Live Concert Review

Screeching Weasel / MXPX / The Piniellas

Live In Vancouver (06/13/15)

Commodore Ballroom - Vancouver, BC




Screeching Weasel and MXPX, from the line-up alone you know you’re in for an memorable night. The latter being a pop-punk band that served as the soundtrack to your high school years while the former being a legendary band that can now safely be categorized as “Pre” and “Post-SXSW”. Combine the two and it was evident the night would be unique – but nothing could prepare me for the reality of the evening.

Upon entering the Commodore Ballroom ten minutes before openers The Piniellas hit the stage, the atmosphere was already unlike any show in recent memory. The floor was literally empty, with the sparse crowd filling up tables on either side – leaving a massive divide through the center like the start of your junior high dance. With Taking Back Sunday and Paramore blasting through the speakers and one of every three people wearing either a MXPX or Screeching Weasel shirt despite the unwritten rule against it, the setting was almost comical.

The Piniellas hit the stage and people slowly wandered up front as the four piece from Seattle served as an appropriate opener for the evening. Heavily influenced by Screeching Weasel, the Piniellas delivered a solid thirty minute set of four-four time pop-punk. Teenage Bottlerocket, The Queers, The Isotopes. Fans of any of them would enjoy these new up and comers and although very few people knew the band in question (myself included),  their performance got more than a polite clap from the crowd.

After a quick change over, the famed MXPX logo hung from the stage and the Bremerton three piece – now flushed out with a fourth touring member – came on stage to rather unique house music. I was lucky to have seen them back in 2006 but many people had never had the opportunity to see the band before – despite them being so close to the border.  The opening chords of My Life Story started the set and an immediate flood of nostalgia took over the crowd. In fact, had they stopped after that one song I would’ve been content – but they continued playing for an hour and it just got better and better.

It was a set that served as throw-back to simpler times and despite not listening to the songs in several years, we still knew every single lyric. Just like at the Anti-Flag show a few months back, MXPX (and especially Mike Herrera) showed why it is that they’ve still be able to go strong for 23 years. They have a showmanship that many newcomers lack, they control the stage,  they banter and they interact with the crowd just the right amount.  It’s a skill, and when done right – it brings the show to a much higher level.

The band played their iconic pop-punk tunes all night. We were treated to some newer cuts – Secret Weapon and Here’s To The Life – but also a fair few from their back catalogue. I’m talking Party My House Be There, Tomorrow’s Another Day, and Chick Magnet. Tom Wisniewski took lead vocal duties for their cover of The Clash‘s Should I Stay or Should I Go. Their biggest songs really got the crowd going – despite being twenty-seven, there’s still something cathartic about singing Responsibility at the top of your lungs and ending it with Punk Rawk Show just seemed right.

The set was everything you wanted it to be. It was fun, cheery, poppy and nostalgia laced and you just felt happy afterwards.

Then came Screeching Weasel who did a complete three sixty.

The legendary Chicago band is basically fighting against itself at this point. Ever since their SXSW fiasco that saw frontman Ben Weasel punch two women and the entire band quit on the spot, there becomes a moral dilemma when you talk about Screeching Weasel. Do you boycott the band on principle or look past it to relive the songs that you grew up with and mean so much to you? Does one bad night destroy all the fond memories or taint their entire catalogue? It’s a tough question and one that many people debate whenever they see the band coming through their town.

It was clear Vancouver punk fans had that same concern as the Commodore – despite Weasel’s claims that there were a thousand people there – was less than half full. The top balcony was completely empty and the crowd took up just over three quarters of the floor. As one passerby commented at the end of the night – he may have gotten a big room, but he sure as hell didn’t fill it.

Weasel, with his new band in tow, came on stage at ten PM and barrelled through twenty minutes of music without hesitation. No banter, no speaking – just straight punk rock. For his part, Weasel looked tired and old – but worst than that, he looked bored. There was fire in his eyes when he spat into the microphone, but any musical interlude and he lowered the microphone and simply stared out dead-eye. It was kind of disappointing considering how good his stage presence was last time I saw him.

It turns out though that no banter is the right way to go, because the second he opened his mouth the whole evening churned to a stop. “I want to give you a warning that we will offend you. We are five CIS men up here. We defend the patriarchy and deny rape culture” he spouted off among other things. It was obviously in jest, a jab at all the haters in his new post-SXSW stage – but the misogynistic rant was unnecessary and redundantly antagonistic. The whole concept of punk being rebellious is one thing, but this just came off as an angry old man spouting Men’s Right Activist propaganda. It wasn’t funny, it wasn’t pointed, it was simply uncomfortable.

People swore, flipped him off and threw stuff. He encouraged it and lapped it up.

They jumped back into the set – once again a non-stop barrage of music. The only moments he spoke was to introduce new songs from Baby Fat album. Other than those two, they stuck to some classics – including a lot from My Brain Hurts. You had Cindy’s On Methadone,  The First Day Of Summer, 99, Guest List, The Science Of Myth, I Can See Clearly Now, My Brain Hurts, Hey Suburbia. There’s a reason Screeching Weasel are still going – they have written some amazing tunes.

But during Joanie Loves Johnny, it all went down again. Weasel abruptly stopped the set, angered that someone threw an empty plastic cup at him (despite him encouraging things being thrown at him earlier) he yelled at him, kicked him out and went on one of his famous tirades. It was a spoiled brat, bragging that “1000 people” paid to see him and proceeded to attack countless crowd members – calling them fat, tubs of lard, cunts, whiny bitches, morons, fucking idiots, cry babies and more. As more people got kicked out, more and more simply gave up and left. Making an already sparse crowd noticeably smaller.

It was just weird and uncomfortable. I’ve spoken to Ben Weasel before and he was nice, considerate, well spoken and I’ve defended him based on that interaction but last night he just seemed like a cry-baby. Trying desperately to be punk, to show that he doesn’t care what people think and that he’s the one in charge – but it came off weak and unnecessary. This was my second time seeing Screeching Weasel. In 2009 it was memorable because it was an amazing set, in 2015 it’s memorable because it was sad and weird.

Stick to the songs and shut your mouth, and maybe the venue won’t be half empty next time.

But hey, they closed with Cool Kids Club and that was fucking awesome.

Screeching Weasel Launches Indie Go-Go Campaign

Screeching WeaselLegendary Chicago (now Wisconsin) punk act Screeching Weasel have launched a new Indie Go-Go to help raise $27,000 towards the first of a two part rock opera entitled Baby Fact: Act 1. Front man Ben Weasel explains the release stating:

Baby Fat: Act 1 is the first act of a two-act rock opera I’ve been working on for the past few years. It’s not a rock opera in the traditional sense – the ones done by bands in the 70s seem to me to be concept records – but an actual opera with a linear narrative, featuring different singers portraying different characters. Baby Fat is the logical next step for Screeching Weasel after years of making themed and concept records like My Brain HurtsAnthem For A New TomorrowEmo and These Ones Are Bitter. 

As for why they’re opting to do crowd-sourcing for this album, Weasel explains:

If we brought this idea to the average label they’d try to get us to make a traditional record. Thankfully, Recess Records is 100% behind us – they’re ready and willing to release Baby Fat – but unfortunately they don’t have the money to fund the production. So we’re bringing it to you. 

You can see the perks and fund the release here.

The band last released First World Manifesto in 2011.

Screeching Weasel - Weaselmania

Screeching Weasel

Weasel Mania

Fat Wreck Chords

Rating: 4/5




Something is definitely wrong with me. I mean, why hadn’t I ever gotten off my lazy ass to check out Screeching Weasel? I don’t really know, but I do know that I regret not hearing them before now. Because as I sit through Weasel Mania, the band’s new “best of” album on Fat Wreck Chords, I’m simply amazed. Everyone of the songs be it from their first CD of Boogadaboohadaboogada or one of final three songs from Teen Punks In HeatScreeching Weasel never slow down from the punk rock onslaught.

You see, Screeching Weasel is exactly what I’ve been missing in life. The thirty four songs on this best off collection are all short and quick, ranging from a measly 48 seconds (You’re The Enemy) to 3:43 (Every Night – most of which is a talking introduction). There’s the right selection of buzz saw guitar and antagonistic lyrics that are always simple, direct, and for the most part, quite funny (like on Joanie Loves JohnnyI Wanna Be A Homosexual, Pervert At Large or Jeannie’s Got A Problem With Her Uterus). That’s not saying they are all fun and games, there are a few slightly more serious songs like The Science Of Myth and Racist Society. But still, the highlight of this CD and every song on it comes in the form of Ben Weasel’s vocals. they are snotty, nasally and just really raw. They aren’t worn out by smokes and alcohol, but not polished or preserved like most of today’s pop-punk singers either.

Really, this is just a solid album from one of punk’s most influential and lesser-known bands. If you’re a fan, then its obvious that you’ll like this CD. And if you’re not a fan, but like quick, three chord punk rock songs and Nofx, then this is the perfect CD to add to your collection. I know it rounded mine off nicely.


Screeching Weasel - Television City Dreams

Screeching Weasel

Television City Dreams (Re-Issue)

Fat Wreck Chords

Rating: 3.5/5




When you do a review, you often try and compare that band to other bands as a benchmark so people know what it is that you’re talking about. The problem comes then when you’re trying to review one of those bands that you normally use as a benchmark. I mean, they’re legendary. Everyone knows the name and what they sound like. Their name depicts a crystal clear sound before you even press play. So what do you say about them?

That’s the problem I’m faced with here. I mean, it’s Screeching Weasel for god’s sake. You know who they are, what they sound like and there’s really no surprises here. It’s even harder here because Television City Dream is the newly remixed and mastered release of the same 1998 album (only with five bonus songs putting the total track count up to twenty). Therefore, chances are that Screeching Weasel fans will already know it.

Although, that’s not necessarily a certainty. I mean, I’m a fan but haven’t heard all of Television City Dream before and therein lays another problem: I can’t compare this to the original release because I don’t know it.

What I can clearly, confidently and conclusively state though is that no matter what – whether you’ve heard the album before or not – Screeching Weasel have delivered a solid gem here. It’s not an instant classic as, say, My Brain Hurts but everything is still here. This is a collection of fast, snotty, pop-punk tunes by one of the pop-punk geniuses of our time. Ben Weasel knows how to write a solid pop-punk riff and deliver a snarly, nasally lyric with pizzazz.

Despite being twenty songs long, the album clocks in at just over thirty five minutes. This means the band doesn’t hold anything back or drag anything on. They pummel through everything at breakneck speed and deliver their fair share of minute-and-a-half pop-punk tunage.  Weasel’s vocals are his perfect signature style with some fantastic “woahs” in the background. Even for the casual Weasel fan, there’s plenty of songs from here that will be familiar as the fan favourites Dummy Up, Dirty Needles, I Don’t Give A Fuck and Pervert at Large can all be found here.

For those of you who are wondering, the five bonus songs on here don’t detract from the album at all. Being outtakes from the original session, they fit seamlessly into the flow of the album as they’re scattered throughout the track list. Oddly enough, a lot of them end up being highlights of the album. Video, Punk Rock Explained and Shut The Hell Up all ride the gamut of Screeching Weasel sound. Shut The Hell Up is fast and angry at thirty seconds long, Punk Rock Explained is a catchy, sarcastic look at the punk world in just over two minutes while Video breaks down the pointlessness of music videos in a minute and a half; and all three become standouts even though they never made the original cut.

Now, this was re-mixed and re-mastered and having never heard the original in its entirety, I can’t compare the two. However, this sounds fantastic and would be impossible to complain about.

As a whole, this is just a Screeching Weasel album. Fast, snotty, sarcastic pop-punk from the legendary band and fans will like it, haters won’t. It’s just that simple. They’re a benchmark band for a reason.

Screeching Weasel – Muscle Mary

Ben WeaselBen Weasel and his new Screeching Weasel line-up have posted a new song from their new EP Carnival of Schadenfreude. The tune, titled “Muscle Mary,” can be heard here.

The EP, which also shares the title of Weasel’s last blog entry, was released last week.

Stream: Screeching Weasel – Carnival of Schadenfreude

Wasting no time, Ben Weasel and his new Screeching Weasel line-up have posted a new song from their upcoming EP Carnival of Schadenfreude. The tune, which is the title track, can be heard here.

A post with song and lyrics has also been created here .

The EP, which also shares the title of Weasel’s last blog entry, is due out October 29, 2011.

Ben Weasel Breaks Silence

Ben WeaselAfter several months of silence from the incident at SXSW than resulted in the dissolution of Screeching Weasel, front man Ben Weasel has responded in a lengthy blog post.  Weasel prefaces the post with a lengthy introduction:

“Having spent the past 4 1/2 months in Hyannis (only rubes call it “Hyannis Port”) with limited Internet access I haven’t been getting the full picture of what’s transpired behind my resting back. But man does not live by clamming, parasailing and lovemaking on the beach in the soft glow of the moonlight alone, and business beckons. Oh, how it beckons!”

The entire, very colorfully worded post touches on his relationship with his ex-bandmates (M. Vapid in particular) and former label; read it here.

Interview: Dan Vapid And The Cheats

Jaded In Chicago recently sat down with former Screeching Weasel guitarist Dan Vapid to talk about his new group, Dan Vapid And The Cheats.

In the interview, Vapid talks about how a one-time show in the place of the cancelled WeaselFest led to the formation of the band, which features ex-Methadones members Mike Byrne and Mike Soucy, and the recruited Simon Lamb.

The interview, which also covers more ground, including songwriting inspiration and the SXSW incident, can be read here.

Screeching Weasel Open New Web Store

Screeching WeaselThe highly influential punk band Screeching Weasel have announced a new addition to their official website in the form of a web store that contains reissues from the band’s vast catalog, and also includes rare vinyl, posters, and shirts.

This announcement has been one of the only two since Ben Weasel’s infamous SXSW indecent, the other a post of the demo Almost A Heart Attack, which was back in June.

Check out the new Screeching Weasel store here.

Fat Mike Explains SXSW Incident, Talks Ben Weasel

Fat MikeIn a recent article published by Canadian magazine Exclaim, Fat Mike of NoFX sheds light on the SXSW “pee-quila” episode that took place at Emo’s in Austin, TX last year.

“There was no meltdown,” said Fat Mike, “It was pure performance.”

The front-man also continued to explain on why he decided to do something different during his acoustic set and tell shocking stories, which he admits were all true.

“I wanted to do something memorable,” he said, “So I went up there and told the most horrific stories of my life.”

Fat Mike also went into specifics on how he perceives Ben Weasel of Screeching Weasel and his recent SXSW incident.

“I think it’s horrible because he punched someone who’s smaller and weaker than him,” he claims.

Read the full article here.


Weaselfest Officially Cancelled

Screeching Weasel’s planned three-day 25th anniversary festival, Weaselfest, has been officially axed in the wake of frontman Ben Weasel‘s incident with 2 female fans at South By Southwest earlier this month. Weaselfest was scheduled for May 27 through 29 in Chicago. Immediately following the SXSW incident, bands scheduled for the event—like Teenage Bottlerocket, the Soviettes and Chinese Telephones—dropped off the bill, and the four other members of Screeching Weasel quit the band.

Joe King (The Queers) Chimes In On Weasel Incident

The QueersJoe King, the front man of The Queers and long time Screeching Weasel fan and friend, has posted a blog detailing his response to the now infamous Screeching Weasel incident at SXSW which caused numerous bands to drop off of Weasel Fest and four of the members of Screeching Weasel to quit the band. He says:

Hey I don’t advocate hitting chicks but everyone knows Ben doesn’t either. You guys are all acting like you’ve never been to a punk show before. You people and bands who should know better too. In the heat of the moment he lashed out after getting spit directly in the face. Mother of God I pray it happens to all you do gooders out there. Let’s see how cool you all are. The sad thing is Ben would be the first one sticking up for you too.

His full blog can be read below.

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Teenage Bottlerocket Explains Departure From Weaselfest

Teenage BottlerocketThe fallout of Ben Weasel’s altercation at SXSW last week continues again today as Teenage Bottlerocket has given a bigger explanation as to why they decided to drop out of the upcoming Weaselfest set to happen in Chicago this may.

The full explanation was posted on Facebook and can be read below.

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Members of Screeching Weasel Resign From Band

Screeching WeaselDespite having released First World Manifesto, their first album in ten years just a few weeks ago, it appears that the members of Screeching Weasel – Dan Schafer, Adam Cargin, Justin Perkins, and Drew Fredrichsen – have all left the band after the altercation that took place over the weekend at SXSW.

The band sent an official statement to PunkNews which can be read below.

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Ben Weasel Apology

Ben WeaselBen Weasel has also posted an apology on his official website for his altercation with two women that took place over the weekend at SXSW in Austin stating:

I want to apologize to both the club owner and audience member involved for my actions during our show at SXSW on Friday night. While their actions were outside of my control, my regretful reaction is wholly my responsibility. Whatever my feelings are about fans crossing the line like that, I wish I could have that moment back and deal with it in the same spirit as I did the preceding 60 minutes. Since I can’t, an apology is all I’ve got and I sincerely hope those people will accept it. Up front, I wish to say that I am sorry to the fan and any others who were involved. As a husband, father, and a musician on the public stage, I understand that it is my duty to always take responsibility for my actions in a socially acceptable way, and most especially in the face of confrontation.

I want to apologize to the San Antonio fans, also, for having to cancel that show. I hope we can make it up down the road. I’ve obviously already talked to my band about it but I also want to publicly apologize for putting them in a bad position, as well as my manager, booking agent, label, and the support bands. My actions were unprofessional and unfair to the people I work with.


Ben Weasel Physical Altercation with Two Women at SXSW

Ben WeaselNotorious Screeching Weasel front man, Ben Weasel, has reportedly punched two women during a Screeching Weasel set at this year’s SXSW according to the twitter accounts of many notable punk bands such as Paint It Black and The Flatliners. According to one witness, Todd Martens, a woman threw an ice cube and spat on Ben. Ben returned with an act of violence. The cops were called and Loved Ones‘ Dave Hause and Lagwagon‘s Joey Cape filled in the time slot.

The Screeching WeaselFlatliners show set to take place in San Antonio tonight has also been cancelled due to the altercation.

Footage of Ben hitting the two girls can be found below. ThePunkSite will post updates on this developing story once more details become available.

Update: The LA times have posted an article detailing the event here saying:

It’s “a carnival of schadenfreude” Weasel said of SXSW, and repeatedly said he regretted coming. Yet the contentious atmosphere turned more aggressive by show’s end, with Weasel ultimately jumping into the crowd, allegedly to confront a woman who had hit him in the face with ice.

Another woman, who security staff said was one of the venue’s owners, ran on stage to break up the fight. Weasel  was soon dragged off the stage by security. He left the venue before he could be tracked down by reporters, and has not yet returned a call requesting comment.

Update Number 2: In a pre-show interview with AUX TV, Weasel makes it quite clear how must he detests the festival.

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Stream: Screeching Weasel – First World Manifesto

Screeching WeaselScreeching Weasel have released a full stream of their highly anticipated new album, First World Manifesto.  The album will be released on March 15, 2011 through Fat Wreck Chords and follows their 2000 release, Teen Punks In Heat.

You can hear the album at the band’s Myspace page.


Stream: Screeching Weasel – Follow Your Leaders

Screeching WeaselScreeching Weasel have posted a second track off of their album First World Manifesto, due out March 15th on Fat Wreck Chords.  The track titled “Follow Your Leaders” can be heard here.

In other Screeching Weasel news, they have launched their new website.  The website features band news, a jukebox with songs from every Weasel album that is randomized every time the page is visited, Ben Weasel’s Blog, a discussion board, Weasel Radio with Ben and Owen’s rants, photos, and a store.  The website can be visited by clicking here.

Big Cheese Interview with Ben Weasel

Screeching WeaselBig Cheese Magazine has posted a sneak peak of an interview with Screeching Weasel frontman, Ben Weasel, on their website. In the interview Ben talks about the Screeching Weasel reuinion, the “Ben Weasel Act”, his “support” for Sarah Palin, his opinion on today’s state of punk, and his difficult relationship with Screeching Weasel founding member, Jughead.

The downside to having a reputation as being a notorious curmudgeon is that sometimes people in your day-to-day life will take advantage of that to try to get things out of you. That caused a lot of problems in the band. When people use your public persona against you, it’s going to cause problems. That’s what happened when I moved on without Jughead – he tried to sic the fans against me by going public with his complaints about me. Which, obviously, only made it that much more clear that I couldn’t work with him anymore. Those guys knew I wasn’t my public persona but they’d sort of play it like I was sometimes. If any of them ever chose to blow off steam about me, they weren’t going to have to look far to find a sympathetic ear. That caused a lot of problems – mostly for them, ultimately.

The rest of the interview can be read here.

Screeching Weasel‘s First World Manifesto, their first album in 11 years, will be released on Fat Wreck Chords March 15th.

Screeching Weasel – Beginningless Vacation

Screeching WeaselScreeching Weasel have unveiled the first song from their brand new album, First World Manifesto. The track is called Beginningless Vacation and can be heard on

First World Manifesto is due out March 15, 2011 via Fat Wreck Chords.

Screeching Weasel Plan 25th Anniversary Weekend in Chicago

Chicago, IL’s pop-punk legends Screeching Weasel are planning a 3-night 25th Anniversary Weekend to take place in late May in Chicago. The Riverdales will play one of the three nights, with Screeching Weasel playing the other two. Frontman Ben Weasel released the following statement:

We’re still working on our 2011 show schedule, but I wanted to let you guys know about this one now because it’s too good to wait.

2011 marks Screeching Weasel’s 25th anniversary. To celebrate, we’re playing Reggie’s in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend, and we’re pulling out all the stops on this one, my friends. Screeching Weasel will be playing Friday, May 27th and Sunday the 29th (a different set each night), with the Riverdales playing our only North American show of the year on Saturday the 28th. Tickets will be on sale this Saturday, Dec. 18th at noon CST HERE. Right now we’re only selling tickets at the package price for the whole weekend – single day tickets will go on sale January 1st. In the meantime, check out the line-up!

Vapid and I will be doing a DJ set one of the evenings in the lounge after the show, and people from some of the other bands will be doing them the other nights. See ya there!

The full lineup can be seen below.

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Screeching Weasel Details New Album

Screeching Weasel have unveiled details regarding their first new album in 11 years. The record, called First World Manifesto, will be out on March 15th through Fat Wreck Chords. Front man Ben Weasel gave a lengthy rundown of the album saying:

I had a ton of songs lying around that I’d written in the past decade but never recorded. A heck of a lot of them were top-notch jingles that would’ve been perfect for a Screeching Weasel album, had Screeching Weasel actually existed at that point. We didn’t, so they were relegated to the old tape pile and mostly forgotten. When Screeching Weasel got back together for the 11th time, I started polishing up those songs and writing a bunch of new ones. We did a quick demo last summer and sent it off to a couple labels but it was almost a foregone conclusion that if Fat wanted us back we’d be there with bells on. And so it came to pass: Fat Mike texted me the day after we sent the demos saying “Jolly good stuff, mate!” and we were off to the races. Joy to the world!

So we’re back in the fold. But coming back after a ten year layoff? Believe me, sports fans, nobody knows better than me what it’s like to try to hop back in the saddle after a, uh, “hiatus” and reclaim your former glory, so we’ve pulled out all the stops on this one. From pure pop-punk ditties like “Baby Talk” and “Frankengirl” to point-and-laugh-at-the-punk-rocker anthems like “Little Big Man” and “Follow Your Leaders,” this is everything you could ask for from the band the humorless twats love to hate and the cultured, refined connoisseurs of quality rock and roll love to love.

The album will feature 14 songs and was produced by Mike Kennerty of All American Rejects (who previously produced Weasel’s solo album).

Fat Wreck Chords also plans to release both The Riverdales and Ben Weasel‘s back catalogs sometime in 2011.

Amp Magazine Asks Fans For Interview Questions; First Up Gaslight Anthem, Against Me! Screeching Weasel

Amp Magazine has announced that they are looking for ways to get their readership involved in their constant stream of band interviews.  From now on the website will be offering fans the opportunity to submit well thought out inquiries for the bands they interact with.  The first opportunities come from upcoming interviews with The Gaslight Anthem,  Against Me!, and Screeching Weasel.

Head here here and here to submit your questions.

Stream: Screeching Weasel – Television City (Re-Issue)

Legendary pop-punkers Screeching Weasel re-issued their 1998 album Television City Dream on Fat Wreck Chords last week on November 8th. Spinner is hosting a full album stream of the album; and you can listen to it here.

We interviewed Ben Weasel and Danny Vapid late last year; you can read the very entertaining interview here.

Screeching Weasel To Reissue Television City Dream On Fat Wreck Chords

Fat Wreck Chords has been working with Ben Weasel for the rerelease of the classic Screeching Weasel album Television City Dream.  The release will also include five  songs that were originally left off the original edition, taking the track listing up to a whopping a 20-song offering.  Ben Weasel had to say about the release below:

“The album sounds great now, like it was supposed to. I love the new art. The record never got its due, in part because it didn’t sound right. I always felt it was an underrated record”

The album is set for a November 9, 2010 release.

New Pictures: Screeching Weasel

Screeching WeaselLegendary pop-punkers Screeching Weasel recently stopped by Toronto for a rare live concert at the Phoenix and our resident Toronto photographer Lanny Bolger was there with a camera in hand.

You can check out the live photos here.

Don’t forget, we interviewed Ben Weasel and Dan Vapid last December – that interview can be read here.

Screeching Weasel Banned from House of Blues

Screeching WeaselBen Weasel of Screeching Weasel has been posting on his Twitter account that Screeching Weasel has been banned from the House of Blues venues owned by Disney in Anaheim and Orlando. He explained it saying:

House of Blues Orlando is on Disney property, so Disney has to approve all bands. [Screeching Weasel] = rejected. Reason: “content.” Sorry, Floridians. Promoter’s working on another venue. It’s weird. Necromatix & Bad Religion? No problem! SW? Apparently offensive! I’m dangerous! Finally! Also, this means no HOB Anaheim. Honestly I’m kind of tickled. I’m a square, churchgoing father of 2 from the suburbs who golfs & fishes. I assume when I take my kids to Disney World in a few years they won’t ban me from giving them $ for tickets, accommodations & merchandise. I don’t think it has anything to do with politics. Then again I have no idea what it DOES have to do with.

We recently did a length interview with Ben Weasel and Dan Vapid, it can be read here.

Screeching Weasel

Screeching Weasel

Ben Weasel and Dan Vapid

Recess Records
By on December 11th, 2009 at New City Compound - Edmonton, Alberta



Screeching Weasel are punk rock legends, there’s no denying that. They have always been the band behind the band, influencing countless punk acts ranging from Green Day and Blink182 to Rise Against and in the past twenty-three years have released albums that have gone to become staples in the punk community. After an eight year break, the band announced their reunion earlier this year and for some reason came to Edmonton for one of their three shows in 2009. Before their show at the New City Compound, which was as amazing as you’d expect it to be, Ben Weasel and Dan Vapid took the time to sit down and discussed everything Screeching Weasel.

It’s a lengthy and very informative interview that starts with the current line-up and happenings, then dives deep within Weasel history to see how it came to be before returning to the present once again to discuss the changes of the music industry, the troubles of everything being documented and future plans for the band. Read More…