Ampline To Release New Album ‘Passion Relapse’

Ampline PRPassion Relapse is Ampline‘s fifth full-length album, picking up thematically where their last album, You Will Be Buried Here, left off, the lyrics explore the interrelation of man, nature, industry and theology. The songs weave a narrative of death, decay, invention and progress, metering the growing gulf between corporeal and spiritual.

Drip, the first single from Passion Relapse, can be streamed here

Passion Relapse can be pre-ordered on vinyl here


Swarming Branch

Surreal Number

Sofaburn Records

Rating: 2/5




Surreal Number is the latest album from Ohio’s Swarming Branch, the album was released at the tail end of last month and is now available via Sofaburn Records. Swarming Branch have developed a reputation for the unpredictable, with improvisation and change becoming something of a hallmark of their recordings. This equally applies to both their style and their line up, with only songwriter Andrew Graham and drummer Don Leary being constant factors in the line up, however on Surreal Number they have forsaken their more experimental tendencies to create a more straightforward ten song collection.

Diamonds In The Distance opens Surreal Number with a melody that has a distinctly retro feel, it harks back to early 1970’s and feels like it wouldn’t sound out of place if it was added to the Big Lebowski soundtrack. This kind of retro feel permeates the album, elements of glam rock, in particular there’s an influence from T-Rex, are peppered across the album, along with some of the cheesier pop moments from the decade that taste forgot, all of this adds to the general sense that this is an album that is strangely out of sync with the modern world. The track In The Garden Of The Gods, my personal highlight from Surreal Number, cements the retro feel of the album as it retreats back even further with a distinctly sixties influence creeping into the mix.

Surreal Number is by no means a bad album, but it’s an odd hybrid of influences that span from the sixties to the eighties, although primarily it must be said that Surreal Number is an album that seems to oddly rooted in the early 1970s. Swarming Branch have released an album that sits somewhat uncomfortably amongst the current crop of releases. There’s nothing wrong with drawing from the past, but Surreal Number just feels like the product of a very different age and as such it must be said that it is a unique release, but it’s one that feels like a complete anachronism.

Surreal Number can be ordered via Sofaburn Records here

R.Ring Release ‘100 Dollar Heat’ Video

R Ring Ignite The RestR.Ring is Kelley Deal and Mike Montgomery, their music is sparse, abrasive, chaotic and lulling, often within the same song. It is a celebration of, and a departure from, the work in their other notable bands, The Breeders and Ampline respectively. The tracks on Ignite The Rest, including the single, The Cutter, run the gamut from plaintive meanderings to noise pieces to mid-tempo swoons to raucous barn-burners.

You can pre-order Ignite The Rest here 
You can view the 100 Dollar Heat video, and R.Ring‘s tour dates, below

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Benchmarks Announce Debut Full Length; Stream new Song

BenchmarksNashville-based indie punk band Benchmarks (featuring Todd from Two Cow Garage) have announced details for debut full-length.  The disc will be titled Our Undivided Attention on March 24, 2017 via SofaBurn Records. Coinciding with the announcement, the band has premiered the song “Girls and Boys,” of which vocalist Todd Farrell Jr. comments:

We’ve been playing this one live for the last two years and I’m glad we finally put it to tape… It started with a friend and I wanting to write a very shoegaz-y dream pop song like The 1975 or something. We got started on it, but it never really turned into anything. About a year later, I still had the chord progression in my head, and I took it to the band. We developed the idea even further, gave it a weird 12/8 time signature, and it became what it is now. Lyrically, it’s sort of about our modern culture of dating, hooking up, or what have you, always looking for something new, and being afraid to lose what you have. I basically stole a lot from Kerouac and it’s sort of a companion piece to “American Night” from our last EP (which also stole a lot from Kerouac, ha).

Listen to the twangy little number here courtesy Substream Magazine.