The Flatliners Stream New Track From ‘Inviting Light’ LP

Flatliners ILThe Flatliners are premiering a new song, Indoors, the track appears on the band’s upcoming studio LP, Inviting Light, that is due out on 7th April on Rise Records. The Flatliners will be playing some North American tour dates with Weezer and will then tour the UK and Europe with The Menzingers, the band is also confirmed to play the It’s Not Dead Festival in California.

The new album, Inviting Light, can be pre-ordered here

The new track, Indoors, can be streamed here and their tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Dirt Box Disco Poppycock

Dirt Box Disco


STP Records

Rating: 4.5/5



 Poppycock is Dirt Box Disco‘s fifth studio album, it was supposed to be released on the 15th April 2017, via STP Records, Due to an error by the online distributor Poppycock was released a month early to online sites and not the intended release date of April 15th, the CD and online versions are now available but for those with a preference for vinyl you still have to wait until April 15th. Dirt Box Disco have been steadily building a well deserved reputation, especially live where they are in their element, with their infectious hard edged pop punk, not pop punk as we usually know it, but a band with an ear for a catchy melody with choruses that plant themselves firmly in your brain, and refuse to leave. Over the years I’ve encountered Dirt Box Disco live they’ve been on an upward trajectory, going from the early slots at the Rebellion and North West Calling festivals, heading steadily towards headlining slots, and on the basis of their latest album this trend is something that looks like continuing.
Dirt Box Disco are essentially the bastard sons of such infamous punk bands as The Anti Nowhere League and The Macc Lads, this is not a family friendly band as the opening track, The Bullshit Kids, demonstrates, this is a guaranteed live favourite up with there with their earlier crowd pleasing classics such My Life Is Shit and Let’s Get Wasted, and this continues with Fingerblast, a track which gives a knowing nod to The Damned classic, Wait For The Blackout. There are of course fist pumping old school classics such as Punk Rock Riot, Working For Wankers and Slapdash And Haphazzard, that could have been written at anytime in the last forty years that punk’s been around, these sit alongside surprisingly tender pop punkers such as Little White Lie, and it’s antithesis, the heaviest number on Poppycock, Snorting Crack Off A Girls Top Rack, whilst the closest you get to political lyrics is their song about childhood obesity, Fat Kid, subtlety is definitely not their strong point. The final trio are fine pack of tracks, Imaginary Friend and Some Things Are Best Left Unsaid are another pair of fine punk classics in the making, whilst Poppyock ends in relatively mellow style with I Hate This City, which starts with a dub influence, before the inevitable happens and everything snaps back to normal for the chorus.
if you’re looking introspection and serious political views then this won’t be for you, if however you want some energetic punk rock that doesn’t take itself too seriously, then come on in. This is anthemic singalonga punk that is just made for drunken nights and good times, the subject matter isn’t politically correct but it’s all delivered with a good natured knowing wink. Poppycock is an anthemic thirteen track album that spans the heavier end of pop punk to lighter end of hardcore, with elements of rock and dub thrown in for good measure, and it’s all delivered with humour and the irrepressible nature that characterises their live shows. I’d recommend picking up a copy of Poppycock, then get yourself a ticket for a live show, and I can guarantee they’ll be coming somewhere near you in 2017 if you live in the UK, and head down the front, you can thank me later.
Dirt Box Disco‘s website can be found here and STP Records web presence can be located here

Mobina Galore Release Video For ‘Suffer’

Mobina Galore Feeling DisconnectedWinnipeg punk powerhouse duo, Mobina Galore, have already had a big 2017 with the release of their new full length, Feeling Disconnected, plus nearly non-stop touring with the likes of Against Me! and Milk Teeth. Now Mobina Galore have released a music video for Suffer, one of the razor sharp blasts of melodic punk from Feeling Disconnected

Feeling Disconnected is available digitally here and physically here

The Punk Site review of Feeling Disconnected can be found here

You can view the video for Suffer, and Mobina Galore‘s tour dates, below Read More…

One Hidden Frame Release ‘Harmful Content’

One_Hidden_Frame_-_Harmful_ContentFinnish shredders One Hidden Frame have released their fifth full-length album, titled Harmful Content, through, the album features nine tracks of riff infused melodic punk and if you love Propagandhi, you’ll definitely want to check this album out. One Hidden Frame were formed in 2002 right next to the Russian border in Lappeenranta, Finland, the band delivers a mix of melancholic 90s skate punk and melodic hardcore without fear of adding emotion to their music.

One Hidden Frame‘s Facebook page can be found here

You can purchase and stream Harmful Content via Bandcamp here

Punk Site Exclusive: Free Download From Gnash Rambler

PrintAll great bands have a great name and Vancouver’s Gnash Rambler are no exception, their name is a combination of that of a classic car and vocalist Nick Venditti’s habit of gnashing his teeth, this unique moniker, along with their brand of hooky punk rock and metal tinged power pop produces a unique musical vision. The band’s debut album is due out on March 31st and they have teamed up with The Punk Site for an exclusive free download of their second single, Man Over. Gnash Rambler‘s debut album will be available via Bandcamp via all the main digital retailers and streaming services.

Gnash Rambler‘s debut album can be pre-ordered here

You can stream and download Man Over here

Mobina Galore Feeling Disconnected

Mobina Galore

Feeling Disconnected

New Damage Records

Rating: 4.5/5




Mobina Galore are a Canadian duo made up of guitarist and vocalist Jenna Preistner and drummer Marcia Hanson, they have recently released their sophomore album, Feeling Disconnected, via New Damage Records, this follows on from their 2014 debut full length, Cities Away. Feeling Disconnected is something of a loose concept album, the album is centred around around a theme of detachment, from being far from friends and family due to heavy touring, to being cut off in an often overlooked hometown and even dealing with the isolation of being an female duo in a male dominated scene.

Feeling Disconnected kicks things off with Start All Over, this is as solid a slice of intense pissed off punk rock as you’ll hear in 2017, the whole album is a cathartic blast from start to end. It channels all the hard edged elements of punk rock into it’s ten tracks, from the old school punk rock of Going Out Alone, through the intense hardcore influenced Spend My Day and onto the triumphant Better Days. There’s even a hidden track that follows on at the end of the album, a track which I’ve decided is called The Fourth Of July, as that is main theme from the track, but also as this album is an exorcising of past trauma, it means that, to paraphrase a well known movie, this is their Independence Day.

Feeling Disconnected is an album centred around being an outsider and that sense of otherness that belonging to a subculture can sometimes cause, but as I can testify it’s not necessarily a bad thing in the long term, and in the case of this album its definitely a positive. Whilst some let a sensation of detachment drag them down, Mobina Galore seem to be positively fuelled by it, Feeling Disconnected has built from the promise shown on the teaser EP, Singles And B-Sides, that was released last year. Mobina Galore have delivered an album that doesn’t disappoint on any level, it is a raw and heartfelt punk rock album, and if you’re not familiar with this Canadian duo, then you really should rectify that.

Mobina Galore‘s website can be located here and New Damage Records web presence can be found here

Feeling Disconnected can be purchased here

Ghouls To Release New Single ‘Seasonal Affective’

Ghouls Seasonal Affective Tour 17London-based punk rock quintet, Ghouls, are striding into 2017 with their brand new single, Seasonal Affective, that is due out Friday 24th February via 1471 Records. Coming from a range of different musical backgrounds, the band has never bowed down to specific genre restrictions or a scene of any sort, they simply pride themselves on making original, stand out music that gives them the possibility to tour the world. Everything that the band has achieved today has been through DIY means and testament to the bands sheer determination to make things work. 
Seasonal Affective will be available for download from the 24th February via 1471 Records.

You can view the video for Seasonal Affective, and Ghouls‘ European tour dates, below Read More…

Worst Days Down To Release Debut Album ‘Elsewhere’

Worst Days Down ElsewhereWorst Days Down is punk rock band based in Canada that started life in 2011 as the solo acoustic project of vocalist and guitarist Ben Sir, now, with the forthcoming release of their debut album Elsewhere, and the backing of Gunner Records, the band stands poised to further their reach and impact, their goal has always remained constant, to get out into the world, and see how it shapes their experiences and music. Elsewhere is due to be released on March 3rd, 2017 and Worst Days Down will be touring extensively in support of the album

Elsewhere can be pre-ordered via Worst Days Down Bandcamp here

Worst Days Down website can be found here

FOD Harvest



Bird Attack Records / Effervescence Records / Funtime Records / Bells On Records

Rating: 4/5




Belguim’s F.O.D. are a four piece punk rock band that are now well established on the punk scene on their home turf, now the release of their latest full length, Harvest, via Bird Attack Records, Effervescence Records, Funtime Records and Bells On Records, depending on your choice of format and location, will hopefully serve to further spread their name beyond the borders of their home country. F.O.D. have built a steady live reputation with their catchy melodies and vocal harmonies, and Harvest is a seventeen track album that delivers those qualities in abundance. Harvest was released on the 7th February and is available on CD and vinyl, on clear and black variants, as well as digitally.

F.O.D. kick things off in fine manic style with 41, an ode to those of who are getting a bit older but are refusing to grow old gracefully, from this point on the album powers it’s way though seventeen tracks of accomplished melodic punk rock. The album rarely takes it’s foot off the gas, although tracks such as There’s A Place (Where We Can Go To) and High Street Gloria do provide some breathing space, but first and foremost this is an album of full tilt melodic punk rock that wears it’s influences firmly on it’s sleeves. When compared to their previous albums Harvest comes across as a slightly darker more aggressive album, but this isn’t at the expense of their trademark style, the melodies and catchy as hell choruses are still an ever present feature.

Harvest is an album that carries a hefty influence from the likes of Green Day, Descendents, Lagwagon and Bad Religion, but that’s not to say this is any way a reproduction of those bands, F.O.D. have very much added their own character into the mix to produce a heady mix of their influences, that is delivered with a distinctly European twist. Whilst there isn’t anything on Harvest that will surprise you, there is certainly more than enough to delight F.O.D.‘s established fanbase, and any fan of the aforementioned bands.

Harvest can be purchased and streamed here

F.O.D.‘s website can be located here

Mobina Galore Announce Pre-Orders For ‘Feeling Disconnected’

Mobina Galore Feeling DisconnectedWinnipeg’s resident punk rock powerhouse, Mobina Galore, have announced pre-orders for their volatile new album, Feeling Disconnected, that is due out on February 24th via New Damage Records. The formidable duo of Jenna Priestner (guitar/vocals) and Marcia Hanson (drums/back up vocals) have found the perfect balance of aggression and hooks on Feeling Disconnected

You can stream the track Going Out Alone, that is taken from the album, here

Feeling Disconnected can be pre-ordered here

Green Day Feb 17

Green Day / The Interrupters

Manchester Arena, Manchester, UK

6th February 2017

Rating: 4.5/5




I’m not usually a fan of arena concerts, I tend to find they lack they the atmosphere and intimacy of the small to mid sized venues, add to this that these enormous venues aren’t usually designed for live music, they are better suited to Disney on ice or sports events, along with the inflated bar and merchandise prices and the ridiculous queues for absolutely everything, you potentially have a recipe for a disappointing and expensive evening. But I must make it clear that I’m in no way blaming the bands for this state of affairs, there is no way that Green Day could appear at any other venue in Manchester and play to everyone that wanted to see them, and on the basis of tonight’s crowd I’d guess there were still a fair few disappointed fans, so the choice is to simply to put up with the downside of these shows, or stay at home, and as I’ve missed the last few tours by Green Day I’m taking the former option.

Green Day are touring in support of, Revolution Radio, their twelfth studio album, and a release that has marked something of a return to form for the band, this epic tour is covering three continents, countless countries and tonight is the penultimate night of the first European leg of the tour, one that has covered pretty much all of Western Europe, and for me there is a added attraction to this section of the tour as Green Day are accompanied by The Interrupters, a band I’ve wanted to catch live ever since I heard their triumphant sophomore album, Say It Out Loud, that for me was one of the best albums to be released in 2016. As it’s an early start for their set the only sensible option is to brave the rush hour traffic, and the typically damp Mancunian weather, and head down to the Manchester Arena to ensure I catch them.

There is a fine selection of well chosen tunes covering the last forty years of punk belting out in the arena, everything from seventies UK punk acts such as The Clash and Elvis Costello, through to harder edged American acts such as Bad Religion, which marks a promising start to the evening prior to the opening set by The Interrupters. The three Bivona brothers that make up three quarters of the band, who are clad in matching monochrome outfits, and vocalist Aimee Interrupter take to the stage, whilst the arena is nowhere near full, a healthy crowd has had the good sense to turn up early to catch tonight’s support act. From the opening number, A Friend Like Me, it’s clear that The Interrupters are going to make a lot of friends tonight, the sound is perfect for their set and their enthusiasm and energy shines out from the opening chords.

Despite not having played venues of this size before The Interrupters seem at home on the cavernous stage, their set is a riotous high energy snapshot of their career to date, with a few well chosen covers thrown in, Too Much Pressure by The Selecter and Operation Ivy‘s Sound System, that highlight their influences. My personal highlights from the set were By My Side, She Got Arrested and Media Sensation, all of which appeared on last years stunning sophomore album, Say It Out Loud. The Interrupters capture the spirit of the original two tone movement like no other band that I’ve encountered, the hyperactive quartet swiftly garner an enthusiastic reception from the Green Day faithful with their short set of ska infused punk, a set that for me is all too brief, as this is a band that you need to see live if you get the chance.

The Manchester Arena is packed by the time Green Day are due take to the stage, after the welcome of selection of punk tunes the epic Queen single Bohemian Rhapsody emerges from the PA, and it receives a response from the crowd that is straight out of Wayne’s World, this was followed by the Ramones classic Bliztkrieg Bop, which is accompanied, for some reason, by a cheerleading drunken pink bunny, that I strongly suspect was Tre Cool, warming the crowd up, before the ominous strains of Ennio Morricone‘s The Good, The Bad And The Ugly ring out indicating that Green Day‘s arrival is now imminent. I’ve previously seen Green Day at this venue, back on the Warning tour, a tour which was marred by many of the pitfalls I highlighted earlier, any concerns I may have had about history repeating itself were swiftly laid to rest by Green Day.

Green Day open with a rousing Know Your Enemy, with Billie Joe Armstrong engaging the crowd from the off, these days Green Day are augmented by three additional musicians, providing additional guitars and vocals, and in the case of Jason Freese pretty much everything else, there are impressive pyrotechnics, that I can feel the heat from from my stage right position, circle pits appear early in the set and there are rabble rousing speeches for freedom, and of course against the baffling election of Donald Trump. The set covers much of Green Day‘s three decades and twelve studio albums, although much of it is drawn from the classic albums Dookie and American Idiot, and of course their latest album, Revolution Radio, but it includes material from the majority of their releases, including a few numbers from their 1991 sophomore album, Kerpunk.

It was pleasing to hear Billie Joe Armstrong make a plea for people to stop filming the concert, not for copyright or ego reasons but encouraging people to live in the moment rather than filming it, a sentiment I wholeheartedly endorse, there was a brief reduction following this appeal, but it was sadly shortlived. Their set veers between the epic numbers, that are designed for arenas, and their upbeat punker material, and even a rather self indulgent extended medley that was comprised of King For A Day and compositions by George Michael, Lulu, Monty Python, The Undertones, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, whilst this might indicate a shift away from Punk, their decision to include a cover of Operation Ivy‘s Knowledge in their set, the second time this influential band has been covered tonight, indicates they are not as far removed as some would have you believe.

For their first encore they return with two tracks from what is regarded by many, myself included, as their best album, American Idiot, the title track from that LP and Jesus Of Suburbia are riotously received, before Billie Joe Armstrong returns on his own for a final downbeat acoustic encore. Green Day played an impressive two and a half hour set, they were so good tonight I almost forgot how much I dislike the Manchester Arena, and there is no higher praise I can think of. This was at it’s heart a rock show, but Green Day have retained enough of their roots to make it a punk rock show. I leave the arena to further vintage punk strains and the inevitably huge queues. By the time I actually exit the venue half the stage has already been dismantled by a small army of roadies, and when I eventually step outside, and finally get to have a cigarette, the roads surrounding the venue are flooded with a sweaty and delirious horde who are slowly making their way home in the chilly Manchester night.

Everything about tonight’s show, apart from the venue, was perfect, from the pre show music and The Interrupters flawless opening set onwards, throughout their set Green Day had the capacity crowd in the palm of the hands, from the opening chords of Know Your Enemy through to the delicate closing chords of the inevitable final encore, Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life). I got the impression that this is a band that is still loving playing live, and importantly they are a band that still believes that rock n’ roll still has the capacity to change the world for the better. Green Day have kept there political rage, if anything it’s even more prominent now following recent unfortunate developments in US politics, yes they can be a little self indulgent in places, but what’s the point of playing an arena show if you can’t have fun with it?

Green Day will be returning to Europe later this year, as well as further legs that will cover Oceania and North America, and on the basis of tonight’s show this is a tour that you really don’t want to miss.

Tre Cool visited Manchester’s Cat Café whilst he was in the city, you can read about his visit here 

The Punk Site review of The Interrupters 2016 album, Say It Out Loud, can be found here

The Interrupters website can be located here

Green Day‘s official website can be found here

Capital Youth Lemonade

Capital Youth


Roosevelt Records

Rating: 5/5




Roosevelt Records have released the Lemonade EP by Switzerland’s Capital Youth, the label was created for the release of the band’s debut EP and is owned by the band themselves, making this very much a DIY affair. Capital Youth‘s debut release embraces the fuzzier garage influenced side of punk, from the Ramones through to The Strokes and beyond, the Lemonade EP sits comfortably alongside releases by their contemporaries, especially bands such as Culture Abuse and The Two Tens who made two of my favourite albums in 2016, in making an impressively glorious noise that restores your faith in punk rock.

Lemonade kicks off with the an amazing blast of Garage Punk in the shape of Chinatown, this is swiftly followed by the equally impressive Where You Are, and you don’t have time to draw breath before the hyperactive In A Maze ups the ante. Moving On continues the relentless fuzzy garage assault and the EP culminates in Without You. Normally I can pick a stand out track or a personal favourite from a release, but on Lemonade that isn’t possible as every single track is equally striking. It’s not often a release impresses me this much, let alone on a debut EP, but Lemonade marks Capital Youth out as a band that, if there’s any justice, should be packing venues out shortly.

To say this is an impressive debut is an understatement, when you couple that with the fact that Capital Youth are doing everything on their own terms, something that I always admire, then you have a band that have made a serious statement of intent with their debut release. Lemonade is delivered in five perfect two minute servings that hit the spot every time, Capital Youth have produced what will undoubtedly be one of my favourite releases from 2017 with their debut release. From the opening fuzzy chords of Chinatown to the closing notes of Without You there is not a single moment on this EP that disappoints, in short Lemonade is a perfect five tracks of fuzzy garage influenced punk rock that is the best ten minutes of new music you’ll have heard so far this year.

You can order Lemonade via Capital Youth‘s Bandcamp here

The ten inch vinyl of Lemonade can be purchased here

Straightline Release ‘Generation Lost’ Music Video

Straightline VVGerman melodic skate punkers Straightline have released a music video for their song Generation Lost, the track is taken from the band’s new album, Vanishing Values, that is available now via Bird Attack Records.

The Punk Site review of Vanishing Values can be read here

Vanishing Values can be purchased on all formats and streamed here

The video for Generation Lost can be viewed below Read More…

Descendents Announce Exclusive UK Headline Show

Descendents London June 17Descendents have announced their return to the UK with a new show scheduled for Sunday 4th June at the 02 Brixton Academy in London. The band played a series of shows in Latin America last December playing classics and new tracks from their latest album, Hypercaffium Spazzinate, that was released last summer via Epitaph Records.

Hypercaffium Spazzinate can be purchased and streamed here

Tickets will be available from this Friday at 9am GMT here

Palm Reader Reveal ‘Always Darkest’ Video

Palm Reader Feb 17 TourPalm Reader have released a video for their new track, Always Darkest, ahead of this months UK tour with Toy Mountains. For the first time ever I have been told to warn people about the content of a video, it’s probably best not to watch this video if you have photosensitive epilepsy or anything similar, to say there’s a lot of strobe lighting in this one would be an understatement.

Palm Reader‘s Facebook page can be located here

The video for Always Darkest, and the band’s tour dates, can be viewed below Read More…

Our Darkest Days Release Video For ‘The Burden Of My Sins’

our-darkest-days-acaOur Darkest Days have released a music video for their song The Burden Of My Sins, that features Michael Garcia from Forus. The track is taken from their latest album,  A Common Agony, that is available now on CD and Digital formats via Bird Attack Records.

The Punk Site review of A Common Agony can be found here

A Common Agony can be purchased here
The video For The Burden Of My Sins can be viewed below

Read More…

Capital Youth Release Debut EP ‘Lemonade’

Capital Youth LemonadeGeneva’s Capital Youth have released their debut EP, Lemonade, via their own label, Roosevelt Records. The release can be purchased and streamed via Capital Youth‘s Bandcamp and a review of the EP will be posted on The Punk Site shortly.

Capital Youth‘s Facebook page can be located here and the Roosevelt Records Facebook page can be found here

The Lemonade EP can be streamed and downloaded here

F.O.D. Announce New Album ‘Harvest’ Via Bird Attack Records

FOD HarvestF.O.D. have announced they will release their new album Harvest on February 7th 2017 through Bird Attack Records. F.O.D. bring their furious melodic punk rock on their latest release, you can feel the anger and angst, both personal and political, throughout the album.

You can stream the first three singles from Harvest, Crew You, American and Act Of Consecration via Bandcamp.

Harvest can pre-ordered on clear and black vinyl variants, CD, or digitally via Bandcamp here.

Hi-Fi Spitfires Confirm 2017 German Tour Dates

hi-fi-spitfires-tour-dec-16The Hi Fi Spitfires have confirmed they will be touring Germany in March 2017, they recently issued a limited edition vinyl run, of only 300 copies, of their sophomore album, Nightraid. The vinyl is available for £12 and can be bought from the band at their shows, the vinyl, and the CD, can also be ordered from the band where payment can be made via Paypal, you can contact Hi-Fi Spitfires via Facebook here.

The Punk Site review of Nightraid can be read here

Hi-Fi Spitfire‘s website can be found here and you can view the tour dates below Read More…


Bordertown Devils

Bordertown Devils EP

Self Released

Rating: 4.5/5




Arizona’sThe Bordertown Devils released their self titled debut EP towards the end of 2016, everything about this EP, from the band’s name and the sleeve art onwards, indicates that this is a band that intend to make an impression from the off. Once you delve into the Bordertown Devils EP you find that they deliver a pumped up crossbreed of punk and rock n’ roll that hits the spot on pretty much every track. The Bordertown Devils debut release is one that channels the spirit of some of the finest of the original punk bands from the USA, but at the same time it injects a dose of rock n’ roll swagger, and a hefty hit of adrenalin, that sits alongside their own style, and it’s this that keeps them sounding contemporary, rather than being just another band recreating the past.

Rot N’ Roll opens the Bordertown Devils EP, it’s a fast paced punk number that sits somewhere between The Ramones and Motorhead, it’s a fine feel good full tilt start to the EP that is followed up by Count Me Out, this track changes the style, but not the tempo, it recalls a high velocity Glenn Danzig era incarnation of The Misfits, Open keeps the relentless high octane pace of the EP running as does Hell Cell and finally Cash returns to a heady influence from The Misfits at full throttle. The Bordertown Devils EP is listed as a five track release, however there’s a hidden track lurking at the end of this release, and it’s not an afterthought, remix or demo, the unlisted track, Saturday Night, is a damn fine conclusion to an impressive debut, this is the only time the Bordertown Devils collective foot is taken off the accelerator, but it’s only a slight deceleration in what has been an exhilarating EP of up front aggressive punk rock.

The Bordertown Devils might sound like a band that is reviving the past, but that is not the case, this is a band that wear their influences like badges of honour, but they bring their own south western influence to bear across the half dozen tracks that populate the EP, and it’s this that stops them from being a band recreating a previous punk era. Had I heard this when it was released at the tail end of last year it would have been listed amongst my favourite releases from 2016, the Bordertown Devils play bare knuckle punk rock as it oughta be, they acknowledge the past and their influences, especially The Misfits, but they have delivered their debut EP in a style that is very much their own. The Bordertown Devils EP is available via all major download and streaming services and the physical CD is available via the Bordertown Devils website.

The Bordertown Devils website can be found here


Jagger Holly

DJ Free Europe

Outloud! Records / Swamp Cabbage Records / Monster Zero Records

Rating: 4/5




Punk power pop trio Jagger Holly, that features former members of The Spastic Hearts, The Johnie 3 and the Hollywood Blondes, released their debut album, DJ Free Europe, earlier this year. The album is available from Swamp Cabbage Records in the USA and Monster Zero Records in Europe, additionally in the US the CD version of the album is available via Outloud! Records with an alternate, and in my view superior, version of the album cover that can be seen adorning this review.

DJ Free Europe kicks off with the high energy punk of Friday Night, from this point you’re in for eleven high energy blasts of authentic punk rock with only a few deviations from this well worn, and well loved, template. There’s a fifties rock ‘n roll vibe incorporated into my personal highlight on DJ Free EuropeAnd Then She Kissed Me, and there’s the comparatively mellow acoustic number of International Love Song, but other than these two songs this is relentless punk rock that carries on the legacy of the Ramones, you find yourself mentally inserting the 1234 before each track. In keeping with tradition there is a punked up cover included, DJ Free Europe closes with an upbeat punk rock version of the often covered song Some Guys Have All The Luck, and for me the joyous punk rock energy brings new life to a song that was flatlining after being trampled into mediocrity by Rod Stewart and Robert Palmer.

This an album that channels the likes of The Methadones, Teenage Bottlerocket and of course the Ramones, and it does it with style, if you were looking for faults with this album the only one you could accuse Jagger Holly of having is that there’s nothing new, it treads the same ground as the aforementioned bands, but that’s never been a problem for me providing it’s done well, and DJ Free Europe is a damn fine album of punk rock that carries a slight rock n roll twist, whilst it’s not original this is as good an album of straight up no frills power pop tinged punk rock as I’ve heard this year.

DJ Free Europe can be streamed and purchased on CD here (USA) and here (Europe) and it can be downloaded here


Excuses Excuses

Frame Of Mind

Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




Excuses Excuses are a Candian punk rock influenced trio, two thirds of the line has risen from the ashes of Stained Glass Army to form this new and promising outfit. Frame Of Mind is the bands debut release, it follows their formation earlier this year, and for a debut release released only nine months after they first decided to make some noise together this is a very impressive and accomplished EP.

Frame Of Mind is a five track EP that covers a variety of styles, The Outsider is an anthem for underdogs everywhere, it kicks things off with an impressive chugging riff that builds to an impressive chorus, Alibis continues in a similar vein before Rewind! brings a noticeable change of pace, this is a song that wouldn’t sound out of place on the Foxboro Hot Tubs album. The title track heads into slightly rockier territory before (Is That) What You Meant closing things with an anthemic number that sounds like a bonus track from 21st Century Breakdown.

Excuses Excuses, as I’ve already hinted at, sound like they owe a hefty debt to Green Day, but also to acts like Billy Talent and The Foo Fighters, this is punk rock, but it’s a variety that is infused with elements of power pop, rock and pop punk. Frame Of Mind is a self released EP that manages to embrace the worlds of self released punk rock and the stadium filling end of alternative music, which is quite a feat to pull off when you think about it. This is a very radio friendly EP, and I don’t mean that as any kind of slur, this kind of punk rock is incredibly popular and Excuses Excuses do it very well, it can only be a matter of time before someone picks up on this and they’ll be headed for bigger and better things.

Excuses Excuses Facebook page is here and their Bandcamp is here


Our Darkest Days

A Common Agony

Bird Attack Records

Rating: 3.5/5



Our Darkest Days are a Canadian quintet who deliver melodic punk rock, the band formed only four short years ago, in that time the membership of the band seems to have been in constant turmoil, but they now seem to have a steady line up, and this newfound stability preceded the recording of their debut full length, A Common Agony, that has been released via Bird Attack Records. The album features guest appearance by Denis Buckley, from 88 Fingers Louie, and Michel Garcia, from FORUS, to add to the already muscular sound that Our Darkest Days produce.
A Common Agony opens with an ominous roll of thunder prior to the opening power chords that signifies what you’re in for, from this point in you get a relentless assault of punk rock, but one that has elements of melodic hardcore hardwired into it’s DNA. There is no place to hide once you’ve put A Common Agony through your speakers, this is thirteen shots that are fired from the same gun in quick succession. Our Darkest Days have produced an album that owes a hefty debt to 90’s punk rock, I can especially hear an influence from Strung Out, but I also detected a hint of metal in the guitar style, alongside the punk and hardcore influences, and it’s this blend of styles that stops A Common Agony being just a straight recreation of the bands that informed their sound.
If I had to criticise the album, and that’s kinda what I do here, it’s that A Common Agony is relentlessly played in the same style, there is very little variation across the thirteen cuts. Whilst what they are damn fine at what they do, I always feel that you need some variety in a release, whether that means upping the pace, or bringing it down, just something that would highlight the fine dual guitar attack that is their hallmark, rather than this being the norm throughout the album. A Common Agony is a razor sharp slab of melodic punk rock that is only a few tweaks away from hitting the mark, this is a fine first foray by Our Darkest Days and this is a band that will be worth keeping an eye on.
A Common Agony can be purchased here

The Superweaks

Better Heavens

Lame-O Records

Rating: 4.5/5




The Superweaks were born out of the Philadelphia scene, they have members in common with fellow Pennslyvanians Thin Lips and Dangerous Ponies, the band evolved from a loose music collective to a full time band for their first EP, The World Is A Terrible Place And I Hate Myself And Want To Die, that was released as The Weaks. Since that first release they have gone from strength to strength, building a solid fan base, and changing their name to The Superweaks, and now they have released Better Heavens, this is their sophomore album and it follows on from their acclaimed 2015 debut, Bad Year.

Better Heavens combines varied influences, from the geek rock of Weezer and Nerf Herder, through to some traditional rock and DIY punk ethics, of bands such as The Ergs, to create a melodic and intense brand of power pop. They have retained the sound that made Bad Year such an impressive debut, but they’ve expanded their sound, and their range of influences, to create an album that surpasses their first release. Paralyzed is a fine starting point, it boasts a heavy riff, keyboards and effortless energy that is the hallmark of a great power pop release, the pace varies but the constant factor is the hook laden riffs that populate Better Heavens. The heavy pop is not the end of the story, tracks such as Heavy Dreams demonstrate a more reflective quality, the pace of the album is brought down but the riffs inexplicably get heavier, whilst Oh God We’re All So Miserable Now features an unashamedly melancholy feel.

Better Heavens is dedicated to the memory of the band’s bass player and family member, Corey Bernard, brother of vocalist Evan Bernard, who passed away at the age of 22 this summer. The artwork featured on the album, both on the cover and further art within the LP, come from drawings and sketches made by Corey, and the album was recorded prior to his death. Better Heavens is a fitting tribute to the their departed brother and band member, and I can’t help but feeling that this would be an album he would be proud of, it’s The Superweaks finest release to date and it’s a tribute to them that they carried on in their wake of their loss.

The Superweaks released Better Heavens earlier this month and the album can be ordered here



New Car Smell

Rude Records

Rating: 4/5




It would seem Guttermouth are well and truly back, although Mark Adkins is the sole survivor from their original line up, the almost constant turmoil that has characterised Guttermouth‘s line up’s over the years means that this should come as no surprise to anyone. A decade had passed until Guttermouth released the Got It Made EP earlier this year, now jut a few short months later the current line up of the legendary Californian punk band seem to have found a new lease of life, as they have now bought us their latest EP, New Car Smell, via Rude Records which is due out on November 25th,

Spud Like Torso kicks off the New Car Smell EP, this is classic Guttermouth, fast, irreverent and packing a hell of a punch, Soundtrack To The End Of The World ups the pace and contains all the hallmarks of the bands classic recordings. By the time you’re halfway through the EP with two more solid tracks, the title track and Perma Walkabout, you get the feeling that Guttermouth have just picked up where they left off when they released Shave The Planet back in 2006. The EP steps up a gear for the final two tracks, Mail Order Bride is the highlight of this release, it carries a legendary guitar hook and the same frenetic approach that is their hallmark, and finally the EP rounds out with the hectic track, The Human Mulligan, that ends the New Car Smell EP in fine style.

Guttermouth are back and the new material indicates that they’ve lost none of their edge, the two EP’s they’ve released in the last few months have delivered an impressive album’s worth of material that is as good as anything they released in their heyday. Guttermouth seem to have found their muse once more, the twelve tracks released across the two EP’s indicates that they’re back with a vengeance. This is no faded reunion or a band cashing in on former glories, Guttermouth are as good as ever and it’s good to have them back .

New Car Smell can be pre-ordered on physical formats here and digitally here

Guttermouth Stream ‘The Human Mulligan’ And Confirm US Tour

guttermouth-legal-ncsRude Records have announced the release of The Human Mulligan, the new single from Guttermouth, the track is taken from their upcoming EP, New Car Smell, that is due out on November 25th, New Car Smell will be released worldwide in collaboration with Bird Attack Records. The EP is the follow up to Got It Made, their first EP of new music in 10 years, which was released in early July. Guttermouth have also announced US tour dates that run from November 2016 to March 2017 where they will be touring with the likes of Get Dead, The Cryptics, Agent Orange, The Queers and Atom Age.

New Car Smell can be ordered on physical formats here and downloaded here

You can stream The Human Mulligan here and view Guttermouth‘s US tour dates below Read More…

The Two Tens Sign To Man Della Records

the-two-tens-nov-17The Two Tens are made up of Adam Bones, guitar and vocals, and Rikki Styxx, drums and backing vocals, together they have racked up a lot of accomplishments since the release of their first EP, Volume 1, including three additional EPs, the superb full length debut LP Volume and four US tours. The duo’s debut album was an entirely DIY affair that bought them to the attention of Man Della Records, who will be releasing their, as yet untitled, second album. They’ve already tracked three songs, including Keeping Hope Alive, the lead single which will be released next February. The Two Tens will also be releasing an advance track off their new album in December as a free download to their fans.
The Punk Site review of The Two Tens stunning debut album, Volume, can be read here
Volume can be purchased on all formats here and their tour dates can be viewed below

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The Ramonas

You Asked For It

Self Released

Rating: 4.5/5




The Ramonas are the world’s best known all female Ramones tribute band, they have been relentlessly touring the UK, Europe and America since 2008. Their intense, high energy live shows have earned them a loyal fan base, huge online presence and regular slots at festivals, including the legendary Rebellion Festival, they’ve even been joined on stage by Richie Ramone. Now The Ramonas are moving beyond the constraints of the Ramones extensive back catalogue and are putting out their own material.

You Asked For It opens with the saintly vocals the precede the full tilt punk rock that is Speak Up, this is the lead track from their debut EP, and to be honest you couldn’t ask for a finer opening assault of high energy punk rock. A traditional 1234 heralds the start of Money, a track that that The Ramonas namesakes would have been proud of, it is straight up driving punk rock that carries an irresistibly infectious chorus. You hardly have time to draw breath before Hard And Fast At 69 kicks in, this keeps the adrenalized EP going, but with a slightly darker tone than the previous two tracks, and V.O.I.D. keeps the beat alive before Zombie Crawl rounds out the You Asked For It EP. The final number opens with bass rumble and a cry of “get out of my way cocksuckers” before it kicks into a high tempo punk number that’s perfectly designed for catharsis during rush hour.

You Asked For It is The Ramonas first EP of original material, and it’s a exactly what you’d want them to deliver, this is five tracks of relentless punk rock that has carried on the legacy that da brudders first started laying down back in 1974. The You Asked For It EP effortlessly blends the intensity of their punk rock roots with infectious pop melodies and killer hooks, and as you’d expect all of this is achieved in under three minutes on every track. For a band that has established itself playing the back catalogue of a legendary artist to move in a new direction is a brave move, but this EP is evidence that The Ramonas have made the right decision. You Asked For It is a product of demand from their many fans, and I can guarantee that anyone who buy this will be glad they got it.

You Asked For It is available on CD here and can be downloaded via iTunes

The Ramonas Release ‘You Asked Fot It’ EP

Tramonas-you-asked-for-it-cover-arthe Ramonas are the world’s best known all female Ramones tribute band, they have been relentlessly touring the world since 2008 and their intense, high energy live shows have earned them a loyal fan base, huge online presence and regular slots at festivals. Now The Ramonas are moving beyond the constraints of the Ramones extensive back catalogue and are putting out their own material with their debut EP, You Asked For It, which was released earlier this week

You Asked For It is available on CD here and can be downloaded via iTunes

The Punk Site review of the lead track, Speak Up, is here and the video can be viewed below Read More…

Berwanger Release ‘Exorcism Rock’ Video

berwanger-exorcism-rockKansas City rock ‘n roll four piece Berwanger have released the title track of their upcoming LP Exorcism Rock along with a video that has arrived just in time for Halloween. Exorcism Rock will be released on Doghouse Records on November 4th and is now available for pre-order from the label. You can get their previously released track, Slutty Skin, as a free download if you join Berwanger‘s mailing list here. The band will also be embarking on an extensive US tour this November.

You can pre-order Exorcism Rock here

You can view the spooky Exorcism Rock video and their US tour dates below

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Night And Day Logo

Days Above / The Madding Crowd / The Glass Phantoms

Night And Day Café, Manchester, UK

24th August 2016

Rating: 4/5




Madding Crowd Night And Day Cafe 24/08/16The Night And Day Café has been a Manchester Institution since 1991, it has remained unchanged and has been a supporter of local and independent music since it opened a quarter of a century ago. It is bedecked with artwork both from, and representing, Manchester and It remains one of the cities many venues that continue to support the spirit of independence that is synonomous with Manchester. Tonight is a showcase night for unsigned bands, the three bands tonight are from three counties across the north west of the UK, Cheshire’s Days Above, Greater Manchester’s The Madding Crowd and Cumbria’s The Glass Phantoms.

Glass Phantoms Night And Day Cafe 24/08/16The Glass Phantoms take the stage and a distorted blues riff accompanied by gravelly vocals that come straight out of the delta marks the start of their set, soon enough a pounding drum beat kicks in accompanied by a riff The Cramps would have been proud of. Their powerhouse drummer relentlessly pounds out of primitive beat, whilst there is a hefty blues element to their music the garage and punk elements keep their sound original. I reviewed their debut single, I Am The Dark, last month, I was impressed by their debut release but I feel it didn’t catch the essence of just how good this Cumbrian quartet sound live.

Glass Phantoms Night And Day Cafe 24/08/16Despite technical problems befalling them mid set they soldier on regardless, the primal powerful vocals and the distorted primitive beat make an irresistible combination. Of course they play their debut single and freed from the shackles of the studio it sounds even more impressive, it’s dark voodoo rhythm  and bourbon drenched tones sound even better live. Their final number is a slow burner where the vocalist gets to showcase his rock ‘n roll howl. I’ve been seriously impressed by tonight’s opening act and on the strength of tonight’s appearance I find myself wishing they were playing further up the bill as this brief opening set just wasn’t enough.

Madding Crowd Night And Day Cafe 24/08/16Manchester’s The Madding Crowd are a completely different proposition. They play a manic brand of glam and indie infused punk rock. Their devil may care stage antics involves the singer and guitarist covering every inch of the stage. Whilst the main protagonists are hyperactively bounding round the stage their bass player stays crouched by her bass amp, possibly to avoid injury from her fellow band members. Their style veers widely across the set, covering every style and genre that’s worth a damn. They are a visually captivating band that defies description, and that’s probably the way the want it and the biggest compliment I could pay them.

Days Above Night And Day Cafe 24/08/16Days Above bring yet another dimension to the bill. They play a driving and slick variety of indie rock that recalls the likes of The Editors and White Lies early releases, and has elements of Manchester legends The Chameleons in their DNA. They play their set with an easy-going charm that is hard not to warm to. They give the impression they’ve been playing live together for a while and compared to the previous two acts they bring a more relaxed aspect to what has been a showcase for three very different bands whose styles combined to make an impressive and diverse bill of burgeoning talent from across the north west.

Days Above Night And Day Cafe 24/08/16On the basis of tonight’s gig the future looks bright, at least musically, for the north west of the UK. From the Cumbrian blues of The Glass Phantoms, the Mancunian insanity of The Madding Crowd to the slick indie rock of Cheshire’s Days Above, tonight is the kind of night you need to get you through the rest of week. I came to the Night And Day Café knowing one song by one band on the bill, I left the venue having seen three excellent and diverse bands that I need to hear more by. I’ve seen three impressive sets played in one of Manchester’s most iconic venues, all of this was had for the price of a pint, what more could you possibly want?

Photography is by Dean Unsworth, you can visit his Instagram account here

You can read the review of The Glass Phantoms debut single, I Am The Darkhere

The Glass Phantoms bandcamp can be found here and their facebook page is here

The Madding Crowd‘s bandcamp is here and their facebook is here 

The Days Above website can be found here and their facebook is here