Tour: Creepoid (US & Canada)

CreepoidPhiladelphia noise punks Creepoid have announced a series of tour dates across the US and Canada starting later this month. The tour includes dates with Seahaven, Balance and Composure as well as Against Me! The band’s latest release is their Wet EP which was put out on Record Store Day via Graveface Records.

Full dates below:

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Tours: Balance & Composure / Seahaven

Balance and ComposurePennsylvania alt rockers Balance and Composure have announced Fall touring plans.  The band will hit the road this September with Seahaven with dates entering October where they will continue to support The Things We Thing We’re Missing, which was released last September via No Sleep Records.

Tour dates are below.

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Video: Seahaven – Silhouette (Latin Skin)

SeahavenSeahaven has debuted a a brand new music video.  The video features the song “Silhouette (Latin Skin)” from their new record, Reverie Lagoon: Music for Escapism Only, released back in March via Run For Cover Records.  The video was directed by Seahaven‘s Kyle Soto who explains the inspiration behind the set:

“In my head, the song has it’s own very distinct visual, but I wanted to challenge myself and put a different spin on it… I feel it adds a bit of clarity for those who struggle with understanding where the song stems from. It’s all about desire and perception.”

Check out the video here.

Seahaven Full Album Stream

SeahavenSeahaven has debuted a full album stream of their upcoming new record, Reverie Lagoon: Music for Escapism Only, due out March 25, 2014 via Run For Cover Records.

listen to the full disc here.

Seahaven – Love To Burn

SeahavenSeahaven has debuted a brand new song.  The track is titled “Love To Burn” and is set to appear on their upcoming new record, Reverie Lagoon: Music for Escapism Only, due out March 25, 2014 via Run For Cover Records.

Listen tot he song here.

Seahaven – Flesh

SeahavenSeahaven has debuted a brand new song.  The track is titled “Flesh” and is set to appear on their upcoming new record, Reverie Lagoon: Music for Escapism Only, due out March 25, 2014 via Run For Cover Records.

LIsten tot he song here.

Tours: Caravels / mewithoutyou / Touche Amore / Seahaven

TopshelfHenderson, NV indie/post-hardcore band Caravels has announced a brand new collection of spring tour dates with mewithoutyou, Touche Amore and Seahaven.  The band continues to support their recent full length, Lacuna, out now on Topshelf Records.

Tour dates are below.

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Seahaven - Winter Forever


Winter Forever

Run For Cover Records

Rating: 3/5




Seahaven’s debut full length Winter Forever follows the Los Angeles four piece’s remarkable Ghost EP.  Ghost made for easy comparisons with some of my favourite post-punk acts, including Manchester OrchestraBrand New, and Kevin Devine.  The beauty of the project rested in the group’s authentic emotional connection and patience for melody.  While Winter Forever leaves off where Ghost‘s aspirations close, I can’t help but feel the post-punk quartet forgot a few of the cornerstones that made their debut so striking.

For starters, where Ghost was quick to take listeners by the hand, Winter Forever’s emotional connection wanes early on.  Opener “Goodnight” feels impatient to please with hook-laden choruses and a steady guitar rush negligent of the patience required for taking listeners to that dark corner of their mind.  The seemingly abridged intro feels like an afterthought in need of further development, with the bulk of the song existing as a linear creation.  Kyle Chadwick’s vocals also take a hit as a consequence of more conventional song writing.  I simply don’t remember him sounding this whinny and shrill.  To top it off “It’s Over” and “Slow Down” feature layered choruses resembling the most annoying aspects of Tell All Your Friends era Taking Back Sunday.  Their previously engrossing bass work is also ‘missing in action,’ with most songs now existing on the upper end of spectrum.  Dare I say that Seahaven is trying too much all at once while neglecting their most successful sounds?

The good news though is that the band makes up for lost ground during Winter Forever’s back half.  Large portions of “Black & White” strip the band down to Chadwick’s finest crawl, leaving listeners with the minimal backing glow of lone guitar chords and faint whispers.  “Save Me” and “End Of The World” even reconcile their newfound structure with choruses mimicking their tranquil counterparts.  Not surprisingly the unplugged acoustic piece “Honey Bee” forges the deepest connection with listeners.  Sadly though, such connections have become the exception rather than the rule.

Overall, Winter Forever is a disappointing follow-up that tries new things but discards much of what made Ghost a success.  Seahaven’s foundation remains well informed, but the group’s execution makes for a lackluster landing.  Don’t get me wrong, Winter Forever isn’t a throw away, but it offers little reason to favour it over Ghost.  Here’s to hoping their next outing serves as a deserving rebound.

Seahaven - Ghost



Creator-Destructor Records

Rating: 3.5/5




“For fans of Brand NewJawbreaker, and Crime In Stereo,” reads the sticker on the plastic wrap of Seahaven’s debut EP, Ghost – all comparisons making for high expectations.  But when it comes to the Southern Californian post-punk four piece, they more than justify their packing’s lofty promises.

For those not yet acquainted, Seahaven formed when former Final Fight drummer James Phillips opted for a new direction.  Creator-Destructor Records signed the resulting collaboration within months, and has since wasted no time in releasing a very comprehensive starting point.  Post-punk works best when fueled by ambition – when genres collide in harmony and work towards a common goal.  And for their first effort, Seahaven achieves these ends remarkably well.

Track by track the band introduces new elements, leading listeners down a dark but intelligent path.  Album opener “Plague” greets listeners with the vocal talent that is Kyle Chadwick, a frontman sounding as if internally tormented and in a perpetual battle for his sanity.  “Satan sleeps inside my brain/when he wakes he takes me far away/to a place that I completely hate/where I’m a prisoner in my own body” he speaks in a tortured tone, not unlike that characteristic of indie stalwarts Manchester Orchestra.  Moments later, tempers flare and his struggling tone transforms into a borderline growl accented and harmonized by co-vocalist Eric Findlay and his thumping bass line.  Chords linger and echo in memory as their strength ebbs and flows in time with the accompanying mood.  Emotions run high during Ghost, and when the group taps into personal topics like struggle and turmoil, they make a true connection with listeners.

Furthermore, a variety of different styles surface throughout, always impacting the underlying tone.  “Ghost” in particular serves as an emotional low point, with Chadwick taking a note from La Dispute and breaking down into near collapse.  But everything isn’t always doom and gloom.  Tracks like “Love” actually feature vocals from Set Your Goals’ Jordan Brown, with his sunny demeanor comparable to a hopeful ray of light beaming down from freshly parted clouds.  At first some may feel distraught from this sudden surge of pop punk, but much like those shielding their eyes from a fresh pillar of sunlight, it only takes moments to lower one’s defenses and embrace this sunny change.

With GhostSeahaven demonstrates a sophisticated knowledge of the intricacies of post punk.  Ghost might officially bare the “EP” flag, but with the debut boasting seven tracks in a lengthy twenty-eight minutes, it could easily double as very satisfying full length.  Furthermore, Chadwick is a vocal powerhouse whose talents know no bounds.  With an emotional range that brings each track to life, listeners are in for a real treat.  Now with their first effort under their belts, Seahaven will inevitably garner many notable comparisons (Brand New, Manchester Orchestra, Jawbreaker, Crime In Stereo to name a few) – but based on the strength of Ghost, it won’t be long before Seahaven becomes a reference point too.

Lost Tape Collective Holiday Show 2012 Announced

Lost Tape Collective has dropped details for their annual holiday show.  The event is known as the ‘Lost Tape Collective Holiday Show 2012’ and will features sets from Man Overboard, I Am The Avalanche, Seahaven, Citizen, Daylight and Allan Day.  The special guest and final act are expected to be revealed shortly.

The show will take place Saturday, December 15th at the Theater of the Living Arts in Philadelphia.


Video: The Early November – In Currents

New Jersey’s indie group The Early November have released a music video for their new song In Currents. The track appears on the band’s most recent album also titled In Currents, which dropped this past July via Rise Records.

Watch the video here.

The Early November is currently on a fall tour with Cartel and Seahaven. See remaining dates below.

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Tours: Make Do And Mend / Seahaven / Young Statues

Make Do And MendMake Do And Mend has announced that they will be heading on tour with Seahaven and Young Statues.  The tour will run along the Canadian East Coast with select US dates.  The band last released Everything You Ever Loved on June earlier this year via Rise Records.

Tour dates can be found below.

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Tours: The Story So Far / Seahaven / Stickup Kid / Troubled Coast / Stateside

Story So FarThe Story So Far has announced that they will be heading out for a west coast tour with Seahaven, Stickup Kid, Troubled Coast and Stateside this summer.  The band continues to support their recent debut LP, Under Soil and Dirt, out now on Pure Noise Records.

Tour dates can be found below.

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Video: Seahaven – Honey Bee (Live)

Seahaven has released a video of them performing their song “Honey Bee” while at a recent sold out show in Anaheim, CA.  The band last released their LP Winter Forever last year on Run For Cover Records.

Watch the video below.

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Seahaven Streaming New Album In Full

Seahaven is streaming their entire upcoming album Winter Forever.  The album dropped today on Run For Cover Records.  The album follows their debut EP Ghost.

Head here to listen to the album in full.


Seahaven – Goodnight

Seahaven are streaming yet another song from their upcoming album Winter Forever. The song, “Goodnight, can be found on the Run For Cover Records Bandcamp page. You can also pre-order the album in several different bundles and formats on the page.

Listen to the song here courtesy AltPress.

Seahaven – It's Over

Seahaven are streaming yet another song from their upcoming album Winter Forever. The song, “It’s Over”, can be found on the Run For Cover Records Bandcamp page. You can also pre-order the album in several different bundles and formats on the page.

Listen to the track here.

The band will be touring with Touche Amore and Pianos Become The Teeth in November.

Seahaven – It’s Over

Seahaven are streaming yet another song from their upcoming album Winter Forever. The song, “It’s Over”, can be found on the Run For Cover Records Bandcamp page. You can also pre-order the album in several different bundles and formats on the page.

Listen to the track here.

The band will be touring with Touche Amore and Pianos Become The Teeth in November.

Pianos Become the Teeth Announce New Album

Pianos Become the TeethPianos Become the Teeth will release The Lack Long After via Topshelf Records on November 1st 2011. Album artwork and track listing will be announced soon.

Dates for their upcoming tour with Touché Amoré, Seahaven and Circle Takes the Square can be seen here.



Seahaven Announces New Album; Debuts First Track

Los Angeles post-hardcore group Seahaven has announced their next full-length.  The disc will be titled Winter Forever, and is set for a November 8, 2011 release via Run For Cover Records.  The band has debuted the first song from the album, “Understanding” over on which can be heard here.

Album art and track listing can be found below.

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Tours: Touché Amoré, Circle Takes The Square, Pianos Become The Teeth, Seahaven

Touché Amoré will embark on a headlining tour between October and December.

Support comes from Circle Takes The Square, Pianos Become The Teeth, and Seahaven.

The dates can be seen below.

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Tours: Seahaven/Mixtapes

Seahaven and Mixtapes have announced that the two stylistically opposed bands will be heading out on tour this summer.  Seahaven contonues suporting their 2010 EP Ghost, and Mixtapes continues supporting this year’s Hope Is For People.

Tour dates can be found below.

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Seahaven Joins Run For Cover Records

California post-punk group Seahaven has signed with Run For Cover Records.  The band’s first order on their new home will be a vinyl release of their 2010 debut EP, Ghost, originally released on Creator-Destuctor Records, which will also contain the band’s acoustic EP as an additional bonus.

While writing has yet to commence, Seahaven is set to record and release their official full length debut later this year.

Seahaven – Ghost EP

Los Angels’ Seahaven is one of the most promising new post-punk bands of the year.  Part Brand New, part Jawbreaker, and part the late Crime In Stereo, the band satisfies that craving for deep, emotional punk.  Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra are also great comparisons – so many great bands come to mind they simply need to be heard.  For my full thoughts, check out my full review.

SeahavenGhost EP

Download the Album From The Band (Courtesy

Tours: Seahaven Supporting New EP With Acoustic Dates

Hot on the heels of her acoustic EP, post-punk upstarts Seahaven have announced that they will be will be embarking on an acoustic tour starting in December.  The band released their Creator-Destructor debut, Ghost, earlier this year, with their acoustic EP due out December 7, 2010.

Tour Dates can be found below.

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Seahaven Announce Ghost EP

Post-punk group Seahaven has announced plans to release an “Acoustic Sessions” EP.  The EP will include three songs from their Creator-Destructor debut, Ghost.  The track selection includes new takes on “Bottled,” “Plagued,” and “Head In The Sand,” as well as a new demo called “Goodnight.”  The EP is currently set for a December 7, 2010 release.

Check out the cover below.

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Seahaven Streaming Two Tracks From Debut EP

Creator-Destructor Records newcomers Seahaven have announced that their debut EP, Ghost, is set for a May 25, 2010 release.  In anticipation of the release they are currently streaming the tracks “Birds” and “Love (ft. Jordan Brown of Set your Goals).”

Check out the tracks here.