Liza Colby Sound

Liza Colby Sound


Self Released

Rating: 4/5




The Liza Colby Sound hail from New York City and are set to release their new EP, Draw, on the 17th November. Draw contains four songs that give you a fleeting glimpse into everything the Liza Colby Sound is about, the soulful vocals of Liza Colby herself are combined with a soundtrack that embodies dirty, hard hitting rock ‘n roll by a trio who have performed with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, The Jim Carroll Band, The Del Fuegos and Joey Ramone, amongst other well-known names, to create a mesmerising hybrid of styles.

The opening track on the Draw EP, My World, is a glorious dirty slab of rock ‘n roll that channels The Stooges and Led Zeppelin, the rock ‘n roll soundtrack is topped with the sultry soulful vocal delivery by Liza Colby, one that raises the hairs on the back of your neck. I Love You brings the pace down, and delivers a soulful and heartfelt moment on the EP, White Light channels the blues before finally Cryin’ brings things to a close, with a track that encompasses their rock, soul and blues influences.

The only comparable act to the Liza Colby Sound is The Bellrays, and If you love them then you will adore the Draw EP, the Liza Colby Sound mix soul, garage and proto rock to create a stunning hybrid of styles. The result is that I love every moment on this EP, from it’s charged garage fuelled opener, through it’s tender soulful moments and blues heartbeat to the closing track that blends every element together, this is an introduction to a band that seamlessly blend the energy of the garage bands and the swagger of best rock acts with the heart of true soul music. 

The Liza Colby Sound‘s website can be found here and their Bandcamp is located here


The Exquisites


Asian Man Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Seattle’s soulful punks, The Exquisities, have their new album, Home, being released via Asian Man Records on the 14th October. The Exquisites are led by vocalist Jason Clackley, he brings an anguished soulful croon to the energetic power pop punk backing, the lo-fi garage feel of the album combines with the punk energy nicely, but it’s when these elements are married with Clackley’s vocals that the album develops it’s unique character.

The Exquisites open Home with Faith, this is a serious slice of power pop overlaid with Jason Clackley‘s signature soulful howl, for me this track is the highlight of the album, but that’s not say the rest of the album is without merit. Count Me In has a slightly darker tone than the initial track, but it keeps the pace going before Home No Home lifts things with a surge of adrenalin which comes to unexpectedly abrupt ending, and equally swiftly The Exquisites launch into the soulful Setting Son. At the midway mark the album throttles back with the mellow vibe and a tormeted howl of Climbing Down At The End Of The Day. The second half of the album follows the template of the opening handful of tracks, the tempo, mood and texture are all varied before the album closes on the downbeat number, Send A Word Home, which features only Jason Clackley‘s anguished vocals accompanied by a dark dramatic piano.

Personally I find that Jason Clackley‘s vocals are somewhat lost in the mix which I think detracts from the album, but aside from that this is fine and diverse album that takes you on a journey, varying from upbeat power pop to soulful piano ballads, and a fair amount of everything that lies inbetween those two extremes. Whilst this album is by no means perfect, the eclectic natue of the album means that it is one that can sit proudly amongst Asian Man Records diverse roster of bands.

Home can be ordered on two coloured vinyl variants via Asian Man Records here