Love Zombies Pledge Music Campaign For ‘No Slow Songs’

Love Zombies NSSThe Love Zombies will be back in the UK this June to play Camden Rocks and Download Festival, whilst they are in the UK they will be recording a live studio album and they are inviting fans to to be part of it. The album will be recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios and a few of their closest fans can be in the studio audience and be on the record for a once in a lifetime opportunity. On June 2nd the Love Zombies will go into Abbey Road Studios and it is also be the day their debut album, Passionfruit, is released worldwide. If you can’t make it to Abbey Road Studios you can pledge for the download or vinyl of the new album

You can you can read more about the campaign, and pledge for No Slow Songs, here

Fights And Fires To Release ‘Live Life Like A Tourist’ LP

Fights And Fires LLLATWorcester based punk-rock quartet, Fights And Fires, are heading in to the Summer with a new album, Live Life Like A Tourist, set for release on July 14th through Lockjaw Records. The new album features eight tracks of melodic hardcore infused punk-rock, inspired by the members of the band finding happiness in their personal lives, rekindling a love for life and a passion for their music. As such, an underlying message of positivity runs throughout all eight tracks on the record.

You can stream the track Blanquettes Avenue here

Live Life Like A Tourist can be pre-ordered on vinyl here

88 Fingers Louie To Release New Album Via Bird Attack Records

88 Fingers Louie TYFBAF88 Fingers Louie are back with a new album, Thank You For Being a Friend, their first in 19 years, the Chicago based punks will be releasing the new LP via Bird Attack Records on Friday June 30th 2017 on vinyl, CD and digital formats. A lot has changed since 88 Fingers Louie last released an LP, shortly after the release of a split EP in 1999 the band called it quits due to differences in vision for the band’s future. Its previous members went on to form and join almost a dozen new bands in the wake of their demise (Rise Against, The Story So Far, Paper Mice, Alkaline Trio and many more), theirs is a story with many stops, starts, ups and downs, but what’s most important is that they are back with a new LP.

You can view the video for Advice Column, and the bands European tour dates, below Read More…

Gnash Rambler Release Lyric Video For ‘I’m Het’

PrintVancouver’s Gnash Rambler released their debut album on the 31st March. The self titled debut album contains their unique brand of hooky punk rock and metal tinged power pop. Gnash Rambler‘s debut album is available via Bandcamp and also from all the main digital streaming services and retailers.

Gnash Rambler‘s debut album can be pre-ordered here

You can view the lyric video for the track I’m Het that is taken from the album below Read More…

The Bouncing Souls Release Video For ‘Simplicity’

BouncingsoulssimplicityLast year The Bouncing Souls released their tenth full length, Simplicity, on Rise Records, and the New Jersey punk rock legends show no signs of slowing down. The band have now released a music video for the track, Satellite, that coincides with the announcement of Stoked For The Summer 2, the second year of the band’s curated hometown show extravaganza at the Stone Pony Summer Stage which is sure to be a night to remember with The Bouncing Souls recruiting their friends Lucero, The Menzingers, Mickey Rickshaw and Timeshares.

You can view the video for Simplicity, and The Bouncing Souls tour dates, below Read More…

The Scandals Release ‘Lucky 7’ EP

Scandals Lucky 7New Jersey punks The Scandals have released their new EP, Lucky Seven, via Panic State Records and Say-10 Records and the band have also released a full stream of the EP. The Lucky Seven EP was produced by Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem, The Scandals frontman Jared Hart also plays in Brian Fallon‘s other project The Crowes.

You can stream the Lucky 7 EP here

Lucky 7 can be ordered via Say 10 Records here and Panic State Records here

The Black Bullets Release Video For ‘Mockingbird’

black bullets mockingbirdThe Black Bullets, described as “no holds barred, uncompromising, larger than life, hydrogen toxic gypsy punk n rollers”, are five bastard children from hell, locked together to produce the filthiest rock ‘n roll to penetrate human ears. In a world festooned with glossed up half baked celebrities and pretenders The Black Bullets are the real deal, the band have now released a new single, Mockingbird, ahead of the band bringing their party to Europe.

The Black Bullets Facebook page can be found here

You can view the video for Mockingbird below Read More…

Colt 45 Release ‘Hard Times’ Single Today

Colt 45 Hard TimesCumbrian punks COLT 45 have released the first in a series of singles club releases, that will see six singles being released over the course of the next 12 months, with the first, Hard Times, being released today, the 28th April 2017, via Bandcamp. The singles are released digitally with a ltd edition CD available at all upcoming UK tour dates with Welsh alt rock band Straight Lines.

Hard Times can be ordered via Colt 45‘s Bandcamp here

You can view the video for Hard Times, and Colt 45‘s UK tour dates, below Read More…


Black Dots / Gentlemen Prefer Blood


La Escalera Records

Rating: 4/5




I always love getting a split single as it provides the chance to hear what are usually two or more bands I haven’t previously been acquainted with, on this release we have Colorado’s Black Dots and California’s Gentlemen Prefer Blood who will be releasing a new four song split single, which is scheduled to be released tomorrow, the 28th April 2017 through La Escalera Records. The split features two new songs from each band, as well as what is becoming something of a tradition on split releases where both bands cover one of each other’s songs.

The Black Dots kick off this split EP with their original contribution, Bittersweet Though Mostly Bitter, this is a fine slab of upbeat punk rock that is followed by Diets For The Dying, their cover of the Gentlemen Prefer Blood track that continues the promising start made by the opening track. Gentlemen Prefer Blood immediately return the favour by covering the Black Dots track Everybody’s Got One, this side of the split has a harder more frantic edge and Gentlemen Prefer Blood provide the split’s finest moment with their new offering, Stretch Remedy.

Split singles are often a tale of two halves, and this latest offering from La Escalera Records is no exception, Black Dots provided a fine two tracks of rousing punk rock on the a-side, but for me it’s the flip side with Gentlemen Prefer Blood‘s contribution that has edged it for me on this release, but it must said that it was a close run thing. This is a damn fine introduction to two new, at least to me, bands, and as this release is also available on two stunning splatter vinyl variants you should already be clicking on the links below.

The Black Dots and Gentlemen Prefer Blood split can be ordered and streamed digitally here

Physical formats of the split and merch bundles can be ordered via La Escalera Records here

Point Of View To Release ‘Vultures’ EP

Point of view vulturesPoint Of View‘s 2013’s Burner EP showcased the band’s impressive ability to combine unconventional and lasting song-structures with extremely memorable vocal melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and tight-knit musicianship that left fans clawing more material, now they will answer that call with the release of the Vultures EP on May 12th via Creator-Destructor Records.

The Vultures EP can be pre-ordered via Creator-Destructor Records here

You can stream the track Wolves from the forthcoming Vultures EP here

Hello Casanova Release Free Single ‘I Don’t Want To Talk’

Hello Casanova IDWTTAfter the success of their debut release, I’ll Be Waiting, Hello Casanova have worked tirelessly to craft a dynamic, energetic and passionate five track EP, the forthcoming I Am… EP blends together the stylings of pop and punk rock and showcases why they are fast becoming one of the most talked about bands in Ireland. Ahead of the release Hello Casanova have issued the first single from the EP, I Don’t Want To Talk, as a free download.

You can download I Don’t Want To Talk for free here

The video for I Don’t Want To Talk can be viewed below Read More…

Proletariat Release Debut Single ‘Mr. Brown’

Proletariat Mr BrownManchester’s Proletariat have released their debut single, Mr. Brown, and the track is now available via Spotify, the band have also released a video for the single. The track is taken from the forthcoming Always The Same EP that will be released on May 5th on Spotify and iTunes, and will feature four tracks.

The Proletariat‘s Facebook presence can be found here

The video For Mr. Brown can be viewed below Read More…

Colt 45 Announce Singles Club Series

Colt 45 Hard TimesCumbrian punks COLT 45 have announced they will release the first in a series of singles club releases with six singles being released over the course of the next year, with the first, Hard Time, being released on 24th April 2017 via Bandcamp. The singles will be released as digital downloads with a limited edition CD available at all upcoming UK tour dates with Welsh alt rock band Straight Lines. To celebrate the news, the band have today revealed a brand new DIY video for Hard Times which was shot in their home town of Workington and their rehearsal space.

You can view the video for Hard Times, and Colt 45‘s tour dates, below Read More…

Isotopes 1994 WSC


1994 World Series Champions

Destiny Records / Stomp Records

Rating: 4/5




The Isotopes are more of a loose collective rather than a band, since their inception over forty members have come and gone through the ranks, including members of some of Canada’s finest such as The Real McKenzies, Exploding Fuck Dolls, Vibrators, DOA, Nervous Talk and Dee Cracks. The Isotopes have now released their sophomore album, 1994 World Series Champions, today, the 14th April 2017, via Destiny Records in Europe and Stomp Records in North America, their latest full length follows on from their impressive debut, 2015’s Nuclear Strikezone

I’ll put my cards on the table before I get started, my knowledge of baseball is all gained from one episode The Simpsons, so to say the baseball references in this album are lost on me would be an understatement, but it does at least mean that I know the origin of the band’s name. Fortunately I do know an album of charged full tilt punk rock when I hear it, and that’s exactly what this is, from the opening short sharp shock of What We Do Ain’t Secret through to the superb closing track, Sandlot Party, this is ten tracks of Ramones influenced punk rock played exactly as it oughta be.

If you’re a fan of the likes of Teenage Bottlerocket, The Methadones and Masked Intruder, as well as the aforementioned Ramones, then this is an album that you will need in your life, unlike many sports albums or songs that are affiliated to one team this is more an album of punk rock that happens to have a baseball theme running through it. Whether you love baseball is incidental as this is ten tracks, that are delivered in around twenty minutes, of kick ass punk rock. Whilst reworking the Ramones trademark sound isn’t a new concept, if you’re going to do something you might as well do it well, and this is an album that is perfectly pitched, I knew I’d manage to get a baseball reference in there somewhere.

The Isotopes webstore can be found here and the Isotopes Punk Rock Baseball Club can be found on Facebook here

Isotopes Release ‘1994 World Series Champions’ Album

Isotopes 1994 WSCThe Isotopes have released their short, sharp new album, 1994 World Series Champions, the Canadian baseball-punks new full length is released via Destiny Records in Europe and Stomp Records in North America. 1994 World Series Champions is ten crushing baseball punk anthems that showcase the Isotopes’ vast baseball acumen and sharp clubhouse wit.

1994 World Series Champions can streamed via Spotify here

The video for the track Legend Of George Brett can be viewed below Read More…

Flatliners IL

The Flatliners

Inviting Light

Rise Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Canada’s The Flatliners have released Inviting Light, their sixth studio LP, via Rise Records, there’s been a long four year gap since their last full length, Division Of Spoils, which was a collection of rarities and non album tracks, you have to go back to 2013’s Dead Language for their last album of new material. A hiatus of that length between new recordings often signifies a band changing or evolving their style, and Inviting Light is no exception as the new album and record label has signified a shift in their approach.

Inviting Light opens with the sinister chords of Mammals before the drum beat kicks in and you know that The Flatliners are back to what they do best, delivering heady melodic punk rock, ten of the twelve tracks deliver exactly that, accomplished melody driven punk rock, but that’s not the end of the story, amongst the pounding anthemic tracks their are quieter moments, includuing Unconditional Love, a track that brings things down with an intense slow burn and Chameleon Skin, the albums mellowest moment that introduces a laid back acoustic element to Inviting Light .

Inviting Light shows a new side to The Flatliners, this is a slightly more easy going and melodic album than the recordings I’ve previously encountered, whilst it still carries the same impact as their earlier material this is a more mature sounding release that suggests The Flatliners are still evolving and haven’t settled into a comfortable rut. Inviting Light is an album that will satisfy their establish fanbase, but it is also one that I feel will broaden their appeal as this is a more polished and refined sounding release that leans more towards the rock element of their punk rock.

The Flatliners recently completed an extensive US tour with Weezer and the band is now gearing up for a European tour with The Menzingers followed by a pair of South American shows, as well as a series of dates across their native Canada and a number of festival appearances this summer, meaning that pretty much everyone will have the chance to catch them live over the course of Spring and Summer.

The Flatliners website can be found here and Rise Records website is here

You can order Inviting Light here

Turbulent Hearts

Turbulent Hearts

Turbulent Hearts

Headcheck Records

Rating: 4/5




Los Angeles trio Turbulent Hearts, that consists of Suzy Moon, formerly of Civet, on guitar and vocals, along with new partners in crime, Mark Johnson, bass, and Jay Skowronek on drums, have been building an impressive reputation in the US through a steady stream of self released EP’s and incendiary live shows. The band released their self titled debut full length earlier this month via Headcheck Records, the album is a compilation of their three self released DIY EP’s, Panic, Rage and Crazy Girl, that were released over a twelve month period between the summers of 2015 and 2016.

Panic kicks things off in fine style with a frantic full tilt blast of punk rock, whilst this is a theme that permeates the album it’s clear that Turbulent Hearts are no one trick pony. They crash through differing styles over the course of this fifteen track debut, all the while maintaining an impressive punk rock attitude, tracks such as On My Own and Not That Kind Of Girl channel old school UK punk rock, whilst Cryin’ and Another Thing Coming possess the snotty attitude of the original New York punk bands. But it’s not all punk rock fury, Never Getting Over You, Fallen In Luv and Notice Me have the feel of classic rock n’ roll numbers that are delivered with a hefty dose of attitude and distortion, there’s the sleazy blues grind of Redwood Nights and they even briefly unplug on the tortured number The Rage.

Turbulent Hearts have all the elements that made Suzy Moon‘s previous band, Civet, such a force to be reckoned with, but they have taken Civet‘s venom and blended it with a diversity of styles that makes Turbulent Hearts debut album an unpredictable beast. At it’s heart this is an album of intense punk rock fury, but it also channels punk’s varied history and brings in other styles and influences to ensure that this isn’t an album that ever falls into the trap of being repetitive. Turbulent Hearts will be on tour in the UK later this year, including an appearance at the Rebellion Festival, and on the basis of this album I’ll be doing my best to make sure I catch them live, as this collection of their DIY recordings to date suggests that Turbulent Hearts are a band to watch closely.

Turbulent Hearts Facebook page is here and their Bandcamp site is here

You can purchase Turbulent Hearts debut album via Headcheck Records here

Manchester Punk Festival Volume 14 Released Via Bandcamp

MPF 17 Feb 17The Manchester Punk Festival is almost upon us, the event takes place between 20th and 22nd April across a number of venues in Manchester, UK’s City Centre. This is the final volume of the compilations that precede this years festival. The Manchester Punk Festival Volume 14 features  Throwing Stuff, After The Fall, Martha, Dirty Twisters, Clowns, Jakal, Inner Terrestrials, Riggots, Fair Do’s, BONO!, Foetal Juice, Kollapse, Wadeye, Billy Liar, The Kirkz, Doe, The Burnt Tapes, Helen Chambers and Matlida’s Scoundrels. The previous 13 volumes of the Manchester Punk Festival compilations, that cover the 2015 to 2017 line ups, are also still available as name your price downloads.

The final 200 tickets for the Manchester Punk Festival are on sale here

You can download Manchester Punk Festival Volume 14 as a name your price download here

Nicotine Pretty Announce Summer Tour Dates

Nicotine Pretty Tour April 17Welsh rock ‘n rollers Nicotine Pretty recently released their impressive debut single, Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?, as a free download in conjunction with Glunk Records, who are planning a physical release later this year. The band have now announced their first tour dates in support of the single, including an appearance at Some Weird Sin, with more dates to be announced.

Nicotine Pretty‘s website is here and you can download a free copy of their debut single here
You can view the video for Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?, and Nicotine Pretty‘s tour dates, below

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The Flatliners Release ‘Inviting Light’ Album Today

Flatliners ILToronto Canada’s The Flatliners are releasing Inviting Light, their sixth studio LP, today via Rise Records. With their US tour with Weezer drawing to a close the band is now gearing up for a European tour with The Menzingers followed by a pair of South American shows with the likes of Rise Against, Pennywise and more. The Flatliners are also confirmed for a series of festivals this summer including Pouzza Fest, Bledfest and It’s Not Dead.

You can order Inviting Light here

The Flatliners tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Creeper March 2017 Tour

Creeper / Milk Teeth / Energy / Puppy

Academy 2, Manchester, UK

25th March 2017

Rating: 4/5




Creeper March 2017 crowdSpring has finally arrived in Manchester and as the more then welcome, and long overdue, sunshine arrives a patch of darkness descends upon Manchester in the shape of Creeper, tonight is the first date of their European tour that is in support of their debut album, Eternity, In Your Arms, that was released via Roadrunner Records just prior to the tour. Accompanying Creeper on the UK leg of their tour is an impressive bill of support acts in the shape of Milk Teeth, Energy and Puppy, tonight the Academy 2 is completely sold out, the crowd is noisy and vibrant and the turn out for the support acts, and the variety of t shirts on display, indicates that each band has bought along its own noisy and dedicated following.

Creeper March 2017 Puppy 2Fresh from signing to Spinefarm Records, London based trio Puppy occupy the early slot on the tour, they open proceedings with some doom laden tones that for me channel the spirit of the early recordings by Black Sabbath combined with kind of the pop hooks that the likes of Weezer deliver. Whilst the singers unique vocal style seemed to divide opinion amongst those around me, and their style may seem slightly at odds with the rest of tonight’s bill, their short set of poppy proto metal seems to warm the crowd up nicely and they appear to go down well with the majority of the sizeable crowd who have already made it into town for the early start to tonight’s show.

Creeper March 2017 Energy 2The crowd at tonight’s show is distinctly youthful, something I will always take as a positive sign for the health of the UK’s punk scene, and the venue is almost packed to capacity by the time Boston’s Energy take to the stage for their debut appearance in the UK. They open with a slow burning instrumental that builds in intensity before their set kicks off in earnest, Energy are a band that certainly live up to their name, they deliver a welcome blast of melodic hardcore, that is a distinct contrast to Puppy‘s opening set, that brings a frantic hard edged shot of adrenalin and punk rock to tonight’s show. Energy‘s set carries a distinct horror punk undercurrent, especially with their most recent single, The Witching Hour, that is of course included in their all too short appearance tonight. Their set of hard edged punk hits the spot nicely and saw the first, but not the last, chaotic moshpit of the night and towards the climax of their set there was an enthusiastic outbreak of crowdsurfing. This is Energy‘s first visit to the UK, their powerful and impressive set of punk rock has undoubtedly won them a new set of converts on this side of the Atlantic, myself included amongst that number. 

Creeper March 2017 Milk TeethMilk Teeth continue the full tilt assault with a set of fuzzed up punk rock that adds another dimension to tonight’s bill. Their sound reminds of bands such as Verruca Salt, L7, The Muffs and Babes In Toyland, but for me it’s delivered with a sharper cutting edge, and of course a punkier sensibility. The intensity of their set builds up and delivers some pummelling punk rock that is of course exactly what the crowd wanted. This is Milk Teeth‘s first show of the year, and they’ve certainly hit the ground running as by the third song in their set the mosh pit is back in business and crowd surfers are keeping the security staff busy. Milk Teeth;s sound combines elements of grunge, alternative and of course good old fashioned punk rock to stunning effect, their all too brief set, that is largely culled from their superb 2016 album, Vile Child, produces a series of anthemic numbers that, like Energy‘s impressive set before them, has left me wanting to hear a lot more by both of tonight’s main support acts.

Creeper March 2017 1Following the superb set from Milk Teeth there is a lengthy gap Before Creeper make their eagerly awaited appearance, largely because the stage has undergone a transformation into what can only be described as Vegas Halloween chic, complete with illuminated neon tombstones. I last encountered Creeper supporting The Misfits in the academy basement in 2015, they’ve come a long way since I last saw them as their following seems to have grown considerably over the last few years, as their appearance draws nearer the venue sees a distinctly more gothic contingent added to the crowd in the already packed Academy 2. The lights drop and an raucous chant rings out, then the tombstones illuminate and then their set kicks in with their emotive horror tinged punk rock. This is a different band to the one I saw supporting New Jerseys finest, everything has changed and you get the distinct feeling that Creeper are destined for bigger things. Creeper channel rock, horror punk and emo influences to crowd pleasing effect, they have developed a loyal and energetic following and they play a set of the kind of material My Chemcial Romance used to deliver so well in their heyday.

Creeper March 2017 2Creeper play their set to the energetic and sweaty crowd that seem to know every word and chord throughout the first night of this hefty European tour, even if it is on a stage that looks as though it came straight off the set of a higher budget musical remake of Plan 9 From Outer Space. The spring weather finally arriving, tonight’s good natured crowd, the Academy 2‘s unobtrusive security and it’s efficient bar staff have combined to ensure that atmosphere at tonight’s show was perfect, add the four bands that made up tonight’s line up into the mix and you can see why tonight’s show was completely sold out. For me Milk Teeth and Energy stole the show tonight with their raw edged punk rock, but I suspect that I’ll be in the minority on this one judging by the crowds delirious reaction to a triumphant set by Creeper that saw my photographer for the night, Mike Maffia, almost buried under a hail of crowd-surfers and stage-divers at the start of Creeper‘s set.

Creeper March 2017 Energy 3Creeper‘s official website can be found here

Milk Teeth‘s Facebook page is here and their Bandcamp page is here

Energy‘s Bandcamp can be found here and their Facebook presence is here

Puppy can be found on Facebook here

Live photography by Mike Maffia

You can click on any of Mike’s photos to view a slide show of the images

No Ta Brown Bread

No Ta

Brown Bread

One Step Outside Records

Rating: 4/5




No Ta are finally calling it a day, they released their final EP, the ominously titled Brown Bread, via On Step Outside Records on the 1st April 2017, the EP is now available for download and also on seven track CD that comes in a four panel gatefold sleeve with additional goodies included. To make a suitable final statement all money raised from the download of the Brown Bread EP will be donated to the Alzheimers Society, supporting their vital work helping people with dementia and supporting their families.

Any thought’s that No Ta might be bowing out with a whimper are swiftly dispelled with the frantic opener, Headcase, from this point on it’s seven tracks of hard edged punk rock that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The highlight of the EP is the wonderfully titled Johnny Ramone Syndrome, that ends with a few instantly recognisable chords of Blitzkrieg Bop, but every track on this EP is a fine speedy number and the end result is an EP that is a definitive adrenaline fuelled full stop in the history of No Ta.

No Ta‘s final EP is a frantic blast of hardcore infused punk rock, I can’t think of a finer epitaph to one of the UK’s finest DIY punk bands than this release. Hopefully No Ta‘s members will re-emerge with new projects as this EP indicates that there was still more to come from No Ta. The band have also simultaneously released recordings of their final concert, Last Gig, and of their final rehearsal, Practice Room, forming a trilogy of releases that sadly draws a line firmly under No Ta‘s brief but colourful existence.

The Brown Bread EP, and the Last Gig and Practice Room LP’s, can be ordered here

More Information on the Alzheimers Society can be found here

Loaded 44 Announce European Tour Dates

Loaded 44 May Italy TourLoaded 44 have announced their latest tour dates, including a trio of dates in Italy in May, they will also be playing a number of dates across the UK with Dirt Box Disco and will be appearing at the The Unholy Messtival and North West Calling punk festivals in addition to a series of headline dates across the UK and Ireland

Loaded 44‘s Get Ready! EP is available via their Facebook page here or their website here

The Punk Site review of the Get Ready! EP can be read here

Loaded 44‘s tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Turbulent Hearts Release Debut Album

Turbulent HeartsLos Angele’s punk ‘n rollers Turbulent Hearts have released their self titled debut album today via Headcheck Records, the album is a compilation of their three self released DIY EP’s from the USA. The band consists of Suzy Moon, formerly of Civet, on guitar and vocals, along with Mark Johnson, bass, and Jay Skowronek on drums. Turbulent Hearts will be on tour in the UK later this year, including an appearance at the Rebellion Festival.

You can pre-order Turbulent Hearts debut album here

You can view the videos for Crazy Girl, Panic and Never Getting Over You below Read More…

Nicotine Pretty Release Debut Single As Free Download

Nicotine Pretty WGSMSWelsh rock ‘n rollers Nicotine Pretty have released their impressive debut single, Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?, as a free download today in conjunction with Glunk Records, with a physical release planned for later in the year. 
Nicotine Pretty‘s website is here and their Facebook page is here
The Glunk Records website can be found here
You can grab yourselves a free copy of Nicotine Pretty‘s debut single here
You can view the video for Who’s Gonna Save My Soul? below

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Gnash Rambler

Gnash Rambler

Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




Vancouver’s Gnash Rambler was formed back  in 2007 from the ashes of various Vancouver bands, including Betty Kracker, Pet Fairies, Facepuller, Little Guitar Army, Aging Youth Gang and The Strugglers. The band have now unleashed their latest release, the self titled self released album came out a few days ago, on the 31st march 2017, and it’s now available via Gnash Rambler‘s Bandcamp and through all the main digital retailers and streaming services.

From the off Gnash Rambler remind me of a more melodic version of Vancouver’s most famous punk sons, DOA, maybe there’s something in the water in Vancouver? There’s a touch of rock that surfaces here and there, but not too much, in places you pick up influences from the likes of Motorhead, and to my ears the track Doin’ It All Wrong has a distinct influence from The Who, but for the main part this is an album that’s informed by the sounds of the early punk scene. The stand out moment on the album is the lead single, Man Over, a furious slice of punk rock that bears a fair influence from Danzig and his tenure in The Misfits, and the album ends with a revved up cover of The Gun Club‘s Sex Beat, well it’s almost the end, there’s a bonus track tagged onto the album, a radio friendly version of the track Bad Karma for those of a more sensitive disposition.

Gnash Rambler‘s self titled full length is twelve tracks of straight up punk rock whose influences are worn firmly, and proudly, on their sleeves. Gnash Rambler have produced an album that is born of the early days of punk rock, and of the bands that came before, whilst this is an album that treads a well worn path it does so with a self assured swagger. For those with a preference for punk’s halcyon days, and the garage and rock bands from the 60’s and 70’s who were considered to be ‘proto punks’, then Gnash Rambler would be well worth investigating.

Gnash Rambler‘s self titled album can be streamed and purchased here and their Facebook page is here

Spunk Volcano Ram Raid

Spunk Volcano And The Eruptions

Ram Raid

STP Records

Rating: 4/5




If you were expecting Spunk Volcano And The Eruptions to have mellowed then you’re going to be in for a disappointment, the Ram Raid EP is if anything even more hard edged than their sophomore album, Shit Generation, that was released last year. The self styled purveyors of spunk rock have now unleashed their first recording of 2017 and will, as usual, be bringing their profanity strewn high energy larger than life live show to venues up and down the UK, including a return to the Rebellion Festival after their unforgettable appearance last year. The Ram Raid EP is available from today, the 31st March 2017, via STP Records.

The Ram Raid EP opens with the title track and it delivers three minutes of straight up brutal punk rock that proves that Masked Intruder don’t have a monopoly on being a masked punk band with criminal intent, Stop Looking At Your Phone ups the ante with a hardcore riff that’s an angry blast against the iPhone generation. Hanging Round The Shops is a return to more catchy punk rock that populated much of their debut album, this time it’s an ode to teenagers trying to get someone to buy them booze and cigarettes. I Think Her Name Was Tracey returns to the hardcore attack of the opening duo before Snap Backbone, the EP’s finest moment, delivers the kind of song that Spunk Volcano And The Eruptions do so well, a perfect number that captures the essence of spunk rock, a catchy riff that is married to a singalong chorus, a track that i guarantee will go down a storm at their live shows.

This is a taster of what’s to come from Spunk Volcano And The Eruptions, this picks up where Shit Generation left off, it’s a mix of pop punk and UK82 hardcore, whilst that sounds like an unlikely marriage it’s what they, and lead vocalist and guitarist Spunk Volcano‘s better know act, Dirt Box Disco, do, and they do it well. If you want subtlety and political insight then this is not the band for you, however if you want a band that write catchy punk rock and hardcore, and doesn’t take itself too seriously, then Spunk Volcano And The Eruptions are band you need in your life, and if you get the chance to see them live you should, as that is where they are truly in their element.

Spunk Volcano And The Eruptions Facebook presence can be found here

Creeper Reveal Video For ‘Misery’ And Confirm EU Tour Dates

Creeper March 2017 TourReleased last Friday, Creeper’s debut album, Eternity, In Your Arms, has been met with widespread critical acclaim, with many praising their unique combination of potent punk rock fury, flamboyant theatrics and ambitious storytelling. Now the band present the conclusion of their Eternity, In Your Arms video trilogy by unveiling its final chapter with a new film for the key album track Misery.

Eternity, In Your Arms can be ordered via Creeper‘s website here

The video for Eternity, and Creeper‘s tour dates, can be viewed below Read More…

The Flatliners Stream New Track From ‘Inviting Light’ LP

Flatliners ILThe Flatliners are premiering a new song, Indoors, the track appears on the band’s upcoming studio LP, Inviting Light, that is due out on 7th April on Rise Records. The Flatliners will be playing some North American tour dates with Weezer and will then tour the UK and Europe with The Menzingers, the band is also confirmed to play the It’s Not Dead Festival in California.

The new album, Inviting Light, can be pre-ordered here

The new track, Indoors, can be streamed here and their tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Dirt Box Disco Poppycock

Dirt Box Disco


STP Records

Rating: 4.5/5



 Poppycock is Dirt Box Disco‘s fifth studio album, it was supposed to be released on the 15th April 2017, via STP Records, Due to an error by the online distributor Poppycock was released a month early to online sites and not the intended release date of April 15th, the CD and online versions are now available but for those with a preference for vinyl you still have to wait until April 15th. Dirt Box Disco have been steadily building a well deserved reputation, especially live where they are in their element, with their infectious hard edged pop punk, not pop punk as we usually know it, but a band with an ear for a catchy melody with choruses that plant themselves firmly in your brain, and refuse to leave. Over the years I’ve encountered Dirt Box Disco live they’ve been on an upward trajectory, going from the early slots at the Rebellion and North West Calling festivals, heading steadily towards headlining slots, and on the basis of their latest album this trend is something that looks like continuing.
Dirt Box Disco are essentially the bastard sons of such infamous punk bands as The Anti Nowhere League and The Macc Lads, this is not a family friendly band as the opening track, The Bullshit Kids, demonstrates, this is a guaranteed live favourite up with there with their earlier crowd pleasing classics such My Life Is Shit and Let’s Get Wasted, and this continues with Fingerblast, a track which gives a knowing nod to The Damned classic, Wait For The Blackout. There are of course fist pumping old school classics such as Punk Rock Riot, Working For Wankers and Slapdash And Haphazzard, that could have been written at anytime in the last forty years that punk’s been around, these sit alongside surprisingly tender pop punkers such as Little White Lie, and it’s antithesis, the heaviest number on Poppycock, Snorting Crack Off A Girls Top Rack, whilst the closest you get to political lyrics is their song about childhood obesity, Fat Kid, subtlety is definitely not their strong point. The final trio are fine pack of tracks, Imaginary Friend and Some Things Are Best Left Unsaid are another pair of fine punk classics in the making, whilst Poppyock ends in relatively mellow style with I Hate This City, which starts with a dub influence, before the inevitable happens and everything snaps back to normal for the chorus.
if you’re looking introspection and serious political views then this won’t be for you, if however you want some energetic punk rock that doesn’t take itself too seriously, then come on in. This is anthemic singalonga punk that is just made for drunken nights and good times, the subject matter isn’t politically correct but it’s all delivered with a good natured knowing wink. Poppycock is an anthemic thirteen track album that spans the heavier end of pop punk to lighter end of hardcore, with elements of rock and dub thrown in for good measure, and it’s all delivered with humour and the irrepressible nature that characterises their live shows. I’d recommend picking up a copy of Poppycock, then get yourself a ticket for a live show, and I can guarantee they’ll be coming somewhere near you in 2017 if you live in the UK, and head down the front, you can thank me later.
Dirt Box Disco‘s website can be found here and STP Records web presence can be located here

Mobina Galore Release Video For ‘Suffer’

Mobina Galore Feeling DisconnectedWinnipeg punk powerhouse duo, Mobina Galore, have already had a big 2017 with the release of their new full length, Feeling Disconnected, plus nearly non-stop touring with the likes of Against Me! and Milk Teeth. Now Mobina Galore have released a music video for Suffer, one of the razor sharp blasts of melodic punk from Feeling Disconnected

Feeling Disconnected is available digitally here and physically here

The Punk Site review of Feeling Disconnected can be found here

You can view the video for Suffer, and Mobina Galore‘s tour dates, below Read More…