Henri Herbert To Release ‘Boogie Woogie Piano’ Album

Henri Herbert BWPFollowing on from the release of his debut album with The Fury, Live At Gypsy Hotel, Henri Herbert has announced that on April 1st he will release his new solo album, Boogie Woogie Piano. On the new album he will be returning to his roots with a rocking collection of ten blues ‘n boogie piano instrumentals, pre-orders for the new album are now available and any advance orders get a free extra track for immediate download. Henri Herbert will be celebrating the release of Boogie Woogie Piano with a solo show at The Green Note in London on April 1st.

Boogie Woogie Piano can be pre-ordered here

Snakerattlers Debut Album Now Available Via Streaming Services

Snakerattlers TIRRThe Snakerattlers are a band comprising married couple Dan Oliver Gott and Naomi Gott, they are a hellbound voyage of deathpunk, rockabilly, country, and traditional greaser rock and roll. This Is Rattlerock can still be streamed and purchased, on CD and digital formats, via the Moon Skull Records Bandcamp here, and the album is also now available via streaming services.

The Punk Site review of This Is Rattlerock can be read here

This Is Rattlerock can be streamed via Spotify here and Apple Music here

Snakerattlers TIRR


This Is Rattlerock

Moon Skull Records

Rating: 4/5




This Is Rattlerock is the debut full length from Yorkshire duo Snakerattlers that is now available via Moon Skull Records. The Snakerattlers emerged from the ashes of The Franceens and have transformed themselves into a band that channels the primal soul of rock ‘n roll via the sinister reverb heavy chords of Link Wray, the unhinged psychobilly of The Meteors and the primitive origins of The Cramps to create something that has the essence of their influences, but crucially they manage to avoid being derivative or in any way an anachronism.

From the dark ominous opening chords of I Won’t Hold Back you know that you’re for a demonic take on rock ‘n roll that is in no way designed to save anyone’s soul, with This Is Rattlerock the Snakerattlers take every facet and mutation of rock ‘n roll and twist it into their own stripped down hybrid. At times they’re channelling the original spirit of the orginators before veering off into a demented psychobilly rampage, the result being that they have delivered a debut album that simultaneously recalls Link Wray‘s Rumble and The Cramps debut full length, Songs The Lord Taught Us, via the insanity and originality of the spirit of the best of the unhinged garage bands, both past and present.

I recently caught the Snakerattlers live, which added to my intrigue in hearing how their raw and primitive menace would transfer to the studio, it turns out that with This Is Rattlerock the Snakerattlers have managed to capture the raw essence and dark energy of their live performance, something that few bands manage when they make the transition from the stage to the studio. With This Is Rattlerock the Snakerattlers have delivered an impressive debut album that hits the spot on every single track, if the devil has the best tunes then there’s no doubt that the Snakerattlers debut full length is playing on repeat on hell’s jukebox.

This Is Rattlerock and be streamed and purchased, on CD and digital formats, via Moon Skull Records here

The Snakerattlers website can be found here

The Madding Crowd Release ‘January Begins’ Single

madding-crowd-jbThe Madding Crowd formed in Manchester in 2010 and the they harbour a wide rang of influences in their unique sound, including glam, punk, rockabilly and prog rock, which makes them a band that is almost impossible to define. Their new single is released on October 5th and will be available from that date as a pay what you like download from their Bandcamp page. The new single is taken from their forthcoming EP The 78th Bridge on the Rochdale Canal which will be released on November 26th, with an EP Launch gig that same date at The Miners in Moston, North Manchester.

January Begins is available as a pay what you like download from October 5th here

Houdini Roadshow – Down In The City

I must say, it was a pleasant surprise finding out about Houdini Roadshow’s free album. These guys play a rough but accessible brand of punk’n roll that’s really easy to get into. I wouldn’t be surprised if after this album the Germany based band gets snapped but by the region’s dominant independent punk’n roll label, People Like You Records, very soon.  Best of luck to these guys.
Houdini RoadshowDown In The City