Creeper Release New Video For ‘Misery’

Creeper Theatre Of Fear TourIt’s been a magnificent year for Creeper, their debut album, Eternity, In Your Arms, crashed into the Top 20, they sold out their biggest headline tour to date and made their main stage debut at Download. Creeper have now shared a video for the new single version of the pivotal album track, Misery, which collates footage from recent shows, from intimate club gigs to the Download main stage. This summer will see Creeper play all dates on this summer’s North American leg of the Vans Warped Tour, which they’ll follow with their debut Canadian tour in November with Silverstein, before they then return to the UK in December to embark upon their Theatre of Fear headline tour, that will feature an ambitious new stage production which will elevate the band’s renowned theatrical presentation to a whole new level.

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Silverstein Release Stream Of ‘Lost Positives’

Silverstein DRCanada’s post hardcore heavyweights, Silverstein, have premiered Lost Positives, a stunning new track from their recently announced full length, Dead Reflection, that is due out on July 14th via Rise RecordsDead Reflection is Silverstein‘s eighth full length and it demonstrates exactly why they remain at the top of their game over 17 years into their career.

Lost Positives can be streamed here and Dead Reflections can be pre-ordered here

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Silverstein To Release ‘Dead Reflection’ LP On July 14th

Silverstein DRCanada’s post-hardcore heavyweights, Silverstein, have announced their biting new full length, Dead Reflection, that is due out on July 14th via Rise Records. Dead Reflection is Silverstein‘s eighth full length, a feat reached by very few bands, especially within the heavy music world where youthful fire and aggression is often finite. Silverstein, however, have always been an outlier, and Dead Reflection proves that the band still has plenty of fight left. To celebrate the announcement the band has premiered the first new track from the album, Retrograde

You can view the video for Retrograde below and order Dead Reflection here Read More…

River Oaks Announce Tour With JT Woodruff And Heavy Things

River Oaks May 17 TourSilverstein frontman Shane Told is taking his solo project, River Oaks, on the road again for a series of shows with JT Woodruff and Heavy Things, the tour is in support of River Oaks debut self titled single that was released in 2016 via Rise Records.

River Oaks website is here and his Facebook page is here

The self titled debut single by River Oaks can be purchased here

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Video: Silverstein – Ghost

SilversteinSilverstein has premiered a new music video and single.  The video features the song “Ghost” and serves as their first new music since their latest full length, I Am Alive In Everything I Touch, released back in 2015 via Rise Records.

Watch the video below.

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River Oaks, Ex Silverstein, Announces Inaugral US Mini Tour

river-oaks-tourSilverstein frontman Shane Told is taking his new solo project, River Oaks, on the road for the very first time this December on a five date tour. Mark Rose, of emo-pop group Spitalfield, will provide support.

The tour is in support of River Oaks debut single, which was released earlier this year on Rise Records. After spending 15 years, 2000 shows performed, and over a million albums sold with Silverstein, Shane Told launched River Oaks earlier this year.

Tour dates can be viewed below and tickets are available from River Oaks website here Read More…

New Damage Records Offers Free Summer Sampler

New Damage RecordsToronto-based music label New Damage Records has released their annual summer sampler for free download here.  Bands include Counterparts, Cancer Bats, Northlane, Silverstein, and Dead Tired, to name a few.
Track listing is below.

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Video: Silverstein – The Continual Condition

SilversteinSilverstein has premiered a new music video.  The video features the song “The Continual Condition” from their latest full length, I Am Alive In Everything I Touch, released back in 2015 via Rise Records.

Watch the video below.

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River Oaks Sign with Rise Records, Post Video

river_oaks_photoBurlington, Ontario’s River Oaks, the solo project of Silverstein’s Shane Told have just signed on with Rise Records. The man himself has said this about the project:

“This project has been a long time in the making. For 15 years I have been the singer, a songwriter and occasional guitar player for Silverstein. I have loved every minute as a lead singer, but I wanted to do something on the side all by myself.”

“I wrote and played all the parts on these songs, vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, and even drums. I poured every ounce of my heart and soul into these songs…”

River Oaks have just self released their debut 7″ which is available via Merchnow and iTunes, and have also posted a video for their track Let You Down, which can be checked out below.

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Tours: Silverstein

SilversteinFresh off their tour with Senses FailSilverstein has announced that they will be heading on tour this March with support from Being As An Ocean, Emarosa and Rarity.  The band will be supporting their latest full length, I Am Alive In Everything I Touch, released back in 2015 via Rise Records.

Tour dates are available below.

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Tours: Senses Fail / Silverstein

Senses FailSesnes Fail and Silverstein has announced that they will be heading on tour together this Fall.  Silverstein vocalist Shane Told comments:

“It’s really exciting to announce a tour with old friends that we back so hard… I think the last time Silverstein and Senses Fail did a run together was back in 2004 when we were very new bands and just getting our feet wet. I think that youth energy will still be present, but this time with the experience our bands have, we’re able to put together an amazing, extremely high energy show for both the old school and new school fans”.

Senses Fail frontman Buddy Nielsen adds:

“Ten years ago we did one of our very first full US headline tours with Silverstein. We are super excited to be sharing the road with them again. It’s been a long time coming, as both our bands have been at it for the better part of 15 years. Still here, still making excellent passionate music and still putting on amazing shows. We are stoked to celebrate the release of both our new records and bring to fans a reunion of sorts.”

Full tour dates are below.

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Silverstein Announce Discovering The Waterfront Anniversary Shows

SilversteinCanadian post hardcore outfit Silverstein have announced a tour to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their seminal album Discovering The Waterfront (Victory Records). Support will be provided by Columbus, OH hardcore band Beartooth (featuring former Attack! Attack! vocalist Caleb Shomo), Australian rockers Hands Like Houses, New Jersers punks Major League and San Diego’s My Iron Lung.

Check out the full list of dates below.

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Silverstein Plan Album For Spring

SilversteinSilverstein has announced that their next full length will be titled I Am Alive In Everything I Touch.  The disc is set for an unspecified Spring 2015 release on Rise Records.  

The album follows 2013’s This Is How The Wind Shift.

Video: Silverstein – This Is How The Wind Shifts

HopelessSilverstein has premiered a brand new music video.  The video features the song “This Is How The Wind Shifts.”  The band just released their album of the same name last year on Hopeless Records.  

Watch the video below.

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Sub City Records Charity Indiegogo Campaign

Hopeless Sub City RecordsSub City Records, the non-profit subsidiary of Hopeless Records have launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the building of a new studio to be used to inspire and educate young people. The project is being run in conjunction with New Directions for Youth and its goal is to build a studio where teenagers can be educated about instruments, recording, producing, and marketing in a professional environment after school and during breaks as an alternative to falling into trouble.

The target if $15000 and as usual with Indiegogo, there are various pledge levels on offer, including meet and greets with bands such as All Time Low and Silverstein and a songwriting session with Bert McCracken of the The Used. Check out the campaign here.

Silverstein - Rescue



Hopeless Records

Rating: 2/5




If you’ve ever been at your wits end, searching for sandwich ingredients for tomorrow’s bagged lunch, then you’re familiar with the philosophy of “good enough.”  You would prefer more than just cheese and butter between those buns, but if the crisper lacks fresh greens and rosy tomatoes, and the clock reads too late for a trip to the supermarket for deli meats, then some simple cheddar must suffice.  Next day, the food serves its mechanical role of nourishment, but choking down dry bread reminds you to alter your root home to avoid a repeat.

The same applies to music.  I’ve recently found myself spinning melodic screamo veterans Silverstein’s Hopeless Records debut, Rescue, simply because it’s “good enough” for the moment.  If I had something better in my car I’d make the switch in a heartbeat, but as it turns out, their harmless blend of crisp and hardcore vocals serve better than the alternative of silence or local radio.  The group’s fifth formal full length is a little lighter than I recall from when I last checked up on the quintet with Arrivals And Departures (I skipped Shipwrecked I The Sand), and serves the role of background music adequately – just don’t expect any standout hooks.

My deciding factor to keep the disc playing resides in Rescue‘s tempo.  While Shane Todd’s watered down bellows have always been a damper, and his nasally-pop-punk persona sounds generic, drummer Paul Koehler speeds along on tracks like “Medication,” lightening the mood like a good old punk act circa Pulley.  But for every easygoing segment the band quickly reverts to their standard screamo output and repetitious snarly breakdowns of dime-a-dozen acts like Chiodos.  Not surprisingly, the songs that focus on melodic output like “Forget Your Heart” or “In Memory Of…” hold my attention far easier.  That being said, the strongest elements of musicianship emerge during the bellowing segments of tracks like “Intervention” during their aggressive guitar and technical aspects.  Here the band demonstrates their underlying musicianship.  Unfortunately they only surface when Todd bares his teeth, whereas the band misses opportunities to strengthen their melodic segments as per far more invigorating acts likeHeartsounds.

Curiously Bayside’s Ben Murray makes an appearance mid-way through the album on “Texas Mickey.”  While cameos are always a plus for any artist, it spells trouble when they upstage the main event.  The occurrence only serves to highlight through contrast just how generic Silverstein sounds as a whole.

If you splurge and pick up a physical copy you’ll find yourself with a host of additional bonus material.  While the token demos won’t do much more than occupy a completist’s library, the acoustic tracks prove that under all those layers of ho-hum hardcore-lite-meets-watered-down-pop-punk there’s a crew that loves what they do.  “Burning Hearts” and “Replace You” translate remarkably well to a stripped down environment, and Todd sounds astonishingly sincere.  Still, these are but two tracks on a roster of eighteen, and only those that wade through the initial forty-minute rollercoaster will find themselves privy toSilverstein’s strongest moments.

If you’ve been following Silverstein since their Victory Records days, then Rescue shouldn’t be a big shock.  True, the band has tightened up their musicianship over the years, but they haven’t changed their screamo-lite elements.  You probably already know if this stuff drives you crazy, but Rescue is unlikely to be more than a case of “good enough” for everyone else.

Silverstein - Arrivals and Departures


Arrivals and Departures

Victory Records

Rating: 2/5




I had a conversation the other day with a friend who asked me, quite blatantly, “how can a band have such great influences but then sound horrible and carry no relation to those influences?” We discussed this idea for a while but came out with no real answer – maybe we should ask the guys at Silverstein that very same question because if Arrivals & Departures is any indication then they should be able to answer the question easily.

You see, their bio starts off with “The world was hungry for a fresh style of music after artists like Refused, At the Drive In, Thursday, and Taking Back Sunday all released their groundbreaking albums…” and continues to say “Inspired by the aforementioned bands, as well as the post-punk of the Smiths and The Cure, and the hardcore frenzy of Poison the Well and Lifetime, the band set out to fashion their own unique blend of emotional rock.” As hard as I try, I can’t hear those influences seeping in anywhere on Arrivals & Departures other than a slight Thursday influence and there’s nothing really “unique” in there either.

Instead, Arrivals & Departures just follows the generic style of sound of Victory’s new wave of screamo/pop-punk. Lead singer Shane Told switches between Underoath guttural screams to Hawthorne Heights nasally pop-punk vocals while the music carries on the in the same vein of most Equal Vision and Victory Records screamo/emo output (Chiodos, Cute is What We Aim For, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, etc.). It is very slick and over produced, making it somewhat crowded in the mix as very little as nothing is able to really standout on their own; other than the occasional guitar riff – My Disaster – and drum beat – If You Could See Into My Soul – that breaks away from the barrier and gives a slight inclination of what the band is capable of.

The odd thing about this album though, is that those inclinations are actually quite frequent in the album. More often then not they get lost in the mix, but if you pay attention, there is some great talent that does occasional shine through. The most evident aspect is the simple fact that the singing tend to outshine the screaming vocals, making songs like Worlds Apart and Here Today, Gone Tomorrow standout more since they aren’t dragged down by the generic screams but there’s also other elements in Arrivals & Departures that deserve a second look. The sing along/gang vocal ending of My Disaster stand out and while the obligatory slow closer, True Romance, feels overdone and forced Arrivals & Departures does contain enough of a variety amongst its songs that the listener can stay relatively content the whole way through.

Silverstein’s third album shows a marked increase in musicianship when compared to their earlier work, however, it’s still nothing outstanding. It’s rather generic and follows the same pattern of most new acts trying to puncture the top forty hit list; but at the same time, Silverstein does take it a step ahead of many of their competitors during a fair few instances and that makes them worthy of a few props.

So if watered down emo/screamo is your thing, then Arrivals & Departures will be right up your alley – just don’t expect to hear anything similar their influences that they so casually flaunt.

Silverstein Stream New Song; Announce Headlining Tour

SilversteinSilverstein have released a new song, “Massachusetts,” from their upcoming album, This Is How The Wind Shifts, due out February 5th. It is streaming exclusively over at AbsolutePunk.

The single can be purchased now via iTunes, and pre-orders for the new album are available through the Also, catch the band on tour starting January 25th.

Silverstein is embarking on their headlining tour through North America, and then some European dates as well. Dates are below.

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Video: Silverstein – Sleep Around (Acoustic)

SilversteinSilverstein has debuted a brand new acoustic video.  The video features the band playing the song “Sleep Around” from their new album, Short Songs.

Watch the video below.

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Silverstein: My Miserable Life

SilversteinOntario’s Silverstein have posted yet another new song from their upcoming Short Songs EP. The song, entitled My Miserable Life, can be heard here.

Short Songs,” which is a collection of new and cover songs all coming in under ninety seconds in length, is due out on February 7th on Hopeless Records.




Silverstein Posts NOFX Cover, Tour Dates

SilversteinToronto’s Silverstein are preparing to release a new album entitled Short Songs on February 7th, 2012. 

Short Songs is the follow-up to their critically acclaimed fifth studio album Rescue, which debuted at #37 on Billboard’s Top 200 Album Chart. Produced by John Valeriote, who produced both Rescue and the Transitions EP, the two-sided release consists of 22 tracks comprised of brand new originals and seminal punk covers – all of which are under 90 seconds.

Some of the covers include “Coffee Mug” (originally by Descendents), “Destination: Blood!” (Orchid), “Scenes From Parisian Life” (The Promise Ring), and “The Ballad of Wilhelm Fink” (Green Day).

The band also re-recorded NOFX‘s It’s My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite with some reworked lyrics to make it into It’s Your Job To Keep Punk News Elite. The song, which will not appear on the album, can be streamed at

The band will be heading on a national tour in support of the album starting in January. Joining them will be August Burns Red, Texas In July with Letlive and I The Breather on assorted dates. The eight week US and Canadian trek kicks off on January 13th at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ and circles around North America, wrapping up in Philadelphia at the TLA on March 3rd.

The dates are below.

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Silverstein Premier Two New Tracks

Silverstein has premiered to new tracks from their upcoming 22 song full length, Short Songs.  The band has unveiled both their Green Day cover “The Ballad Of Wilhelm Fink,” and their original tune, “Sin And Redemption.”  The album will be available February 7, 2012 via Hopeless Records.

Give both songs a whirl here.

Silverstein Reveals Track Listing For 'Short Songs'

Hardcore act Silverstein has released the full track listing for their upcoming full length, Short Songs.  The album is composed of 22 quick songs, 11 covers and 11 brand new, and features guest appearances by Tim McIlrath (Rise Against), Chris #2 (Anti-Flag), Scott Wade (ex-Comeback Kid), Chris Hannah (Propagandhi), Paul Rousseau (Burst & Bloom), Jimmy Stadt (Polar Bear Club), Daniel Tremblay (I Am Committing A Sin), Mike Hranica (The Devil Wears Prada), and Nick Diener (The Swellers).

The band also lauched a preorder through their label Hopeless Records for the February 7, 2012 street date.  Track names and album sequencing can be found below.

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Silverstein Reveals Track Listing For ‘Short Songs’

Hardcore act Silverstein has released the full track listing for their upcoming full length, Short Songs.  The album is composed of 22 quick songs, 11 covers and 11 brand new, and features guest appearances by Tim McIlrath (Rise Against), Chris #2 (Anti-Flag), Scott Wade (ex-Comeback Kid), Chris Hannah (Propagandhi), Paul Rousseau (Burst & Bloom), Jimmy Stadt (Polar Bear Club), Daniel Tremblay (I Am Committing A Sin), Mike Hranica (The Devil Wears Prada), and Nick Diener (The Swellers).

The band also lauched a preorder through their label Hopeless Records for the February 7, 2012 street date.  Track names and album sequencing can be found below.

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Silverstein Announces New Album; Made Up Of 90 Second Songs

Silverstein has announced that their next project will be a uniquely concise offering, consisting of songs clocking in at under 90 seconds a piece.  The album will be aptly titled Short Songs and is on track for a January 2012 release.  Drummer Paul Koehler discusses the band’s direction:

“Most people might associate a ‘short song’, with a fast punk rock vibe, but that’s not always the case… There will still be a ballad, a breakdown, and some singalongs, all amidst these quick songs. The idea is to give the listeners a mini-Silverstein album and take them through all of the peaks and valleys they could expect from any of our original albums.”

The disc will be divided into two parts, Side A which will consist of 11 originals and Side B which will consist of covers of punk songs hand picked by the band.  Notable selections include “It’s My Job to Keep Punk Rock Elite” (NOFX), “The Ballad of Wilhelm Fink” (Green Day), “Coffee Mug” (Descendents), and “236 East Broadway” (Gob).

The band released Rescue earlier this year on Hopeless Records.


Video: Silverstein Smartpunk Acoustic Sessions

Silverstein recently sat down for an acoustic session of a couple songs.  The session includes their very own “Replace You,” a well as a cover of Saves The Day’s “Three Miles Down.”  The band recently released thier latest album, Rescue, released earlier this year by Hopeless Records.

Watch both videos below.

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Silverstein – Intervention

Revolver has premiered a brand new song from Silverstein.  The track is titled “Intervention” and comes from their fifth studio album, Rescue, due out April 26, 2011 on Hopeless Records.  The feature also includes an accompanying interview.

Listen to the track here.

Video: Silverstein – The Artist

Silverstein have released their video for “The Artist” online. The song comes from the band’s upcoming full-length, Rescue and is available for download on iTunes now.

The video can be seen below. Rescue is now available for pre-order on iTunes and through Hopeless Records and will be released on April 26h.

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Take Action Volume 10 Benefit Tour And Rarities Compilation Announced

Hopeless Records’ non-profit organization Sub-City has released pre-order details regarding the tenth installment of their Take Action compilation series.  The double disc includes previously unreleased songs and remixes from Silverstein, Bayside, All Time Low, Circa Survive, The Swellers,  The Wonder Years, Texas In July, and Chiodos to name a few.  The album will come in three potential packages, including basic CD version, with others throwing in wristbands, t-shirts, and hoodies.

The album is currently set for an April 26, 2011 release.  This year’s proceeds will benefit awareness charity SEX, ETC, which is a teen-focused program of the award-winning national organization based at NJ’s Rutgers University, Answer. The mandate is to improve teen sexual health information and resources across the US.  Executive director Elizabeth Schroeder further explains the organization’s goals:

“Our organization’s tag line, ‘Sex Ed, Honestly,’ reflects our core belief that young people have the right to receive honest, accurate and age-appropriate information about the entire range of topics related to sexuality… for 30 years, we have reached millions of young people, community and school professionals, and parents throughout the United States.”

The compilation supports the accompanying Take Action Tour featuring Silverstein and Bayside with Polar Bear Club, The Swellers and Texas in July.  A full track and tour listing can be found below.

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Silverstein: Burning Hearts

Silverstein have unveiled a track from their upcoming album, Rescue,  online. The track, Burning Hearts, can be heard below.

Rescue will be out on April 26 through Hopeless Records.

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Tours: Bayside / Silverstein / Polar Bear Club / The Swellers / Texas In July

BaysideHopeless Records has announced the dates for the 2011 Take Action Tour!. Tis year’s event will be co-headlined by Bayside and Silverstein, with support provided by Polar Bear Club, The Swellers and Texas In July. The tour kicks off on April 22nd in Boston, MA.

Every year, proceeds from the tour goes to various charities. This year the tour  will benefit SEX, ETC., which according to the tour’s website is “the Teen-to-Teen Sexuality Education Project of Answer, a national organization dedicated to providing and promoting comprehensive sexuality education to young people and the adults who teach them.”

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