Tours: Patent Pending (UK)

Patent PendingLong Island based alternative pop-punk outfit Patent Pending will be heading on tour.  The band continues to support their 2015 LP, Riot Hearts Rebellion, available now via Rude Records.Singer Joe Pending had to say about the band’s upcoming tour:

“It’s been a full year since our last proper headlining tour in the UK and we are losing our minds with excitement to get back out there and party with our European Second Family. We started brainstorming while preparing for this tour for new ways to turn the Patent Pending party atmosphere from a 10 to an 11, because we want this year to be absolutely bonkers! We’ve always pulled influence from all over the musical spectrum, so we decided that this year we want to take all of the things that we love about music and mash it all together in beautiful symphony of chaos and energy. The result is something that we are very proud of. We can’t wait to finally share it with the world!!! Between the surprises that we’re going to unleash starting April 17th and the things we have planned for the next 6 months, this is going to be the best and most insane year in Patent Pending history.”

Tour dates are below.

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Light Years – The Summer She Broke My Heart

LightYears-2013Cleveland, OH’s Light Years have premiered a new music video for their song “The Summer She Broke My”.  The band last release I’ll See You When I See You back in November 2015 via Rude Records.

Watch the video below.

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Blood Youth Reveal Video For ‘I Remember’

Blood YouthHardcore heavyweights Blood Youth have revealed the video for I Remember, a new single taken from their highly anticipated debut album, Beyond Repair, that is due out on 7th April 2017 via Rude Records. To celebrate the release of their debut album, Blood Youth will be headlining three special release shows in April at venues across the UK, where they will be joined by Loathe and Holding Absence

You can pre-order Beyond Repair here

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Catch Fire Announce New LP, Release Lyric Video for ‘Thin Ice’

Catch FireNottingham, UK pop punk outfit Catch Fire have announced that their new EP A Love That I Still Miss is due for release on 24th March via Rude Records. This is the follow up to the band’s debut The Distance I Am From You EP, which dropped in early 2016. Ahead of the street date, the band have posted a lyric video for single Thin Ice and vocalist Miles Kent had this to say about the track:

“It represents the metaphor of feeling like at any moment, the thin ice that you sense you are on, is going to break and you’ll begin to sink…It’s about knowing that you’ll never be enough for someone no matter how often they assure you that you are and being forever indebted to their kindness. It’s our favourite track and it definitely means the most to us. It’s also the saddest song on the EP.”

Pre orders for the new EP are available here, and you can check out the video for Thin Ice below.

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Blood Youth Release Video For ‘Reason To Stay’

Blood Youth RTSHarrogate, UK hardcore heavyweights Blood Youth have revealed the video for Reason To Stay, the first single to be taken from their highly anticipated debut album, Beyond Repair, that is due out on 7th April 2017 via Rude Records. To celebrate the release of their debut album, Blood Youth will be headlining three special release shows in April at venues across the UK, where they will be joined by Loathe and Holding Absence.

You can purchase and stream Reason To Stay here

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7 Minutes In Heaven Sign To Rude Records

7 Minutes Of HeavenChicago based Alternative group 7 Minutes In Heaven have signed on with Rude Records.
  The band comments on the signing: 
“Being such an active DIY band, signing to a label has never been our end goal but once we met Rude, we knew this was the right move! It’s all new territory for us and we’re happy to be joining a family that shares the same purpose and passion that we do. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone that’s been a part of this journey, we’re excited to begin a new chapter with you. Expect new music this year, we think you might like it.”

A video announcement can be found below.

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Woes Stream New EP in Full

woesGlasgow pop-punk four piece Woes are streaming their self titled EP in its entirety here thanks to the good folks over at Rock Sound.  The EP dropped on November 25, 2016 via Rude Records and you can check out the video for the track Be Alone below.

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New Car Smell

Rude Records

Rating: 4/5




It would seem Guttermouth are well and truly back, although Mark Adkins is the sole survivor from their original line up, the almost constant turmoil that has characterised Guttermouth‘s line up’s over the years means that this should come as no surprise to anyone. A decade had passed until Guttermouth released the Got It Made EP earlier this year, now jut a few short months later the current line up of the legendary Californian punk band seem to have found a new lease of life, as they have now bought us their latest EP, New Car Smell, via Rude Records which is due out on November 25th,

Spud Like Torso kicks off the New Car Smell EP, this is classic Guttermouth, fast, irreverent and packing a hell of a punch, Soundtrack To The End Of The World ups the pace and contains all the hallmarks of the bands classic recordings. By the time you’re halfway through the EP with two more solid tracks, the title track and Perma Walkabout, you get the feeling that Guttermouth have just picked up where they left off when they released Shave The Planet back in 2006. The EP steps up a gear for the final two tracks, Mail Order Bride is the highlight of this release, it carries a legendary guitar hook and the same frenetic approach that is their hallmark, and finally the EP rounds out with the hectic track, The Human Mulligan, that ends the New Car Smell EP in fine style.

Guttermouth are back and the new material indicates that they’ve lost none of their edge, the two EP’s they’ve released in the last few months have delivered an impressive album’s worth of material that is as good as anything they released in their heyday. Guttermouth seem to have found their muse once more, the twelve tracks released across the two EP’s indicates that they’re back with a vengeance. This is no faded reunion or a band cashing in on former glories, Guttermouth are as good as ever and it’s good to have them back .

New Car Smell can be pre-ordered on physical formats here and digitally here

Guttermouth Stream ‘The Human Mulligan’ And Confirm US Tour

guttermouth-legal-ncsRude Records have announced the release of The Human Mulligan, the new single from Guttermouth, the track is taken from their upcoming EP, New Car Smell, that is due out on November 25th, New Car Smell will be released worldwide in collaboration with Bird Attack Records. The EP is the follow up to Got It Made, their first EP of new music in 10 years, which was released in early July. Guttermouth have also announced US tour dates that run from November 2016 to March 2017 where they will be touring with the likes of Get Dead, The Cryptics, Agent Orange, The Queers and Atom Age.

New Car Smell can be ordered on physical formats here and downloaded here

You can stream The Human Mulligan here and view Guttermouth‘s US tour dates below Read More…

Guttermouth – Mail Order Bride

guttermouthSouthern California punk rockers Guttermouth have premiered a new single.  The track is titled “Mail Order Bride” and is set to appear on their upcoming EP, New Car Smell, which is due out on November 25, 2016 via Rude Records.

Listen to the song below.

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Guttermouth Release Mail Order Bride

guttermouth-ncsRude Records is proud to announce the release of Mail Order Bride, the new single from Southern California punk rock heroes Guttermouth, off their upcoming EP New Car Smell which is due out on November 25th via Rude Records. Vocalist Mark Adkins had this this to say;

This hymn of soon to be biblical proportion is not just some fabrication stemming from my frontal lobe. Life lessons and especially lessons of love, good or bad, come in many forms. For me the only constant is failure. Too many heartaches to count, thus pushing me to try a dating system and it’s as easy as the click of a mouse, swipe of the card and poof!!! The girl or man of your dreams arrives at your home or place of business via UPS (Customs permitting.) Mail Order Bride is not a gender-biased song. Just change the lyrics from girl to boy and you too can have and hold your very own spouse by mail. Ladies and gentlemen give this song a listen and your lonely self a chance. Good luck!

You can stream Mail Order Bride here and pre-order New Car Smell here

Woes Detail Self Titled EP

woesGlasgow pop-punk four piece Woes has announced details for their forthcoming self titled EP.  The album is set to drop November 25, 2016 via Rude Records.  Pre-orders are live.

The video for the track “Worst Friend” can be found below.

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Light Years

Lite Years

Rude Records

Rating: 2.5/5




Ohio quartet Light Years have released a new four track EP via Rude Records, this is their first new material since I’ll See You When I See You, the band’s sophomore album that was released on Rude Records at the tail end of last year. That was an album that marked a significant musical progression from their 2013 debut release, so what does the Lite Years EP have to offer? Disappointingly it is comprised of acoustic interpretations of three of their favourite songs from their last record, along with a previously unreleased cover version.

The opening track The Summer She Broke My Heart keeps the upbeat qualities of the original, but is a fairly straightforward acoustic version of the song. The track Accidents has been significantly reworked, this is a positive move as a whole EP of straight acoustic versions of songs that were released less than a year ago would be something of a pointless exercise, if you’re going to rework some of your most popular material then I always feel it should bring something new to the party. The Lite Years EP closes out in a more sombre tone, Let You Down is completely stripped down and has a more melancholy tone than the previous version and this four track release closes with a version of Bruce Springsteen‘s Atlantic City, which is recorded with a fuller sound than the original version by The Boss. 

This is very much one of the fans of Light Years, rather than viewing this a new release I would see this a companion to the I’ll See You When I See You album, there is nothing wrong with this EP but as it lacks any new original material it’s hard to get overly excited about this release. Having said that this EP brings a different perspective to their material and fans of Light Years will enjoy this EP of reinterpretations immensely.

Lite Years is available for download from the usual sources, including Amazon and iTunes 

Guttermouth Announce Release of ‘New Car Smell’ EP

guttermouth-ncsYou wait ten years and then you get two EP’s from Guttermouth in four months, Rude Records is proud to announce the release of New Car Smell, the new EP from Southern California punk rock heroes Guttermouth, due out on November 25th worldwide in collaboration with Bird Attack Records. The EP is the follow up to Got It Made, their first EP of new music in 10 years, which was released in early July. Known for their short, fast and loud songs, outrageous antics and offensive lyrics, Guttermouth has attracted plenty pf controversy over the years. In other words, they are punk rock as it’s meant to be.

The first single from New Car Smell is now available for streaming here

New Car Smell can ordered on physical formats here and digitally here

Light Years Announce New Acoustic EP

Light YearsCleveland, OH’s Light Years has announced details for a new acoustic EP.  The 4-song EP will be titled Lite Years and is set to drop on September 9, 2016 via Rude Records. The band last release I’ll See You When I See You back in November 2015.

Pre-orders are available here.

Guttermouth Release ‘Got It Made’ EP

Guttermouth GIMSouthern California punk rock veterans Guttermouth have officially released their Got It Made EP through Rude Records and Bird Attack Records. This is their first new material in ten years, Guttermouth have added a new chapter to their legacy as one of punk rock’s seminal acts. Known for their short, fast and loud songs, outrageous antics and offensive lyrics, Guttermouth has attracted plenty controversy over the years.

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Guttermouth GIM


Got It Made

Rude Records / Bird Attack Records

Rating: 4/5




Southern Californian punk rock stalwarts Guttermouth have finally got round to releasing some new material, Got It Made is their first release in a decade and it is due out on July 15th, the release of this long awaited EP is a collaboration between Rude Records and Bird Attack Records so the EP should be available in whatever country you’re reading this in. After so many years away have Guttermouth changed? have they mellowed? If you’re familiar with this band then you’ll already know the answer to that question and I can confirm they have remained true to themselves.

Opening track The Point is vintage Guttermouth, and to be blunt so is the rest of the EP, the questionable humour, profanity and full tilt punk rock have all remained firmly in place. The wonderfully infectious Freckles The Pony is a fine and frantic number, and is my personal favourite from Got It Made. The title track along with A Punk Rock Tale of Woe, Shitty Situation and Old Man are all solid tunes that carry Guttermouth‘s trademark style, and that is probably all Guttermouth‘s fans wanted to hear

Sometimes a legendary band returning from the wilderness can trigger the alarm bells, but you can switch off the alarms, Got It Made is as good as anything Guttermouth have previously released. If you have any fondness for any of Guttermouth‘s nine, yes nine, previous albums then you should order this EP as you won’t be disappointed, It’s like they’ve never been away.

Got It Made can be ordered from the usual sources, but it can also be ordered on cassette, CD and download here

Guttermouth – A Punk Rock Tale Of Woe

GuttermouthCalifornia punk act Guttermouth has premiered a song from their long awaited new EP.  The song is titled “A Punk Rock Tale Of Woe from their EP, Got it Made, which is due out on July 15, 2016 worldwide in collaboration with Bird Attack records.

Listen to the song below.

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Guttermouth Announce Release of Got It Made EP

Guttermouth GIMRude Records have announced the release of Got it Made, the long-awaited new EP from Southern California punk rock heroes Guttermouth, due out on July 15th worldwide in collaboration with Bird Attack Records. This is their first new material in ten years and Guttermouth are poised to add a new chapter to their legacy. Known for their short, fast and loud songs, outrageous antics and offensive lyrics, Guttermouth has attracted plenty controversy over the years.

Want to have a taste of the new EP? The first single “I’ve Got It Made” is now available for streaming here. 

Blood Youth

Blood Youth


Rude Records

Rating: 2.5/5




Harrogate, UK four-piece Blood Youth may be fresh on the scene, but they seem to be entering prolific territory.   Following their debut EP, Inside My Head,  the band returns but a quick year later with the four-song follow-up, Closure.  For such a short offering, the EP offers an eclectic mix of the pop-punk meets glowing-neon metalcore typical of such an album cover.   While energetic in nature, the mix fails to settle meaningfully for a unifying message, coming across more like a misaligned tour sampler than a statement of intent.

For starters, opener “Breathe” treads lightly for could serve as an extension of just about any floaty, fluttery indie band.  The song establishes and maintains an overwhelming sense of calm, describable through adjectives such as sleepy, gentle, delicate and somber.  As an introduction, you’d think Blood Youth didn’t have a sharp tooth or prickly bone on their body.  It could have served as an intriguing intro to a similarly themed album.  But then “24/7” gnashes its razor-like teeth, each lyric hitting with a growl and tearing with a chomp.  Power drumming and metalcore breakdowns abound as Kaya Tarsus’ vocally shreds violently through chorus and verse.   Followed by the similarly executed “Mood Swing,” these two tracks mark the weakest and least distinct of anything on the disc.  In other words, they serve as examples of generic and forgettable “medio-core.”  In a case of too little too late, only the title track makes the grade in a skillful balance melodic punk meets harsher tones.  This hybrid of 90’s, EpiFat-esque melodi-punk with the contemporary edge of some of the harder-edged Rise Records fare is where Blood Youth’s true potential lies.  Sadly, such optimism is over as soon as it starts, teasing what could have been.

Taken as a unit, an out of place intro, a mediocre middle, and skillfully hybridized concluding track means that the meat of Closure feels remarkably unbalanced.  The band has stated that the EP’s arc represents the group’s current course and evolution, bringing “closure” to a chapter or personal unrest that at one point may have spelled disaster for the band (aka, stylistic differences with their former vocalist).  If this is the case, and “closure” serves as the example most representative of Blood Youth’s current trajectory, then the quartet may be onto something.  If not, then they will surely become yet another face in the heavily saturated metalcore-lite crowd.

Like Torches

Like Torches


Rude Records

Rating: 2/5




Stokholm four-piece Like Torches adheres to a modern brand of pop-punk not unlike the majority of Fearless Records acts over the past ten years.  The Swedish band follows the simple guitars and hook-heavy choruses that go hand in hand with the many New Found Glory and Yellowcard imitators like Get Stoked that have come and gone over the years.  To be sure, they’re one of the more modest and less obnoxious fitting that description, as evidenced by their latest full length, Shelter.  

But by the same token, Like Torches is not terribly unique either.  

Pitchy, layered vocals reach high from the get go as lead vocalist Jonathan Kärn benefits from the vocal sparring of bassist Daniel Kärn.  Opener “Swing By Swing” occupies the place of a prototypical pop-punk anthem.  Riffs land quickly in repetition as they bolster the steadfast vocal lead and contribute to the quartet’s melodic disposition.  But as with many of Like Torches’ inspirations, the overall effect stands up well individually, but tends to blur together in the context of an album and neighbouring tracks (like “Coma”).  

Finding safety in familiarity, this crucial flaw makes for what can only be described as an overwhelmingly generic and predictable listen.  Sure, some songs like “Walking Home” or album highlight “Skeletons” up the tempo for a speedier end result (akin to Neck Deep), but by the same token, those like “Bit A Bullet” end up feeling like b-sides from less than desirable mainstream acts like Simple Plan or All American Rejects.  While not typically as obnoxious as the latter, a solid proportion of Shelter’s tracks come across as unremarkably faceless.

Like Torches’ broad reaching generic persona makes writing a review challenging without recycling adjectives and descriptors.  As it stands now, I can’t help but feel that I’ve written this same review on multiple occasions for similarly lackluster offerings.  There’s no question that Like Torches understands how to write a hook-laden pop-rock song for contemporary audiences; they just tend to recycle much of what we already know.  Had Like Torches added their own spin to Shelter, then perhaps they would have arrived at a more favourable outcome.  Unfortunately that couldn’t be further from the case.

Light Years

Light Years

I'll See You When I See You

Rude Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Ohio pop-punk band Light Years is modest in approach, but garners attention for their commitment to simple catchy tunes.  Sewn from similar cloth as contemporaries like Such Gold, the quartet makes for natural comparisons with some of pop-punk’s past trend setters; the likes of Yellowcard and Blink 182 are sure to pop to mind after tuning into their latest album, I’ll See You When I See You.  Serving as their sophomore full length, the album sticks close to comfort with plenty of memories along the way, suggesting that Light Years have yet to reach their creative ceiling.

At its core, Light Years strives to burrow fiercely into your head with catchy earworms, yet does so with a laid back execution.  Early on, tracks like “Are You Sure” establish a mid-tempo pop punk sentiment with choruses that pump the breaks and vocal harmonies that jump in and out between verses.  Pat Kennedy offers pretty much what you’d want from a frontman drawing the bulk of his inspiration from the early 00’s.  An inherent foundation of hook-heavy singable pop-punk shines through in songs like “Living In Hell” and “Accidents.”  With encouraging results, runaway choruses fade between vague whispers of Blink 182 without letting a single decade define them.

Look no further than “The Summer She Broke My Heart” for a sample of Light Years’ foresight and restraint.  Born of a sugary chorus line with a steady, uplifting pace, the song exemplifies the type of pop flavoured punk that with a few more layers of varnish might be classified as power-pop; but thanks to Light Years’ careful navigation of the genre, the band remains true to their mission.  Lyrically, Light Years mirror such depth in “Cracks On The Ceiling.”  “I’ve been feeling, a lot like the cracks in my ceiling, tired of being so defeated,” sings Kennedy with a subdued disposition in a passage that insightfully comes to terms with the life you need to lead rather than hanging onto the one you screwed up.  Further strength resonates from each note’s carefully selected tonality projecting optimism in a defeatist world.

Also worth noting, a bit of the rawness seeps through on select songs circa the group’s forceful drumming.  For instance, “Rearview’s” rapid pace is refreshingly relatable and a nice way to sidestep lining up with their overly polished peers.  “Accidents” draws upon the same runaway choruses that fade in and out of a vague 90’s reference, and raising the tempo saves the day in few occasions such as on “So, Sorry,” which otherwise gets a little dreary in delivery.  

Overall, I’ll See You When I See You serves as a formidable sophomore effort for Light Years.  While the disc loses a bit of steam around the halfway mark, the band can’t be faulted for any decline in quality, but more of a recycling of sounds from the first half.  That being said, the balance of 90’s and 00’s pop punk makes for a strong mission statement and execution.  Light Years have yet to produce their magnum opus, but I’ll See You When I See You marks yet another commendable stepping stone along the way.

Patent Pending Streams New Full Length

Patent PendingLong Island based alternative pop-punk outfit Patent Pending is streaming their new full length. The album is titled Riot Hearts Rebellion and drops on November 27, 2015 via Rude Records.

Listen to the disc below.

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Video: Light Years – The Summer She Broke My Heart

Light YearsCleveland, OH’s Light Years released a new music video.  The video will feature the song “The Summer She Broke My Heart” from their upcoming album, I’ll See You When I See You, which is set for a November 13, 2015 release via Rude Records.  The disc was produced by Will Yip (Anthony Green, Balance and Composure, Circa Survive, La Dispute, Title Fight) and is now available for pre-order.

Watch the music video below.

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Like Torches Announce New LP, UK Shows

like_torchesSwedish punks Like Torches have announced that their latest LP, Shelter is due for release on January 22nd via Rude Records. The band’s vocalist Jonathan Kärn has said this about the record:

“A big part of this album was written in a country house far up north in Sweden. With no cell reception, internet or human interactions. This was a great experience for all of us as a group, to connect and strengthen our friendship to a new level. It also helped us find the shape and sound that we wanted for this next album. The vibe of the album is emotional and angry, it’s a compilation of everything that we have been through these past years. We have put everything we got into it”.

The band have also announced a short run of UK shows this month, check out the full list of dates below.

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Video: Light Years – Living In Hell

Light YearsCleveland, OH’s Light Years have announced details for their upcoming second full-length.  The disc will be titled I’ll See You When I See You and is set for a November 13, 2015 release via Rude Records.  The disc was produced by Will Yip (Anthony Green, Balance and Composure, Circa Survive, La Dispute, Title Fight) and is now available for pre-order.

Watch the music video below.

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Video: Zebrahead – Save Your Breath

ZebraheadZebrahead has unleashed a new music video. The video features the song “Save Your Breath” which will serve as the seventh track on their upcoming new album, Walk The Plank, due out October 2015.

Watch the video below.

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Patent Pending

Armageddon EP

Rude Records

Rating: 2/5




Patent Pending has been around since 2001; and it shows.  The fun loving Mount Sinai, New York pop-punk band channels the same energetic pop spasticity of those at the peak of the genre’s radio popularity like Bowling For Soup and Sum 41 back in 2003 (keep that year in mind for later).  Either there was something in the water back then or I was just young and naïve, because we all lapped it up without question.  While material from Bowling For Soup and Sum 41 has aged reasonably well in large part due to nostalgia, digging up some of the lesser known bands that flew under the radar but emulated that trendy sound of the moment reveals a somewhat different picture.

For instance, time has been less kind to those like Head Automatica whose peak albums like Propaganda now feel more like a caricature of the genre.  The same can be said of Patent Pending’s latest Armageddon EP, but instead of having the cover of time to hide behind, the disc just comes off obnoxious and oozing with excess in the present.

One of the biggest turn offs has to be how much of a big shot Joe Ragosta comes across.  It’s obviously all part of an act and said in jest – but that doesn’t stop his overbearing attitude from souring the whole experience.  The snarky attitude feels reminiscent of Good Charlotte when they started developing a ‘mightier-than-thou’ attitude circa The Chronicles of Life and Death.  Ragosta sings lyric after lyric of airhead choruses with statements that feel like they’re actively lowing your intelligence just listening to them.  “Mommy’s little maniac is causing daddy’s heart attack, Sally paints the ceiling black she’s learned to curl her toes,” rattles Ragosta against an equally excessive chorus born of hand claps and overdone backing vocals.  The band pulls out pretty much every production trick in the book.  In fact, the band lathers on the gloss on so heavily that such a blindingly shiny coat completely distracts from any element that may have been manageable on its own in songs like “Tick Tick Boom.”

But all of that pales in comparison with the outright indigestible audio garbage that is “We’re Getting Weird.”  The hip-hop infused, auto tuned embarrassment plays out like a failed attempt at satire that feels so random and off the wall that it works against its central message of fully embracing one’s wacky individualism.  “New Jurassic Park? Oh sure, what could go wrong, we could tame velociraptors they could sing in the song, *snarl*… J-E-F-F Goldbloom,” rambles the crew, following up with a statement that “we’re getting weird.”  The humour is so inaccessibly basic and bottom of the barrel that it makes MC Lars’ pop culture references look like modern poetry.

Only “Brighter” offers a ray of hope in Armageddon’s musical mess of a rat’s nest.  The track still suffers from the sonic challenges of its brethren, but with a more relaxed mood and inspirational intent that can be summed up in the line, “there’s a thin line between hoping and believing.”  This is the type of song that could make a strong single for Patent Pending.  It’s nothing you haven’t heard before on the radio, but feels infinitely more genuine and sustainable.

If you haven’t guessed yet, Patent Pending are living in some sort of time warp in which myspace is still fresh and Good Charlotte still dominate the airwaves.  If that sounds like a reality for you, then by all means, pop your collar, dawn a trucker hat and crank Armageddon in your first generation Toyota Matrix because you’re among friends.  For the rest of us, learn from hindsight and move along.

Like Torches Sign With Rude Records, Post Video

like_torchesSwedish punks Like Torches have joined the roster of  Italy based label, Rude Records. To celebrate the signing, the band have released a video and stream of their new single, Skeletons and announced that their next full length will drop at some point in 2016. Vocalist Jonathan Kärn has said this about the signing:

“We are absolutely thrilled to announce our signing with Rude Records and to join their family of amazing bands! We’re really proud of our new album, and we’re so excited to have found such a great label to partner with to allow as many people as possible to hear it. We can’t wait to hit the road and play all these new songs!”

Check out the video for Skeletons and the band’s upcoming UK tour dates below.

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Light Years Details New LP; Premieres First Song

Light YearsCleveland, OH’s Light Years have announced details for their upcoming second full-length.  The disc will be titled I’ll See You When I See You and is set for a November 13, 2015 release via Rude Records.  The discwas produced by Will Yip (Anthony Green, Balance and Composure, Circa Survive, La Dispute, Title Fight) and is now available for pre-order. Front man Pat Kennedy says comments:

“This record is very important to us, and will stand out because it is so honest. We put everything we had into these songs and didn’t hold back.We are not trying to pull off a gimmick or sound just like every other cookie-cutter pop-punk band, we are just playing music that we would want to hear.  These are the best songs we have ever recorded and I believe we have finally found our voice as a band. 

We felt “I’ll See You When I See You,” was a fitting title because we really don’t know what will happen next. In life everything can change in an instant. Nothing is promised.”

The LP’s first single, “Let You Down”, can be streamed here.  Track listing is below.

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Patent Pending Sign With Rude Records, Detail New EP

Patent PendingLong Island based alternatiev pop-punk outfit have signed on with Rude Records. Vocalist Joe Ragosta has said this about joining the Rude Records family:

“We’re so excited to join forces with Rude Records! After years of searching we’ve finally found a home for our band with people that truly understand our vision, our goals and our craziness. It’s going to be an amazing partnership and we can’t wait to get (A TON OF) new music in everybody’s hands this year!”

Their first release for the new label will be their Armageddon EP, due for release on July 31st, and ahead of the official drop date, the band have posted a video for Brighter

The band are touring the UK in the autumn alongside Zebrahead, check out the full list of dates, and the video for Brighter, below.

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