Hang Tight Release ‘Grind’ EP Via Standby Records

Hang Tight GrindNew Jersey surf punks Hang Tight signed with Standby Records earlier this year, and they have now released their debut EP, Grind, that melds surf inspired punk and pop today, October 27th 2017. Grind is now available on CD via Standby Records and can also be downloaded via iTunes here and streamed via Spotify here.

You can read The Punk Site review of Grind here

You can order Hang Tight via Standby Records here

Demon In Me Announce US Tour With Adventurer And Andres

Adventurer US Tou Nov 11Northern California’s Demon In Me have announced that they will be supporting Adventurer on the band’s upcoming US headlining tour this winter. The tour, dubbed The Path Less Travelled Tour, will kick off on November 2nd in Berwyn, IL and traverse the country before concluding in Hattiesburg, MS on November 17th, Andres will also act as support for the tour. Demon In Me are currently touring in support of their debut album, Here’s Your Way Out, that was released in September 2016 via Standby Records. Here’s Your Way Out can be pre-ordered and streamed here
You can view all tour dates. and a video for the Demon In Me track Enough’s Enough, below. 

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Hang Tight Grind

Hang Tight


Standby Records

Rating: 3.5/5




New Jersey’s Hang Tight are set to release their debut EP, Grind, in a week’s time via Standby Records, as this is a band called Hang Tight with an EP called Grind you might expect there to be a strong skate punk influence on this five track release, well you’d be wrong,  as this is an infectious summery blast of pop punk. The decision to release this as the night’s start drawing in is a somewhat baffling one, but there’ll always be another summer so maybe they’re just planning ahead.

The Grind EP kicks things off with The Rents that boasts an hook laden riff that gives way to glorious harmony vocals, a combination that is reminiscent of a heavyweight Weezer. Forget About It continues the upbeat blast of the EP whilst Pretty In True Blue takes the EP in a poppier and distinctly lovelorn direction. Digital Age is easily the EP’s finest moment, a short sharp blast of punk rock that adds a shot of adrenaline to the EP, whilst Be Mine closes the EP with a return to the melodic pop punk that is the overriding influence and style that dominates Grind.

With their first EP Hang Tight have released an EP that is a mass of contradictions, the heavyweight riffs and driving bass lines are overlaid with poppy vocals, they are part pop punk, part grunge and part indie punk with a sound that sits somewhere between OK Go and The Wannadies and Weezer and Sum 41. The combination of driving guitars, sparkling keyboards, upbeat rhythms and the ever present harmony vocals are a pleasant mix, but I do find myself having a sense of deja vu throughout the record, there are so many elements mixed into Grind that I find it reminds me of a varied list of bands that populate the lighter end my playlist.

You can pre-order the Grind EP via Standby Records here

Hang Tight‘s Facebook page can be found here

Shine Bright Release ‘More Wild Than The Wind’ EP

shine bright MWTTWUtah based post hardcore outfit Shine Bright have released their brand new EP, More Wild Than The Wind, today via Standby Records, the EP is now available on CD and download formats. The band will also be playing a release show for the More Wild Than The Wind EP at Salt Lake City’s Urban Lounge on October 8th.

Shine Bright‘s Facebook page can be found here

More Wild Than The Wind can be purchased via Standby Records here and via iTunes here

Hang Tight Release ‘Digital Age’ Video

Hang Tight GrindNew Jersey surf punks Hang Tight have signed with Standby Records, and have announced that they will release their debut EP, Grind, on October 27th 2017. Ahead of the EP’s release the band have now released a video for the track Digital Age, that serves as one last hurrah to summer on this first day of fall.

You can pre-order Hang Tight here

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Sink In Release Video For ‘Higher’

Sink In OPETSink In have signed with Standby Records who will release the band’s new album, Ordinary People, Extraordinary Things, on September 29th. With a perfectly energetic blend of soaring melodies and driving rhythms, Sink In is the definition of the DIY underground band turned pop/rock powerhouse. Perhaps the most notable aspect of Sink In is their in-your-face high energy live show, with their punk influenced upbeat attitude and angelic four part vocals, Sink In demand every minute of attention from their steadily growing audience. Sink In will be on tour with Foreveratlast in the US this fall and you can pre-order Ordinary People, Extraordinary Things via iTunes here and from Standby Records here

The video for Higher, and Sink In‘s tour dates, can be viewed below Read More…

Sine Cura IAGH

Sine Cura

I Am Growing, Honestly

Standby Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Texan emo outfit Sine Cura‘s unusual name translates from Latin as ‘Without Care’, and that seems to be an appropriate moniker for a band who only released their debut single, Pressing Flowers, in the summer of 2016, now just two years after their formation the band have signed to Standby Records and have released their debut EP, I Am Growing, Honestly, that features five tracks of their unique blend of emo, indie and punk.

Drive eases you into the EP before it unexpectedly bursts into life with a hyperactive blast of indie infused punk that boasts an anthemic chorus, Growing Pains follows up with another burst of adrenalized emo. This duo of tracks made for a promising start to their sophomore EP, but as their roots are in the emo scene Headache Remedy brings the EP down to earth, but this midway point lull dupes you into a false sense of security as the track suddenly bursts into life for it’s final minute. Their impressive debut single, Pressing Flowers, carries the energy that has characterised the EP and the final number, La Luna, is another track that just can’t keep the restraints on and closes the EP in discordant style.

You can’t help get the feeling that Sine Cura can’t stop themselves from bringing energy into their sophomore release, even the tracks that promised an introspective moment of calm smash into life without warning. Sine Cura may have their roots deep in the emo scene but there are punk and energetic indie influences that come to the fore, and it’s these that make Sine Cura an intriguing outfit that brings a caffeinated rush to the sound, the result is an impressive debut for Standby Records that indicates that this is a band that have a bright future ahead of them.

I Am Growing, Honestly can be ordered via Standby Records here

Sine Cura To Release Debut EP On August 4th

Sine Cura IAGHTexas emo quartet Sine Cura have signed with Standby Records and the band’s debut EP, I Am Growing, Honestly, is set for release on August 4th. Sine Cura are fuelled by interests in 80’s pop-rock, 90’s grunge, and newer alternative-emo acts to create their own signature ‘sad pop’.

I Am Growing, Honestly can be pre ordered via Standby Records here

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Chin Up Kid - Swing With Your Eyes Closed

Chin Up, Kid

Swing With Your Eyes Closed

Standby Records

Rating: 3/5




Chin Up, Kid have been with us since 2013, since their formation they have built a steady following through relentless touring on the local circuit, including playing the Vans Warped Tour in 2015, now Chin Up, Kid have released their debut full length, Swing With Your Eyes Closed, the album follows on from a series of self released EP’s, including 2016’s The Way You Live Is Common. Swing With Your Eyes Closed is released today, April the 28th 2017, via Standby Records and will be followed by a headlining tour with Victorian Halls.

Sometimes you get an album where you know exactly what you’re in for, from the band’s optimistic moniker and album title, to the cartoon artwork on the cover, this is an album that just screams pop punk at you and before you’ve even dropped the needle you have a good idea of what you’re in for. Sometimes expectations can be confounded, but that is not the case here as Swing With Your Eyes Closed is an unapologetically pop punk album from start to finish. Chin Up, Kid channel pop punk’s halcyon days, everything from the opening chords of Overview onwards feels like something of a throwback, and as a result the whole affair feels strangely familiar.

If you love the likes of Blink-182, Good Charlotte and New Found Glory, especially their releases from when pop punk was at the peak of it’s popularity, then Chin Up, Kid will be a band you need to acquaint yourself with. For me Swing With Your Eyes Closed seems to lack a touch of the exuberance, enthusiasm and sense of fun that was a calling card of the best of the pop punk bands, but having said that Chin Up, Kid are a solid, if not somewhat unsurprising, addition to the pop punk stable.

Swing With Your Eyes Closed can be ordered here via Standby Records

Chin Up, Kid‘s Facebook presence can be found here

Youger Then Sign To Standby Records

Younger Then Apr 17Buffalo, NY alternative rockers Younger Then have signed with Standby Records and have announced they will release their self-titled debut EP on April 21, the band has also released a video of the lead single, Ghost, ahead of the EP’s release. You can pre-order Younger Then‘s debut EP digitally via iTunes and on physical formats here

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Southview Release Video For ‘Sunny Places For Shady People’

Southview Sunny PlacesFlorida acoustic pop punk band Southview have releaseda new music video for the title track off their new EP, Sunny Places For Shady People, that was released on Standby Records on the March 17th 2017.

Sunny Places For Shady People is available here and via Spotify and iTunes.

You can view the video for Sunny Places For Shady People, and Southview‘s tour dates, below Read More…

Southview Announce New EP And US Tour Dates

Southview Sunny PlacesSouthview are a four piece pop punk band originating from Florida, they have previously toured the Eastern United States with their self-released debut EP, Whatever It Takes, now the band is setting forth on their first full tour of United States, and they have announced the release of their sophomore EP, Sunny Places For Shady People, via Standby Records on the 17th March 2017.

You can pre-order Sunny Places For Shady People here

Southview‘s tour dates can be found here


I Fight Fail

Voyages And Vantage Points

Standby Records

Rating: 3.5/5




I Fight Fail are a four piece alternative band from Ohio, they formed in 2013 out of the ashes of Where Are You Houston? The Voyages And Vantage Points EP follows on from their debut release, Move Me, in 2014. I hadn’t encountered I Fight Fail prior to writing this review, the name somewhat mislead me as I was expecting something fast, short and angry, what I wasn’t expecting was a mature spacey mix of emo, indie and electronica.

Voyages And Vantage Points is an accomplished and atmospheric six track EP that builds from the brief title track, a sample led spacey instrumental, to the anthemic final track Out Of Oblivion. It’s hard to fault this EP, but I get the feeling they’d never quite got out of second gear and I found myself itching to flip the album over and play next six tracks, Voyages and Vantage Points feels like the first half of an album, some indefinable quality is missing from this EP and I just get the impression they didn’t quite get to where they were heading.

There is a distinct feel of the likes of Thirty Seconds To Mars, Angels And Airwaves and the later pre-reformation recordings of Blink-182. I found this EP falls slightly short as it it contains about twenty minutes of spacey anthemic emo tinged rock, at no point does it step up the pace to inject some adrenaline into proceedings. The majority of the spacier bands I’ve encountered over the years usually had something in their armoury to bring the audience up, and this is what I feel is missing from this EP. Having said this is an impressive indication of the bands potential and I’ll look forward to their debut album.

Voyages And Vantage Points is released today and can be ordered here

I Fight Fail Releasing ‘Voyages & Vantage Points’ on October 7

i-fight-fail-vavpI Fight Fail is a space rock band from Canton, Ohio, delivering a patented combination of alternative guitar textures, electronica and rock, reminiscent of Thirty Seconds to Mars, Angels and Airwaves, Incubus and Blink 182I Fight Fail were formed in 2013 from the ashes of their previous band, Where Are You Houston. With an airy, hypnotic vibe, their sound is imminently danceable and trancey, their musical chemistry immediately evident as soon as they hit the stage. A review of Voyages and Vantage Points will be published on The Punk Site in early October.

Voyages And Vantage Points can be ordered on vinyl here and digitally via iTunes

The video for Are You OK can be viewed below Read More…

Light The Fire Ascension

Light The Fire


Standby Records

Rating: 1.5/5




Dallas quintet Light the Fire have now been around for five years and will be releasing their sophomore album, Ascension, today via Standby Records. Ascension is the follow up to their 2015 debut album, Lost At Sea, and it sounds like a logical progression from their first album. The opening instrumental track eases you into album before it seamlessly switches into the track Strong Mind Fragile Heart, ethereal keyboards sit behind walls of drums and heavy brutalising guitar riffs. Whilst the band define themselves as ‘electro post hardcore’ this is an album that has the hallmarks of modern metal, relentless pounding drums, crunching guitar riffs and vocals that alternate between barked growls and a clear emo tinged delivery. Behind the more predictable polished metal elements lie occasional techno style keyboards and the more traditional synthetic swirling orchestral backing.

Ascension sounds rather predictable, this bombastic hybrid is something that doesn’t do it for me, as with many releases of this genre, the overproduction just kills it stone dead. I’m not sure if this just a personal bugbear of mine, or maybe it’s just that this isn’t an album for me, but I find that polishing the sound of an album until all character has been removed from the process just seems self defeating. For me this is an overly commercialised version of metal that for all it’s efforts just comes across as being rather soulless.

There are bands who make these crossbred hybrids of metal and do it well, but Light The Fire don’t sound like one of them. Having said all that, fans of this genre will lap this up and I’d bet a mortgage payment they will be wildly successful. Ascension will probably sell incredibly well as that’s exactly what it sounds like it was designed to do.

Ascension can be ordered via Standby Records here

Light The Fire‘s web presence can be found here

Demon In Me To Release Debut LP ‘Here’s Your Way Out’

Demon In Me HYWOCalifornian five piece alternative rock band Demon In Me will be releasing their debut LP Here’s Your Way Out on September 2nd via Standby Records.

Demon In Me will be on tour from Sep 2nd – 22nd with The Body Rampant.

Here’s Your Way Out can now be pre ordered on iTunes

A video for the track Enough’s Enough can be viewed below Read More…

Jesse Smith And The Holy Ghost

Jesse Smith & The Holy Ghost

Jesse Smith & The Holy Ghost

Standby Records

Rating: 4/5




This is West Virginian Jesse Smith‘s latest project, he has now been in the music business for over two decades, in bands such as Zao and Gods. Jesse Smith & The Holy Ghost originally formed as a live collective with a constantly changing line up, but over the years the line up has been refined, and they have now assembled an impressive roster of musicians, alongside the eponymous frontman are drummer Brandon Joy, bassist Ralph Moyers, and guitarists Breyer White and Dakota Walker. Together they have established a formidable reputation as a live act, now they have bought us their self titled debut album.

This is alt rock as it should be played, it carries the beat and attitude of traditional rock but it’s imbued with a fierce independent streak that carries influences from the best bands that have defied description and been lumped in with the alt rock tag, think of Nick Oliveri era Queens Of The Stone Age, Muse‘s less indulgent songs or The Cult at full tilt, all played with a hard edge and hunger that comes from having lived life on the rollercoaster of the music industry for over two decades. Mystic River opens the album with mellow guitars that steadily build up to the brutal pounding riff of 826, following this is my personal highlight, the speed fuelled Son Of Nomad. This is an album that switches effortlessly between brutal alt rock, blues influenced rockers and amphetamine fast numbers, this is a very impressive debut that never take it’s foot off the gas until the brief Outro eases you out of the album with its hypnotic chant.

Album’s like this are part of the joy of being a reviewer, occasionally you get to discover an album that might well otherwise have passed you by, this is one of those albums, and hopefully I’ll be successful in trying to ensure that a few people don’t make that mistake. This is a brutal, yet melodic, album of alt rock that I would recommend to anyone who likes their music on the dark side. It is the result of the years spent honing their live act, finding the right combination of members and getting signed to a label, in the recently re-launched Standby Records, that allows you to record the album you wanted to make. The only problem that Jesse Smith And The Holy Ghost will have will be surpassing this release when they come to record the sophomore album.

Jesse Smith And The Holy Ghost‘s self titled album can be purchased from Standby Records here

Jesse Smith And The Holy Ghost Premiere ‘Killing Me Someone’

Jesse Smith And The Holy GhostHailing from the small town of Parkersburg, West Virginia, Jesse Smith  has lived the all too familiar ups and downs of the music business for the last 20 years. His current band Jesse Smith & The Holy Ghost have released a video for the song Killing Me Someone. The track is taken from the band’s recent self titled release, to promote their new album they will be joining Islander on the last leg of the Power Under Control Tour, alongside Funeral Portrait and XXI.

The tour dates, and the video for Killing Me Someone, can be seen below


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pseudo future TSA

Pseudo Future

Time Slips Away

Standby Records

Rating: 2.5/5




Time Slips Away is the lastest release from upcoming Texas trio Pseudo Future, they recently signed up with the newly re-launched Standby Records and will release their debut EP for the label on July 29th. Pseudo Future play a smooth groove filled sound that combines and blends elements of  traditional rock and alternative indie rock with a slick pop sheen.

Time Slips Away opens with the title track, and it’s clear from the outset that this is a very polished version of indie rock. The production is very orchestrated and brings a sense of grandeur to the opening number before it eases into the handclaps that open the bouncier number, Ode To Madness, that possesses an effortless pop sensibility. From this point on the seven track EP veers between heartfelt and earnest numbers and upbeat and poppy indie rock, but I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve heard it all before.Time Slips Away is a powerful and dramatic release, but it’s a little too polished, at times it veers dangerously close to being a pop record, a bit too close for my liking on several occasions.

There are many bands who play this kind of commercial indie rock, and Pseudo Future are certainly as good as any I’ve heard, but with no rough edges or bite it just doesn’t grab you, well it didn’t grab me. But having said that this isn’t an unpleasant record in any way, it’s very radio friendly and I can see them going places on the strength of this release. Whilst Time Slips Away isn’t an original album it is one that should ensure they are launched into the consciousness of the considerable indie rock fanbase.

Time Slips Away can be ordered from the usual outlets or direct from Standby Records here

Psuedo Future To Release ‘Time Slips Away’ EP on July 29th

pseudo future TSADallas rock trio Pseudo Future has signed with the newly re-launched Standby Records and will release their label debut EP Time Slips Away on July 29. The band’s hard-hitting, deep, groove filled sound is surprising given that they are only a three-piece. Combining and blending sounds from traditional rock, alternative indie, blues and more, Pseudo Future is able to bring a completely new sound to listeners.

Time Slips Away can be pre-ordered on iTunes

Pseudo Future‘s new video for Ode To Madness can be viewed below 

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Such Strange Arts

Such Strange Arts

Waking Up The Neighbours

Standby Records

Rating: 2/5




I can remember a time when I would have latched onto bands like Essex pop-punk act Such Strange Arts.  They were a simpler time when I was just finishing up high school and I thought the world was out to get me.  Listening to bands I thought were punk rock like Simple Plan, I gravitated towards lyrics about going unnoticed, girls looking past me, and the type of first world problems that plagued a kid looking for identity in mass consumerism (remember when you used to think lyrics like “I’m just a kid, and life is a nightmare,” were insightful?).  Nowadays, bands like 5 Seconds Of Summer and All Time Low appeal to the adolescent woes of the modern generation.  Such Strange Arts falls in line with this simplistic brand of bubblegum, heartthrob pop-punk, and will likely land on the playlists of teens that will later regretfully admit their prior fandom when they have long since moved on.

As such, Such Strange Arts play it safe in their songwriting, ensuring that each of the five songs on their latest EP, Waking The Neighbours, is simple and self-contained.  Opener “Criminal” kicks off with the type of easygoing chords that lend themselves the themes of a night of youthful exploits.  Nothing hits with much urgency, and they deliver the message through a mostly harmless combination of sing-song vocals and predictable mid tempo chords.  “Tonight it’s you and me, forget the world and live in magazines,” sings frontman Jake in a schoolboy-esque manner, detailing visions of laying under the night stars after house party hook-ups.  The rest of the album follows suit, painting a picture of life in the juvenile lane.  “Figure It Out” and the title track hop along jovially with pitchy vocals in an appeal to all the kids trying to find their identity in heartbreak.  The most interesting song of the bunch, “Sextual Relations,” incorporates a number of iPhone messenger sounds along with a vague story of text-based relationships, breakups, and how the kids these days hide behind technology to avoid making big decisions in person.  An easy appeal to the social media generation.

That isn’t to say the EP is all bad.  At the very least, Such Strange Arts avoid the pitfalls of autotune and excessive electronics.  Their simplistic formula relies on straight-forward albeit well-intended musicianship.  Are they trying too hard?  As heard with the lone album closing piano ballad, “Stay,” the answer is a painfully obvious yes.  Waking The Neighbours will appeal to a certain audience, but as that audience grows and matures, they likely won’t stick around for more than an album or two.  Much like All Time Low, Such Strange Arts banks on the principle that there will always be an up and coming generation of angsty, disenfranchised teens waiting for someone to speak their feelings as they experience them for the first time.  The rest of us can happily pass on by knowing that we moved on many years ago.

Such Strange Arts Streams New EP

Such StrangeEssex County, England pop-punk band Such Strange Arts is streaming their Standby Records debut.   The  EP is titled Waking the Neighbours and dropped last week.

Listen to the full disc below.

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Such Strange Arts – Criminal

Such Strange ArtsEssex County, England pop-punk band Such Strange Arts has premiered a new song from their Standby Records debut.   The band will release an EP titled Waking the Neighbours January 29, 2016.

Listen tot he new track here courtesy New Noise Magazine.

Outline in Color Added to Slaves Spring Tour

Outline in ColorTulsa post hardcore band Outline in Color have been announced as one of three support acts on Slaves’ upcoming shows this spring, which are being billed as the Us Against The World Tour. The band’s follow up to 2014’s full length MASKS is due on March 11th via Standby Records. 

Check out the details of the tour below.

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Such Strange Arts Sign To Standby Records

Such Strange ArtsEssex County, England pop-punk band Such Strange Arts has signed on with Standby Records.   The band comments on the signing:

“We are very excited to join the Standby Records family! It is great to have the support of such a strong US label, especially as we come from the UK. We can’t wait to release the ‘Waking the Neighbours’ EP and see what the future holds!”

The band will release an EP titled Waking the Neighbours in the new year on January 29th.

Video: Bruised Not Broken – ‘Self Evaluation’

bruised_but_not_broken_color_oct_2015 (1)Charlotte, NC’s Bruised But Not Broken have premiered a video for Self EvaluationThe song is the title track from their upcoming sophomore LP, just released via Standby Records. 

Check out the video for Self Evaluation below.

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Video: Bruised But Not Broken – ‘Relevant Letters’

bruised_but_not_broken_color_oct_2015 (1)Charlotte, NC’s Bruised But Not Broken have premiered a video for Relevant Letters. The song is the title track from their upcoming sophomore LP, due for release on October 30th via Standby Records. The band have said this about the record:

“It’s very exciting to finally be able to release what we’ve been working on for the last year. Relevant Letters in it’s entirety is a story – following a character through events of spiritual warfare, anxiety, trial, triumph and redemption. Each song represents it’s own piece of the story, the character, and each person listening.”

Check out the video for Relevant Letters below.

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Fake The Attack Sign With Standby Records, Stream New Track

Fake The AttackHampshire, UK based alt rock band Fake The Attack have signed on with Standby Records and announced that their debut full length LP, Stranger Times, is due to drop on September 25th. Ahead of the record’s street date, the quartet have posted a lyric video for the track Foreign words, and the band had this to say about joining up with Standby Records:

We’re so excited to be part of the Standby Records family. This is a big step for our band and can’t wait to see what the future holds and where this will take us. Hard work pays off.”

Check out the lyric video for Foreign Words and the cover art and track list for Stranger Times below.

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Astorian Stigmata Sign With Standby Records, Announce New LP

astorian_stigmataLA based grunge punks Astorian Stigmata have signed on with Standby Records, and announced that the first release for their new label will be Bones and Memories, the band’s third full length, due to drop on July 25th. Frontman Dennis Condusta has said this about the tone of the new record’s title track:

“The song “Bones and Memories” is where our grungy punk rock influences collide with our dark atmospheric side. It was the first song we wrote the record and it set the vibe for all the songs that followed. Unlike most of our previous material, this song has a hopefulness to it. An honest hopefulness that also knows the dark side of life.”

Check out a lyric video for the LP’s title track, and the album’s cover art and track list below.

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Light The Sign Join Standby Records; Announce New Album

Light The FireDallas, TX metal band Light the Fire has signed on with Standby Records.  The band has announced that they will be releasing a new LP entitled Lost At Sea on May 26, 2015.  The album was recorded with producer Jeremy Stimpert (Black Veil Brides, Modern Day Escape) at Studio D Productions in Cleveland, OH.

Track listing is below.

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Outline in Color Stream ‘Fever Frenzy’, Announce Tour

Outline in ColorTulsa post hardcore band Outline in Color have released a stream of their latest single Fever Frenzy. This is the band’s first new material since Masks, their full length from last year, released via Standby Records. The band are hitting the road next month with The Plot in You and Gift Giver, before finishing the trek with a series of headline dates. 

Check out the stream of Fever Frenzy  and the full list of dates below.

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