi Rockfest which will take place at Rainbow Lagoon Park in Long Beach, CA on Saturday, September 26th, 2015.

The Punk/American Hardcore legends Dead Kennedys will headline the festival, alongside Naked Raygun, Street Dogs, Leftover Crack, Richie Ramone,  Luicidal, True Rivals, Dirty Filthy Mugs and Downtown Brown.

Hi-Fi Rockfest is an all ages festival. This is an all day festival celebration with great music, gourmet food, flowing booze and carnival distractions. Rainbow Lagoon Park borders the Pacific Ocean serving as a backdrop for the festivities.  

Produced by D.O’B Sound Studios owner and veteran drummer/producer, Derik O’Brien, DC-Jam Records owner Darron Hemann, and Dying Scene head honcho Dave Buck. O’Brien, Hemann, and Buck are pooling their collective experiences and imaginations by throwing a party to celebrate the end of summer featuring 10 ripping bands that will satisfy loud music fans of all generations and mark the first of many more festivals years to come.

Limited VIP tickets are available (250 VIP tickets at $55.00). VIP tickets include: up front viewing of stage in shaded tent with premium seating and private bar! Purchase Hi-Fi Rockfest tickets now at Eventbrite.

Connect with Hi-Fi Rockfest: Hi-Fi Rockfest / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram










Street Dogs & Noi!se Release Split EP

Pirates PressStreet Dogs and Noi!se have teamed up for a new split EP.  Both songs recorded three songs a piece and the full release was made available on Records Store Day via Pirates Press Records.

Both bands are expected to release new material via the label later this year.

Street Dogs Release Limited Edition 9″ Vinyl

Street DogsFollowing on the success of Boston punk band Street Dogs last 2 EP’s, Crooked Drunken Sons and Rustbelt Nation, the band have announced that they are releasing all six tracks in one limited edition 9″ vinyl release with a printed sleeve. It is due to be released on Feb 4th 2014 via Pirates Press Records. 

Pressing details are as follows: 600 x Gold Vinyl, 350 x Tricolour Vinyl, 50 x Black Vinyl (promo).

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Tours: Street Dogs / The Unseen / Stars & Stripes / The Fenian Sons

Street DogsBoston’s Street Dogs has announced details for their upcoming ‘Wreck The Halls’ tour.  The band will tour with The UnseenStars & Stripes, and The Fenian Sons.  The band released two 7″s album earlier this year on Pirates Press Records.

Tour dates are below.

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Live Concert Review

The Offspring, Shiny Toy Guns, Street Dogs

Live (June 13th, 2009)

Northlands Agricom - Edmonton, Alberta




Let the summer of junior high begin.

Offspring, Green Day, No Doubt, and Blink182 – bands that were at the top of their game back when I was in junior high all happen to be coming through Edmonton within a span of a month and a half; and I, for one, can’t wait to see them all.

Kicking off the summer of past memories last night was SoCal’s Offspring, touring in support of their recent released (and return to form album), Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace. Opening with Stuff is Messed Up, the air was bristling with excitement has Dexter Holland walked across the stage. By this time the the giant barn-like structure that is the Agricom was filled with close to 5,000 fans waiting to see the band on their first North American tour in four years – and they did not disappoint.

Twenty-five years into their career, Holland and his band mates haven’t lost a step as they played through their massive catalogues of hits from the ages. From Self Esteem to You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid, the performance had a cohesive sensation to it, making you forget the fifteen year period between singles. The band kept their trademark humor that landed them singles like Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)and Original Prankster – the later of which was mysteriously absent from the play list – as Holland thanked the crowd for making them rich, invited everyone out drinking and demanded respect for being a true musician as he sat in front of a piano to play Gone Away (and a cover of the famed Peanuts theme song). The comical highlight came from the Intermission portion of the evening where the band left the stage which was replaced by jugglers, beach balls, a stage hand getting people to dance with the country-fair music and, of course, a giant dancing hot dog being displayed on the screen. They may be twenty-five years into their career, but their sense of humor has far from changed.


Stuff Is Messed Up
Bad Habit
Come out and Play
You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid
Walla Walla
Have You Ever
Staring At The Sun
Gone Away (Piano)
Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?
Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)
Why Don’t You Get A Job
All I Want
The Kids Aren’t Alright


Want You Bad
Self Esteem

Opening for them were Boston’s Street Dogs and Oklahoma’s Shiny Toy Guns. The Street Dogs were almost able to steal the show, despite Mike McColgan calling us Calgary five times throughout Final Transmission before his band mates quickly corrected him. Playing drinking songs (Tobe’s Got A Drinking Problem) mixed with working class anthem (Kevin J. O’TooleTwo Angry Kids), The Street Dogs had control over the crowd almost as if they were the headliner at times and showed a true blue-collar punk rock show. Shiny Toy Guns however were on the completely wrong tour as their synth-heavy indie-pop would be better suited for a Metric show then The Offspring and felt out of place sandwiched between two high energy outfits like The Street Dogs and The Offspring.

Live Concert Review

Flogging Molly, Street Dogs

Live (March 6th, 2007)

The Opera House- Toronto, Ontario




St. Patrick’s Day came 11 days early this year for me, and a sold out Opera House crowd Tuesday night, as Flogging Molly’s annual Green 17 Tour rolled into a frigidly cold Toronto.

The doors couldn’t open up fast enough, as chilled to the bone punks hovered in line in anticipation to see the stellar line up, which featured solo act Twopointeight, Boston’s Street Dogs, and of course the tour headliners Flogging Molly.

After missing the opening act, because of interview scheduling I got into position to take photos of The Street Dogs. There was definitely a buzz in the air for this Boston street punk rock staple. The band took the stage, and immediately broke into Not Without a Purpose off the quintet’s Fading American Dream 2006 release. Mike McColgan showed the now sweaty crowd why he is one of the most prolific front men in punk rock. He spent more time in the crowd with the fans, than he did on stage. The Dogs played material from all their albums, and showed why they owned the opening spot on tour.

Next it was time for the big show Flogging Molly. The crowd was edgy and excited for the seven piece to take the stage. But they didn’t have to wait long, as Dave King sauntered on stage looking peppy and determined to rock this crowd into frenzy, and that’s what they did. I’m not sure if there is a live band out there that can create the energy and chaos that FM can. They opened with a new song, but it was as if everyone in the room heard it before. FM held their fans in their palms as they blasted through their discography leaving no one disappointed.

It was interesting to watch the inner dynamics of the band as they played. Singer Dave King seemed like the head coach encouraging the band to rock harder, and keep a pace. You couldn’t help but watch the new accordion player try to keep up with the band, reading the sheet music on the fly. I have never witnessed such busy instrument technicians, as they pulled double duty tuning guitars, topping up drinks, lighting cigarettes, and keeping the stage clear. The band kept up the party going for two solid hours, and left a mark on the crowd like a Guinness stain on a white shirt.

Flogging Molly is the real deal. They play hard, they drink hard, and they appreciate their audience just as much if not more, than the audience appreciates them. Even if you can’t see this band on the Green 17 Tour, do yourself a favor, and go put on a Flogging Molly record, crank it loud, grab a Guinness, and the band will be there in spirit, because that’s who they are ‘me son!

Street Dogs - State of Grace

Street Dogs

State of Grace

Hellcat Records

Rating: 3.5/5




In their short time together, The Street Dogs have done quite a lot. In five years they’ve released four full lengths, an EP and a split. Unlike most bands who spit out that kind of output, each and every release is able to stand out on their own. However, it is only now on State of Grace that the band has really found themselves. It is the album which will define them, help them progress and be the definite Street Dogsalbum. Its the album that you can point out when someone asks “What does this band sound like?” because now the Boston street punks have found their place in the world, stepped out of the Dropkick Murphys shadow and found a sound that is their own.

Yes, State Of Grace is still seeped in celtic influences, just listen to Two Angry Kids and you can hear that; but they’ve also gone for a more street smart punk here. Instead of a drinking album or fully celtic sound, The Street Dogs have created a record with a more blue-collar sound than anything they’ve done before; which is saying a lot considering Fading American Dream and Savin Hill were both seeped in blue collar references but State of Grace just seems more prominent. It has tinges of oi! greats like Sham 69 and even some Clash elements too, all wrapped together in a pumping rhythm that isn’t afraid to slow it down when needed. Ted Hutt’s (Bouncing Souls, Flogging Molly, Chuck Ragan) production helps push that sound forward by creating a well rounded Boston blue collared punk record.

There’s also a nice sense of diversity amongst the songs. For every fist pumping anthem like Guns or Into The Valley, there’s also a slower one like Elizabeth which shines thanks to guest vocals by Heather Waters that contrasts Mike McColgan’s pipes perfectly. This ability to slow down and think has also trickled into McColgan’s lyrics and he leaves behind the drinking songs for a more honest, heart felt territory. From the touching eulogy of Kevin J. O’Toole, to the aforementioned tribute track ElizabethState of Grace has a somber layering to it but it also has some hope embedded within it. Like The General’s Boombox which is a tribute to the late Joe Strummer that doesn’t lament over his death but instead shines the light of the spark he ignited within a new generation of musician or the folk-inspired closer, Free,depicts a tale of finding safety within music against all odds. Both songs have slightly disparaing content but sung with a hopeful outlook.

In the end, it is the honesty of the songs that make them more relatable and more memorable than anything the band has done before and even though they’ve already had three records out beforehand, State of Grace is the record that truly defines who The Street Dogs are.

Street Dogs - Self Titled





Ever since Mike McClogan formed The Street Dogs in 2002, the band has been delivering solid album after solid album to an ever growing fan base.  It all started with Savin Hill and now, five records in, the band is here with their first Self-Titled effort where they once again build on their already impressive back catalogue.

On my review for State of Grace, I called the album the perfect Street Dogs record – that one record that you’d point to when trying to describe what the band sounds like. After listening to their Self-Titledalbum, I can safely say that they’ve given State of Grace a run for its money for what is the go to Street Dogs album.

The album features everything that has come to define the Boston street punk band. It’s an energetic romp through eighteen songs that emphasize McClogan’s signature vocal style. A mixture of street punk and oi punk, Street Dogs leaves behind most of their Celtic influence but instead rally around a sense of blue-collar working anthems.

The songs are anthemic, calling out to you to sing back with them. Fast enough to get your blood flowing and fist pumping while melodic enough that every word comes through clear and strong – making it so much easier to sing along with. And when they decide to slow it down, like on Bobby Powers, 10 Wood Road or Poor, Poor Jimmy, they’re able to still deliver the songs with urgency and passion as McClogan sings about friends long gone.

Lyrically, Street Dogs continues in the same vein as most of The Street Dogs material: positive, blue collar anthems that tell tales of the working man, the passing of friends and loved ones, living for today or the powers of music.  So while the lyrics in Punk Rock and Roll may not be the most innovative, the sincerity and excitement seeps through that you become obsessed with them; and I, for one, can’t help but love and agree with the sentiments that McClogan expresses in there.

Really, the only thing that hinders the complete success of the album is the length. At eighteen songs and forty minutes, it lasts a bit too long for comfort. None of the songs ever stick out as a weak spot; but as a whole it would’ve felt better had it been a bit more concise in its delivery.

Still, Street Dogs is an impressive album that any Street Dogs fan will love; and frankly, if you don’t like them five records in, you never will at this point.

Street Dogs - Savin Hill

Street Dogs

Savin Hill

Crosscheck Records

Rating: 4/5




5 years ago, Mike McColgan shocked the punk community by announcing that he was leaving the Dropkick Murphys to become a firefighter. The Street Dogs is his triumphant return to the punk scene. The four piece punk band are ready to drop their debut album, Savin Hill, onto the world on September 25th. It features not only them, but many guest appearances by close friends including: Dicky Barrett of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Ken Casey and Al Barr of the Murphys, Mike from Hot Rod Circuit and much more.

The 15 track album is full of great punk rock anthems. The sound is somewhat similar to that of the Dropkick Murphys, with some major differences (ie: no bagpipes). They open the CD with the title track and single, “Savin Hill”. This gives you quite a good feel for what is to come. Harsh vocals which are somewhat scratchy but still lean toward the melodic side of the spectrum. As for the lyrics, they aren’t ground breaking but still cover more important stuff then just girls and booze. Problems in the working class, the passing of a close friend, some relationship songs, to songs about standing up for yourself plus more.

Produced by former Bosstone guitarist/songwriter/producer, Nate Albert, the album is a good debut album. You can easily tell that the band means business and knows what they are doing. If you are a fan of the Murphys, then this is a cd for you

Street Dogs - Fading American Dream

Street Dogs

Fading American Dream

DRT Entertainment

Rating: 3.5/5




There are some bands out there that are consistent throughout their entire career. They never dip low or soar high in the popularity charts, instead they stay steady and follow the course releasing solid albums for their steady fan base to devour and enjoy. The albums are never spectacular nor the best releases of the year, but they are always entertaining, well written and just simply good. By the looks of it, Street Dogswill end up being one of those bands. With their third album in a four year career have stayed the course and released yet another album that will be well received by fans and critics without stepping out and breaking any boundaries.

Fading American Dream is an album about the trials and tribulations of the common people. An album about the worker’s struggle and the power in an union. An album about selling a war and fighting a war. An album about the american dream and an album soaked in sincerity. Front man, and Dropkick Murphys founder, Mike McColgan uses his beer soaked voice to sing sing-along tales with a street-punk and Celtic-punk background supporting him. His voice comes through with a sense of maturity as he sings semi-autobiographical songs about being at war, which he is able to do it convincingly considering he is a former fireman and a Gulf War veteran who served as part of an artillery crew in Iraq during Operations desert Storm and Desert Shield. This make songs about a soldier’s last letter home (Final Transmission) that much more emotional. Of course, he’s not all serious and he’s able to bring it back down to earth with songs like Tobe’s Got A Drinking Problem and Fatty.

Featuring guest appearances by members of The Pogues and Flogging MollyThe Street Dogs have a delicately Irish sound laced throughout the album, but with a serious kick to it. Songs like the two minute Sell Your Lies is knee-deep in street punk speed while Shards of Life uses James Fearnley’s accordion to push the song forward. The songs are all catchy enough to get the listener singing along after only a few listens, and you can’t help but pull in comparisons to early Dropkick Murphys material either.

Really, there’s nothing wrong with the album. You can listen to it repeatedly without it becoming aggravating. There’s a mix of speeds throughout the album, from the slow introspectiveFinal Transmission to the quicker Not Without A Purpose; and a good mix of topics, from the serious to the not-so serious. The album won’t change your life, won’t be in many year ends lists, and won’t be talked about for years; but it’s still entertaining enough to garner multiple listens – and sometimes that alone is enough to make an album worthy for purchase.

Street Dogs - Back To The World

Street Dogs

Back To The World

Brass Tracks Records

Rating: 3/5




Although their debut album Savin Hill didn’t receive tons of media and press coverage, it was very successful in getting a foot in the punk scene. It was able to secure The Street Dogs a bunch of solid tours dates and create an ever growing fan base. I was one of those fans – so when I heard about their new album Back To The World, I was excited. And after listening to the twelve tracks its quite obvious that there are some changes from their debut, but it still does not disappoint in any shape or form.

You still get Mike McColgan’s signature vocals singing about serious issues like unions and worker’s songs while still knowing how to have fun with songs like Drink Tonight – the fast hitting, minute long shouter punk song about drinking like crazy. All of which bring up visions of Dropkick Murphys minus the bagpipes (which make sense considering McClogan’s was the original singer for the Boston band back in the day). And although you still get a song style very similar to the Murphys but with a bit more of a street punk twist to it. There are amazing sing along anthems and catchy guitars riffs, all of which add up to make the songs a bit more accessible.

Most of the songs have a very distinct sound compared to the others on the album, like the very catchy single of You Alone that gets you shouting along with the chorus instantly to the more Irish-influenced songTale Of Mass Deception which is topped off with the addition of the accordion. Following that they have the heavy hitting Drink Tonight followed by the slower Stagger. Although the standout track must be the closer – Unions And the Law. The semi-acoustic song finishes the album perfectly and you can’t help but reply it over and over again.

Back To The World is a good follow up to Savin Hill, and it proves that Mike McColgan still knows how to create great punk songs. The Street Dogs will be a name heard quite often in the future and any fan of the Dropkick Murphys will most likely love this album.


Louise Distras Announces Album / Tour

LouiseLouise Distras, the UK’s latest punk rock queen may invite comparisons to female punk contemporaries like Brode Dalle and Courtney Love, but in reality her music shares more with folk singer Billy Bragg and folk punk Frank Turner. Her debut album Dreams From The Factory Floor is due out on 30th September via Street Revolution Records.

She is the current darling of the UK music press, being described as  ‘the 21st Century Joe Strummer who personifies punk rock spirit, free-thinking and the renegade soul’. High praise indeed, and it remains to be seen whether she will live up to the hype.

You can check out her video for The Hand You Hold here.  Tour dates with the Street Dogs are below.

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Street Dogs Announce New 7″

Street DogsStreet Dogs have announced a follow-up to their new 7″, Crooked Drunken Songs.  The EP will be titled Rust Belt Nation and is set to be released on Pirates Press Records.

Fans can look forward to a third offering from the band in 2013 with the Boston street punk act aiming to release a new full length by the end of the year.

Street Dogs Stream New 7″

Street DogsBoston’s Street Dogs have launched a stream of their upcoming new 7-inch, due out April 20, 2013 via Pirates Press Records   The EP is titled Crooked Drunken Sons and follows their 2010 self titled full length.

Listen to all three track below.

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Street Dogs go on Hiatus

Street DogsIn a statement made on their Facebook page, lead singer Mike McColgan announced that after the conclusion of their European tour, Street Dogs will be taking an indefinite hiatus. McColgan attributes the hiatus to wanting to spend more time with their families. 

Shortly after that statement, Street Dogs guitarist Tobe Bean also announced he will be leaving the band. Bean assured fans there are no hard feelings about the split. 

The band will continue their European tour as well as a handful of dates on the east coast before begining their hiatus. You can check the dates out here.


Tours: Koffin Kats / Street Dogs / Roll The Tanks / The Downtown Struts

Koffin KatsDetroit psychobilly act the Koffin Kats has announced a string of upcoming tour dates with Street Dogs, Roll The Tanks, and The Downtown Struts.  The dates run through September.  The band continues to support latest full length, Our Way and The Highway, which was released earlier this year on Sailors Grave Records.

Tour dates can be found below.

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Tours: Street Dogs (Europe)

Street DogsLong running punk act Street Dogs has announced that they will be heading to Europe for a tour this summer.  The tour will kick off on June 15th in France and wrap up July 28th in Germany.  The band continues to support their 2010 self titled full length (Hellcat Records).

Full tour listings can be found below.

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Acts Confirmed For Soundwave 2012

Soundwave 2012 is go, despite controversy over the cancellation of spin off festival Soundwave Revolution earlier in the year. Although more bands are still to be announced, promoters of the festival have so far confirmed the apperances of:

System Of A Down, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Marilyn Manson, A Day To Remember, Machine Head, Dashboard Confessional, Trivium, Alter Bridge, Lostprophets, Angels and Airwaves, Unwritten Law, Thursday, Dillinger Escape Plan, You Me At Six, Saves The Day, Versa Emerge, Zebrahead, Four Year Strong, Hatebreed, CKY, Street Dogs, Circa Survive, I Am The Avalanche and Forever The Sickest Kids.

Tickets go on sale here on October 20, 2011.

Dropkick Murphys Add Providence, RI Date to Festival

Dropkick MurphysDropkick Murphys have expanded their Sham Rock’N’ Roll Festival with a date in Providence, RI on September 16th at The Whiskey Republic (21+).

Dates for their full touring festival, featuring Stiff Little FingersStreet DogsChuck RaganThe Mahones, and The Parkington Sisters, can be seen below.

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Street Dogs Release Acoustic EP

Street DogsStreet Dogs have released a 4 track EP of 4 of their classic tracks played acoustically throughDying as part of their new Acoustic Sessions.

Origionally recorded in LA in the Summer of 2010, you can download all 4 tracks (listed below) for free here.

You can also watch the full acoustic session here.

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Street Dogs Video for Punk Rock & Roll and Free Rare Acoustic Download

Street DogsLast summer, Boston punks Street Dogs filmed an acoustic session for Dying Scene, which can be seen here.

Dying Scene has recently made an acoustic version of “Pedestal” available for free download on their Facebook here. This version is exclusive to, as they are excited to be offering something free to fans. 

Street Dogs are currently on Warped until July 30, then will be heading off to Europe in August for a number of dates. Full tour can be seen here.

 On top of that, the band has posted an official video for their song Punk Rock and Roll from their self-titled album that was released last year on HellCat Records. The video can be seen below.

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Street Dogs Video for Punk Rock & Roll and Free Rare Acoustic Download

Street DogsLast summer, Boston punks Street Dogs filmed an acoustic session for Dying Scene, which can be seen here.

Dying Scene has recently made an acoustic version of “Pedestal” available for free download on their Facebook here. This version is exclusive to, as they are excited to be offering something free to fans. 

Street Dogs are currently on Warped until July 30, then will be heading off to Europe in August for a number of dates. Full tour can be seen here.

 On top of that, the band has posted an official video for their song Punk Rock and Roll from their self-titled album that was released last year on HellCat Records. The video can be seen below.

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Blacklist Royals To Share Split With Street Dogs; Offering B-Side For Free Download

Blackslist RoyalsPaper + Plastick Records has announced that the label will be releasing a split EP featuring Blacklist Royals and Street Dogs later this year.  The EP will feature two brand new songs from both bands, but fans can get their hands on one of Blacklist Royals’ b-side from the recording sessions now over on AltPress.  The song is titled “Golden Hands” and is available here. Blacklist Royals drummer Rob Rufus comments on the song:

“We are really proud of the song… it branches out in a new direction for us a bit, both musically and topically, so we’re all really happy people can check it out for free! It gives people no excuse not to at least give it a chance.”

The band is currently part of the Vans Warped Tour, although as Rufus asserts, the band has a long history with the annual event:

“We first did Warped Tour right when the band formed in 2006 playing to the entrance line and hustling CDs to kids in the crowd… so it is really amazing to be an actual part of the tour now, and as exhausted as we are from doing it in a van we could never take the step up for granted. It has been a really amazing way for us to reach new, different fans. Our road crew, the tour staff and Kia Stage crew are all great. Plus we get to watch Against Me, Street Dogs, Sharks, The Exposed, Less Than Jake, and Lucero every day. Not a bad way to spend a fucking summer!!!”

The band continues supporting their latest full length, Semper Liberi.




Tours: Authority Zero Announce Tour Dates w/ Pennywise, Adolescents, and Street Dogs (Europe)

Authority ZeroBeginning July 19th, Authority Zero will spend the rest of their summer in Europe with Pennywise, The Adolescents, and Street Dogs. Before leaving to Europe, the band will also embark on a short U.S. tour starting in Los Angeles on June 14, 2011 in support of their latest release Stories of Survival (Viking Funeral Records).

Further details can be found below.

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New Photos: OK Go, Street Dogs (Acoustic),Darling Thieves, Reno Divorce

Street DogsToday I’m glad to add a bunch of new photos to our ever growing Live Photo Gallery. Our newest photographer, Colorado based Mike Fajardo, has uploaded four new live sets. The first three come from the same show – a special St. Patrick’s Day at Lodo’s Bar and Grill in Denver for 93.3 KTCL 2011 Keggs and Eggs. Playing that day were OK Go, Reno Divorce, and The Darling Thieves and those pictures can be seen here, here and here respectively.

The fourth set comes from Boston’s The Street Dogs who played a stripped down acoustic set at Scruffy Murphy’s on March 10th.  Those photos can be seen here.

Video: Street Dogs / Tom Morello / Wayne Kramer/ Ike Reilley -Power in the Union

Street DogsThe Street Dogs, who have been quite active  and vocal in attempting to help  out the labour situatioin Wisconsin, recently posted a live video recorded at the Rally for Wisconsin Workers.

The special acoustic performance sees The Street Dogs playing the Billy Bragg song Power In The Union alongside Tom Morello (The Nightwatchman, Rage Against the Machine), Wayne Kramer (MC5),  and Ike Reilly.

The video, filmed on February 21st, 2011 at the Monana Terrace, can be seen below.

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New Pictures: Street Dogs

Street DogsThe always consistent Street Dogs passed through Fort Collins, Colorado last week at the Aggie Theater in support of their new Self-Titled album that was released last year on Epitaph Records.

Our newest photographer, Mike Fajardo, was there taking pictures.

Check out the pictures here.