Despero Release ‘Somewhere Near The Bottom’ LP Today

Despero Somewhere Near The BottomAustin punk band Despero have today released their debut album, Somewhere Near The Bottom, and it is now available via all major digital outlets and through La Escalera Records. The band, that features past and current members of The Anchor and The Capitalist Kids, will also be playing La Escalera Fest 6 in San Diego and Tijuana alongside thirty other bands.

Somewhere Near The Bottom, and tickets for Fest 6, can be purchased here

The Punk Site review of Somewhere Near The Bottom can be found here

The Dollyrots Release ‘Whiplash Splash’ LP Today

dollyrots WSPunk rock duo The Dollyrots release their sixth studio album, Whiplash Splash, today. The album is available on CD, limited-edition aqua blue vinyl, and digitally on their very own Arrested Youth Label with distribution via MVD Entertainment Group. The album is produced by the band and longtime Producer John Fields and The Dollyrots signature spirit shines through in melodic guitar riffs, irresistible hooks, and punked-out woah-ohs

You can read The Punk Site review of Whiplash Splash here and the LP can be purchased here

The Dollyrots tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

dollyrots WS

The Dollyrots

Whiplash Splash

Arrest Youth Records

Rating: 4.5/5




Irrepressible punk rock duo The Dollyrots have released their sixth studio album, Whiplash Splash, today, the 24th March 2017, on their own Arrest Youth label. Whiplash Splash marks their first studio album since 2014’s Barefoot and Pregnant, as with it’s predecessor this is a completely fan funded DIY album that marks The Dollyrots commitment to doing things completely on their own terms. The new album also marks the addition of their daughter Daisy Moon to their entourage that already includes their three year old son River and tour dog Quito, you might think that having a second child would slow The Dollyrots down, but it seems that nothing will keep this duo from doing what they love, and what they love doing is producing punk rock and touring, usually with their children, and dog, in tow.

I Do kicks things off in fine style with their trademark pop punk chainsaw guitars and infectious choruses, The Dollyrots have always opened their albums with a storming track, and Whiplash Splash is no exception to this tradition, Babbling Idiot adds another helping of their joyous trademark bouncy punk rock, but Whiplash Splash isn’t just an album of uptempo buzzsaw guitar tracks, although I wouldn’t be complaining if it was. Tracks such as Mermaid , Saturday Morning, Other Trucker, and the superb slow burning This Addiction, bring a slower, although equally anthemic, element to the album, whilst Jump Start This Heart has a distinctly eighties feel to it, this is the only track that to me feels a bit out of place as it veers dangerously close to power ballad territory. These tracks are littered amongst pop punk gems such as Just Because I’m Blonde, Squeeze Me, Dance Like A Maniac, Pack Of Smokes and the frantic City Of Angels. Whiplash Splash closes with a cover of Katrina And The Waves 1985 feel good hit, Walking On Sunshine, of course it’s been given a suitable treatment by The Dollyrots who are a band who have good form when it comes to well chosen and reworked cover version.

The Dollyrots have delivered yet another album that borders of perfection, one that is a welcome addition to their extensive back catalogue. They are a band that do what they do, they deliver upbeat sun splashed pop punk, and to be honest I can’t think of anyone who delivers this kind of effervescent bubblegum punk any better than they do. If you already love The Dollyrots then Whiplash Splash is an album that won’t disappoint on any level, if you’re unfamiliar with them then this would make a damn fine starting point. Is this their finest album? that’s a tough call to make, Whiplash Splash is certainly as good as anything they’ve released to date, it contains everything we’ve come to know and love about The Dollyrots, and after almost two decades, eight albums and numerous drummers what more could you ask for?

The Dollyrots website and online store can be found here

Despero Somewhere Near The Bottom


Somewhere Near The Bottom

La Escalera Records

Rating: 4/5




Texan punk quartet Despero, that features former members of The Anchor, The Capitalist Kids, Air Tight Alibi, and Town Hall Devils, are gearing up to release their album Somewhere Near The Bottom tomorrow, the 24th of March, through La Escalera Records, the album will be available on CD and digital formats. Somewhere Near The Bottom is the band’s debut full length release, it originally appeared in a slightly shorter format via their Bandcamp last year, now the album is getting a full release via the esteemed La Escalera Records imprint.

The Bullets kicks off the album with a fine hardcore tinged blast of punk rock, this is followed by the darker themed Tiny Victories that has more of an anthemic quality and an insistent right hook of a riff. Somewhere Near The Bottom switches almost schizophrenically between their hard edged brutal side, and a more melodic counterpart, for me the latter part of their personality has the greater appeal, but both are delivered with equal passion and commitment across the album’s short sharp shock of nine tracks, that are delivered in a shade under twenty five minutes.

Despero are a band that refuse to be pigeonholed, whilst they are a full blooded punk band their delivery varies from straight up punk rock, through melodic hardcore and into full blooded hardcore. If you have any love for the likes of Strung Out, Good Riddance and Avail then this is a band you will want to investigate, as Somewhere Near The Bottom is a full blooded album of bare knuckle punk rock that will we be a welcome addition to your playlist.

Despero will be appearing at La Escalera Fest 6 in April 2017 in San Diego, California and Tijuana, Mexico alongside thirty other bands from the La Escalera Records stable. You can buy tickets, and get more information about La Escalera Fest 6 here

Somewhere Near The Bottom can be pre-ordered on CD here and digitally here

Despero‘s Facebook presence can be found here

The Flatliners Stream New Track From ‘Inviting Light’ LP

Flatliners ILThe Flatliners are premiering a new song, Indoors, the track appears on the band’s upcoming studio LP, Inviting Light, that is due out on 7th April on Rise Records. The Flatliners will be playing some North American tour dates with Weezer and will then tour the UK and Europe with The Menzingers, the band is also confirmed to play the It’s Not Dead Festival in California.

The new album, Inviting Light, can be pre-ordered here

The new track, Indoors, can be streamed here and their tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Dirt Box Disco Poppycock

Dirt Box Disco


STP Records

Rating: 4.5/5



 Poppycock is Dirt Box Disco‘s fifth studio album, it was supposed to be released on the 15th April 2017, via STP Records, Due to an error by the online distributor Poppycock was released a month early to online sites and not the intended release date of April 15th, the CD and online versions are now available but for those with a preference for vinyl you still have to wait until April 15th. Dirt Box Disco have been steadily building a well deserved reputation, especially live where they are in their element, with their infectious hard edged pop punk, not pop punk as we usually know it, but a band with an ear for a catchy melody with choruses that plant themselves firmly in your brain, and refuse to leave. Over the years I’ve encountered Dirt Box Disco live they’ve been on an upward trajectory, going from the early slots at the Rebellion and North West Calling festivals, heading steadily towards headlining slots, and on the basis of their latest album this trend is something that looks like continuing.
Dirt Box Disco are essentially the bastard sons of such infamous punk bands as The Anti Nowhere League and The Macc Lads, this is not a family friendly band as the opening track, The Bullshit Kids, demonstrates, this is a guaranteed live favourite up with there with their earlier crowd pleasing classics such My Life Is Shit and Let’s Get Wasted, and this continues with Fingerblast, a track which gives a knowing nod to The Damned classic, Wait For The Blackout. There are of course fist pumping old school classics such as Punk Rock Riot, Working For Wankers and Slapdash And Haphazzard, that could have been written at anytime in the last forty years that punk’s been around, these sit alongside surprisingly tender pop punkers such as Little White Lie, and it’s antithesis, the heaviest number on Poppycock, Snorting Crack Off A Girls Top Rack, whilst the closest you get to political lyrics is their song about childhood obesity, Fat Kid, subtlety is definitely not their strong point. The final trio are fine pack of tracks, Imaginary Friend and Some Things Are Best Left Unsaid are another pair of fine punk classics in the making, whilst Poppyock ends in relatively mellow style with I Hate This City, which starts with a dub influence, before the inevitable happens and everything snaps back to normal for the chorus.
if you’re looking introspection and serious political views then this won’t be for you, if however you want some energetic punk rock that doesn’t take itself too seriously, then come on in. This is anthemic singalonga punk that is just made for drunken nights and good times, the subject matter isn’t politically correct but it’s all delivered with a good natured knowing wink. Poppycock is an anthemic thirteen track album that spans the heavier end of pop punk to lighter end of hardcore, with elements of rock and dub thrown in for good measure, and it’s all delivered with humour and the irrepressible nature that characterises their live shows. I’d recommend picking up a copy of Poppycock, then get yourself a ticket for a live show, and I can guarantee they’ll be coming somewhere near you in 2017 if you live in the UK, and head down the front, you can thank me later.
Dirt Box Disco‘s website can be found here and STP Records web presence can be located here

Empty Lungs Release Video And Confirm UK Tour Dates

Empty Lungs Dont Get ItFresh off the back of their successful recent string of dates, and the release of their incredible Don’t Get It EP via Hidden Pony Records, Belfast based indie punks, Empty Lungs, have shared the new video for the track Losing It. Finding It and have announced further tour dates for this Spring. Don’t Get It was released on the 10th March on vinyl and download and is available via the usual retailers

The Punk Site Review of the Don’t Get It EP can be found here

The video For Losing It. Finding It, and the Empty Lungs tour dates, can be viewed below Read More…

Mobina Galore Release Video For ‘Suffer’

Mobina Galore Feeling DisconnectedWinnipeg punk powerhouse duo, Mobina Galore, have already had a big 2017 with the release of their new full length, Feeling Disconnected, plus nearly non-stop touring with the likes of Against Me! and Milk Teeth. Now Mobina Galore have released a music video for Suffer, one of the razor sharp blasts of melodic punk from Feeling Disconnected

Feeling Disconnected is available digitally here and physically here

The Punk Site review of Feeling Disconnected can be found here

You can view the video for Suffer, and Mobina Galore‘s tour dates, below Read More…

The Dollyrots Release Lyric Video For ‘Babbling Idiot’

dollyrots WSPunk rock duo The Dollyrots are set to release their sixth studio album, Whiplash Splash, on the 24th March, the album will be available on CD, limited edition aqua blue vinyl and digital formats via their very own Arrested Youth Label. The Dollyrots have now released another video ahead of the album’s release, this time they have released a lyric video for the track Babbling IdiotThe Dollyrots are currently on tour in support of the new album with support from The Two Tens.

Whiplash Splash can be pre-ordered via The Dollyrots website here

You can view the lyric video for Babbling Idiot, and The Dollyrots tour dates, below Read More…

Andy J Gallagher Boy Racer

Andy J. Gallagher

Boy Racer / I Don't Wanna Be Like You

JAC64 Records

Rating: 4/5




Following in the wake of the first single, Sheena’s Big Night Out, from the eagerly anticipated album, Ego, Andy J. Gallagher  has now released another double a-side single featuring the tracks Boy Racer and I Don’t Wanna Be Like You, the single has been released on JAC64 Records today, the 20th March 2017. Ego will be Andy J. Gallagher‘s sophomore album, it follows on from 2009’s Helicopter, Dolphin, Submarine, an album that is now available as a free download via Andy J. Gallagher‘s website.

Boy Racer occupies the a-side, it’s a track that channels the spirit of The Libertines with a spirited chunk of power pop fuelled indie rock, and it marks a damn fine start to the single, however for me the star of the show is the flip side. I Don’t Wanna Be Like You is a darker composition, that whilst still carrying Andy J. Gallagher‘s pop sensibility, has an element of menace and discord that possesses more of a punk rock spirit than the a-side, or the previous single.

Once more Andy J. Gallagher has teamed up with former member of The Damned and The Phantom Chords, and more recently solo artist, Roman Jugg, and their partnership is one that seems to almost effortlessly produce a heady mix of punk and power pop that maintains a sparkling pop sensibility. For me Boy Racer, and especially it’s flip side I Don’t Wanna Be Like You, is a step forward from the first impressive single, Sheena’s Big Night Out, from his forthcoming album, and it’s a one that makes Ego an even more eagerly anticipated release.

Helicopter, Dolphin, Submarine can be downloaded for free here

Boy Racer is available on limited edition CD here

Louise Distras Album Fundraiser Update

louise-distras-bowieLouise Distras‘ fan fundraiser for her new album has reached the halfway mark of it’s goal, she has now recorded two brand new tracks for her, as yet untitled, second album and her new songs will be shared with pledgers very soon. In addition to this Louise has another twenty brand new songs written, demo’d and ready to be recorded as soon as the fundraiser reaches 100%. If you haven’t got involved yet you can help bring Louise Distras‘ new album to life by pledging today.

You can pledge for Louise Distras‘ new album here and details of her spring tour can be found here

Rebel Dykes Documentary Launches Crowdfunder

Rebel DykesRebel Dykes is a documentary about a bunch of kick ass post-punk women who lived the life in London in the 1980s, the documentary film is being made because the history of the London Rebel Dykes of the 1980s is in danger of being forgotten. Rebel Dykes created their own world, made their own rules, and refused to be ignored. We can’t let history tidy them away. They were a bunch of kickass women in leather jackets who made their own punk bands, zines and squats. They were the first generation of sex positive outlaw women, and nothing has been quite the same since.

The crowdfunder page can be found here and Rebel Dykes website is here

You can read more about, and view the trailer for, Rebel Dykes below

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Ghouls Announce Tour With Sonic Boom Six

Ghouls March 17 TourThe London based punk rock quintet, Ghouls, hit the road with UK ska punk legends Sonic Boom Six from Monday 20th March, the tour sees the two bands hit O2 Academy venues throughout the UK, including Ghouls first visit to Scotland. Coming from a range of different musical backgrounds, Ghouls have never bowed down to specific genre restrictions or a scene of any sort, they simply pride themselves on making original, stand-out music that gives them the possibility to tour the world. 

Ghouls Facebook presence can be located here

Ghouls tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

The Dollyrots Release Lyric Video For ‘I Do’

dollyrots WSPunk rock duo The Dollyrots are set to release their sixth studio album, Whiplash Splash, on the 24th March, the album will be available on CD, limited edition aqua blue vinyl and digital formats via their very own Arrested Youth Label. The Dollyrots have now released a second video ahead of the album’s release, this time they have released a lyric video for the track I Do. The Dollyrots will be touring in support of the album throughout 2017 with the first run of dates kicking off this week, all dates will feature support from The Two Tens.

Whiplash Splash can be pre-ordered via The Dollyrots website here

You can view the lyric video for I Do, and The Dollyrots tour dates, below Read More…

Despero To Release New LP ‘Somewhere Near The Bottom’

Despero Somewhere Near The BottomTexas punk band Despero are releasing their album Somewhere Near The Bottom on March 24th through La Escalera Records, the band features past and current members of The Anchor and The Capitalist Kids.

Despero will be playing La Escalera Fest 6 in San Diego & Tijuana, you can learn more about the festival and grab wristbands here.

You can stream and download the album here, as well as purchase physical copies/bundles here.




Deranged Records

Rating: 5/5




Somewhere in the middle of Florida is UV-TV, they write melancholy pop songs that are a mass of jagged and abrasive edges that combine strong hooks with infectious chainsaw guitar riffs, a sound that has drawn comparisons to Black TambourineThe Jesus And Mary Chain and The Shop Assistants, but for me there’s also a hefty dose of two of my home town’s, Manchester UK, favourite sons woven into their DNA. Glass was self-recorded over a hectic two days in a retired Gainesville train station, and it was released via Deranged Records on the 10th March.

From the opening hyperactive blast of Wasting Away, the finest minute of buzzsaw guitars you’ll hear this year, I had a good feeling about this album, and my gut feeling about this release was right on all eleven counts. The first six tracks are all sparkling amphetamine laced punk rock that should have you bouncing round the room, it’s only as you get deeper into the album’s latter stages that they branch out and their other influences become apparent. Take It All has a distinctly post punk feel to it, whilst Severed Hand and the title track bring a darker element to Glass. The penultimate track, FEAR, channels the authentic feel and sound of the first wave of UK punk bands, whilst the epic Dissolve closes things in a hectic squall of feedback and noise that builds to a crescendo that is a fitting end to what for me is undoubtedly going to be one of my favourite albums of 2017.

It’s rare to find an album that has one foot firmly in the past, but that also manages to be the most refreshing blast of energetic punk rock I’ve heard this year. UV-TV owe an equal debt to The Jesus And Mary Chain, Shop Assistants and the Buzzcocks, along with elements of Joy Division and the C86 UK indie scene to make a hybrid that is one of the best albums I’ve encountered in a long time. The enthusiasm and franticness from the organic lo-fi recording process really comes across, and if you want an idea of just how impressed I was with Glass, I promptly bought their 2014 Demo EP when I had finished writing this review. I’m normally sceptical of what is written on press releases but the closing line on theirs is prefect, this is UV-TV, listen loud.
You can pre-order Glass on vinyl via Deranged Records here and UV-TV‘s website is here
UV-TV‘s Bandcamp can be found here and the Deranged Records Bandcamp is here
Empty Lungs Dont Get It

Empty Lungs

Don't Get It

Hidden Pony Records

Rating: 5/5




Empty Lungs released the Don’t Get It EP yesterday, the 10th of March 2017, via the Canadian imprint, Hidden Pony Records. Empty Lungs are a band that captures the angst and protest spirit of punk rock, and blend it with the hooks and melody born of the indie rock and powerpop of the nineties. They were originally formed in late 2011, since that time there has been a string of self released EP’s and singles, as well as tours across Europe and America, including playing THE FEST in Florida for the last three years, that’s deservedly earned them an international fanbase.

The opening title track smacks you squarely between the eyes with a heavyweight infectious hooky riff, and follows this up with a chorus that instantly embeds itself in your frontal lobes and refuses to be evicted, Losing It. Finding It picks up exactly where the opening number left off, it boasts a perfect pounding riff that is accompanied by urgent vocals. The closing track, Fragile, makes this a perfect trio of songs, it brings the tempo down very slightly, but it retains all the urgency and vibrancy that were the hallmarks of the first two tracks. To say this is an impressive EP would be an understatement, Don’t Get It is that rare beast of a perfect release, there is not a single thing about this EP that I would change.

Don’t Get It contains equal measures of the spirit of Husker Du, Ramones, The Wildhearts and Therapy?, it has the same kind of urgency, energy and melody, but whilst you can hear the influences, Empty Lungs have very much stamped their own personality onto this release. The insistent infectious title track is the best new song I’ve heard this year, a track that’s been playing on repeat since I first heard it, you can see exactly why the Canadian based Hidden Pony Records made them their first European signing. Empty Lungs are a fine addition to Belfast’s proud musical heritage, and are a band that you need to introduce yourself to as Don’t Get It is a perfect three track EP.

Don’t Get It was released on the 10th March on vinyl and download and is available via the usual retailers

The Hidden Pony Records website can be found here

Empty Lungs Facebook page can be found here

One Hidden Frame Release Video For ‘Exploding Head Syndrome’

One_Hidden_Frame_-_Harmful_ContentOne Hidden Frame have released a music video for their song Exploding Head Syndrome, the track is taken from the band’s fifth full length album, Harmful Content, which is scheduled to be released on March 17 2017 through Bird Attack Records.

You can pre order Harmful Content here

One Hidden Frame‘s Facebook page can be found here

You can view the video for Exploding Head Syndrome below Read More…

Empty Lungs Release ‘Don’t Get It’ EP Today

Empty Lungs Dont Get ItBelfast-based melodic punks, Empty Lungs have released their brand new EP, Don’t Get It, today through Hidden Pony Records. Don’t Get It is out now on 7 inch vinyl and digital download through all the usual retailers, a review of the stunning Don’t Get It EP will be published on The Punk Site shortly.

You can stream the Don’t Get It Ep in full here

Empty Lungs UK tour dates can be viewed below Read More…




LAB Records

Rating: 4.5/5




Vukovi have been with us for a few years, they’ve been leaving a sporadic trail of EP’s and singles in their wake since 2011, but now the Glaswegian quartet have finally released their debut full length today, the 10th March 2017, via LAB Records. Vukovi‘s self titled album seems to have created the definitive snapshot of their technicolour wonder to date, earlier recordings and singles are included on here, but re-recorded and amped up to create a riotous and eclectic debut. Make no mistake, this is a band that demand your attention, both musically and visually, from the outset it’s clear that Vukovi have produced a debut that’s as strong and individual as anything I’ve heard this year.

La Di Da opens the self titled album with a hectic crash of guitars and an forceful emotive vocal delivery that blows away any cobwebs, it’s a fine blast of furious punk energy that lies somewhere between Daisy Chainsaw and Hands Off Gretel, and that’s about as high as praise gets in my book. And He Lost His Mind continues the unique crunching assault on your senses, but this isn’t just a constant punk onslaught, tracks such as Weirdo, Wander and Prey bring a more melodic sensibility to the album, but still maintain the discordant edge that this album carries, whilst the staccato assault of Target Practice brings another dimension to Vukovi‘s impressive arsenal. Amongst the dark subject matter and personal themes the album carries you’ll also find numbers such as Bouncy Castle, Animal and I’m Wired that are guaranteed dancefloor fillers, as the album approaches it finale the full on assault returns on the glorious Boy George, whilst the deceptive introduction of He Wants Me Not precedes another infectious hard edged riff kicking in. Vukovi‘s self titled debut bows out on the comparatively mellow Colour Me In, a song that grows with every single listen and will touch anyone that’s ever lost a loved one.

The twelve songs contained on Vukovi‘s self titled debut take in themes of individuality, drug abuse, depression and suicide, but this is no introspective dour album by any means, these themes sit alongside personal influences and straight up floor fillers to produce an idiosyncratic album that embraces punk, indie and all manner of alternative music to create a unique hybrid of styles, and it’s one that marks Vukovi out as a band to watch in 2017. Vukovi are a welcome noisy splash of colour that is the perfect antidote to the current turbulent political climate, the world needs bands like Vukovi, and they seem to have arrived in the nick of time, this impressive debut bring a heady dose of technicolour energy that celebrates individuality and reflects the good and bad in human nature, and delivers it all in a whirlwind of styles and influences that are irresistible.

You can order Vukovi‘s self titled debut via the band’s webstore here

Vukovi‘s upcoming UK tour dates can be found here

The Dollyrots Release Full Stream Of ‘Whiplash Splash’

dollyrots WSWith The Dollyrots sixth album, Whiplash Splash, just over a couple of weeks away from its full release, the band have shared a video of the album’s first official single and have also released a full stream of the album ahead of it’s release. Dance Like A Maniac is the first single, and it’s everything one might expect of The Dollyrots, a short, sharp hyperactive blast of bubblegum punk, not content with the release of just a new single, The Dollyrots have also made the full Whiplash Splash album available to be streamed.

You can purchase Whiplash Splash via Pledge Music here and stream the album here

You view the video for Dance like A Maniac, and The Dollyrots tour dates, below Read More…

The Dollyrots Release Video For ‘Dance Like A Maniac’

dollyrots WSAs the build up continues to the release of the band’s new album, Whiplash Splash, on March 24, The Dollyrots have released a video for the track Dance Like A Maniac. The supporters on Pledge Music have already gotten the album a full month before its release, the pledge campaign will continue until release date, so it’s not too late to get the album early. Whiplash Splash marks their first studio album since 2014’s Barefoot and Pregnant, the new album will be available on CD, blue vinyl and digital formats via their very own Arrested Youth Label.

You can order Whiplash Splash here and view the video for Dance Like A Maniac below Read More…

The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment Announce New EP

Johnnie Squizzercrow Food Bank EPThe Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment have a habit of hijacking well recognised days for releases, this years Aprils Fools Day will be the launch date for The Great Foodbank Robbery EP, in advance of the launch they have released a video for a track from the EP, Freaky Flakazoid Counter Culture Kid. The band have also announced they are planning to do a live broadcast on the 2nd April, further announcements regarding the EP’s release and the live webcast will be released over the coming weeks.

The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment‘s website is here and their Facebook page is here

You can view the video for Flaky Freakazoid Counter Culture Kid below Read More…

Role Models Announce Pledge Campaign For ‘Dance Moves’

Role Models Feb 17 2The Role Models made a promise to release 3 albums in 3 years, with the recent launch of a Pledge Music campaign for their third album, Dance Moves, they look like they’re going to be as good as their word, Dance Moves follows on from their critically acclaimed albums, The Go To Guy and Forest Lawn. As usual with any Pledge Music campaign there will be lots of behind the scenes updates, as well as exclusive items for pledgers, a percentage of proceeds will go to the Haringey Autism branch of the National Autistic Society, a cause that is close to their hearts.

The Pledge Music campaign for Dance Moves, can be found here Read More…

UV-TV to Release Debut Album ‘Glass’ Via Deranged Records

UVTVSomewhere in the middle of Florida is UV-TV, they write melancholy pop songs with jagged, abrasive edges that combine strong hooks with chainsaw guitars, a sound that has drawn comparisons to Black TambourineThe Jesus And Mary Chain and The Shop Assistants, in short it is shoegaze stripped of its fat and its fluff. Glass was self-recorded over two days in a retired Gainesville train station and will be released via Deranged Records on the 10th March, this is UV-TV, listen loud.
Two tracks are available for streaming, Only Matters When here and Hear here
You can pre-order Glass via Deranged Records here and UV-TV‘s website is here

The Dollyrots To Hold Stage It Event For ‘Whiplash Splash’

dollyrots WSAs the build up continues to the release of The Dollyrots new album, Whiplash Splash, on March 24, the band have announced that the Pledge Music campaign will continue until release date, so it’s not too late to show your support and get the album early. You can also join the duo on Sunday March 5 at 1:00pm PST / 4pm EST for a special live acoustic Stage It event of songs from the new album, they will be giving away limited test pressings, autographed CD’s, and a chance to hang with The Dollyrots as prizes to the top tippers.

Tickets for The Dollyrots Stage It event on March 5th can be purchased here

The Dollyrots Pledge Music campaign can be found here

Sensless Things To Release Their First New Material In 22 Years

KMBTC284-20170302105942The Senseless Things are celebrating their first show since 1995 with the release of a new single Lost Honey, which features artwork by Jamie Hewlett. Since the breakup of the Senseless Things their members have gone onto to play in various other guises and outfits, including Gorillaz, Muse and The Libertines. Having sold out their warm-up show at The New Adelphi Club in Hull on 19th March, there are a limited number of tickets still available for what will be a very special night at Shepherds Bush Empire on 25th March where the limited edition single of Lost Honey will be available

Tickets for The Shepherds Bush Empire show can be purchased here

You can stream Lost Honey here

Louise Distras Confirms Tour And Festival Dates For 2017

Louise Distras Feb 17Louise Distras has announced a string of headline shows and festival dates for 2017, she is also currently working on the follow up to her critically acclaimed debut album, Dreams From The Factory Floor, and has launched a fundraising campaign for the new album.

Details of the Fundraising campaign for the new Louise Distras album can be found here

Louise’s Facebook page is here and her website can be found here

You can view Louise’s tour dates below

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Scott Sorry UK Tour Feb 17

Scott Sorry / The Empty Page / Role Models

Gullivers, Manchester, UK

23rd February 2017

Rating: 4.5/5




Role Models Feb 17 1A hectic journey into Manchester amidst the chaos of Storm Doris, yes it really was called that, sees us arrive in the nick of time for the Role Models, a band I’ve wanted to see since I first heard last years triumphant Forest Lawn LP, an album that for me was one of the best releases of 2016. In true rock ‘n roll style there is a quick tune up followed by a swig from a hip flask and we’re away. Due to the aforementioned Storm Doris hitting the UK I’m not the only one who’s had trouble getting here, frontman Rags starts to explain the travel problems, but cuts himself short with “you don’t give a shit about that” and they launch into Life Of Today, from this point on it’s clear Role Models are even better live than their album promised.

Role Models Feb 17 2The Role Models play a combination of sleazy glam and punk that is borne of the New York Dolls and the Dead Boys, it’s played with a commitment and attitude that really deserves more than an early opening slot on a Thursday night, they are even better live than they are on record and given how good Forest Lawn was that is no mean feat. New Reason, a track recorded just after the turn of the decade, sounds sharper than ever, this has Cyndi Lauper‘s True Colours segued into it, Rags adds “hey don’t be embarrassed its a good song” to address the bemusement of the crowd, before he takes a hefty gulp from his hip flask and acknowledges the turnout for their early set “maybe this is a town that gives a shit about music”

Role Models Feb 17 3Rags self deprecating humour “I thought I’d be way cooler when I came to the home of Joy Division, ah shut the fuck up man” peppers the set and they play a career spanning snap shot of their own brand of high energy punk rock ‘n roll that closes with a triumphant This Eventually Leads Nowhere, which ends a perfect but all too brief opening set, the reception from the crowd indicates the Role Models will return to Manchester, and if I’m honest I’m already counting the days.  Role Models have a pledge campaign for their new album, Dance Moves, that hit its total in a few days, they are one of the most impressive bands out there, and on the basis of tonight, and their last album, the Role Models are an example of how things should be done. 

Empty Page Feb 17 1Next up are The Empty Page, they were an unknown quantity to me prior to tonight, something that I’m glad has been remedied, they are trio that deliver a chaotic noisy storm that contains elements of riot grrrlll, grunge, eighties indie and punk in their sound, these components are blended randomly together to create a fine discordant set. The members of The Empty Page reflect the seemingly random elements of their sound, from the man mountain of a drummer and their wiry demonic looking guitarist to their vocalist, who embodies the attitude and delivery of the defiant side of the alternative scene. Their sound is bass heavy with more than a nod to the finest, and noisier, moments of the Pixies.

Empty Page Feb 17 2The Empty Page embody the attitude of punk with elements of early grunge along with their own idiosyncratic style that gives them a cross genre that will appeal to those who appreciate the darker side of the alternative scene. The Empty Page carry their own dissonant dark energy and this is something that I hope to experience again, they are another band that epitomises the diversity of Manchester’s music scene. In the face of the problems many small venues are facing in the UK, the majority of these in Manchester remain open and defiantly busy, and impressively It doesn’t matter how many concerts I attend in my home town, it seems there’s always another band to be discovered.

Scott Sorry Feb 17 1Finally we get Scott Sorry, he has returned to recording and live shows after a five year hiatus, their set channels equal parts of early Dropkick Murphys, Rancid and Social Distortion. They make a defiant and impressive start to their set with material from his first solo release, the impressive When We Were Kings album. and tonight’s show is one that embodies high energy punk ‘n roll, a fact underlined by Scott Sorry‘s Johnny Cash T shirt, with its iconic middle finger salute. Scott Sorry revisits their past mid set, with a few songs from the days of Sorry & The Sinatra’s, this has more of an anthemic Street punk feel about it, but the early material blends perfectly into the set.

Scott Sorry Feb 17 2Of course there is no visit from to the UK from an American artist without a reference to Donald Trump, Scott Sorry declares that “Trump is a Cheeto puff motherfucker” and they launch into a furious rendition of the Stiff Little Fingers classic, Suspect Device , in defiance to the policies of the current President, he admits they have chosen this as it isn’t possible to write a better political protest song, and to be honest he has a point as there are few better than this classic from Belfast’s finest. Scott Sorry marks the end to a diverse triple bill of bands that not only bridges the Atlantic, but also marks a union of everything that’s worth a damn in rock n roll, this was another great show at Gullivers that demonstrated that the spirt of rebellion and originality that personifies punk is still alive and well

Scott Sorry Feb 17 3Tonight has been a triumphant triple bill, whether it’s the amazing opening set by the Role Models, that carried the sleaze and attitude of early punk rock, through to the local contribution from The Empty Pages who personifed the independence and creativity of the UK alternative scene, through to the full tilt punk ‘n roll of Scott Sorry, this was an amazing tour and I’m hoping i can catch all three of the bands who played tonight again. As a footnote the end of tonight’s show ended up involving shots of Jagermeister with the Role Models, who insisted I have a drink with them despite the fact I’d just ordered a fresh pint, after that it gets hazy, but that’s a story for another day.

Scott Sorry Feb 17 4On a serious note it’s worth mentioning that two of the bands frontmen, Rags of the Role Models and Scott Sorry, have children that are on the autistic spectrum, the honesty around the level of personal disclosure that was on display tonight was very touching, both bands played songs regarding their children’s struggle with communication, and its admirable that two bands are publicly highlighting an issue that is all too often ignored. The Role Models are also supporting the Haringey Autism branch of the National Autistic Society through their current Pledge Music campaign, a campaign that is well worth supporting on every level.

The National Autistic Society website, where you can access information and donate, is here

The Pledge Music campaign for the new Role Models album, Dance Moves, can be found here

Forest Lawn can be ordered here, streamed via the Role Models Bandcamp here and The Punk Site review is here

The Empty Page‘s website is here and their debut album, Unfolding, can be streamed and purchased here

Scott Sorry‘s website can be found here and his Facebook page is here

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The Dollyrots New LP ‘Whiplash Splash’ Available For Pre-Order

dollyrots WSThe Dollyrots are set to release their latest album, Whiplash Splash, on March 24 via the band’s own Arrest Youth Records Label, the new album also includes appearances from Jaret Reddick (Bowling for Soup) and Kay Hanley (Letters to Cleo). The Dollyrots also plan to tour in support of the album throughout 2017, the first run of dates kick off on March 16 in Chicago and finishes off with two shows in the band’s Southern California home base, all dates will feature support from The Two Tens

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The Isotopes Announce New LP ‘1994 World Series Champions’

Isotopes 1994 WSCThe Isotopes are back and about to step up to bat in fine form with their new album, 1994 World Series Champions, the album contains ten crushing baseball punk anthems that showcase the Isotopes vast baseball acumen and sharp clubhouse wit. The new album sees the Isotopes link up with Destiny Records in the UK and Europe, along with long term teammates, Stomp Records in Canada and the US. 

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