Video: Flatfoot 56 – Odd Boat

Flatfoot 56Flatfoot 56 has premiered a full album stream of their new disc, Odd Boat.  The LP earlier this year via Sailor’s Grave Records.

Watch the video below.

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Video: Flatfoot 56 – Forward

Flatfoot 56Flatfoot 56 has premiered a full album stream of their new disc, Odd Boat.  The LP earlier this year via Sailor’s Grave Records.

Watch the video here.


Flatfoot 56 Streams New Album In Full

Flatfoot 56Flatfoot 56 has premiered a full album stream of their new disc, Odd Boat.  The LP dropped last week via Sailor’s Grave Records.

Listen to the album here courtesy New Noise Magazine.

Video: Flatfoot 56 – Stutter

Flatfoot 56Flatfoot 56 has premiered a new song and music video from their next full length.  The track is titled “Stutter” and the album holds the name Odd Boat.  The LP is will be available to purchase on Sailor’s Grave Records on April 28, 2017.

Listen to the song below courtesy DyingScene.

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Flatfoot 56 – Curtains

Flatfoot 56Flatfoot 56 has premiered a new song from their next full length.  The track is titled “Curtains” and the album holds the name Odd Boat.  The LP is will be available to purchase on Sailor’s Grave Records on April 28, 2017.

Listen to the song below.

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Flatfoot 56 – Penny

Flatfoot 56Flatfoot 56 has premiered a new song from their next full length.  The track is titled “Penny” and the album holds the name Odd Boat.  The LP is will be available to purchase on Sailor’s Grave Records on April 28, 2017.

Listen to the song here courtesy Brooklyn Vegan.

Flatfoot 56 Announce New Album On Sailor’s Grave Records

Flatfoot 56Flatfoot 56 has dated and detailed their next full length.  The album will be titled Odd Boat and is will be available to purchase on Sailor’s Grave Records on April 28, 2017.  Vocalist and guitarist Tobin Bawinkel comments on their new home:

“Flatfoot 56 is excited to be partnering with Andy King and the Sailors Grave team for the release of our new album “Odd Boat”. Andy and Duane have been friends of ours for many years and have always been a source of encouragement through the ups and downs of touring band life. These are salt of the earth guys that have loved and supported punk and hardcore for a very long time. They do it because they love it. We are honored to be working with them on the distribution and promotion side of this release.”

Upcoming tour dates can be found below.

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The Mahones – Ghost Of A Whiskey Devil

The-MahonesIrish punk rockers The Mahones has premiered a newly recorded version of “Ghost Of A Whiskey Devil.”  The track will make an appearance on their upcoming greatest hit collection.  The collection is titled The Very Best: 25 Years Of Irish Punk and is set to drop on August 26, 2016 via Sailor’s Grave Records.  Finny McConnell comments:
“”Ghost Of A Whiskey Devil“ is a very special song and one of my favorites. I wrote it about my late best friend and musical mentor Barry Williams from Dublin, Ireland. He was the guy who convinced me to form The Mahones for a one off gig on St. Patrick’s Day show at his Irish pub in Kingston Ontario, Canada called The Toucan back in 1990. We did the show and it went over so well, that here we are 25 years later!”
Listen to the song here courtesy New Noise Magazine.

Hollowpoints Full Album Stream

HollowpointsSeattle punk band The Hollowpoints is streaming their brand new album, Rocket To Rainier.  The album dropped last week on October 2, 2015 via Sailor’s Grave Records.

Listen to the full disc here.

The Hollowpoints – Sharkwolf

HollowpointsSeattle punk band The Hollowpoints has announced plans for their next studio album. The disc will be titled Rocket To Rainier and is due out on October 2, 2015 via Sailor’s Grave Records. Coinciding with the announcement the band has premiered the song “Cotton Fever.”

Listen to the song here courtesy PunkNews. The band last released Old Haunts On The Horizon in 2010.

The Hollowpoints Announce New LP; Stream First Track

HollowpointsSeattle punk band The Hollowpoints has announced plans for their next studio album.  The disc will be titled Rocket To Rainier and is due out on October 2, 2015 via Sailor’s Grave Records.  Coinciding with the announcement the band has premiered the song “Cotton Fever.”

Listen to the song below.  The band last released Old Haunts On The Horizon in 2010.

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Tours: The Koffin Kats (US)

Koffin KatsThe Koffin Kats are in the midst of a late 2014 tour.  The band continues to support their latest full length, Our Way and The Highway, out now on Sailor’s Grave Records.

Tour dates are below.

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Video: The Brains – ‘Misery’

The BrainsCanadian psychobilly favourites The Brains have premiered a new video for Misery, a track taken from their 2013 record The Monster Within. The album, the bands fourth, dropped back in April 2013 via Stomp Records (Canada), Sailors Grave Records (US) and People Like You Records (Europe) and the video features the band at its energetic best, playing live in their hometown of Montreal. Fans in Finland can experience this first hand as the band are currently on tour there with local horrorpunks Flex Roxon. 

Full tour dates and the video for Misery can be found below:

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Video: The Koffin Kats – Giving Blood

Koffin KatsThe Koffin Kats have premiered a brand new music video.  The video features the song “Giving Blood” fromtheir latest full length Our Way and The Highway, out now on Sailor’s Grave Records.

Watch the video below.

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Booze and glory- As Bold As Brass

Booze & Glory

As Bold As Brass

Sailor's Grave Records

Rating: 3/5




In today’s over saturated market, singles often got lost in the mix. The idea of listening to the radio when I can curate my own playlist is laughable. Much Music no longer plays music and while YouTube and SoundCloud offer great alternatives, the constant flooding of “premiers” every day begins to lose their impact after a while.

Booze & Glory’s Only Fools Get Caught pushed through the noise and, somehow, came out on the other side on top. A surprisingly rousing Oi! anthem, Only Fools Get Caught did what a single was meant to do: pulled me in and intrigued me and luckily, the album it came promoting – As Bold As Brass – lived up the expectations set forth by the single.

As Bold As Brass comes storming out of the gate and right away delivers a strong – you could even say sturdy – punch with Off We Go. You immediately get the idea of what the album will sound like: tough, full, street-punk anthems.

While Oi! is no stranger to the music world, there’s been very few bands delivering new material in the genre worthy of note lately. Weak, repetitive, or generic – Booze & Glory eschews all of these descriptions and, despite the rather mundane band name, sing songs of unity, friends and growth. These are working class anthems, songs about respecting the community not songs about drinking every night.

 The aforementioned single Only Fools Get Caught praises the idea of growing up, challenging ideas and breaking the mould while I Hope You Still Remember reflects on the past with pride. Leave The Kids Alone barrels through with a striking guitar riff and defends the youth of today against false prosecution – a similar theme of unity seeps through We’ll Stick Together and most of the album.

Not since The Briggs have I heard an Oi! band that really stays in your mind.  In fact, the acoustic bonus song Always On The Wrong Side could easily fit in the tail end of Come All Your Madmen without a second look.

 It’s Dropkick Murphys without the Celtic flare, a modern day Sham 69 all with a production quality that pushes the envelop even further. The album pulses with a strong back beat. A sturdy, full soundscape built off solid melodies that don’t rely on flourishes of technical prowess but passion and familiarity. And while they may have one so-called frontman, what makes Booze & Glory standout is the backing harmonies. It’s rare that Mark sings alone and is instead backed up by a wall of gang vocals, layered perfectly, making it all the more easier and inviting to sing along.

So strap on your suspenders, grab a pint of beer and a fistful of friends and sing along as loud as you’d like. This is Oi! the way it was meant to be played.

Video: The Creepshow – The Devil’s Son

creepshowCanadian psychobilly act The Creepshow have released the video for the track “The Devil’s Son” which appears on their their upcoming new full length, Life After Death, which is due out October 21, 2013 via Stomp Records/Sailor’s Grave/People Like You.

The video can be viewed below.

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The Brains

The Brains

Rene De La Muerte

Sailor's Grave Records/Stomp Records
By on April 24th, 2013 at Email



Canadian based band, The Brains, are one of the most insane, undead and best psychobilly horror-punks alive. They break all the rules, push the envelope, a respect their fans as they make their mark in music. Their latest album, The Monster Within, is a stellar, unholy piece with haunting vocals unleashed from Rene D La Muerte (vocals), along with a tight rhythm section from Pat Kadaver (drums) and Colin The Dead (stand up bass). We spoke with The Brains frontman Rene D La Muerte about the band, the album, how he feels about breaking rules and whom he would like to meet in the afterlife.   Read More…

The Brains Full Album Stream

The BrainsMontreal psychobilly act The Brains has launched a full album stream of their sixth studio album.  The album is titled The Monster Within and dropped yesterday April 16, 2013 via Stomp Records / Sailor’s Grave Records in North America and People Like You Records in Europe.  Listen to the disc here.

The album follows 2011’s Drunk Not Dead.

The Kings of Nuthin’ - Old Habits Die Hard

The Kings of Nuthin’

Old Habits Die Hard

Sailor's Graves Records

Rating: 4/5




Today, gruff vocals and a bouncy brass section just go hand in hand.  But how would the Boston punk scene have developed had the Mighty Might Bosstones had never broken out twenty years ago?  Obviously we’ll never know, but it isn’t far fetched to assume that those emerging from the movement may have never been – especially particularly brass heavy acts.  But thankfully history unfolded in favour of the brass lover, and for over the past decade many bands have been taking the genre to new heights.   One in particular is Boston’s Kings of Nuthin, who since emerging in 2001 has embraced brass at its swing and jazz roots for a rare dancehall punk display unlike any other.

Their latest release comes a lengthy four years after 2006’s Over The Counter Culture, in the form of their second Sailor’s Grave Records release, Old Habits Die Hard.  Rest assured, if you’re already familiar with the Kings, the band picks up right where they left off.  And if you’re not, well, there’s never been a better introduction.

Centering their sound around a variety of eccentric musicians, the Kings thrive off of everything from trumpets and saxophones, to piano keys, a thick double bass, and a classic 50’s rock n’ roll beat.  Vocalist Torr Skoog rounds out the ensemble with an unmistakable Boston accent and deep vodka drenched roar.  Put them all together and you get an infectious rallying cry that just makes you want to get up and make your way to the nearest dance floor.

Old Habits makes a case for the Kings Of Nuthin being like a fine wine aging its way to perfection.  While comparing with previous releases doesn’t find any particularly profound innovations, the band has never felt so cohesive.  In fact, what started out as a punk outfit respecting the classics, has since taken complete command of its influences.  Right from the opening track, “Black & Blue,” it’s easy to tell that at this point the Kings are more than your basic novelty band.

Songs range from anthemic to feel good, but always feel uplifting.  Tracks like “Sick & Tired” never let up thanks to one of the tightest brass sections to ever come out of Boston, and the shear instrumental variety on “Same Situation” means there’s always something to reel you in.  Many tracks come punctuated with interesting tempo shifts and strings of solos that move between pianos, guitars, and saxophones.

While band members play each instrument with such a traditional sense of class, the real “punk” identity surfaces amidst the lyrics.  For example, “Shitsville U.S.A.” takes a socially conscious perspective on how working an unfulfilling occupation in an unremarkable setting makes for a miserable existence.  Likewise, “Old Habits” serves as a reminder to live your life without regret for fear of your past controlling your present.  While not terribly profound in content, the Kings’ lyrical sincerity makes such common tales and morals rather exciting.

For all of the above reasons you won’t find many releases quite like Old Habits Die Hard this year (or any year for that matter), making he Kings Of Nuthin’s latest offering an experience well worth jumping on.

Hollowpoints - Old Haunts ON The Horizon

The Hollowpoints

Old Haunts on the Horizon

Sailor's Grave Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Throw in one part Dillinger Four, another part Riverboat Gamblers, and a load of politically charged texts on society’s ills, and you get Seattle punk group The Hollowpoints.  Formed back in 2001, the quartet has largely existed under the radar, surfacing every three to five years for a new bout of fresh material.  In fact, their solphomore effort and Sailor’s Grave Records debut, Old Haunts On The Horizon, follows a lengthy five years after 2005’s The Black Spot.  And while I can’t profess familiarity of the band up until this point, Old Haunts On The Horizon has me wishing I had much sooner.

The Hollowpoints boast all the essentials of a modern classic, with a down to earth sound best described as a sloppy, poppy – occasionally rocky – brand of punk rock.  Vocalist “Matty” McKinney – with his soft but throaty delivery – could easily stand in for Dillinger Four’s Patrick Costello.  But his steady rhythmic sense also begs comparisons with Riverboat Gamblers’ flowing vocal melodies.  And with comparisons like that, you can be rest assured that Old Haunts is chalk full with catchy hooks and genuine grit.  When placed against a backdrop of recurrent gang vocals, big choruses, and a beat that just never gives up, the tunes are easy to take in, fun to sing along with, and intelligible to contemplate.

Speaking of which, from a lyrical standpoint The Hollowpoints know how to act serious without compromising their fun factor.  For instance, tracks like “God Save Anna Nicole” at first sound innocent and uplifting, opening with a trivial “Hollywood newsflash,” only to end with brow raisers like “we bleed red white and blue, another dead American,” and rounding the track out with a judgment about Republicans distracting ill informed citizens from “real problems.”  Other times, like in “Service Is Our Business” or “Dharma,” they’re relaying their ideology with references to Iraq and a slanted media.  And if that all sounds very heavy, not to worry, even political activists know that we all need a break from bleak realities sometimes – and that’s where some basic drinking songs like “Gonzo” jump in to cool the nerves.

Old Haunts On The Horizon is an incredibly solid listen from start to finish.  While you won’t find any surprises here, when it comes to The Hollowpoints, that’s a good thing.  They’re a good old-fashioned punk rock band armed with big hooks and an activist’s agenda.  An easy recommendation for fans of hook-heavy political punk.

Business - Doing The Business

The Business

Doing The Business

Sailor's Grave Records

Rating: 3/5




The Business is one of those regional staples whose popularity has never really reached beyond its hometown.  Yet their name is known globally and synonymous with the Oi! movement.  Born around the working class culture that still segregates English culture, over the past few decades The Business has come to embody the Oi! branch of the punk family tree.  Much like the genre, their sound has changed little over the past thirty years, and on their latest EP/Live album, Doing The Business, they’re still playing that same primitive brand of street punk best suited for worn South East London pubs rather than stadium filling venues.

The EP is an odd offering, consisting of four new tracks and a short live set.  Generally, the new songs are surprisingly modern for The Business.  “Mean Girl” kicks things off in big rock n’ roll fashion with a bouncy beat and long time frontman Micky Fitz talking of a love-em-and-leave-em encounter.  The Tempo actually makes the track very catchy, and the lead out solo is pretty easy to get into.  “Don’t Give A Fuck About You” follows, serving as a step backwards on the Oi! spectrum in terms of production and execution.  The backing vocals have a small but shouty feel, and are what one might expect from a group of mates in a crowded pub chiming in after their outspoken leader with outbursts of working class pride.  On that topic, “Till The End” follows with the band confirming their sense of brotherhood, as they proclaim “no fear/good friends/brothers till the end/that’s what we said so long ago.”  Generally the band’s take on politics and social issues fits in with grass roots activism.  The final studio track closes on a big note, returning to the expansive choruses and aggressive guitars characteristic of “Mean Girl.”  All in all the new tracks are simple but satisfying.

The next six tracks come from a small show recorded in some neighbourhood pub somewhere in the UK.  This is where the album turns from broadly accessibly to a die-hard “fans only” affair.  Thanks to the no doubt ill equipt venue, the recording quality sounds muffled and scratchy.  The handful of people in attendance do, however, sound as if they’re having a good time, as they spout some lewd and crude language in line with many of The Business’ songs.  When a band plays a track like “Loud, Proud, ‘n Punk” for such a small crowd but still maintains all the fury of mad men, it’s pretty clear how The Business has existed on such a local scale for over thirty years (disclaimer: The Business has fans worldwide, but none are more rabid than their hometown hoologans).  To the benefit of the performance, the set is energetic, but still likely intended for true devotees.

Other than their continually rotating lin-up, The Business hasn’t changed much over their career, and they’re not about to start now.  The new studio offerings are definitely more accessible than their 1980’s material, but their mechanics largely remain true to their legacy.

So as Doing The Business reminds us, The Business has been embodying working class pub culture for over thirty years, and they’re going to continue singing for the beer-drenched masses for many years to come.


Burning Streets

Sit Still

Sailor's Grave Records

Rating: 3/5




Sit Still is apparently Burning Streets’s second full-length, and it’s a testament to the band’s prowess that while they do so much wrong here, I’m still hooked. Sit Still is, for the most part, a spirited and hook-filled album that’s rife with some glaring fuckups. Musically, the band’s treading ground familiar to groups like the Generators and Bombshell Rocks; music deeply rooted in both Southern California beach punk and 70s UK streetpunk, but more reliant on formidable, heartfelt lyrics. When they’re on, they’re on, but those missteps threaten to bog this record down. Thankfully, they never do, not entirely.

Still the stumbles are numerous: Drew Juliano’s vocals are definitely interesting, high-pitched and almost always discernible, but there are frequent moments (the opening track “Distance Between” being one of them) where his high range almost becomes too operatic and threatens to turn the band into a caricature of itself. And while Sit Still’s production is excellent and rich and generally sounds great, it also sounds incredibly slick and questionably radio-friendly at times. And while “Let Me Go” finds the band exploring the Humpers/Architects/proto garage genre, which they do well enough, it certainly seems a little out of place on the record. Other experiments, such as the odd exclamations and clips of band conversations on “Full-Time Gamblers” and “Comfort In Confusion” also really threaten to topple the respective songs. And lastly, the cover art is pretty bad and goddamn, the majority of these songs push past the four-minute mark, you guys. Come on.

And yet this band is really pretty good. Seriously good, actually.

These eleven songs are relentlessly catchy and almost always anthemic in scope. Juliano’s voice is decipherable and his lyrics are so greatly heartfelt that I’ve found myself willing to overlook a lot. Sit Still is a strong album in spite of its limitations, and it’s grown on me considerably since the first time I listened to it.

The Angel City Outcasts - Self Titled

The Angel City Outcasts


Sailor's Graves Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Back when my family bought their very first computer I was introduced to world of wonderful and imaginative video games.  First person shooters, puzzle games, side scrollers – you name it, I played it.  Looking back, a lot of those games don’t hold up today, but there was one game in particular that to this day holds a special place in my heart.  That game is Lucasarts’ Full Throttle.  The tale of Ben, a tough-as-nails biker gang alpha male set-up by an evil corporation, completely captivated me.  And to this day, as soon as I hear Full Throttle’s opening theme song, a chill runs down my spine and I’m transported to a land of leather studded southern outlaws and strips of rolling highway.

So when I first started listening to Los Angeles outlaws The Angel City Outcasts, I couldn’t help but feel a wave of nostalgia roll over me.  The band’s sound is the closest thing I’ve heard to that memorable theme song – “Legacy” by The Gone Jackals – in well over a decade.  The Outcasts ride a style of rock heavy on outlaw attitude without ever feeling like a western or southern band.  The opening track even has a confident arrogance, with frontman Tak Boroyan speaking for the band like a ringleader for his circus.  He yells: “let me introduce to you a band of outlaws and sounds and sights the likes you’ve never seen” before he goes on to describe his “tent singin,” “gun slingin,” “bass slappin,” “safe crackin” crew.  The Angel City Outcasts are a modern breed of outlaw, who in their self-titled full length strives at transforming today’s pubs and clubs into yesterday’s lively saloons.

By and large the album plays like a high-octane thrill ride and rock n’ roll tribute.  The band opens with “Five Guns West,” wasting no time jumping into a fray of intense solos, lively bridges, and swaggering choruses.  Much of the time Boroyan trades off between vocals and guitar, punctuating the soundscape with rebellious riffs.  Sometimes lyrics like “you’ve gotta take life by the balls and never let it go” on “Get It Right” sound mighty close to classic rock outfits like ACDC, or Guns n’ Roses, but never come across as cheap imitators.

While Angel City Outcasts is largely a guitar heavy affair, there are a few roses to be found on the Outcasts’ thorny hides.  For example, “Wild Hearts” serves as a breather, introducing a rich acoustic approach, complete with a particularly emotional violin.  Furthermore, “Hold On” finds Boroyan entering a duet with a female vocalist for something decidedly different.  All these little tweaks are a nice change of pace that prove The Outcasts are closer to well rounded rodeo stars than short lived one trick ponies.

Angel City Outcasts is a really solid piece of outlaw rock from a band that clearly knows what they’re doing.  They’re certainly not reinventing anything – or even adding anything terribly new – but what’s there certainly stands on its own.  And while I may have entered this western road trip for the nostalgia, I found myself staying for the new sights on a familiar route.

Video: Koffin Kats – The Way Of The Road

Koffin KatsDetroit psychobilly act the Koffin Kats has premiered a brand new music video.  The video features the song “The Way of the Road” from their upcoming full length Our Way and The Highway, due out January 24 on Sailors Grave Records
Watch the video here courtesy AltPress.

The Business Announces US West Coast Tour With The Hollowpoints

English hooligan godfathers, The Business, have announced that they will be hitting the west coast of the US with their label mates The Hollowpoints.  Both bands released new albums on the very same day this year through Sailor’s Grave Records.  The Hollowpoints released their full length Old Haunts On The New Horizon, and The Business released their studio/live EP Doing The Business.

Tour dates can be found below.

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Video: Angel City Outcasts – Doghouse Blues

L.A.’s Angel City Outcasts have premiered the music video for their song Doghouse Blues. The track comes from their latest Self-Titled record released earlier this year on Sailor’s Grave Records.

The video is below.

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Burning Streets "Kiss the World Goodbye Tour 2010"

Boston, MA’s Burning Streets started their Kiss the World Goodbye 2010 summer tour last night in Raleigh, North Carolina. The tour will continue through August 2, with the band hitting almost all of the United States. All the dates can be found here

The band last released Is It In Black & White? on Sailor’s Grave Records in the fall of 2009

Burning Streets Video Tour Announcement

Burning Streets will be hitting the road on June 8 for a massive, two-  month tour in support of their debut release, Is It In Black And   White, out now on Sailor’s Grave Records.

The band will be providing regular video tour reports from the road via  Checkk out BlankTV’s YouTube channel for exclusive footage as the band makes their way across the U.S. and Canada.

Check out the “Kiss The World Goodbye” Tour video announcement, and tour dates below.

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Videos: Angel City Outcasts – “Five Guns West”

Angel City Outcasts have released a new video for the track “Five Guns West” from their recently released self titled album on Sailor’s Grave Records.  Angel City Outcasts serves as the band’s followup to 2006’s Deadrose Junction.

The video is premiering exclusively through and can be viewed below.

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Videos: Angel City Outcasts – "Five Guns West"

Angel City Outcasts have released a new video for the track “Five Guns West” from their recently released self titled album on Sailor’s Grave Records.  Angel City Outcasts serves as the band’s followup to 2006’s Deadrose Junction.

The video is premiering exclusively through and can be viewed below.

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Sailor’s Grave Records Release Four Albums In One Day

Sailor’s Grave Records have released an ambitious four albums in a single day.  The albums come from signings new and old, and include new releases from Angel City Outcasts, The Business, The Hollowpoints, and Kings Of Nuthin.

The albums are available through the label’s website as well as major online retailers.