Andy J Gallagher Boy Racer

Andy J. Gallagher

Boy Racer / I Don't Wanna Be Like You

JAC64 Records

Rating: 4/5




Following in the wake of the first single, Sheena’s Big Night Out, from the eagerly anticipated album, Ego, Andy J. Gallagher  has now released another double a-side single featuring the tracks Boy Racer and I Don’t Wanna Be Like You, the single has been released on JAC64 Records today, the 20th March 2017. Ego will be Andy J. Gallagher‘s sophomore album, it follows on from 2009’s Helicopter, Dolphin, Submarine, an album that is now available as a free download via Andy J. Gallagher‘s website.

Boy Racer occupies the a-side, it’s a track that channels the spirit of The Libertines with a spirited chunk of power pop fuelled indie rock, and it marks a damn fine start to the single, however for me the star of the show is the flip side. I Don’t Wanna Be Like You is a darker composition, that whilst still carrying Andy J. Gallagher‘s pop sensibility, has an element of menace and discord that possesses more of a punk rock spirit than the a-side, or the previous single.

Once more Andy J. Gallagher has teamed up with former member of The Damned and The Phantom Chords, and more recently solo artist, Roman Jugg, and their partnership is one that seems to almost effortlessly produce a heady mix of punk and power pop that maintains a sparkling pop sensibility. For me Boy Racer, and especially it’s flip side I Don’t Wanna Be Like You, is a step forward from the first impressive single, Sheena’s Big Night Out, from his forthcoming album, and it’s a one that makes Ego an even more eagerly anticipated release.

Helicopter, Dolphin, Submarine can be downloaded for free here

Boy Racer is available on limited edition CD here


Andy J. Gallagher

Sheena's Big Night Out

Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




Remember the AA side single? back in the day there were singles that didn’t feature a remix or a live track on the reverse side, just two equally matched studio tracks, either of which could front the release. This has largely been a dying format, but Andy J. Gallagher is here to remind you of just how good they could be. Sheena’s Big Night Out and it’s double a side, Because We Are, are the first shots across the bows from his forthcoming new album, Ego. This single, and the forthcoming album, is produced by long time collaborator, and former guitarist of The Damned and The Phantom Chords, Roman Jugg.

The A side, Sheena’s Big Night Out, is a slice of the catchy new wave inspired power pop, and a damn fine one it is at that, however, it’s on the chorus it comes into it’s own, a perfect sing along bouncy number that grabs you before it comes to an abrupt halt. The AA side, Because We Are, starts with an off key vocal into taken straight from The Beatles song book before it breaks into a fast paced indie number, Because We Are would happily sit alongside anything from the Arctic Monkeys first album, and it’s as lyrically and musically sharp as anything by that band.

Andy J Gallagher‘s material always wears it’s influences on it’s sleeve, you can hear Buzzcocks in the guitar lines, alongside the aforementioned influences, lyrically the single displays Andy J. Gallagher‘s biting social commentary which features his trademark sardonic lyrical touch. To complete the package you can hear Roman Jugg‘s influence seeping through into the track, he’s done a perfect job of mixing the two tracks that make up Sheena’s Big Night Out, there’s a delicious rough edge to the single that suits the material perfectly. The combination of these elements form a strong single that whets your appetite for his forthcoming album nicely.

The limited edition CD of Sheena’s Big Night Out can be ordered here

Andy J. Gallagher Releases New Single ‘Sheena’s Big Night Out’

andy-j-gallagher-sheenaSheena’s Big Night Out and it’s double a side, Because We Are, are the first shots across the bows from Andy J. Gallagher‘s blistering new album, Ego. Produced by legendary guitarist of The Damned and The Phantom Chords, Roman Jugg, Ego feels the influences from David Bowie, Buzzcocks, Lou Reed and Edwyn Collins. The first single bears the torch of that long standing legacy of biting social commentary played out through wry, arch lyrics and infectious melodies, Sheena’s Big Night Out is like the grainy black and white snapshot the adorns the single, gritty, witty, and very real.

The limited edition CD of Sheena’s Big Night Out can be ordered here