InTechnicolour Release Video For New Single ‘Doomer’

InTechnicolour DoomerThe Brighton based stoner rock quintet InTechnicolour have revealed the video for their new single, Doomer, the video is set at the King Of Ping table tennis championship in the 1970s and the video walks in the footsteps of spoof sporting movies like Kingpin and Blades of Glory. The band will be hitting the road in May on a run of dates with label mates The Physics House Band.

Doomer can be downloaded via Bandcamp here

You can view the video for Doomer, and InTechnicolour‘s tour dates, below Read More…

InTechnicolour To Release New Single ‘Doomer’

InTechnicolour DoomerInTechnicolour have announced that they will  release their new single, Doomer, on the 28th April via Small Pond Recordings. In addition to releasing their new single the Brighton based stoner rock quintet will be hitting the road in May 2017 on a run of UK dates with The Physics House Band in support of the new release.

InTechnicolour‘s Facebook presence can be found here

You can stream Doomer via Soundcloud here and via Spotify here

Woodhawk Beyond The Sun


Beyond The Sun

Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




Slathered in rock and roll riffs and dealing with a case of wanderlust, Calgary’s stoner rock heroes Woodhawk have released their debut self released full length, Beyond The Sun, this nine track album follows on from their self titled debut EP that was released back in 2014. All the elements you’d expect to encounter on an album of this type are present and correct and it’s no surprise that Beyond The Sun contains a hefty science fiction influence, including A New Hope, a track dedicated to the rapidly expanding Star Wars franchise,

From the off Beyond The Sun is an album that sounds like the bastard offspring of Queens Of The Stone Age and Hawkwind, the title track kicks things off with a suitably hazy vibe before the album’s stand out track, The High Priest, moves things up a gear and with the exception of the brief instrumental, Foresee The Future, it pretty much stays there and steadily builds to the album’s epic finale, ChrononautBeyond The Sun is an album that veers between proto metal influences and alt rock, all the while delivered with the authentic feel of a band that exist primarily in an altered state.

Beyond The Sun is an album that contains equal parts proto metal, stoner rock and alt rock to an impressive effect, at it’s core this album is something of a throwback, although it’s one that has embraced contemporary influences that stop it from being a complete anachronism. Beyond The Sun is an album that will appeal to fans of stoner rock from across the decades, from the distant influences of seventies bands that pioneered the bass driven grooves of the genre, through to the more recent pioneers of intoxication such as Kyuss.

Beyond The Sun can be pre-ordered here and Woodhawk‘s Facebook page is here

Woodhawk To Release Debut Album ‘Beyond The Sun’

Woodhawk Beyond The SunSlathered in rock and roll riffs and dealing with a case of wanderlust, Calgary’s stoner rock heroes Woodhawk are set to unleash their debut full-length Beyond The Sun, and have announced their ‘Vagabonds of The Western Gig Tour‘ across Western Canada in support of the album. The band have also unveiled a video for the lead single from the album, The High Priest, and Beyond The Sun is set to be released on the 7th April 2017.

Beyond The Sun can be pre-ordered here

You can view the video for The High Priest, and Woodhawk‘s tour dates, below Read More…

The Glass Phantoms Release Video For ‘Call My Name’

Glass Phantomes FSCMNThe Glass Phantoms have released a  video for Call My Name, the track is taken from their new single that was released via Abattoir Blues Records, the single also features stunning artwork by God’s Teeth based on the lyrics from the single.

The Punk Site review of Call My Name / Funeral Song can be found here

The Glass Phantoms new single can be downloaded and streamed here

The video for Call My Name can be viewed below Read More…


Escape Is Not Freedom


Self Released

Rating: 3/5




Chicago’s Escape Is Not Freedom are set to release their debut full length, Goldsmith, on February 24th, they are a band that combine sludge, metal and noise rock to make an intense, discordant and fuzzy soundtrack. The Illinois trio’s debut album follows on from their 2015 EP, The Truants, and it feels like a logical follow up, however, on their previous release the sound was more refined and precise, for Escape Is Not Freedom the rough edges are firmly in place, for me this gives the album a darker and rawer feel than it’s predecessor, and it’s an approach that better suits their dark hybrid of styles.

Goldsmith opens with the intense fuzz driven riff of Coriander, this is a dark primal number that recalls the heavier end of punk, grunge and alt rock, Annul switches the pace, but not the intensity, this is accompanied by a haunting female vocal that contrasts with the gruff delivery of the opening track. Night Light‘s remorseless bass grind signals that a downbeat heavier element is being bought into the mix, an element that continues through the short but sweet dose of Morphine that follows it. The track Sodium signals another shift, this time into a discordant post punk delivery before we hit the anguished Dispossessed, this is a number that signals a return to a melodic vocal delivery that is juxtaposed against an intense riff. The album continues to vary it’s intensity, delivery and melody across the ten tracks, until you get to album’s finale, the dark, disturbing, extended, and appropriately named, Migraine.

Goldsmith is an album that resembles a collision between The Melvins, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden and Killing Joke, this results in an album of extended hazy riffs that are relentlessly delivered in a discordant and fuzz drenched style. In case you hadn’t guessed this is by no means an easy listen, it is a remorseless dark and heavy album that is born of the suspiciously hazy origins of sludge and stoner rock, but the fact that this is coupled with elements of metal and noise rock, that inject a dose of adrenalin into the album, prevent it from being an album that gets mired in it’s own heady sludge. Goldsmith is an impressive self released album that will be available via Escape Is Not Freedom‘s Bandcamp, and it’s one that is worth investigating if you’re tastes lie towards the heavier end of the alternative spectrum.

Goldsmith will be released tomorrow, February 24th, and can be ordered here

Escape Is Not Freedom‘s Facebook presence can be found here

Glass Phantomes FSCMN

The Glass Phantoms

Funeral Song / Call My Name

Abattoir Blues Records

Rating: 4.5/5




The Glass Phantoms have released a new double a side single featuring two new songs, Funeral Song and live favourite Call My Name, the single has been released via Abattoir Blues Records and follows on from The Glass Phantoms 2016 self released debut, I Am The Dark. The single also features stunning artwork by God’s Teeth based on the lyrics from the single, artwork that it must be said captures the spirit of the single perfectly.

Funeral Song boasts a dark twisted hypnotic hammering rhythm, overlaid with vocalist Jimi Wade‘s rasping blues howl and some impressively twisted guitar work, Call My Name takes a step further into the shadows, this song has been an established feature of their live sets, and it’s transferred perfectly to the studio. Unlike most songs with a title like that, this is no love song, it contains the lyric “I’ll Put Your Screams Upon My Mantlepiece” that inspired the dark artwork by God’s Teeth. On this track they up the ante from the opener, Funeral Song, to deliver a deliciously dark and twisted number that personifies everything that I love about this band.

This is a move forward from last years impressive debut single, I Am The Dark, that demonstrates The Glass Phantoms are spreading their wings, with two perfect singles under their belt, and a reputation for heartfelt blistering live performances, The Glass Phantoms are building a reputation for being a band that are delivering their own blend of blues, stoner rock and alt rock which is delivered with their own dark twist, and as a result it’s hard not to fall under their spell. Now that they have Abattoir Blues Records behind them the future is somewhat perversely looking very bright for The Glass Phantoms.

The Glass Phantoms Facebook page can be found here

The Glass Phantoms new single can be downloaded and streamed here

The Abattoir Blues Records website can be found here

The Glass Phantoms Release New Single

Glass Phantoms Feb 17The Glass Phantoms have released a new single featuring two new songs, Funeral Song and Call My Name, the single will be released via Abattoir Blues Records and follows on from The Glass Phantoms 2016 self released debut, I Am The Dark. The single also features stunning artwork by God’s Teeth based on the lyrics from the single.

The Glass Phantoms Facebook page can be found here

The Glass Phantoms new single can be downloaded and streamed here

88 Mile Trip Release ‘Blame Canada’ EP As A Free Download

88 Mile BCVancouver stoner rock band 88 Mile Trip are proud Canadians, they are so proud that they have put together a new five track EP entitled Blame Canada covering songs, in their own groove laden stoner rock style, in tribute to Canadian rock n’ roll music of years past such as Bachman Turner Overdrive, Neil Young, Red River, The Stampeders and Doug and The Slugs, the best part about this EP is that it’s available as a free download. Blame Canada follows on from their debut full length, Through The Thickest Haze, that was released in 2015

You can download Blame Canada here


Into The Storm

Where The Merfalo Roam

Alive And Breathing Records

Rating: 2/5




Seattle noise makers Into The Storm have released their sophomore album, Where The Merfalo Roam, via Alive and Breathing Records. The band have sated that this is the closest representation to their live sound and if you wanted a metaphor to let you know what you’re in store for on Where The Merfalo Roam, the band have described the album cover as depicting “the mouth of a giant mythical creature that devours chunks of societies with bits of them still stuck against it’s teeth and the creatures that are still feasting upon them.”

Where The Merfalo Roam opens with Truck Van Trailer, it tries to lull you into a false sense of security before the band live up to their name and throw you Into The Storm, this is dark, stormy and discordant number. The album stays in this theme throughout it’s ten tracks,  but they vary between downbeat tracks, such as Seduced and Disappointed and Maths, up to full on aural assaults, such as Ghostmaker and Fell Off A Horse, and there’s pretty much everything in between before you hit the albums grand finale. Where The Merfalo Roam culminates in the title track that is an epic journey across whichever dark and disturbing universe Into The Storm inhabit.

Where The Merfalo Roam contains elements of sludgey stoner rock, metal and hardcore, which I suspect is all combined in a suspicious fog. For me an album that is as remorselessly heavy as this needs something to break it up, which is an element this album lacks, it is a relentless discordant cacophony. What you get on Where The Merfalo Roam is just over forty minutes of doom laden stoner sludge, whilst there is variation in the tempo of the delivery, the entire album is a remorseless and incredibly heavy onslaught that becomes a bit wearing after a while, but if you’re tastes are towards the heavier and darker end of hardcore then you should acquaint yourself with Into The Storm.

Where The Merfalo Roam can be streamed and downloaded here

Bong Mountain TDGFTR

Bong Mountain

You're Doin' Great! (For The Record)

Stonewalled Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Michigan‘s Bong Mountain have released You’re Doin’ Great! (For The Record!), their debut album, on Stonewalled Records. The album title is a reference to the fact that You’re Doin’ Great (For The Record!) is a vinyl collection of the band’s entire recorded output, including last years You’re Doing Great! EPIt might come as a shock to you that I suspect this record may have been produced under the influence of narcotics, I’m not sure if this suspicion is caused by the band’s name, or the fact the cover art features a cat and a unicorn high fiving each other with a Bong Mountain and a camper van billowing smoke from it’s windows in the background.

This is as gloriously a shambolic record as you’d expect from a band named Bong Mountain. The opening track, and potential winner of best song title of 2016, Pariah Carey opens in gloriously discordant and gruff style, if this was a more together slicker album then it would be a sparkling pop punk album, but as this is Bong Mountain it isn’t, and personally I think it’s all the better for the chaotic approach. Lyrically You’re Doin’ Great! (For The Record!) is an entertaining, rambling and original album, this coupled with the loose lo-fi musical approach eases you into a happy cocoon for just shy of half an hour.

You’re Doin’ Great! (For The Record!) is released today and this a gruff stoner lo-fi take on punk, and I must say it’s certainly not without it’s charm. This collection of Bong Mountain‘s recorded works is unlike anything else you’ll hear this year, and I can’t think of a better advert for visiting Bong Mountain in your near future, as they’re on tour you may well find that the Bong Mountain comes to you.

You can order the limited edition green (what other colour would they pick) vinyl of Bong Mountain‘s debut album here

The Facebook page of Bong Mountain (and I seriously recommend reading their bio) is here

Bong Mountain‘s Bandcamp can be found here

Glass Phantoms Release Two Free Live Tracks

glass-phantoms-bootleggersCumbrian quartet Glass Phantoms who released their impressive debut single, I Am The Dark, earlier this year have now released two live tracks, Through The Six and Shake, that are available for free download via their Soundcloud. The two tracks were recorded at Bootleggers Bar in Kendal on their recent UK tour and you can still catch them live at the Milecastle 66 festival on the 24th September, where they will be playing alongside the likes of The Enemy, Feeder and Reverend And The Makers.

You can purchase I Am The Dark direct from the Glass Phantoms here

Through The Six and Shake can be streamed and downloaded here

All Them Witches Release Free Live LP And UK Tour Details

all-them-witches-lib-promoAhead of their forthcoming UK October tour, Nashville’s All Them Witches have released Live In Brussels, a new live album recorded at Belgium’s Ancienne Belgique whilst on their first tour through Europe in March 2016, is available for download now direct from Bandcamp. Live In Brussels follows on  from their critically acclaimed new album Dying Surfer Meets His Maker, out now through New West Records.

Details of their forthcoming UK tour and the link for Live In Brussels are below Read More…

Glass Phantoms Debut Single And Tour Dates

Glass Phantoms IATDGlass Phantoms are a quartet from the Lake District in the UK, they play their own brand of dark fuzzy stoner blues and they recently made their live debut at the Manchester Castle Inn, alongside Twisted Dolls. They have already released their debut single, the impressive slice of distorted noisy blues that is I Am The Dark, which is available via the Glass Phantoms bandcamp and iTunes. They have further live dates announced in Manchester, their hometown of Kendal and they have been added to the bill of the Milecastle 66 festival, where they will be playing alongside the likes of The Enemy, Feeder and Reverend And The Makers.

You can purchase I Am The Dark direct from the Glass Phantoms here

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