Manchester Punk Festival Volume 16 Released Via Bandcamp

MPF 18 Nov 17The Manchester Punk Festival will be returning next year between the 19th and 21st April across a number of venues in Manchester, UK’s City Centre. This is the second volume of the compilations that precede next year’s festival, the Manchester Punk Festival Volume 16 features Spoilers, Random Hand, PMX, Freddy Fudd Pucker, In Evil Hour, Crumbs, Sounds Of Swami, Throwing Stuff, Counterpunch, Carl Moorcroft, Afterkop, Uniforms, The Raging Nathans, Rebuke, Lightyear, Chewing On Tinfoil and Rotten Foxes, who are all appearing at the festival. Tickets for the Manchester Punk Festival are on sale here

You can download Manchester Punk Festival Volume 16 as a name your price download here

Manchester Punk Festival Announces Latest Additions For 2018

MPF 18 Oct 17The Manchester Punk Festival has announced that Culture Shock will be amongst the bands joining the already stacked line up for 2018, they are one of the original political UK ska punk bands with a career spanning across four decades and have influenced so many bands that we listen to today. 2018 also sees the Random Hand, Beat The Red Light, Roughneck Riot, The Tuts, Chewing On Tinfoil, RUSSO, In Evil Hour, Counterpunch, PMX, Rebuke, Happy Accidents, Atterkop, Sounds Of Swami, Dead Drummer, Tom Aylott and Freddy Fudd Pucker added to the line up. The Manchester Punk Festival is taking place between 19th and 21st April 2018 across a number of venues in Manchester City Centre. You can follow the Manchester Punk Festival on Twitter here, Facebook here and Instagram here to keep up to date with all the updates and future announcements.
Tickets for the Manchester Punk Festival 2018 can be purchased here

Darko & Rebuke Post Summer Tour 2017 Video

Darko Bonsai MammothGuildford skate punks Darko and Sweden’s Rebuke have released a retrospective tour video from this past summer.  Darko was out in support of their critically acclaimed debut full length, Bonsai Mammoth, which is out now on Bird Attack Records (US) and Lockjaw Records (UK).

Watch the video below.

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Darko Release New Video And Announce European Tour

Darko Bonsai MammothGuildford skate punks Darko have released a new video for the track Just A Short Line, the latest track to be taken from their critically acclaimed debut album Bonsai Mammoth which is out now on Bird Attack Records (US) and Lockjaw Records (UK). The band have also just revealed a huge run of summer 2017 dates with Swedish punks Rebuke, taking in shows across mainland Europe.

Bonsai Mammoth can be streamed and ordered here (UK) and here (US) 

You can view the video for Just A Short Line, and Darko‘s tour dates, below Read More…

Rebuke / Money Left To Burn

Rebuke / Money Left To Burn


Disconnect Disconnect Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Rebuke and Money Left To Burn – not exactly household names in the punk rock community, but solid modern interpretations of melodic 90’s skate punk nevertheless. Both minor players in a much bigger scene, you’d be unlikely to run across them during the same trip through town. So leave that job to the talent scouts at Disconnect Disconnect Records who had the insight to offer up a crash course on both bands via a sick new split. Clocking in at ten songs in just over twenty minutes, Rebuke and Money Left To Burn make for a natural and fiery pairing. Like jalapenos doused in hot sauce, each flame feeds the fire.

Sweden’s Rebuke kicks things off with their big and brash brand of rapidfire melody. Landing somewhere between the jagged vocals meet rattle-bang drumbeat of Burning Fiction and Part Time Killer, “Hunter Street” opens on a deceptively perky note before jarring forward with rambunctious riffs that spit out the message “we won’t miss you while you’re gone.” Compared with their peers, Rebuke is considerably more abrupt in their vocals and guitar work, but justifies the rough edges with some razor sharp guitar solos that reel in the tension to tighten their form. Notably, “That’s A Sick Park” finds the guitar lead taking aim with familiar guitar work that sounds like a metal cover of the iconic Jurassic Park theme song. Not exactly something you’d seek out – but the novelty of the riffs boast some seriously epic staying power. Rebuke’s contributions are consistent with their past, and their five tracks race by with confidence and attitude.

Flip over to the second side though and the disc really blasts off. German quintet Money Left To Burn boasts a technical edge in the vein on MUTE, Propagandhi, A Wilhelm Scream, Strung Out and Darko – and they know how to use it. Propelled by searing lead vocals that pace the ensuing buzz of high flying riffs, Money Left To Burn barrel headlong into bouts of highly entertaining audio demolition. “Finish Line” lathers on the intensity in a pseudo-hardcore approach drawing plenty of parallels to Darko’s rabid enthusiasm. Other tracks like “Ladders” feed into vocal harmonies and layers of sizzling chords traded between the band’s two guitarists. The rest of the batch race onwards like Full Circle-era Pennywise in “Dreaming ‘Bout Utopia” and “Common Shame.” As the disc rolls to a close, Money Left to Burn leaves an impressionable mark.

The combination of Rebuke’s rapidfire melodic skate-punk and Money Left To Burn’s technical edge make for a dynamic and sonically “spicy” split that entertains from start to finish. Rebuke’s playful side balances out Money left To Burn’s more instrumentally ambitious attitude without outshining one another. Disconnect Disconnect Records has a done a fine job in pairing two lesser known and complimentary European punk acts together. If any of the various influences caught your eye, then Rebuke and Money Left To Burn’s first split is worth your time.

Rebuke / Money Left To Burn Release Split

Rebuke / Money Left To BurnUK-based Disconnect Disconnect Records recently released a split album with European skate punk bands Rebuke and Money Left To Burn. The split debuted on June 1, 2015 and consists of 10 tracks. The record is available for purchase here.

Sweden’s Rebuke got their start together in 2003 and were previously spotted on Disconnect Disconnect’s rooster for their 2010 full-length titled Wouldworks.

Germany’s Money Left To Burn kicked off in 2010 and lately premiered a video for Finish Line, one of the tracks off the split. Watch the video here.

Track listing for the Rebuke and Money Left To Burn split album may be found below.

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Video: Money Left To Burn – Finish Line

RebukeGermany’s Money Left To Burn has released a new music video for a track from their upcoming split with Sweden’s Rebuke.   The song is titled “Money Left To Burn”  The shared effort is set to drop on June 1, 2015 via Disconnect Disconnect Records.  

Watch the video below.

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Rebuke And Money Left To Burn Announce Split

RebukeSweden’s Rebuke, and Germany’s Money Left To Burn have announced that they will be releasing a new 10 track split.  The shared effort is set to drop on June 1, 2015 via Disconnect Disconnect Records.  

Track listing is below.

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Rebuke Enter Studio To Record New EP

RebukeGothenburg, Sweden skate punk act Rebuke is teasing fans with studio recording footage from their next release.  The EP is planned to include five new songs.  The band last released the EP, Artie Kaye, back in 2012 through Disconnect Disconnect Records.

Check out the band in the studio here.

Rebuke - Wouldworks



Disconnect Disconnect Records

Rating: 3/5




Sweden’s Rebuke has been waving the skate punk flag since their 2003 inception.  Their brand of 90’s skate punk falls comfortably in line with bands like the late Belvedere and Satanic Surfaces, adding to a backdrop of contemporary acts keeping the influential bands’ legacies alive and well.  While I’m not terribly familiar with Rebuke’s career, based on their sophomore full length, Wouldworks, the four-piece seems quite content existing in a no frills range of melodic skate punk which means Wouldworks isn’t overly ambitious; but I think that’s the point.

For starters, Rebuke play a clean melody but aren’t afraid to revel in skate punk’s messier traits.  “Bartenders & Tarbender” opens the album in a furry of crashing drumbeats held loosely together by vocalist Petter’s accented vocals and guitarist Sam’s steady riffs.  Unlike cleanly produced skate punk acts likeChaserRebuke embraces their rough imperfections (with “Edge” likely taking the crown for roughness).  Petter’s high vocals contain a scratchy coarseness, with his band mates’ backing harmonies coming across pleasantly off key.  But that isn’t to say Rebuke doesn’t have an element of refinement.  A reoccurring metallic edge heightens most riffs, offering an aggressive sense of targeted precision much in the vein of classics like Strung Out.

As for lyrics, Rebuke fits right in with their socially conscious peers.  Tracks like “Take To The Seas” take a disapproving stance towards society’s environmental neglect, comparing humanity’s wasteful course with plummeting helplessly into the baron depths of the ocean.  Others like “(It’s Not) Rocket Surgery” idealize “working together for the benefit of all” while smartly covering up the statement’s simplistic utopianism by admitting that their own eloquence could use a little work.  Simply put, Rebuke preaches a message of peace.  While not necessarily a groundbreaking revelation, unlike many of today’s egocentric artists, Rebuke’s message is one worth singing along to.

Overall, Wouldworks makes a fine addition to the Belvedere school of skate punk.  The boys in Rebuke are fast, melodic, and messy.  There’s nothing particularly profound here, but that shouldn’t discourage avid skate punkers from checking out Rebuke’s latest offering.  An easy recommendation.

Video: Rebuke – Without A Shred Of Dignity

Gothenburg, Sweden’s Rebuke has released a brand new music video.  The video features the song “Without A Shred Of Dignity” and comes from their recent EP, Artie Kaye, which dropped back in April courtesy Disconnect Disconnect Records.

Watch the video below.

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Rebuke Streaming New EP

Gothenburg, Sweden’s Rebuke has launched a stream of their upcoming EP, Artie Kaye, due out April 1, 2012 via Disconnect Disconnect Records.

Stream the album here courtesy PunkNews.


Rebuke Announce New 7″

Rebuke has announced that they will be releasing a brand new 7″ through Disconnect Disconnect Records on April 1, 2012.  The 7″ will be limited to 200 copies and follows their previous full length, Wouldworks.

A teaser for the album can be viewed below.

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