One Hidden Frame To Release ‘Harmful Content’

One_Hidden_Frame_-_Harmful_ContentFormed in 2002 right next to the Russian border in Lappeenranta, Finland, One Hidden Frame deliver a mix of melancholic 90s skate punk and melodic hardcore, having been around over a decade, as well as having gone through some line up changes in recent years, One Hidden Frame are more active than ever as they develop a heavier, more aggressive sound that will resonate with fans of Propagandhi. The band will be releasing their fifth album, Harmful Content, on March 17th through Bird Attack Records, the album can now be pre-ordered through Bandcamp, where you can also stream the first single, Exploding Head Syndrome.

Harmful Content can be pre-ordered here

Straightline VV


Vanishing Values

Bird Attack Records

Rating: 4/5




German melodic skate punkers Straightline will be releasing their latest album, Vanishing Values, worldwide tomorrow, February 10th 2017, through Bird Attack Records. The quartet, who reside in Munich, Germany, have previously released three albums, and an identical number of EPs, all of which are filled with fiery metal riffs built on a solid punk rock backbone. Their latest album, Vanishing Values, brings together the best elements of their past releases in a twelve song package, one that demonstrates why Straightline have built a loyal following that brings metalheads and punks into the fold in equal measure.

Vanishing Lives opens with Generation Lost, a furious hybrid of punk rock that incorporates the less self indulgent elements of thrash metal, including breakdowns and, thankfully brief, technical guitar solos. The album continues to vary the balance, Pleonexia leans towards a stronger influence from melodic hardcore with the metal elements on the back burner, whilst Not Afraid takes things back into the thrash realm, The album continues to veer wildly, combining their influences to produce a unique fusion of thrash metal, punk rock and melodic hardcore, and even touches of dub and folk punk, that you can’t help but be impressed by.

Straightline have produced an album that will please fans from both camps, Vanishing Lives is an album that has managed to balance the competing influences perfectly, it’s wouldn’t take a genius to guess that I prefer the tracks that have a stronger punk influence, but I didn’t encounter anything on the thrashier tracks that had me reaching to skip to the next track. You can detect a hefty influence from the likes of Propaghandi, Strung Out, Good Riddance and Lagwagon in their sound, these are married perfectly to the influences from the parallel universe that metal and thrash inhabit to produce an impressive crossover album, this is not any easy trick to pull off, but it’s one that Straightline have managed to make sound effortless.

The Bird Attack Records Bandcamp can be found here and their website is here

Straghtline‘s Facebook page can be found here and their Bandcamp is here

Darko Bonsai Mammoth


Bonsai Mammoth

Bird Attack Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Guildford, UK based melodic hardcore quintet Darko have unleashed their latest release, Bonsai Mammoth, via Bird Attack Records (US),Lockjaw Records (UK), Torch of Hope Records (JP) and Giljotina Records (SI). Despite Darko‘s longevity this is their debut full length and it follows on from the steady stream of EP’s and singles that have littered their history. The album was released yesterday, the 3rd February 2017, and is now available to purchase on vinyl and CD, and Bonsai Mammoth can also be streamed and ordered digitally.

Bonsai Mammoth starts with some light, almost jazz, chords, this worrying start is thankfully short lived, at the 25 second mark the album jump starts with the frantic hardcore infused skate punk of the opening track, Life Forms. Bonsai Mammoth continues in this vein, with the exception of the brief mellow strains of The Chernobyl Effect, a track that acts as a brief mid point intermission to the relentless punk assault. The pace and intensity contained on Bonsai Mammoth is unrelenting, but the style in which it is delivered remains varied, encompassing hardcore, melodic hardcore and skate punk, along with a few technical math rock flourishes that add a technical element to their delivery.

This is the sound of a band that is experiencing something of a renaissance in their sound, Darko have been with us for a while now, their debut EP was released back in 2010, and Bonsai Mammoth sounds tighter and more focused and intense than anything Darko have previously released. This is a somewhat relentless release, with the sole exception of the brief instrumental that acts as a mid distance marker, that is a full on hardcore assault from start to end, one that sits at the extreme end of the melodic hardcore spectrum. As Darko approach the milestone of a decade together Bonsai Mammoth is an indicator that this is a band that clearly has a lot more to offer.

Darko‘s Facebook presence can be found here, their Bandcamp is here and their website is here

Bonsai Mammoth can be streamed and purchased via Bird Attack Records here

Darko To Release ‘Bonsai Mammoth’ Via Bird Attack Records

Darko Bonsai MammothUK skate punkers Darko have announced they’ll be releasing their upcoming album, Bonsai Mammoth, on February 3, 2017 through Bird Attack Records. The Guildford, UK skate-punks’ new record suitably shines a light on the big issues we all currently face, and encapsulates all of the modern age frustrations that are now ripe for exploitation by our best and brightest punk bands.

The Bird Attack Records Bandcamp page can be found here

You can view the video for Hiraeth below Read More…

Darko Release Music Video For Their New Single, “Hiraeth”

Darko Bonsai MammothDarko have shared their new single, Hiraeth, and it’s accompanying video, the track is taken from the new album, Bonsai Mammoth, which will be released on all formats on February 3, 2017 through Bird Attack Records (US), Lockjaw Records (UK) and Torch Of Hope (JP). With musical salutes to riff-thrashers like Protest The Hero, straight-up skate punk legends Strung Out and the melodic hardcore of Comeback Kid, Bonsai Mammoth delivers wholeheartedly and shows a real progression to the band’s sound, a continuation of a journey this band of DIY brothers are only just beginning.

You can view the video for Hiraeth below Read More…

Wraths Release Second Vinyl Pressing Of Debut Album

wraiths-lpWraths are made up of skate punk veteran Jim Lindberg, of Pennywise, and his band of cohorts, including members of 1208 and The Darlings, they channel the ghosts of punk’s past, combining the dark guitar driven tones of TSOL and Dag Nasty, and the glaring sun bleached angst of the Descendents and Circle Jerks. Wraths debut album was released last April and the first vinyl pressing of their debut album sold out fast, so Bird Attack Records have released a second pressing, on alpine white vinyl. There are only 200 of these in the Bird Attack Records store so if you want a copy you’ll have to be quick

Wraths debut album can be streamed and purchased here

MUTE Sign To Bird Attack Records And Announce New LP

Mute Remembering DeathBird Attack Records has announced the signing of Québec City punk outfit MUTE and will be releasing the band’s new album, Remember Death.  The CD and download will be released on October 14th with vinyl being scheduled at a later date. Fast, technical, melodic; those are just a few words that the punk rock community uses to describe MUTE‘s music. Considered by many to be a crucial staple in the skate punk world, the band has spent the last 18 years taking a 100% DIY approach to bringing its music to the masses

You can check out the video for the new song Fill The Void via the band’s Facebook page here

Castoff To Release New Self-Titled EP

Castoff_bandSan Diego melodic skate punks Castoff have released the details of their forthcoming self-titled EP. It will be available as a digital download on Friday, August 5th through Castoff’s Bandcamp, with the proceeds going to the charity Help A Mother Out. Additionally, if you purchase any release through the Bird Attack Records store you’ll receive a free download of the Castoff EP.

Help A Mother Out works to improve baby and family well being by increasing access to diapers for families in need. A family’s access to a reliable supply of clean diapers reduces the risk of infectious disease outbreaks, improves baby’s health and comfort, and enables a baby’s participation in early care and education programs.

Castoff will be kicking off a string of East Coast shows this weekend and will be appearing at Punk Rock Holiday in Slovenia.

Tour dates and order details can be found below

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Sub Grunk Stream Manufactured Rebellion EP

Sub GrunkSheffield skate punk act Sub Grunk is streaming their brand new EP.  The six song disc is titled Manufactured Rebellion and was released earlier this year independently on Bandcamp.

Listen to the full  EP here.

Phinius Gage – Entire Back Catalogue

Influential Brighton, England Skatepunks Phinius Gage, who called it a day in 2008, have put up their entire back catalogue on Bandcamp – and are offering the whole lot for nothing, or a donation if you want to.

The band release ‘More Haste More Speed‘ in 2003, ‘The Feeling Something’s Wrong‘ in 2005, ‘Brighton Rock’ in 2006 and ‘Seek Out Your Foes‘ in 2007, before splitting soon after.

They have said they are planning to put up extra treats, including their demo, in the coming weeks. They have also set up a facebook page for the band.

Phinius Cage – Back Catalogue

Phinius Cage

Download from Bandcamp

The Post-Apocalyptics – Demo 1

The Post-Apocalyptics, the new band from Ryan Raichilson of Bright and Barrow Records, are one of those throw-backs to the late nineties skate-punk. The second She Ate My Brain comes on, you’re reminded of those classic skate-punk songs that riddled Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack back in the day. There’s moments of Gob‘s Too Late No Friends, a bit of Dude Ranch and something else that is so familiar but just out of reach. All I know is that for three songs, The Post Apocalyptics have delivered something that fully captures your attention. A pretty damn good feat for a demo.

The Post-Apocalyptics – Demo 1

The Post-Apocalyptics - Demo 1

Download from Bandcamp

Patsy Stone – Self Titled EP

This sounds like it was recorded in the bands’ garage but miraculously turned out well. The EP features a short three songs in a really old school sounding melodic skate punk coating. Pretty infectious stuff.

Patsy Stone – Self Titled EP

Download the Album from Jamendo

Empty Promise – Conscience Today

Here’s an EP released by Austria’s Empty Promise. While they just released their debut full length independently, they’ve put their old EP, Conscience Today, up for free download. It’ a nice slice of sloppy pop-punk with a 90’s skate-punk vibe. Easily recommendable for fans of bands like Pulley, Ten Foot Pole, No Use For A Name, and so on.

Empty Promise – Conscience Today

Thanks to the Band for Uploading the EP to Mediafire