The Two Tens Release ‘On Repeat’ LP

Two Tens ORThe Two Tens have just released On Repeat, the follow-up to their acclaimed debut album Volume. Not only have the themes of heartbreak, heartache and depression reared their heads again on the LA based duo’s new studio LP, but the pile-driving rock that dominates these thirteen original tracks, along with a bludgeoning cover of the Unknown Mortal Orchestra track Nerve Damage, are an equal and familiar punch in the gut. On Repeat builds on the raw garage-punk that dominated their previous effort, the duo have also expanded their musical palette to include a poppier edge to some of the tracks.

The Punk Site‘s five star review of On Repeat can be read here

On Repeat can be ordered via Man Della Records here

Spider Release Self Titled ‘Best Of’ EP

Spider EPLike a swift kick to the head, Spider‘s limited edition EP delivers six blistering existential anthems from their out of print album, Youth Insurance. For fans of early Black Flag and The Damned, these songs are forceful blasts of pure punk rock DNA, the EP captures the essence of Spider as a visceral and rhythmic band firing on all cylinders. Broadcasting with a complete lack of pretense and no time for time wasters, Spider offers the best of classic punk with an unruly hardcore tinge.

Spider‘s self titled EP can be purchased here and the lead track PCE can be streamed here

Spider‘s tour dates and festival appearances can be viewed below Read More…

CH3 PEU Final


Put 'Em Up

TKO Records

Rating: 4.5/5




It’s best to start with a brief introduction for those who aren’t familiar with CH3, they are a band have been around since 1980 who are contemporaries of fellow So Cal legends such as Social Distortion, Bad Religion, TSOL and Circle Jerks, the release of their latest full length represents the bands first complete album of new songs in over 15 years. CH3‘s recording career had been on hiatus until recent political events stirred them back into writing, which is pretty much the only positive I can think of to come from recent political developments, and now the seminal So Cal punks are set to unleash their latest album, Put ‘Em Up, on August 18th via TKO Records.

Put ‘Em Up comes straight out of it’s corner with Model Citizen, a classic slice of CH3 punk rock that shows they’ve lost none of their fire, something that is underpinned on Not That It Matters and All The Night. The anthemic Fire And Water has a distinct feel of The Clash about it, and in that spirit the album’s title track is a politically charged number against the divisive policies of the current American administration. But it’s not all punk and protest, She Never Wanted It This Way and Blue Skies bring the album’s poppier moments, but with punk rock still firmly to the fore just as it oughta be, whilst Half The Way reveals a distinctly softer side to CH3. The God That You Deserve hits you with a melodic hardcore blast against organised religion and Take Me To Your Leader is a fine blast of punk rock that brings Put ‘Em Up to a rousing finish.

Put ‘Em Up places CH3 straight back in the heart of the current punk rock scene with a hard hitting and political slice of So Cal punk rock, there are moments that are influenced by the band’s that informed their sound, but the whole impact is of an original band who have lost none of their energy and rage after over 15 years in the wilderness. Put ‘Em Up is an album that could only have been made by a band with a long history, it revisits everything from the school of ’77 to melodic hardcore via power pop, and after listening to Put ‘Em Up my only regret is that is took them this long to return to recording.

You can pre-order Put ‘Em Up via Bandcamp here

Two Tens OR

The Two Tens

On Repeat

Man Della Records

Rating: 5/5




The Two Tens are set to release their new album, On Repeat, on the 18th August via Man Della Records, there’s a theory that a band’s second album is the hardest as they’ve previously spent years developing and refining the material that populates the debut release, and as a result making the process of delivering a sophomore album that lives up to their debut an impossible task. If this theory is correct then no one has told The Two Tens, I adored their 2016 debut Volume and I will admit to some trepidation as On Repeat has followed so quickly on it’s heels, but any concerns I had were blown away as they haven’t equalled their stunning debut, they’ve surpassed it.

From the opening fuzzed out garage of the title track I start to get the feeling that this album is going to be something very special, this is borne out as every single track carries the infectious hallmarks of their debut, but it all sounds more focused and polished but crucially this is achieved without sacrificing their relentless energy and enthusiasm. Tracks such as Keeping Hope Alive, Stuck In My Head, Burden and Streetlight are perfect rough edged pop gems that no one else does as well as The Two Tens, but these sugar rushes are counterbalanced by fuzzier darker numbers and frantic blasts that carry the insistent hooks and infectious choruses that have become The Two Tens trademark.

The Two Tens are a perfect blend of old school punk energy, snotty garage attitude and sweet sixties pop, and it would seem the duo that make up The Two Tens, Adam Bones and Rikki Styxx, have formed a perfect partnership as they have now released two flawless albums in as many years. The Two Tens have delivered an album that I can’t fault on any level, and I doubt that I’ll hear a better album this year, On Repeat is a prophetic album title as that’s exactly what has happened since I first played it and if The Two Tens keep up their current trajectory then I’m going to have to add another star to our rating system for their next album.

You can pre-order On Repeat via Man Della Records here and Bandcamp here

The Ramonas To Release Debut Album ‘First World Problems’

Ramonas LPThe follow-up to The Ramonas 2016 debut EP of original material, You Asked for It, will be officially released on September 10th 2017. First World Problems will be available on CD and download as well a limited edition run of vinyl, that will be available from November 2017. The band, who are more widely know as the world’s most popular female tribute to iconic punk pioneers The Ramones, are set to move into the originals world with their eagerly anticipated self released debut album. First World Problems blends raw, dirty punk riffs with melodic vocal and guitar lines alongside punk screams and a good helping of gang vocals.
You can read more about First World Problems and view the tracklist below

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Nicotine Pretty DIY

Nicotine Pretty

The DIY Singles

Self Released

Rating: 4/5




Nicotine Pretty are a punk laden power pop band from South Wales, their debut single, Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?, was released digitally in April 2017 via Glunk Records to critical acclaim, this was swiftly followed up just a few months later by their equally impressive self titled sophomore single, and now Nicotine Pretty have given their first two digital only singles a limited edition physical release with The DIY Singles EP, with every single copy having an individually handmade and numbered sleeve by vocalist and guitarist Ginge Knievil.

The DIY Singles EP kicks things off with the self titled track, Nicotine Pretty, a sleazy blast of  Johnny Thunders inspired power pop that makes as fine a mission statement for a band as you could wish for, but for me their debut single, Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?, is the highlight of the EP, a hyperactive fist pumping number that embodies punk rock, power pop and the spirit of rock ‘ roll perfectly. The DIY Singles EP marks the first chapter in Nicotine Pretty‘s history, and on the basis of their first two singles I can’t wait to hear what these Welsh rockers have in store for us in the future

Sadly by the time I had even started to write this review the strictly limited edition release of The DIY Singles EP had already sold out, but it’s not all bad news as both of the singles that make up The DIY Singles EP are still available via Nicotine Pretty‘s Bandcamp, and as there is also a three CD EP series in the works, with the first EP planned for later this year and a compilation vinyl release to follow, then the future looks bright for this impressive Welsh rock ‘n roll powerhouse.

Nicotine Pretty‘s Bandcamp can be found here and their Facebook page is here

Spunk Volcano NWUR

Spunk Volcano And The Eruptions

Not Wired Up Right

STP Records

Rating: 4/5




Spunk Volcano, guitarist and prolific songwriter from punk rock legends Dirt Box Disco, branched out with his other project back in 2012 along with his backing band The Eruptions, that includes two of his fellow alumni from Dirt Box Disco, now five years later Spunk Volcano And The Eruptions have released their third album, Not Wired Up Right, that follows on from last year’s full length, Shit Generation, and the Ram Raid EP that was released earlier this year. When you consider that Dirt Box Disco have also released five albums in this time frame, then somehow describing Spunk Volcano as prolific doesn’t come close to describing the consistent output of this foul mouthed outsider.

Not Wired Up‘s title track kicks things off in brutal style and gives you the feeling that Spunk Volcano has taken things into a heavier direction with this album, every track seems to be a more muscular and pumped up than their previous releases. Tracks like Fuck This For A Game Of Soldiers are pure in your face old school punk rock that owes a debt to scum punks like the Anti Nowhere League and Dwarves, whilst You’re The Bastard and the borderline melancholy track Purely Medicinal channel the spirit of the much missed Motorhead frontman Lemmy like no one else I’ve heard since his passing. There are tracks on Not Wired Up Right that hark back to the style of his Dirt Box Disco compositions, but for the most part Spunk Volcano And The Eruptions are very much becoming their own beast.

Not Wired Up Right takes the trademark style of Dirt Box Disco and the previous releases by Spunk Volcano And The Eruptions and amplifies them, taking in influences from the likes of The Exploited and Motorhead to create their heaviest, and for me their best, album to date. Rather than just being a side project of Dirt Box Disco this album indicates that Spunk Volcano And The Eruptions have become a monstrous entity in the own right, with their own confrontational style that blends old school punk rock, hardcore and touches from the raw and ragged end of rock to create an album that, as one of the tracks on Not Wired Up Right says, will deliver a heavyweight Smack In The Teeth.

Not Wired Up Right can be pre-ordered from STP Records here

First Wave TRNR

First Wave

Toxic Rock 'N' Roll

Self Released

Rating: 4/5




Leicester based DIY punk band First Wave have self released their long awaited fourth full length, Toxic Rock ‘N’ Roll, the album follows on from First Wave‘s impressive 2015 release, All Bleed Red, sadly I’m not familiar with the two albums that preceded their latest release, something that I intend to rectify. Toxic Rock ‘N’ Roll continues their commitment to creating incendiary grass roots punk rock that is influenced by the bands that formed the first wave of the UK punk explosion. Toxic Rock ‘N’ Roll was released on the 8th July and the album is now available to order directly from the band’s website.

From the opening track, Ballad Of Billy Red, whose intro offers the only mellow moment on the album, you know that you’re in for some old school punk rock, As with the many of the original punk bands Toxic Rock ‘N’ Roll reflects the world around them, Bataclan Survivors, Gunpoint USA and Refugee all reflect recent events and the political and social upheaval that is currently engulfing the world. The lead single Berlin is an obvious highlight and the album’s title track is a call to arms for the disaffected, whilst Three Chords And The Truth, Eye For An Eye and Last Days Of The Empire embody everything that First Wave stand for. Toxic Rock ‘N’ Roll closes with Stooge, a track that gives a knowing wink to the bands that informed their sound with it’s fist pumping refrain of ‘hey ho let’s go 123’ and acknowledges the past without recycling it.

First Wave are authentic old school UK punk rock, the likes of The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, The Damned, The Adverts and The Ruts can clearly be heard echoing in the compositions, but don’t interpret that as meaning that First Wave are an anachronistic throwback, nothing could be further from the truth. First Wave take their cues from the original punk bands but bring that style and attitude into the modern era, if you want to encounter the original heart and soul of punk in 2017 then you need to catch First Wave as there are very few bands that are producing this style of authentic grass roots punk rock.

Toxic Rock ‘N’ Roll can be ordered directly from First Wave here

Bad Mary ‘Glitter Bomb’ EP Crowdfunding Campaign

Bad Mary GBBad Mary are a punk rock band that are all about being loud and having fun and they want you to join them in creating the Glitter Bomb EP, a little escape from any crap going on out there in the world, or anything that’s got you down or stressed. Things might look a little different for this campaign, Bad Mary are not using the usual crowdfunding sites, this means that none of the money you donate will get skimmed off the top, it also means you can choose as many rewards as you want, mix and match or get one for a friend!

The Glitter Bomb crowdfunding campaign can be found here

A video about Bad Mary‘s Glitter Bomb campaign can be viewed below Read More…

Reckless Intentions Lights

Reckless Intentions


Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




I’m starting to get the impression that there isn’t anyone left in Brighton that isn’t in a band, over the last few year I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in the number of bands from that southern coastal town, and now we can add Reckless Intentions to their number. The band have spent the time since their formation in 2016 developing their material and building up a local fanbase, now they have self released their debut five track EP, Lights, and are looking to spread their wings beyond the confines of the thriving scene that exists in their home town.

Ghost Town kick starts the Lights EP with a hit of high energy pop punk that carries touches of old school punk rock, an important element that marks them out from the pop punk herd, after this we’re headed into more familiar pop punk territory with Stitches, but it’s still delivered with their own approach and stops them being just another cookie cutter band that blends pop with punk. The EP’s title track takes you into a darker place with a distinct post punk vibe whilst Outcast carries more of a feel of the more ragged edge of indie rock, it has the infectious quality that bands such as The Wannadies have perfected, finally the Lights EP finally bows out with the inevitable soulful reflective number that seems to be almost compulsory for any pop punk band.

Reckless Intentions are a band that owe as much to the likes of The Clash as it does to New Found Glory and Green Day, each track on the Lights EP reflects a different facet of their influences, yes this is at the lighter end of the punk spectrum, but for me that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are some predictable elements to this release, in particular the closing ballad that slowly builds to a crescendo, but Reckless Intentions largely avoid the pop punk by numbers cliché’s and incorporate different strands into the EP, the end result is a diverse and enjoyable EP that indicates that Reckless Intentions have a bright future ahead of them.

Lights is now available via iTunes here

Audible Joes Irrational Anthems

Audible Joes

Irrational Anthems

Self Released

Rating: 4/5




Audible Joes hail from Cork in the Republic of Ireland in 2010, they released their debut album, Medicine For Modern Living, in 2015 and they will be self releasing their sophomore album, Irrational Anthems, tomorrow, the 14th July 2017. If you’re expecting the more familiar tones of what has become known as Celtic punk rock then you’re in for a shock, this is a million miles away from Dropkick Murphys or The Mahones, Audible Joes serve up bare knuckle punk rock that has more in common with the likes of Bad Religion, The Flatliners, Anti-Flag and Rancid than it does with the punk bands traditionally associated with the Emerald Isle.

Irrational Anthems opens up with all guns blazing on the brutal title track and the album does not relent until the final track, Until I Die, which is the only moment of respite from the full tilt assault. Irrational Anthems has that raw passion that marks out great punk albums, every track hits the mark, but there are moments that border on perfection, tracks like Born Again Cynic, Speaker Submission and Majority Rule demonstrate just how far Audible Joes have come in the two years since their debut album was released. The album is reminiscent of the aforementioned bands that have carved their names in the US punk and melodic hardcore scenes, but Audible Joes have added their own unique passion and grit to make this an album to treasure, and it marks them out as a band who deserve, and need, to be heard by a wider audience.

Where Medicine For Modern Living felt like a blunt object, Irrational Anthems feels like those oblique edges have been sharpened to switchblade precision, the whole album feels more focused but crucially they have achieved this without losing any of the raw aggression that was present of their debut album. For those who like their punk rock to not pull it’s punches then Irrational Anthems is an album you need to add to your collection or playlist. This is the sound of punk protest delivered with an urgent and defiant spirit that makes this easily their best release to date, and it’s one that I’m confident will be amongst my favourite releases from 2017.

Irrational Anthems will be released on July 14th and will be available via all major digital retailers and streaming services.

Medicine For Modern Living is available as a name your price download here

First Wave Release ‘Toxic Rock N Roll’ Album

First Wave TRNRLeicester based DIY punk band First Wave self released their long awaited sophomore album, Toxic Rock ‘n’ Roll, on the 8th July and the album is now available to order directly from the band’s website. Toxic Rock ‘N’ Roll follows on from First Wave‘s impressive debut album, All Bleed Red, and continues their commitment to creating incendiary punk rock that is influenced by the bands that formed the first wave of the UK punk explosion.

Toxic Rock ‘N’ Roll can be ordered directly from First Wave here

You can view the video for the lead single from the album, Berlin, below Read More…

Fights And Fires LLLAT

Fights And Fires

Live Life Like A Tourist

Lockjaw Records

Rating: 3/5




Worcester, UK based punk rock quartet Fights And Fires are heading in to the Summer of 2017 with their latest album, Live Life Like A Tourist, that is due for release on July 14th through Lockjaw RecordsLive Life Like A Tourist features eight tracks of melodic hardcore infused gruff punk rock that is inspired by the members of Fights And Fires finding happiness in their personal lives, rekindling a love for life and a passion for their music. As such this is optimistic release that carries an underlying message of positivity that runs throughout all eight tracks on the record, a message that is underpinned by one simple message, that you’re not on your own.

The bass rumble that opens Live Life Like A Tourist leads into the full blooded melodic hardcore of Reggae,  this intense slab of brutal punk rock lays down the template for much of the album, this is eight tracks of pummelling guitar riffs with gruff punk vocals with a dense and claustrophobic feel, but they re no one trick pony and there are notable moments that stop Live Life Like A Tourist being a one trick pony. Tracks like Awkward head into straight forward hardcore territory with a more brutal approach than much of the album, whereas Camping, and especially Ouija Board, bring comparatively mellow moments, although mellow for Fights And Fires is still very much an intense and noisy affair.

Fights And Fires are very much born of the harder edged end of the melodic hardcore scene, with the exception of Ouija Board this is a raw heavy and intense album that is influenced by the original spirit of hardcore. The raw vocal delivery and intense delivery ensure that Live Life Like A Tourist picks up exactly where their 2013 sophomore album, We Could All Be Dead Tomorrow, left off and indicates that Fights and Fires still live up to their moniker after all almost ten years together.

Live Life Like A Tourist can be pre-ordered on vinyl and digital formats via Lockjaw Records here

Nicotine Pretty To Release Self Titled Free Single On 9th July

Nicotine Pretty NPNicotine Pretty are a punk laden power pop band from South Wales, their debut single, Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?, was released digitally in April 2017 via Glunk Records to critical acclaim. Now Nicotine Pretty are set to unleash their second release which, like the first, is recorded DIY by the band and is being released as a FREE download, the new self titled single will be released tomorrow, the 9th July 2017 and a three CD EP series is planned for later this year with a compilation vinyl release to follow. 

Nicotine Pretty‘s tour dates can be found here and their Bandcamp is here

You can view the video for Nicotine Pretty (from the 9th July) below Read More…

Dogtown Rebels Anti Gentrification

Dogtown Rebels

Anti Gentrification EP

Riot Dog Records

Rating: 4/5




Dogtown Rebels have released their blistering new Anti Gentrification EP via Riot Dog Records, the EP was inspired by real events that are occurring up and down the UK, such as the destruction of London’s legendary Tin Pan Alley, the planned redevelopment of the site of Camden Market and the closure of countless music venues up and down the UK, not to mention the gradual displacement of thousands of working class people from social housing in our city centres, or those forced out by sky high rent increases from greedy tin pot landlords. 

Bearing in mind the subject matter it’s not surprising that the Dogtown Rebels have maintained the level of righteous anger that was demonstrated on their excellent 2015 album, Brave New World, but this time it’s fixed squarely against a single target, one that is close to my heart as my home city is losing venues in the name of gentrification. The subject of the EP might be something that I can relate to but that alone isn’t enough, fortunately Dogtown Rebels back this up musically with a full blooded blast of old school punk rock that hits the spot on each of the three tracks that populate the Anti Gentrification EP.

The Anti Gentrification EP is the perfect follow up to Brave New World, it’s a politically sussed blast of rabble rousing punk rock that is hard to fault, in particular the track Spirit Of London is a hit of old school UK punk rock that is a perfect defiant anthem for resistance to city planners and councils who want to reduce our cities to an endless sea of overpriced apartments, coffee shops, chain bars and clone stores. The Anti Gentrification EP proves that this is a band that captures the energy of their live shows perfectly on record, and I’d recommend catching Dogtown Rebels live if you can based on the triumphant performance I saw when I caught them at last year’s Rebellion Festival.

The Anti Gentrification EP can be streamed and purchased here

Energy To Release ‘Under The Mask’ EP

Energy - UTMFollowing a huge UK tour earlier this year supporting goth-punks Creeper alongside Puppy and Milk Teeth, Boston’s Energy are extremely pleased to announce they will return to the UK this summer for a run of headline tour dates, with a brand new record, Under The Mask. The new record is set for release on July 21st and features six tracks of signature Energy punk rock, the sombre, melancholy melodies and introspective lyrics combined with infectiously poppy hooks has once again intertwined, creating a record that will demand repeat listens.
You can view the video for A Prayer For Rain, and Energy‘s UK tour dates, below

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The Dogtown Rebels Release The ‘Anti Gentrification EP’

Dogtown Rebels Anti GentrificationThe Dogtown Rebels have released their blistering new Anti Gentrification EP via Riot Dog Records, the EP was inspired by real events up and down the country, such as the destruction of London’s legendary Tin Pan Alley, the planned redevelopment of the site of Camden Market and the closure of countless music venues up and down the UK, not to mention the gradual displacement of thousands of working class people from social housing in our city centres or those forced out by sky high rent increases from greedy tin pot landlords. 

The Anti Gentrification EP can be streamed and purchased here

JJ and the jerks

JJ And The Real Jerks

Back To The Bottom

Dead Beat Records

Rating: 4/5




Californian sleaze punks JJ And The Real Jerks have followed up their debut album, Economy Class Ego Trip, and trio of killer singles with their sophomore full length, Back To The Bottom. On their latest release JJ And The Real Jerks serve up a heady dose of rock ‘n roll inspired punk rock that calls up the spirits of the New York Dolls and the Dead Boys, it’s nine pure hits of drugs, sax and rock ‘n roll that takes you back to the roots of the American punk scene, but thankfully this is no pale recreation of those bands, this is the real deal.

Out Of My Means starts the party with a blast of rock ‘n roll that’s an ode to hedonism and living in the red, the rock ‘n roll is balanced against tracks such as Downed Wires and Bottle And Can Retirement Plan that carry more a nervous punk energy, whilst Damaged Goods, Mr. Good Enough and Back In Business bring us back to the dawn of the New York punk scene. The title track carries more of hard edged garage punk feel that brings another dimension to the party, but for me the finest moments on Back To The Bottom are brought to us by the hard edged rock ‘n roll of Tuned Out and Ice Queen, both of these tracks are backed by a seriously dirty grinding guitar riffs which are delivered with a bucketful of fuck you attitude.

For fans of the aforementioned bands whose influence dominates the album, and bands such as Role Models, The Tranzmitors and Rocket From The Crypt this should be an essential purchase, it channels the original sleazy spirit of rock ‘n roll but combines it with the attitude and delivery of punk rock to create a hedonistic half hour that hits the spot nicely. Back to The Bottom is an album dedicated to living fast and not dying young because there’s far too much fun to be had, if you love the kind of hedonistic sleaze and self belief that was personified in the fledgling punk scene then you my have just found your favourite new band.

Back To The Bottom can be ordered on limited edition blue wax via Dead Beat Records here and on black vinyl here

88 Fingers Louie TYFBAF

88 Fingers Louie

Thank You For Being A Friend

Bird Attack Records

Rating: 4/5




88 Fingers Louie are back after one of the longest breaks in punk rock history, it’s been almost two decades since their last album, Back On The Streets, was released. Since 88 Fingers Louie disbanded their members scattered to the four winds and went onto join or form numerous influential punk bands, including Rise Against and Alkaline Trio, but now they’re back together with a new twelve track album. Thank You For Being A Friend is not a release that sounds as though it’s stuck in the past, their signature sound is still present but crucially this is an album that sounds as contemporary and energetic as many bands with members who weren’t even conceived when 88 Fingers Louie disbanded.

From the opening punk rock blast of Meds it’s clear that 88 Fingers Louie haven’t just jumped onto the reunion bandwagon, Thank You For Being A Friend is an energetic and vital album that spans the styles that punk rock has spawned over the years, whether it’s the melodic hardcore of Advice Column to the old school feel of the superb Knock It Off, this is an album that immediately makes an impression. The album obviously incorporates their hardcore roots, but for me they are at their best when they’re channelling the old school, this might not be surprising as they are authentically old school, in particular The Violence Of Denial is the finest moment, at least for me, on Thank You For Being A Friend.

88 Fingers Louie have made what is arguably the best album of their career, and on the strength of this release I’m hoping we don’t have to wait until 2036 for the next one. This is a band that sounds as though they’ve found their original spirit and enthusiasm, which is a rare thing as we’ve all encountered some lacklustre reunions over recent years that give you the feeling that money is the sole motivation for a return, but this is not the case on Thank You For Being A Friend. It’s good to have them back, and if you liked 88 Fingers Louie the first time round then you’re going to love this album.

Thank You For Being A Friend is now available via Bird Attack Records on vinyl, CD and digital formats here

88 Fingers Louie Release Their Long Awaited New Album Today

88 Fingers Louie TYFBAF88 Fingers Louie have released their new album, Thank You For Being A Friend, through Bird Attack Records today and a review will be posted on The Punk Site later today. The record features twelve tracks of their fantastic signature brand of skate punk that the Chicago based legends have become renowned for.

You can order Thank You For Being A Friend here

88 Fingers Louie‘s European tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

CH3 Reveal Video For ‘The God That You Deserve’

CH3 PEU FinalSeminal Californian punk rock band CH3 have released a video for The God That You Deserve, a track that is taken from the forthcoming album, Put ‘Em Up. The band have announced an August 18th release for Put ‘Em Up, their first complete album of news songs in over 15 years, and CH3 have confirmed they will be playing a series of US shows, including festival appearances at It’s Not Dead 2 on August 26 and Remember The Punks 2 on October 21.

You can pre-order Put ‘Em Up via Bandcamp here

You can view the video for The God That You Deserve below Read More…

DFMK Announce US Tour

DFMK July 17 TourTijuana punk rockers DFMK have announced a US tour beginning in their hometown of Tijuana on July 22nd and ending in Tucson, AZ on August 12th, the band will be touring in support of their 7 song EP 7 Canciones Sobre Un Individualismo Radical, that translates as 7 songs about individual radicalism.
The EP can be purchased on 7″ vinyl, CD and cassette formats via La Escalera Records and can also be downloaded via iTunes and streamed via Spotify.
You can purchase the EP here and view DFMK‘s tour dates below

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Culture Abuse Sign To Epitaph Records

Culture Abuse Aug UK TourEpitaph Records have signed Culture Abuse and have now released the band’s new single, So Busted, a rock and roll love song. Culture Abuse released their incredible debut album, Peach, in late 2016 on 6131 Records. Peach is an eclectic album that sees the band lean full tilt into garage punk, throwing keyboards and even the occasional string arrangement on top of their distorted attack. This refreshingly try-anything approach to songwriting makes for an unpredictable listen that is simultaneously cohesive, a testament to Culture Abuse‘s ability to wrestle disparate styles into something all their own. With their music and fun-first approach Culture Abuse just wants to spread their message of being free, enjoying life, and sharing love. Culture Abuse will tour the UK and EU this summer, including headline dates, festival appearances, four dates with Tigers Jaw and performing at Hyde Park on July 1 with Green Day and Rancid
You can view Culture’s Abuse‘s tour dates, and the lyric video for So Busted, below

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Eat Dirt Release Their Debut EP ‘Eat Dirt – I’ For Free

Eat Dirt IForming in late 2016, following the spiralling storm of political idiocy and rising tensions in the UK, Eat Dirt are angry. The members of Eat Dirt, previously of well established UK acts, put their frustrations with real life together and have created the bands debut EP, Eat Dirt – I, a raging and visceral blast of aggressive punk rock. Their anger is unrelenting and they have lots to say, musically Eat Dirt draw influence from The Bronx, Every Time I Die, Gallows and Comeback Kid, building a fast, unrelenting punk rock sound of their own. They have no interest in “making it”, they don’t care for industry politics and won’t pander to anyone, they simply want to play punk rock, have fun and release that pent up aggression.

Eat Dirt – I can be downloaded for FREE here and the video can viewed below Read More…

Fights And Fires Announce European Tour

Fights And Fires Euro Tour 17Worcester-based punk-rock quartet, Fights And Fires, are heading in to the Summer of 2017 with their new album, Live Life Like A Tourist, that is set for release on July 14th through Lockjaw RecordsFights And Fires are a band that pride themselves on having fun and truly enjoying themselves, whilst delivering chaotic and passionate rock and roll inspired hardcore shows.
The lead single from the album, Blanquettes Avenue, can be streamed here
Live Life Like A Tourist can be pre-ordered here and their tour dates can be viewed below

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Yorshire Rats ST 2017

Yorkshire Rats

Yorkshire Rats

Northern Ruff Records

Rating: 4.5/5




The Yorkshire Rats Formed, somewhat unsurprisingly, in Yorkshire in 2004, the band is the brainchild of former Billy No Mates and Abrasive Wheels’ musician Don Mercy who was inspired by the roots driven punk of American groups like Social Distortion and Lucero, as well as the attitude of artists from the old school such as Stiff Little Fingers and The Ramones. The band has quickly built up an army of dedicated fans attracted to their fine blend of SoCal punk rock and 80s UK influences, and this latest release indicates that this is something that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

Opening track Alone Together hits you between the eyes with as finer two and half minutes as you’re going to experience this year, carrying the energy of Pennywise and the attitude of Social Distortion, which is all filtered through some fine Yorkshire grit. But this self titled EP isn’t a case of a powerful lead single padded out with filler, Where Do I Sign and No Way Out come close to being the equal of the initial punk blast, with both tracks carrying different elements of the Yorkshire Rats sound, and the EP closes with the slower burning Better Days Will Come.

This is a close to a perfect EP as punk rock as you’re gonna get, this is easily the finest release to date from the Yorkshire Rats, everything that you could want is encapsulated across the EP’s four tracks, from the hard hitting opener, that sits amongst my favourite songs from 2017, to the hopeful and more soulful closing number, borders on perfection. This self titled EP will be amongst my favourite releases of this year, and in a year that has contained it’s fair share of bad news and disappointments this is exactly the kind of release that we need to keep us going.

Yorkshire Rats released their self titled EP on Friday 16th June via Northern Ruff Records

The Yorkshire Rats EP can be ordered here

Yorkshire Rats Release Self Titled EP

Yorshire Rats ST 2017UK punk rock act Yorkshire Rats have announced that their self-titled EP will be released today, June 16th 2017, through Northern Ruff Records and the EP is now available from the band’s official website. Inspired by the roots driven punk of American groups like Social Distortion and Lucero as well as faster artists from the old-school like Stiff Little Fingers and Ramones, Yorkshire Rats have finely tuned their musical output for their new EP.

You can order the Yorkshire Rats EP here

The video for the lead single from the EP, Alone Together, can be viewed below Read More…

Audible Joes Release Video For ‘Speaker Submission’

Audible Joes Irrational AnthemsAudible Joes, a punk band from Cork, Ireland, do not sound like your typical Irish punk band, they have swapped out bagpipes for gritty guitars and heavily melodic hooks, the Emerald Isle quartet have now released a music video for their new single, Speaker Submission. The track is taken from their forthcoming sophomore full-length, Irrational Anthems, an album full of blistering and abrasive tracks that will be released on July 14th and will be available via all major digital retailers and streaming services.

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88 Fingers Louie Release Stream Of ‘Catastrophe Awaits’

88 Fingers Louie TYFBAF88 Fingers Louie have released a stream of Catastrophe Awaits, the track is taken from their album, Thank You For Being A Friend, which is out on June 30th via Bird Attack Records. As previously announced, 88 Fingers Louie will tour the UK and Europe this summer in support of the album including an appearance at Rebellion Festival in Blackpool and slots at European festivals Brakrock, Punk Rock Holiday and Ieper Fest.
Thank You For Being A Friend can be pre-ordered here
Catastrophe Awaits can be streamed here and the tour dates can be viewed below

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The Professionals To Release ‘What In The World’ LP

Professionals WITWThe Professionals brand new album, What In The World, is now available for pre-order via Pledge Music. The album boasts ten new tracks and in addition to the core group of Paul Cook, Paul Myers and Tom Spencer it features a host of guests including Marco Pironni (Adam And The Ants), Billy Duffy (The Cult), Duff McKagan (Guns ‘N Roses), Mick Jones (The Clash) and of course Steve Jones. The album is due out on October 27th with the band playing an album launch show in London at The Garage on October 28th.

You can pre-order What In The World via Pledge Music here