Senses Fail – Gold Jacket, Green Jacket…

Senses FailLong running emo act Senses Fail has premiered a new song from their next full length.  The disc will be titled If There Is Light, It Will Find You, and is set to drop on February 16, 2018 via Pure Noise Records.  

The song “Gold Jacket, Green Jacket…” can be heard below.  Pre-orders are live.

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Tours: Senses Fail / Reggie and the Full Effect / Have Mercy / Household

Senses FailLong running emo act Senses Fail will be heading on tour in support of their recently announced new full length, If There Is Light, It Will Find You, which is set to drop on February 16, 2018 via Pure Noise Records.  

The band will be touring with Reggie and the Full Effect, Have Mercy, and Household.  Pre-orders are live.  Tour dates are below.

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Senses Fail Announces New LP; Streams First Track

Senses FailLong running emo act Senses Fail has announced plans for their next full length.  The disc will be titled If There Is Light, It Will Find You, and is set to drop on February 16, 2018 via Pure Noise Records.  

Coinciding with the announcement, the band has premiered the song “Double Cross,” which can be heard below.  Pre-orders are live.

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Senses Fail To Release Acoustic EP, Announce Tour

Senes Fail – In Your AbsenceNew Jersey-based screamo veterans Senses Fail will release a new acoustic EP to celebrate the 15-year anniversary of their very first EP, From The Depths of Dreams. The upcoming acoustic EP titled In Your Absence is scheduled to debut on March 3, 2017 via Pure Noise Records. In conjunction with the announcement, the band premiered a music video for Jets To Peru, a song off the new EP. Watch the video here. The track list is also available below.

In regards to the release, vocalist Buddy Nielsen said,


“Fifteen years ago the first thing we ever did was put together an EP, that eventually turned into a longer EP called From The Depths of Dreams which was our first official release. WE thought it would be appropriate to celebrate our 15-year anniversary by doing the same thing. These songs are a throwback to an older style of Senses Fail and we are very proud of exploring this sound and the future. Here is to another 15 years.”

Senses Fail will continue commemorating 15 years as they headline a North American tour this spring. Check out the dates below.

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Video: Senses Fail – Jets To Brazil (Acoustic)

Senses FailSenses Fail are streaming a new music video featuring a song from their upcoming acoustic EP.  The track is titled “Jets To Brazil” and the EP is titled In Your Absense, which is due out on March 3, 2017.

Tour dates are below.

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Video: Senses Fail – Lost And Found (Acoustic)

Senses FailSenses Fail are streaming a new video featuring a song from their upcoming acoustic EP.  The track is titled “Lost And Found” and the EP is titled In Your Absense, which is due out on March 3, 2017.

Watch the video below.

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Tours: Sum 41 / Senses Fail / As It Is

Sum 41Sum 41 has announced that they will be heading on the ‘Don’t Call It A Sum-Back” tour with Senses Fail and As It Is.  The boys will be touring in support of their new album, 13 Voices, which is due out October 7, 2016 via Hopeless Records. The ten-track album will follow 2011’s Screaming Bloody Murder.

Tour dates are below.

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Tours: Senses Fail / Silverstein

Senses FailSesnes Fail and Silverstein has announced that they will be heading on tour together this Fall.  Silverstein vocalist Shane Told comments:

“It’s really exciting to announce a tour with old friends that we back so hard… I think the last time Silverstein and Senses Fail did a run together was back in 2004 when we were very new bands and just getting our feet wet. I think that youth energy will still be present, but this time with the experience our bands have, we’re able to put together an amazing, extremely high energy show for both the old school and new school fans”.

Senses Fail frontman Buddy Nielsen adds:

“Ten years ago we did one of our very first full US headline tours with Silverstein. We are super excited to be sharing the road with them again. It’s been a long time coming, as both our bands have been at it for the better part of 15 years. Still here, still making excellent passionate music and still putting on amazing shows. We are stoked to celebrate the release of both our new records and bring to fans a reunion of sorts.”

Full tour dates are below.

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Video: Senses Fail – The Three Marks Of Existence

Senses FailLong running post-hardcore band Senses Fail has premiered a new music video. The video features the song “The Three Marks of Existence” from their recent release, Pull The Thorns From Your Heart, which is out now via Pure Noise Records.

Watch the video below.

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Senses Fail Stream New Album With Commentary

Senses FailLong running post-hardcore band Senses Fail has premiered an album stream complete with track-by-track commentary.  The disc dropped earlier this week and is titled Pull The Thorns From Your Heart which is out via Pure Noise Records.

Listen to and order the full disc here.

Senses Fail – Carry The Weight

Long running post-hardcore band Senses Fail has premiered two new songs from their sixth studio album.  The tracks are titled “Carry The Weight” and “Wounds” and will appear on their upcoming disc, Pull The Thorns From Your Heart, which is due out on June 30, 2015 via Pure Noise Records.

Listen to the new track below.

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Senses Fail Premiered Two New Songs

Senses FailLong running post-hardcore band Senses Fail has premiered two new songs from their sixth studio album.  The tracks are titled “The Courage Of An Open Heart” and “Wounds” and will appear on their upcoming disc, Pull The Thorns From Your Heart, which is due out on June 30, 2015 via Pure Noise Records.

Listen to both new tracks here.

Senses Fail Announces New Full Length; Debuts First Track

Senses FailLong running post-hardcore band Senses Fail has announced details for their sixth studio album.  The disc will be titled Pull The Thorns From Your Heart and is due out on June 30, 2015 via Pure Noise Records.  Front man Buddy Nielsen comments:
“This record is the complete documentation of my transformative spiritual experience from the darkness to the light… It is the completion of a journey I have been on since I started making music when I was 17. I want this record to be more than just words and music but a blueprint for how through contemplative practice you can come to love, grow and blossom out of the muck of life and into the light. It is not intended to motivate in steps or exact teachings but empower. It is above all a personal story of struggle and realization.”
The newly released track “The Importance of The Moment of Death” serves as a personal reflection of Nielsen’s former self.  Nielsen elaborates: 
“The video while not directly reflecting on the lyrics or the topic of the song, represents the world I had been living in, unsafe, unwelcoming and down right fucked up… It is a mythic representation of how innocence can be forcefully taken away from us as children, leaving us with too much too soon and without the proper coping skills i.e. me!  The clown represents an innocence and in this case a lack of innocence, or the mode by which innocence can be lost. The parents  represent the guardians, the creators, the ones who oversee our growth from childhood to adulthood and the children, the curious initiates. The clown is actually the one who initiates the cruel and premature journey that the children take from backyard party, to striking out in retaliatory violence. During the party, the children, left unsupervised and to their own devices end up clearly getting into things they shouldn’t and being given gifts (by the parents) they shouldn’t get. When the clown arrives, he offers them a ritualistic party favor in the form of a piñata. The piñata dates back to the celebratory festivals and offerings of the Aztec god Huitzilopochtli. The ritual is celebrated and instead of their being candy, there is meat and blood. The children eat it up and pass out. They are then transformed from their former ignorant and blissful child states, into a new mode, a new interpretation of their surroundings.” 
To mark the occasion the band has released a video for their track “The Importance of the Moment of Death,” listen to the song below along with upcoming tour dates.

Man Overboard – Cute When You Scream (Senses Fail Cover)

Man OverboardMan Overboard has premiered their cover of Senses Fail‘s “Cute When You Scream” from their upcoming split 7″ record.  The split comes out March 3, 2015 via Pure Noise Records.

Listen to the cover below.

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Senses Fail – Real Talk (Man Overboard Cover)

Senses FailSenses Fail has premiered their cover of Man Overboard‘s “Real Talk” fro their upcoming split 7″ record.  The split comes out March 3, 2015 via Pure Noise Records.

Listen to the cover below.

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Man Overboard – One Fixed Point

Man OverboardNew Jersey pop punks Man Overboard have premiered a track.  The song is titled “One Fixed Point” and is set to appear on their recently announced split with Senses Fail.  The band released the EP Passing Ends, released earlier this year via Rude Records and Lost Tape Collective

Listen to the song below.  The split is now available for pre-order here.

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Senses Fail Finish Next Full Length

Senses FailSenses Fail has revealed that they have finished work on their next full length.  The album is titled Pull The Thorns From Your Heart and is currently slated for a summer 2015 release on Pure Noise Records.  Recorded the disc with Shaun Lopez (Far, Deftones, Crosses) as producer and engineer. 

The band’s statement can be found on Twitter.

Senses Fail Announce ‘Let It Enfold You’ Anniversary Tour

Senses FailLong running post-hardcore band Senses Fail is celebrating the 10th anniversary of their classic album Let It Enfold You with a collection of full album performances.  The band plans to play the record in its entirity in a string of tour dates in Spring 2015.  Senses Fail’s breakout album Let It Enfold You was originally released in 2004 on Vagrant/Drive Thru Records.

Tour dates can be found below.

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Senses Fail Detail Next Album; Aim For 2015

Senses FailSenses Fail has revealed details for their next full length.  The album will be titled Pull The Thorns From Your Heart and is currently slated for a summer 2015 release on Pure Noise Records.  The band has entered the studio today to begin recording with Shaun Lopez (Far, Deftones, Crosses) as producer and engineer.  Vocalist Buddy Nielsen comments on what fans can expect this time through:

“This album is a continuation of the sound we established on Renacer and builds out of those soundscapes.  Lyrically this record is about finding peace and love within yourself through the letting go of habitual patterns of emotional and physical self abuse, finding courage in vulnerability and surrendering to the idea that love is the path to liberation. We are so very lucky to be making music this far into our careers and we cannot wait to share it.”

Buddy will also be playing two acoustic shows this December. Dates and information can be seen below.

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Senses Fail Join The Ranks Of Pure Noise Records

a90e5057-012f-43d5-98e1-a01d4f85d912Long running emo act Senses Fail has announced that they have signed to Pure Noise Records.  The band plans to enter the studio in November to start recording their next full length.  No further details are known aside from its targeted Summer 2015 release window.

The band is currently in the initial stages of their nationwide Let It Enfold You 10th Anniversary Tour.  Dates are provided below.

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Knuckle Puck Announce 7″, Stream New Track

Knuckle Puck1Chicago punks Knuckle Puck have announced a new 7″ featuring two songs, one new (Oak Street) and one old (an acoustic version of Home Alone) will be released on September 2nd via Bad Timing Records. The release will drop just before the band hits the road as part of the Senses Fail Let It Enfold You 10 year anniversary tour.

Pre orders are available here and you can stream Oak Street here.

Full dates of the tour can be found below.

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Knuckle Puck Premiere Video, Announce Tour

Knuckle PuckChicago punk band Knuckle Puck, fresh from their stint on the Heart Attack Tour with Man Overboard and Transit have announced a fall tour with NJ post punks Senses Fail. In addition to that, they have also posted a new video for No Good, a song taken from their recent EP The Weight That You Buried, released in April via Bad Timing Records.

Check out the video for No Good and the full list of tour dates below:

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Tours: Senses Fail / No Bragging Rights / Knuckle Punch

Senses FailSenses Fail has announced they will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of their seminal album, Let It Enfold You.  Supporting acts include No Bragging Rights and Knuckle Puck.  Front man Buddy Neilson comments about the significance of the record to himself and the band:

 “I have spent the better part of my life pursuing a dream and now, purposely, to look back and clearly be able to see the peaks and valleys, the difficult personal times, the relational sacrifices that were made, as well as the joy, excitement, youthful ignorance that was painfully present at times.  It is all very outstandingly grounding and fills me with equal parts nostalgic joy and gratitude for everyone that has shared in this band, past present and future, band member or business partner. We were all very young when we wrote and recorded this record in a half recording studio, half go go bar, run by the Russian Mob in Dover, NJ. None of us could have imagined the places it would take us, to now retrace those steps back in time, is a little frightening but more so exciting. I have very fond memories of the journey that was started with the record and I truly have deep love for everyone that was involved. All of us have gone separate ways but we will still forever share a bond, a record that has its own life and will stay unchanged for the rest of time.” 

Presale tickets are available here with tickets available to be purchased as of June 5th.  All proceeds from presale tickets will go to The Best Friends Animal Society.

Live Concert Review

Senses Fail

Live (April 11th, 2009)

Starlite Room - Edmonton, Alberta




It’s been seven years since New Jersey’s Senses Fail first broke out of their local scene and received national attention with their EP, From The Depths of Dream. In those seven years they’ve released three different CDs but have yet to make it up to Edmonton to tour in support of one of them. That is, of course, until tonight when they finally took over the Starlite Room in support of Life Is Not A Waiting Room – the band’s newest effort. The New Jersey band made up for the wait by putting in one hell of a performance; however, that doesn’t mean there weren’t a few glitches along the way.

As the curtains drew back, drummer Dan Trapp walked onto the stage and flicked a switch to turn on some lights within his fluorescent orange drum kit. The rest of the band, including newly appointed bass player Jason Black of Hot Water Music fame, soon joined him on stage as they burst into their set. Right away you could tell the sound mixing was a little off as the low end was way too loud (to the point where tables shook halfway across the venue with each bass drum kick) and Buddy Nielsen’s vocals were way too low in the mix.

It was annoying as Nielsen’s vocals after came through muffled and unclear. The backup vocals sounded crisp and evenly mixed, by Nielsen’s were placed too low in the mix which made it hard to hear at times. That choruses and gang vocals portions came through fine, but when Nielsen was alone the vocals felt a bit weak.

That didn’t stop the crowd from erupting with hardcore dancing and circle pits throughout the set though. Everyone happily helped Buddy out and sang along to tracks like You’re Cute When You Scream, Family Tradition, Sick or Sane, Calling All Cars, Can’t Be Saved and Buried A Lie. Nielsen encouraged the crowd participation as he often crouched down and threw the microphone admits the screaming mouths of fans. When he wasn’t doing that, Nielsen occupied himself by doing some hardcore dancing moves himself on stage, doing flips, one handed pushups and basically acting like a madman. He kept the banter to a minimum, when he did talk he ripped into Bob Saget, complained about having a moose knuckle, thanked the crowd and apologized for taking so long to get up here.

The hour long set featured tracks from all of their releases but did have some glaring omissions; tracks like Irony of Dying On Your Birthday, Lady In The Blue Dress and To All The Crowded Roomswould have been a welcomed addition to the set list. The hit singles, like Rum Is For Drinking, Not For Burning, and the heavier tracks, like Four Years and Lungs Like Gallows, seemed to get the best response from the crowd but nothing compared to the closer: One Eight Seven. It may be one of their oldest songs and be a slower track than most of their stuff, but every single person in the venue seemed to know every single word to the tune and they eagerly sang alongside Nielsen.

As the final drum beats of One Eight Seven rippled through the venue, Nielsen thanked the crowd and the band left the stage for the evening. Nielsen hung around for a bit, throwing out picks and set lists but just waved no to the chants of “one more song.” It had been seven years, but Senses Fail treated their Edmonton fans to a solid rock show, despite a few sound glitches.


Video: Senses Fail – Between The Mountains And The Sea

Senses FailSenses Fail has debuted a brand new music video.  The video features the song “Between The Mountains And The Sea” from their latest full-length, Renacer, which was released back in March on Wise Records in Australia and Staple Records.  

Watch the full video below.

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Senses Fail - The Fire

Senses Fail

The Fire

Vagrant Records

Rating: 2.5/5




Senses Fail have always been a guilty pleasure of mine ever since they released their debut EP in 2002 on ECA Records. Yes, I have one of those rare original copies – so I’ve been a fan for a while.

Yet, their output has always had their ups and downs. I’d love one album, thought their next was somewhat bland, loved the follow-up and then was disappointed again.  The distinction between their last two albums – Still Searching and Life Is Not A Waiting Room – was the most drastic. Still Searching was strong, energizing, impressive lyrically and a complete package. Hell, I think it even made it to my top ten list at the end of the year. Life Is Not A Waiting Room was pure shit – bland, forgettable and boring to the point that I can’t name you a single song from it.

I wanted The Fire to redeem them, to follow the trend and be an album that I loved. But it wasn’t. After the first few listens, all I felt was that Senses Fail had, once again, delivered a bland and generic album. It was heavier than most of their earlier stuff – that I couldn’t deny – but it was too polished, too clean and just oddly forgettable.

After a few more listens though, I realized that The Fire isn’t the same as Life Is Not A Waiting Room or Still Searching. Instead, The Fire is a grower. It’s a record that doesn’t jump at you but slowly grows. I still can’t get behind it as much as From The Depths of Dreams or Still Searching, but The Fire is growing on me as a complete album rather than individual tunes.

Sadly, very few tracks really stand out in the mix. There’s a few – Saint Anthony, Landslide and Nero for example – but they’re few and far between. Instead, The Fire works as a complete album. Playing through, building up intensity and momentum so that even though many tracks don’t really stand out per say, they work together in the package.

As mentioned before, it’s heavier than ever before. Former Hot Water Music bassist Jason Black has added some depth into the rhythm section and front man Buddy Nielsen has expanded his vocal reach. More so than ever before, Nielsen lets go and screams bloody murder. Yes, I like it more when he’s melodic but to deny his talents as a hardcore screamer would be impossible. In fact, the juxtaposition of screams and harmonious group chorus on Lifeboats makes the tune an album highlight. What starts off jarring and out of place soon grows and leads the song into one of the very few that can easily stand alone.

Lyrically, it appears that they’ve taken a step back as not many lines are really that memorable. It could be due to the fact that very few songs stick out which makes the lyrics unremarkable as well. This, once again, is disappointing because I’ve always enjoyed Nielsen’s lyrics despite their overly depressing content; there’s just no clever turn of phrase here that I want to repeat.

The Fire is a middle of the road Senses Fail album – not their best but not their worst. It has definitely grown on me but still feels as if it’s lacking something. It’s still a little too safe and too polished, but maybe a few more listens and it’ll sink in some more.

Senses Fail -Still Searching

Senses Fail

Still Searching

Vagrant Records

Rating: 4/5




I loved Senses Fail‘s debut EP, Into The Depths Of Dreams. It was on constant repeat, and it’s one I still play often; but sadly, their sophomore released failed to live up to my expectations. Sure, Let It Enfold You had a fair few great songs (Lady In A Blue Dress and The Irony of Dying On Your Birthdayare two amazing songs that I love to hear) but overall, the CD wasn’t that entertaining – and one could say it was moderately forgettable. Still, the prospect of a new album excited me and I don’t know what it is, but Still Searching has arrived and has blown it’s predecessor out of the water. Because for whatever reason it may be, Senses Fail are back and ready to show the world what they’ve been hiding all this time.

Now, the obvious statement here is if you don’t like Senses Fail, then you should stop reading right away. This album won’t change your mind, but if you’re even remotely interested in the band, then this album will make you a fan. They’ve taken everything that was good on their two previous releases and improved on them, pushing them forward and make the album reach new heights that Let If Enfold You fell short of. Guitar solos, insane melodies and Buddy Nielson’s signature Jersey-accented vocal delivery are layered throughout the album. Chorus that pull the listener in, absorbing them and making them chant along, Still Searching has every quality that a memorable and long-lasting album needs. The songs pull the listener in, exciting them, energizing them and basically forcing them to hold your fist in the air and chant along.

There isn’t a single song that slows or hinders the flow of the album, nor one that is skipable. The songs all work together, each with a certain part that makes them stand out in the crowd. The album progresses nicely too, and as you pass the halfway point of the album you get thrown full force into a blistering climax that caps the album off perfectly and just sends Still Searching that much more forward. There’s the haunting lyrics of All The Best Cowboys, the soothing melodies of Lost And Found and even a very impressive instrumental, Negative Space, which leads into the slow-moving closer, The Priest & The Matador, reminding you instantly of the new My Chemical Romance single, Welcome To The Black Parade.

Every single aspect of this album lived up to my expectations. It’s energizing, memorable and so much fun to listen to and sing along with. If there were ever any doubts that Senses Fail were here to stay, once listen to Still Searching and you’ll be convinced that the band will have a long and illustrious career.

Senses Fail -Life Is Not A Waiting Room

Senses Fail

Life Is Not A Waiting Room

Vagrant Records

Rating: 2.5/5




After releasing their best CD to date last year, Senses Fail had a lot to live up to. They went through some lineup changes and came back with the follow up to Still Searching – Life is Not A Waiting Room. Sadly, it does not live up to its predecessor and instead feels more like the uneven Let It Enfold You.

Still sticking to the same formula as they always do, Life Is Not A Waiting Room is a pop-punk record with some metal and emo edges; and musically, they stay as competent as ever. Slightly polished with some slick production, the record follows the same vein as all their prior releases but seems to have taken a step back compared to Still Searching. There isn’t as much diversity on the record and nowhere do they go above and beyond what is expected by them – something which they previously did on tracks like To All The Crowded Rooms, Even The best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues and The Priest and the Matador. Here they seem to go the safe route, with the necessary “heavy” song – Lungs Like Gallows – that has a double bass kick, heavy breakdowns, and Buddy Nielsen’s screaming instead of singing – mixed with the more melodic tracks like Family Tradition and the faster pop-punk leaning Garden State. There’s the occasional guitar flourish (see Wolves At The Door), but not enough to really grab you.

But what really drags the record down is the vocals. Buddy Nielsen has always been an impressive singer in an unique way. His signature Jersey-accented delivery was unique to him and while some critics found it irritating, the unique delivery and slight quiver in his vocal is what made it so endearing. On Life Is Not A Waiting Room, Nielsen has lost that edge on most of the songs as his vocals seem to fall flat in the mix, unable to really stand out and grab you. This was the biggest selling point of their prior releases, the attraction of the vocals which forced you to sing along and stuck the lyrics in his head. Now the lyrics generally go by unnoticed as they aren’t delivered in the same striking manner as they once were.

Similarly to Let It Enfold You, every couple tracks you get a song that stands out. More often than not, these songs are the few were Buddy’s vocals are higher in the mix. They are also the songs that use sing-along choruses and back-up vocals; an element which seems to be missing now that Mike Glita has left the band.

Songs like Family Tradition, Hair Of The Dog, Ali For Cody, and Map The Streets stand out; but a record where half the songs seem flat and over-produced isn’t strong enough to keep me coming back for more. I’ll just stick with Still Searching for the time being.


Senses Fail - Let It Enfold you

Senses Fail

Let It Enfold You

Drive-Thru Records / Vagrant Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Ever since Senses Fail broke out onto the scene with their intense EP From The Depths Of Dreams, I’ve been waiting to see what they could do with a full length. After years of waiting, and another while added on to that wait due to label problems, they’re back with their debut album Let It Enfold You. With all the anticipation and high standards set by the EP, this somewhat feel short of my expectations on what I thought I could expect from Senses Fail.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the album. I gave it a good rating, I listen to it quite often. But you have to understand, I absolutely love the EP. Freefall Without A Parachute was on repeat on my playlist for a long while, and seeing them live was a pleasure. I had thought that a band I enjoyed so much could have grown musically within this gap of nothing new, but this doesn’t bring anything new to the table. It’s a good band playing good music, but it’s good music I’ve heard many times before done by other good bands. I don’t want to use the word ‘generic’ in here, but I’m tempted. I guess it’s a lesson in expectations; never set them high when you have no control over the process. There’s no way I could have said ‘hey Senses Fail, this sounds alot like what’s already happening in the scene. Maybe you should try something new.’ Instead, I have to sit back and wait for an album thats mediocre at best.

Catchy songs, interesting lyrics, but nothing new. It’s good for what it is, it’s grand entertainment and a good way to spend 44 minutes. But it’s nothing that we’re going to be talking about in the future when our children ask us about the music of our day. It’s not pushing the boundaries, it’s not discovering new area of the genre. It’s screamo at it’s normality, and simply put I’m getting tired of hearing the same songs played by different bands.

Senses Fail - From The Depths of Dreams

Senses Fail

From The Depths of Dreams [Re-Issue]

Drive-Thru Records

Rating: 4.5/5




This EP was originally released last year on ECA Records, and it was probably my number one EP of the year. Now, this year Drive-Thru Records are re-releasing the CD (because only a limited amount of the originals were made), and this time it comes at you with two new songs, an enhanced CD portion and brand new artwork! What’s not to like? I am still loving this EP, and it will most likely be on my list of best EP’s at the end of the year. It is just one of those CDs you can listen to constantly and never get bored with. I am especially glad to hear that the original 6 songs have not changed with the extra money for more producing. It is the same amazing punk rock songs with that extra special Senses Fail touch.

The most prominent thing in all of SF’s songs are the vocals. Climbing near the edge of yelling, and surpassing that edge at the exact right moment. Mixing in background vocals at key areas make a contrast to which I can think of none to compare. Lyrically, Senses Fail have much darker lyrics then most bands. And that is something I love to see at times. All the lyrics are powerful and extremely dark, somewhat like Alkaline Trio, while not being quite so evident. Buddy (the lead vocalist) also has the ability to sing melodically at times, really this is band that will go far and it able to make music work for everyone.

The sound coming from the guitars, bass and drums are also incredibly powerful, and at times very prominent. The use of two guitarists (Dave and Garrett, both of which also sing backup vocals) and a bassist (Mike, another background singer too) add a little extra to the album.

It is really hard for me to pick a song out of the 8 and call it my favorite, because I love all of them so much. But the two which I feel would have to be considered to be my favorites are One Eight Seven and The Ground Folds (Acoustic). They for me, stand just a bit higher then the others. There are many things which stand out in the first of the two, the first thing you notice is the melodic bass melody which opens the album, and then continues on for the first minute of the song. The vocals are the next thing you notice. They are very soft and constantly smooth for the most part of the song, especially the beginning. As you get further in, they become harder and harsher. They are, like on every song, incredibly prominent and very powerful. I really enjoy the latter of the two because it is different from most of the songs, and brings the album down and notch to slowly cool it off before ending it all. It is a much much much more melodic song then most of the EP and much softer. The lyrics on this track and so strong, they really blow you away.

Tours: Senses Fail (Full U.S.)

Senses FailSenses Fail has announced a five-week headlining full U.S. tour that will begin on October 4, 2013. The tour will begin in Sacramento, California on the 4th and wrap up on November 11th in Los Angeles at the legendary Troubadour. For the Fallen Dreams, Expire and Being As An Ocean will be direct support for Senses Fail on this tour. Additionaly, The Acacia Strain will be joining the lineup for the tours two shows in both Sayreville, NJ and Patchogue, NY in late October.

 Tickets will be available to the general public on Thursday, July 18th at Noon EST.

 Senses Fail will be touring in support of their latest full-length album, Renacer, which was released earlier this year via Staples Records.  Singer Buddy Nielsen has this to say about their upcoming U.S. dates:

“As always we are very excited to be back on the road…we are headed to places we haven’t been in years and we’re all really looking forward to this tour. The bands we have on the bill are fantastic, we couldn’t have asked for a better line up to share the road with. We look forward to seeing you there!”

Official tour dates can be found below.

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