The Dopamines ‘Tales Of Interest’ Album Gets UK Vinyl Release

The DopaminesThe Dopamines latest LP, Tales Of Interest, is now available in the UK on “Rubbish Blue” and “Horrible Green” vinyl via Plasterer Records. The album sees the band deliver another dose of hard hitting punk rock, but on Tales Of Interest, in addition to their self-deprecating, alcohol soaked brand of punk, the lyrical content has more depth, the overall feel of the record is darker and the band itself seems to have grown into a more mature, albeit still drunk version, of their former selves. 

Tales Of Interest is available in the UK via Plasterer Records here and the US release is available via Rad Girlfriend Records here

The Punk Site review of Tales Of Interest can be read here

LP Stream: The Slow Death – ‘Punishers’

The Slow DeathMinneapolis grunge punks The Slow Death are streaming their new LP Punishers in full thanks to the good folks over at New Noise Magazine. Punishers is the band’s 3rd full length and dropped back on July 21st via Rad Girlfriend Records.

Check out the stream of Punishers here, and you can buy the LP here.



The Dopamines

The Dopamines

Tales Of Interest

Rad Girlfriend Records

Rating: 3.5/5




The Dopamines latest full length, Tales of Interest, picks up where the Cincinatti, Ohio pop-punk quartet left off five years ago.  The band traditionally fits in best with bands like The Methadones, House Boat, and The Copyrights, but this time around adds a bit more of an aggressive edge to their songs.  Tales Of Interest seems to have picked up elements of Dear Landlord and Direct Hit! in that The Dopamines are definitely leaning more heavily towards a subtle hardcore influence.  It’s the type of minor tweaking that a band can get away with while fan’s memories are foggy from an extended studio absence.

Tales of Interest’s basic formula is regularly one where abrasion intersects melodic pop-punk convention.  Tracks like “The King of Swilling, Pt. I, II, III” and “Open Letter” feature intermittent segments of heavy screeching chords and slow rough vocal belting, while “083133” goes all in for an entire track of angular chords and hardcore vocals.  This stylistic deviation is not the album’s norm and fits strategically with the track listing, but certainly flavours The Dopamines’ overall feel at this point in their career.  That being said, the more ‘classic’ offerings continue to dominate the majority of the fourteen songs.  “Expect the Worst,” which lifts its title from The Dopamine’s album of the same name, harkens back to the melodic execution of their seminal release.  Others like “Heartbeaten by the Police,” “Ire,” and “Everybody Dies” assume the place of easy to digest pop-punk ditties with plenty of layered vocals and repetitive choruses.  The inclusion of a more familiar approach amidst Tales of Interest’s audible risk-taking serves as a great point of balance allowing the band to try something new without neglecting the sound upon which they built their reputation.

Tales of Interest may not quite be what fans were expecting from The Dopamines’ return, but it still feels very much like a Dopamines album.  Even so, the quartet uphold their reputation for quick paced pop-punk propelled by a seemingly unending well of enthusiasm.  Overall, Tales Of Interest should fit well within pop-punk playlists of both returning fans and newcomers alike.

Svetlanas ‘This Is Moscow Not LA’ LP Released in Europe

The Svetlanas TIMNLASvetlanas stunning new full length, This Is Moscow Not LA, was released via Rad Girlfriend Records in the USA, and the album is now available on CD and vinyl in Europe via Subkultura, as well as being available for download and streaming. The Punk Site review of This Is Moscow Not LA can be read here

This Is Moscow Not LA is available via Bandcamp here and via Spotify here

The CD & vinyl are available via Subkultura here (EU) and Rad Girlfriend Records here (US)

A video for the track Let’s Get Drunk, and Svetlanas EU tour dates, can be viewed below Read More…

Svetlanas TIMNLA


This Is Moscow Not LA

Rad Girlfriend Records / Subkultura Records

Rating: 5/5




Svetlanas have developed a reputation for being the most dangerous band in the world, and with good reason, they are considered enemies of the state in their native Russia, a status that has resulted in their exile in Milan, and anyone who has witnessed their confrontational live performances will testify that their reputation is more than deserved, now as they limber up for a fresh aural assault on the festival circuit Svetlanas have released their latest full length, This Is Moscow Not LA. There is also an added ingredient thrown into the mix as Svetlanas line up has now been bolstered by the inclusion of Nick Oliveri, a man who has his own hellraising reputation, and this should result in a match made in heaven… or hell, depending on your viewpoint.

This Is Moscow Not LA kicks off with an introduction to Putin On Da Hitz that is The Munsters by way of the of The Misfits, after this things kick spectacularly into life and from this point onwards you’d best buckle up. There are no brakes on This Is Moscow Not LA and for me this is an album that is the definition of defiant, hedonistic and destructive hardcore infused punk rock that proves that there is no one else out there quite like Svetlanas. Tell Me Why channels and amplifies the Dwarves, this is followed by Let’s Get Drunk and Vodka ‘N Roll that are a pair of full tilt tributes to the joy of getting trashed, throughout the album there are perfect moments of hyperactive punk rock in the form of Lose Control, Negative Approach and Put Your Middle Fingers Up. There is a tribute to the godfather of rock ‘n roll excess in the form of Speed Freak, a frantic rendition of Motorhead‘s ode to amphetamines that sounds as if it’s played on an overdose and Where Is My Borscht and People Suck are an intense closing duo that prove that all is not quiet on the Eastern front.

Sometimes you hear an album that just makes you want to attack your booze supply with self destructive abandon, and this is one of those albums, few bands manage to deliver this kind of full tilt fuck you, and fewer still can deliver it live with any sense of authenticity. Svetlanas have always had a reputation as a band that should be experienced live, but now they’ve delivered an album the bottles the essence of what makes them such a compelling live act. For me this sounds like the album Svetlanas were born to make, and come this years Rebellion Festival I will be down the front for Svetlanas set on Friday 4th August.
This Is Moscow Not LA should be ordered here and you need to stream it via Spotify here
Svetlanas website can be found here

Svetlanas Release ‘This Is Moscow Not LA’ Album

Svetlanas TIMNLAThe Svetlanas have been called “the most dangerous band in the world” thanks to their super intense live performances at such international festivals as Vans Warped Tour, South By Southwest and Rebellion Festival, and they are one of the acts featured in The Punk Site‘s recommendations for the 2017 Rebellion Festival. The Italian based Russian thrashcore outfit’s latest release, This Is Moscow Not LA, has just been released via Rad Girlfriend Records and Subkultura Records.

This Is Moscow Not LA is available via Bandcamp here and via Spotify here

A video for the track Let’s Get Drunk, and Svetlanas EU tour dates, can be viewed below Read More…

The Dopamines Stream New LP In Ful

DopaminesCincinnati, OH’s The Dopamines have premiered their upcoming album in full.  The disc is titled Tales of Interest and is set to drop on June 2, 2017 via Rad Girlfriend Records.

Listen to the full album here courtesy Noisey.

The Dopamines – Common Rue

DopaminesCincinnati, OH’s The Dopamines have premiered a new song from their upcoming album.  The song name is “Common Rue” and the disc is titled Tales of Interest, which is set to drop on June 2, 2017 via Rad Girlfriend Records.

Listen to the song below.

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The Slow Death UK Tour

10404014_705570566171475_3513508892714640896_oMinneapolis punks The Slow Death have announced a short UK tour alongside Derbyshire street punks Epic Problem. The band are still out supporting their 2013 full length No Heaven which can currently be streamed on the Rad Girlfriend Records bandcamp page.

Full dates below:

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