Rain Share Their New Video For ‘Abstract Vision’

Rain AVRain have announced they will be releasing Abstract Vision on November 24th via Venn Records. Abstract Vision is a five track EP that captures their ability to weave between 90s shoe-gaze, Creation Records and DIY grunge-pop seamlessly. Tracks like Flowers Of Aurora have a wonderfully romantic feel throughout, whilst other tracks like Petrichor have a controlled chaos that ebbs and flows between distorted guitars and drum fills. 

You can pre-order Abstract Vision via Venn Records here

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Hundredth’s Chadwick Johnson Unveils Solo Project ‘Pure Violet’

Hundredth frontman, Chadwick Johnson, has unveiled his new solo project, Pure Violet, and shared the first taste of music under the moniker. Earlier this year Hundredth released their pivotal new album, Rare, which saw the band deftly veering from their hardcore beginnings into new melodic territory. The album’s kinetic brand of shoegaze-inflected alternative hinted at a much broader musical palette and Pure Violet expands even further into this new melodic territory. The tracks Numb and Garden perfectly capture Pure Violet‘s gloomy pop sound, blending crisp electronic drum beats with warm synthesizers as Johnson’s reverb-laden voice falls in and out.

You can stream and download Numb and Garden via Bandcamp here

Slowkiss Sign To Wiretap Records

Slowkiss Promo Oct 17Slowkiss have signed to Wiretap Records after the label fell in love with the quartet from Santiago, Chile and their blend of punk, grunge and shoegaze. The band’s new EP, Ultraviolet, will be released next month, ahead of the release of the Ultraviolet EP Slowkiss have released a new music video for the track Empty Eyes, the first track taken from the new EP.

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Rain To Release ‘Abstract Vision’ EP Via Venn Records

Rain AVVenn Records has been at the forefront of modern punk, hardcore, emo and everything in between in the UK since its inception five years ago, their newest signing, Rain, have spent the past year and a half writing and recording a follow up record to the debut release, Symphony Pains. Rain are now set to release their new EP, Abstract Vision, on November 24th via Venn Records, and they will be on tour with New Moon at the end of October
You can pre-order Abstract Vision on red and black vinyl from Venn Records here
You can view the video for Petrichor, and Venn‘s your dates, below

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Honeyrude Release Full Stream Of ‘The Color Blue’ LP

Honeyrude TCBHoneyrude will release their full length debut album, The Color Blue, on August 18th via Shifting Sounds Records, ahead of the release the record can now be streamed in full. With The Color Blue the shoegaze revivalists have created a stunning record of textural dream-pop and early 90’s fuzzed out bliss.

You can stream The Color Blue via Soundcloud here

The Color Blue can be pre-ordered via Shifting Sounds Records here

Colorblind Leaving



Suck It! Records

Rating: 4/5




Colorblind hail from Norman, Oklahoma and they released their new album, Leaving, in July, which means it has now been available for almost a month, so whilst we are a little late to the party I’m glad that we eventually got here, as Colorblind have delivered an impressive debut full length. Leaving is a release that wilfully defies any expectations you may have had, and it must be said that this is a more than worthy successor to their acclaimed 2016 EP, Turn To Stone. 

The phased guitar introduction to Don’t Leave immediately reminds me of celebrated post punk bands such as The Chameleons, this element is blended with the drive of grunge and the style of indie to create a powerful hybrid, Caroline and Out Of My Mind fully embraces the energy of the grunge influence and this continues into the slightly more downbeat tracks such as Streetlights, Wanted To Believe and What’s Real? There are rockier moments such as Pretty Lies that bring a different dimension to the album and sit alongside the intense shoegaze of Push Me Away, Things We Do and the final number, Lost Cause.

Colorblind are another fine example of the positive results of differing styles and genres colliding head on, it’s impossible to pin down exactly where the bands loyalties lie, but for me that is one of the album’s strengths. If this was just a band recreating the grunge scene then my interest would have waned long before I got to the end of Leaving, but as this is an album that encompasses a clash of styles, with influences stretching from the late seventies onwards, the result is an original fuzz drenched hazy album that carries a strong undercurrent of dark energy.

Leaving can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp here and their Facebook page is here

Honeyrude Release Stream Of ‘Flowers’ From ‘The Color Blue’ LP

Honeyrude TCBIf everything is truly bigger in Texas, than it must include the shoegaze swoon of Austin’s Honeyrude, their full-length debut, The Color Blue, is set for release of August 18th via Shifting Sounds Records and it’s enormous in every way. Honeyrude have created a stunning record of textural dream-pop and early 90’s fuzzed out bliss with an incredible attention to sonic detail, they have also released a stream of the track Flowers ahead of the LP’s release.

The Color Blue can be pre-ordered here and Flowers can be streamed here

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Night Owls Release New Single ‘Out Of My Head’

Night Owls promo June 17Night Owls have announced their return with a brand new single, Out of My Head, that is now available via Till Deaf Do Us Party Records. The Night Owls have taken a leaf out of the shoegaze scene handbook for their new single, that sees them taking a doped up, dreamy and melodically obtuse approach to their raucous serrated grunge pop. The band will play a single launch show on the 24th June in Leeds at Hyde Park Book Club, with support coming from La Bête Blooms and Treeboy & Arc.

You can stream Out Of My Head here and view the Night Owls tour dates below

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hundredth rare



Hopeless Records

Rating: 4/5




Hundredth released their third album, Rare, earlier this month, it follows on from their sophomore album, Free, but on this release Hundredth have shifted away from their hardcore roots and into radically different territory. After the release of their last album Hundredth felt like they’d taken hardcore as far as it could go and they were left with a stark choice, either reinvent themselves and take the risk of heading out into uncharted territory, or call it quits and end the band, thankfully they picked the former option. They haven’t abandoned the heavy side of their nature, but they have incorporated shoegaze, post punk and even dream pop into their sound to create something unexpected and new.

Vertigo and Neurotic kick things off with an energetic and atmospheric wall of sound that makes you think you’ve got a handle on their new direction, when along comes White Squall, a track that channels Mancunian post punk and indie influences such as The Chameleons and The Stone Roses. The breakdowns and channelled rage are now a thing of the past, instead they have adopted the lush soundscapes of indie and shoegaze, but for all the changes they have made a punk attitude still underpins the album and there are still moments for their old school fans. Disarray in particular brings a heavier punk element back into the mix and shows that they haven’t forgotten their roots, but for the most part this is an adrenalized interpretation of the aforementioned influences and bands.

Many punk bands over the years have adapted, mutated or just downright changed their sound to embrace new influences and ideas, personally I always like to hear a band experimenting with new ideas, their are noble exceptions to this rule who have a sound of their own, but let’s face it, they are few and far between. There will be those who will feel that Hundredth have turned their back on their roots, but I can imagine that a greater number will be coming into the fold as a result of this album. Hundredth have proved that change isn’t always a bad thing and have produced an impressive and brave album that makes me hope that they keep changing

Rare can be ordered here via Hopeless Records here 

Hundredth Release Daring New Album ‘Rare’

hundredth rareHundredth‘s daring new full length, Rare, is out today via Hopeless Records. The album is now available for purchase and streaming, Rare features the South Carolina band’s dramatic sound change from aggressive hardcore to a dynamic blend of lush shoegaze and driving post-punk. Hundredth will be supporting Rare all summer long on the Vans Warped Tour with more tour dates to be announced soon.

Rare can be streamed via Spotify here and Apple Music here

You can purchase Rare here (physical formats) and here (digitally)

Pine Pillow Talk


Pillow Talk

No Sleep Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Canada’s Pine are the newest signing to No Sleep Records, and it seems the band have wasted no time in brining out their first release for the label, the Pillow Talk EP. The EP is now available on vinyl, on a limited edition pink with green swirl variant, as well as being available digitally. Pine offer a unique mix of post punk intensity that is blended with influences ranging from emo to shoegaze that brings a unique combination that’s as refreshing and cathartic as it is nostalgic.

Dolya opens with a mellow emotive slice of post punk influenced shoegaze, ethereal vocals combine with a gorgeous dream like melody to create a blissed out introduction to Pine that just washes over you. Viable ups the ante, but despite the more strident beat it maintains the dream like quality of the opening number with it’s delicate multi layered vocals, whereas (Un)rest delivers the kind of song you get the feeling the Pillow Talk EP has been building up to, a perfect dreamscape that has a subtle intensity that blends perfectly into the penultimate track, Jilt. Blue Jacket closes the EP with a truly epic and mellow finale that brings the Pillow Talk EP to a subtle crescendo.

If your tastes are towards snarling punk rock then the Pillow Talk EP won’t be for you, but for me this is an EP for those mellow moments after a late night that has unexpectedly become a very early morning, it’s subtle intensity is strangely beguiling and the vocal delivery from Darlene Deschamps is one that is hypnotic and entrancing, and it is backed up by a lush soundscape. There are post punk influences aplenty on the intriguing EP, but it avoids recreating the past and instead they mark out their own territory with an original and blissed out EP, and this is a release that come the right moment will be one that you’ll be glad that you own.

The Pillow Talk EP can be ordered on vinyl from No Sleep Records here and digitally via Bandcamp here

Kamikaze Girls Seafoam

Kamikaze Girls


Big Scary Monsters Records

Rating: 4/5




Leeds based duo Kamikaze Girls released their debut album, Seafoam, a few days ago on June 9th, the album, which follows on from last years critically acclaimed Sad EP, has been issued via Big Scary Monsters Records in Europe and Wiretap Records in North America. The album marks a shift away from the Sad EP, whilst Seafoam maintains their commitment to political and social change, it demonstrates a broader range of musical influences and styles that doesn’t diminish the impact of their brutally honest and personal lyrics, rather it makes the new album feel somehow more focused and accessible, and this is important for a band whose message is one that I think needs be heard.

Seafoam kicks off with the dark and haunting One Young Man that segues into the intense Berlin, this was the lead single from the album and you can see why it was chosen as the track to grab your attention. There seems to be a more confrontational attitude to the songs, a change that is exemplified on the intense KG Goes To The Pub, a track that challenges attitudes and stereotypes with an enviable level of venom and fury, but this is counterbalanced by tracks that display a greater level of subtlety and harmony. Tracks like the superb Unhealthy Love channel northern post punk influences whilst still lyrically packing as much of a punch, I Don’t Want To Be Sad Forever comes across as a manifesto for much needed change before the bonus track, Anxious, lays bare the realities of managing mental health issues.

From the start it’s clear that a lot has changed since the release of their Sad EP last year, Kamikaze Girls sound like a band whose confidence has grown and their mix of punk, riot grrrl, shoegaze and post punk gives them a unique place in the British punk scene. Whilst the Sad EP sounded like an act of catharthis, Seafoam in comparison comes across as coming from a more hopeful place, issues are still confronted, a change of perspective doesn’t mean that Kamikaze Girls have in anyway abandoned their principles or the attitude that lies at the heart of the band, this just sounds like they have come to terms with the past and are now focused on confronting the future head on.

You can order the digital release of Seafoam here and physical formats can be purchased here (EU) and here (US)

Caracara Release Music Video For New Single ‘Glacier’

Caracara GlacierPhiladelphia’s Caracara have just released the music video for their single, Glacier, which is taken from their forthcoming full length record, that will be released later this year. Their debut album promises a shifting of styles and symbols, alternating from shimmering indie to whispers of neo-folk before relishing in the cathartic push of post-rock. This fluidity introduces a band with no point of origin, built from the mysterious clamour of noise as much as they are inspired by it.

Glacier can be streamed and purchased here

you can view the video for Glacier below Read More…

Silk Of Stars Enemies of Art

Just Everywhere

Silk Of Stars

Ramber Records

Rating: 2.5/5




Just Everywhere is the work of just one man, Paul Baird, and Silk Of Stars is his debut release under the name, the album was released via Ramber Records earlier this month and is now available on limited edition cassette, although you’ll be lucky if there are any left by the time you read this, and digital formats. Silk Of Stars is an incredibly diverse collection of experimental shoegaze and indie with dreamy middles, corrupted dream pop and ambient moments that sit alongside noisy peaks and heavily distorted guitar riffs to create an album that defies description.

Silk Of Stars is an unpredictable fifteen track opus, it opens with a noisy distorted feedback laced track, This Is What We Do With The Horses, that recalls Psychocandy era Jesus And Mary Chain, but from here on in it’s a rollercoaster that veers between atmospheric shoegaze influenced indie, poignant piano led instrumentals and melancholy moments before it kicks back into a moment of scuzzy distorted rock ‘n roll with If You Do This, You Will Be Dead To Me, and then we’re off again into an unpredictable patchwork of styles and influences that defies categorisation.

Just Everywhere have released an album that contains a diverse and almost haphazard mix of styles, there will be no surprises that I prefer the noisier moments on the album, the two aforementioned tracks and the wonderfully titled You Will Live On A Beach And Smoke Pot are the stand out moments for me, but when you consider that Silk Of Stars is now available for streaming, or for purchase for the price of half a pint, you really have nothing to lose by giving Just Everywhere a spin. Whilst I doubt there’s anyone who will love all of Silk Of Stars I’m confident that there will be something on this unique album for pretty much everyone.

Silk Of Stars can be purchased and streamed via Bandcamp here

jake clarke spur split 17

Jake Clarke / Spur


Disposition Collective

Rating: 3.5/5




As with almost every split EP and album I’ve encountered this is a story of two very distinct halves, the first half dozen tracks feature the debut solo release by Philadelphia’s Jake Clarke, who is best known for the two albums that were recorded with Superheaven, whilst the flip side features fellow Pennsylvannians Spur, who bring their impressive shoegaze influenced dream punk sound to the split. This album will be released via the Disposition Collective on the 3rd February 2017, the vinyl edition, that will be issued on black and swirl variants, is now available for pre-order, and the digital version of the album will be available from the release date.

Jake Clarke‘s first solo effort continues where Superheaven left off, Get It Together kicks off Jake Clarke‘s half of the split, this track is the closest to his work with his former outfit as it’s a subdued grunge influenced number, after this things a mellower turn, and in the case of Part 2, a spacier more experimental approach is evident. This is Jake Clarke‘s first solo release and he has delivered a stripped down version of Superheaven‘s trademark sound, this is a much more sensitive recording than his fans will be used to, but it’s one that carries the same sensibilities as his former outfit.

Spur bring their indie influenced dream punk and they bring this release to life, there’s a clear influence from a broad range of styles, including shoegaze, emo, post hardcore and the indie scene of the late eighties on their side of the split, and it’s one certainly carries more energy than the subdued half dozen songs from their counterpart on this split. The stand out track on the album comes in the form of the much darker and heavier number, Freeze, along with this you get three breezy energetic indie influenced numbers and they close their side with the dark and dramatic piano led number, Moon.

With any split release you are going to find yourself falling for one half of the EP, for me Spur‘s contribution was one that had more of an appeal, but that’s not to dismiss Jake Clarke‘s contribution, as the two artists featured on this album do compliment each other nicely. Jake Clarke‘s debut solo release gives you an indication of the direction he’ll be headed in when his debut full length is released, and Superheaven fans will not be disappointed by the road he’s headed down. Spur have marked themselves as a band I’m going to be watching closely, the variation across their five tracks indicates they are no one trick indie pony, the contrast between the light energetic upbeat compositions and their darker fuzzier alter ego has certainly piqued my interest.

The Jake Clarke / Spur Split Album is available for pre-order here


Iris Jupiter

Iris Jupiter

Open Door Records

Rating: 4/5




Reviewing an album is always going to be a subjective exercise, but sometimes an album can be exactly what you need to hear and can reflect your mood, and there are few things better than finding a band that unexpectedly manages to match your state of mind. With that in mind this Southern Californian trio’s self titled debut landed in my inbox at exactly the right moment, it’s a downbeat, yet energetic, fuzzed out soundscape that is a hybrid of punk, hardcore, post punk and shoegaze that brings something unique and very welcome to 2017. Iris Jupiter‘s seven track offering follows on from 2016’s Zero Cool EP, that was released on Pacific Nature Records, it represents a logical progression from their initial lo-fi offering, everything sounds tighter and more refined, but crucially without losing the spirit of their debut release.

The opening track, Carly Beth, opens with a driven bass line that breaks down into a chorus that reflects pain and anguish, all the while this is accompanied by a twisted fuzzed out guitar line that encompasses punk and shoegaze, along with pulses of intense hardcore. Life Pile lets the bass line take the lead, with more than a hint that there’s a debt owed to Peter Hook‘s low slung influential bass style, before it explodes into heartfelt rage, a style that carries over into Mizar. Eat The Sap takes things into a darker place with a brief ode to isolation before we hit the glorious Ween (V4008), this track carries a hypnotic bass line and a piledriving guitar riff that abruptly segues into Science Is A Liar (Sometimes), this brings the pace of the album down with a melodic riff that builds to a climax with it’s anguished refrain of “feel the weight that’s pressing me down”. Solar Denial wraps things up with the heaviest riff on this impressive debut album, and it brings what has been an all too brief septet of slabs of heady dark fuzz to a close with a satisfying squall of feedback.

There’s a hefty influence from the likes of Joy Division, Smashing Punpkins and Placebo in their sound, but this is married to elements from punk, indie, shoegaze and emo that stops Iris Jupiter from being derivative of the bands that came before them. This impressive self titled album is delivered with a dark disturbed feel, and a genuine yearning rage and pain in the vocal delivery, that delivers something that is very much a product of 2017. Iris Jupiter have delivered the perfect soundtrack to those moments of doubt and introspection, but crucially I found that rather than encouraging you to wallow in dark places Iris Jupiter lift your mood. Their restrained rage is matched against an ominous distorted soundtrack, the end result is that this is a debut full length that is something to be treasured.

Iris Jupiter‘s self titled EP was released on the 13th January 2017 and can be ordered here

Iris Jupiter‘s web presence can be found here

Iris Jupiter Release Stream of Debut Album

iris-jupiterOpen Door Records will be releasing the self titled debut album from Southern California’s Iris Jupiter, the debut full length delivers a collision of down tuned power pop riffs and noisy shoegaze, that is shored up by steady beating pulses of hardcore. Iris Jupiter will be playing an album release show at VLHA, Pomona, CA on the 14th January with I’m Glad It’s You and The Total Bettys.

Iris Jupiter‘s self titled debut album can be pre-ordered here and streamed here

Iris Jupiter‘s website can be found here

Iris Jupiter To Release Debut Album Via Open Door Records

iris-jupiterOpen Door Records have confirmed that they will be releasing the self titled debut album from Southern Californian trio Iris Jupiter, the debut full length promises to deliver a collision of down tuned power pop riffs and noisy shoegaze, that is shored up by steady beating pulses of hardcore. Iris Jupiter will be playing an album release show at VLHA, Pomona, CA on the 14th January with I’m Glad It’s You and The Total Bettys.

Iris Jupiter‘s self titled debut album can be pre-ordered here

Iris Jupiter‘s website can be found here


Woven In Hiatus

Anatomical Heart

InVogue Records

Rating: 3/5




After forming in the latter stages 2015 Boston’s Woven In Hiatus have  certainly hit the ground running, in the first year of their existence they’ve released their debut EP, Roam, signed with InVogue Records, and recorded and released their debut full length release. The album includes guest appearances by label mates Dependence and September Stories, and it features ten flawlessly produced and delicately arranged acoustic compositions that span the indie genre.

Anatomical Heart opens with the upbeat acoustic strains of Scarlet, after this the album takes you on acoustic rollercoaster of styles and emotions, from delicate and heartfelt tracks, such as Bedframe and Ordinary People, through songs that have an almost country twang in the guitars, though you should think more Johnny Cash rather than Billy Ray Cyrus, and the stark and downbeat, all the while Woven In Hiatus maintain the dreamlike and ethereal quality that permeates their songwriting. Anatomical Heart isn’t something that would feature regularly on my playlist, but this is an album that will be sought out and played whenever the mood is right.

Woven In Hiatus is an acoustic quartet that have crafted and impressive debut album in Anatomical Heart, it incorporates indie, shoegaze and the poppier side of the punk world, the subject matter can be dark and emotive but this is nicely juxtaposed against the intricate and beautifully produced acoustic arrangements. Anatomical Heart is an album for those mellow hazy moments late at night, despite the subject matter of much of the album I found this to be a warm and comforting release. This is an album that will suit those nights that have ended up being on the cusp of easing into being an early morning, we all have those nights and Anatomical Heart would be the perfect soundtrack for those occasions.

Anatomical Heart can be ordered via InVogue Records here





Rating: 3/5




Belguim’s Newmoon have released their debut album, Space, today, the band have taken their name from an Elliot Smith album and the members of Newmoon have previously played in the much loved hardcore punk band, Midnight Souls, which is now widely recognised as one of the finest to emerge from their home country. Space is a distinct shift away from their hardcore origins, they have moved into a more expansive, mellower and richer sound, but despite the shift they have retained the DIY ethic of their previous incarnation, and remain committed to producing music on their own terms.

The album opens with Helium, this harks back to the days of shoegaze indie, but with a darker twist to it, this initial track, and indeed most of Space, comes across like a dark languid wall of sound. The pace and texture of the songs varies throughout the album, but it retains an atmospheric and appropriately spacey feel over the ten tracks, the whole album reverberates with the influence of the UK shoegaze scene but with a slightly darker and more grandiose feel to it. This is an album that’s bursting with layers of atmospheric guitars, heavy drums and yearning vocals that draws you in with it’s hedonistic reverb drenched soundtrack, the only exception being the track Hi, which to me is a pointess two minutes of white noise that brings nothing to album other than an urge to hit the skip button.

The production on Space is bordering on perfection, in fact it’s probably one of the best produced albums I’ve heard this year, everything is in perfect balance and the wall of sound is certainly impressive. If you’re a fan of The Raveonettes Pretty In Black era, early Stone Roses or the indie scene in general, especially the likes of My Bloody Valentine and Ride then this is an album you need to own. If you were expecting any trace of their hardcore roots then you’ll be in for a disappointment, there is no trace of the sound of their former selves on this album. This is a deep lush, and somewhat self indulgent, album of atmospheric shoegaze that I think would have benefitted from a shot of adrenalin to recapture some of the energy and anger from their past.

You can order Space here

Newmoon Share New Video For ‘Helium’

newmoon-spaceBelgium’s Newmoon celebrate the abundance of creativity in their local circles in a new music video for Helium, the emotive second cut to be revealed from the band’s forthcoming debut album, Space, which is due for release on October 14th via PIAS. Helium features shimmering melodies and poignant lyrical reflections, the video sees Newmoon juxtapose the light against the dark, inviting fellow creatives and friends from the Nordic, German and Belgian scenes to dance gleefully against the track’s macabre sonic backdrop.
Space can be pre-ordered via iTunes here and the Helium video can be viewed below

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Newmoon Release ‘Head Of Stone’ Video

Newmoon promoBelgium’s Newmoon have revealed a new music video for Head Of Stone, the atmospheric first single taken from their forthcoming debut album, Space, due for release October 14 via PIAS. Newmoon have a strong DIY punk ethic, have been friends since their mid-teens and all band members have matching tattoos. They cite the likes The Jesus & Mary Chain, Slowdive, and the Ramones as influences, and to them everything is new, and this is the start of it. The video for Head Of Stone can be viewed below and Space can be pre ordered via iTunes

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Strange Relations

Strange Relations

Going Out

Tiny Engines Records

Rating: 3/5




Strange Relations are a trio from Minneapolis, they are comprised of Casey Sowa, drums and vocals, Marisa Helgeson, bass and keyboards, and Nate Hart-Andersen on guitar. Going Out follows on from their debut album, Centrism, that was released on Tiny Engines Records in 2015. 

opening track Drift has a hypnotic bass line, whilst the tone of the song is light the vocals sound agitated and at times appear to be bordering on a nervous breakdown, Ceremonies follows, this is a more ethereal track, it comes across as a union between the likes of the Cocteau Twins and early New Order. The tone changes distinctly half way through Going Out, Predation is a spiky affair, the post punk influences come to the fore on this number and the EP closes with Weeknites, this is easily my favourite track on here, the song has a frantic and disturbed quality that is reminiscent of the discordant post punk style of the likes of The Au-Pairs, the tone of this number is reflected in the lyrics, they seem to depict the inner turmoil of a mind late at night when insomnia has struck.

This is not your run of the mill indie release, there is no pop sensibility to Strange Relations, they have produced a blend of the darker side of indie and post punk that has a stark minimalist tone throughout. The songs seem to echo with a burning sense of frustration and reflect the darker side of human nature, especially on the closing track Weeknites. Strange Relations draw on a variety of influences to produce a unique hybrid that is worth investigating if you like your indie rock on the dark side.

Going Out will be released on July 8th 2016 on Tiny Engines Records and can be ordered as a download or cassette here