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Surface Report

Stand By...

Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




Californian hardcore quartet Surface Report was formed from an impressive collection of past and present members of Californian acts such as Castoff, Fallen Monuments and Strike The Design, and now Surface Report have self released their debut album, Stand By…. This is the latest release that seems to indicate that there is something of a renaissance occurring in the North American hardcore scene, with new band’s on each corner of the continent, including New York’s Scarboro, Texas’s Despero and Canada’s Our Darkest Days to name but a few, all releasing impressive albums in the last twelve months.

One At A Time hits you between the eyes with a furious hit of melodic hardcore, and before you’ve had chance to recover Quid Pro Quo kicks in with a more of a crossover feel. Whilst there’s no respite on Stand By… this is not an album where the short sharp shocks blur into each other as each track brings a different element into the mix. Songs such as the superb Insufficiency are classic melodic hardcore, but these are balanced against the more straight up hardcore elements and slight metal influences, which all combine to deliver an impressive debut album from a band who are a breath of fresh air in the Californian punk scene.

It’s no surprise that Stand By… is on the short side, it clocks in just over twenty minutes, and it’s over before you know it, but unlike many hardcore albums there’s something about Surface Report that had me queuing it back up for another spin. For me Surface Report have the feel of early Suicidal Tendencies mixed with classic Propaghandi, but that’s not to say this is a recreation of either of those outfits, it jut has the same feel of intensity and controlled aggression that not many manage to pull off, and on the basis of Stand By… you can’t help but feel that Surface Report have a bright future ahead of them.

Stand By… can be streamed and downloaded via Bandcamp here and their Facebook page is here

Straightline Release ‘Generation Lost’ Music Video

Straightline VVGerman melodic skate punkers Straightline have released a music video for their song Generation Lost, the track is taken from the band’s new album, Vanishing Values, that is available now via Bird Attack Records.

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Vanishing Values can be purchased on all formats and streamed here

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Our Darkest Days Release Video For ‘The Burden Of My Sins’

our-darkest-days-acaOur Darkest Days have released a music video for their song The Burden Of My Sins, that features Michael Garcia from Forus. The track is taken from their latest album,  A Common Agony, that is available now on CD and Digital formats via Bird Attack Records.

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A Common Agony can be purchased here
The video For The Burden Of My Sins can be viewed below

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Our Darkest Days

A Common Agony

Bird Attack Records

Rating: 3.5/5



Our Darkest Days are a Canadian quintet who deliver melodic punk rock, the band formed only four short years ago, in that time the membership of the band seems to have been in constant turmoil, but they now seem to have a steady line up, and this newfound stability preceded the recording of their debut full length, A Common Agony, that has been released via Bird Attack Records. The album features guest appearance by Denis Buckley, from 88 Fingers Louie, and Michel Garcia, from FORUS, to add to the already muscular sound that Our Darkest Days produce.
A Common Agony opens with an ominous roll of thunder prior to the opening power chords that signifies what you’re in for, from this point in you get a relentless assault of punk rock, but one that has elements of melodic hardcore hardwired into it’s DNA. There is no place to hide once you’ve put A Common Agony through your speakers, this is thirteen shots that are fired from the same gun in quick succession. Our Darkest Days have produced an album that owes a hefty debt to 90’s punk rock, I can especially hear an influence from Strung Out, but I also detected a hint of metal in the guitar style, alongside the punk and hardcore influences, and it’s this blend of styles that stops A Common Agony being just a straight recreation of the bands that informed their sound.
If I had to criticise the album, and that’s kinda what I do here, it’s that A Common Agony is relentlessly played in the same style, there is very little variation across the thirteen cuts. Whilst what they are damn fine at what they do, I always feel that you need some variety in a release, whether that means upping the pace, or bringing it down, just something that would highlight the fine dual guitar attack that is their hallmark, rather than this being the norm throughout the album. A Common Agony is a razor sharp slab of melodic punk rock that is only a few tweaks away from hitting the mark, this is a fine first foray by Our Darkest Days and this is a band that will be worth keeping an eye on.
A Common Agony can be purchased here

Swedish skatepunkers Comminor announces European Tour!

Swedish skatepunkers Comminor have released news about upcoming European Tour in co-op with This Is Pop Punk Promotions (UK) today.  This is the first time that the band will be playing shows outside of Sweden.

The tour poster is below.

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