Thirteen Announce UK Tour In Support Of ‘Spirit Of Resistance’ EP

13 sorThirteen are a trio from Falkirk, Scotland who play punk ‘n roll, which of course means fast raw songs with a foundation in ’77 era punk rock, along with a large dose of 80’s American sleaze and socio-political lyrics thrown in for good measure. The trio formed in 2014 and are dedicated to making as much noise as three people can make with guitar, bass and drums, Thirteen have announced a series of UK tour and festival dates in support of their recently released Spirit Of Resistance EP, and are currently working on their new album that will follow up on their self financed debut, A Line Of The Dead On Deadline Day.
Spirit Of Resistance can be streamed and downloaded via Bandcamp here
Thirteen‘s 2018 tour dates can be viewed below

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The Black Bullets To Release New Single And Video ‘Dolls’

black Bullets LogoThe Black Bullets have been described as five bastard children from hell, locked together to produce the filthiest rock ‘n’ roll to penetrate human ears. In a world consumed with glossed-up half-baked celebrities and pretenders, The Black Bullets are the real deal; they live, breathe, and consume rock ‘n’ roll. Never ones to sit on their hands, The Black Bullets are planning a European and UK touring assault for 2018, stay glued to the band’s social pages for details and their new single, Dolls, drops everywhere on 12th January.

The Black Bullets Facebook page can be found here

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Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons Release ‘Ain’t No Pussy’ LP

Pussycat ANPPussycat And The Dirty Johnsons eagerly-awaited third album, Ain’t No Pussy, is upon us and is now available for download and streaming, as well as on the previously released vinyl and CD formats. Ain’t No Pussy features eleven blistering brand new tracks of Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons trademark unadulterated dirty punk ’n roll.

Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons website can be found here

Ain’t No Pussy can now be downloaded and streamed via Bandcamp here

The Black Bullets To Release New Single ‘Dolls’ In January 2018

Black Bullets DollsThe Black Bullets are the real deal, they live, breathe, and consume rock ‘n’ roll,  since their inception back in 2012, the fiery five piece have steadily released a glut of EPs to much underground acclaim, most notably 2013’s Bullet Through Your Heart, 2015’s Bulletproof and 2016’s Bombshell. Now The Black Bullets are set to release their latest single, Dolls, on the 12th January 2018.

The Black Bullets Facebook page can be found here

Nicotine Pretty Announce Summer Tour Dates

Nicotine Pretty Tour April 17Welsh rock ‘n rollers Nicotine Pretty recently released their impressive debut single, Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?, as a free download in conjunction with Glunk Records, who are planning a physical release later this year. The band have now announced their first tour dates in support of the single, including an appearance at Some Weird Sin, with more dates to be announced.

Nicotine Pretty‘s website is here and you can download a free copy of their debut single here
You can view the video for Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?, and Nicotine Pretty‘s tour dates, below

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Nicotine Pretty Release Debut Single As Free Download

Nicotine Pretty WGSMSWelsh rock ‘n rollers Nicotine Pretty have released their impressive debut single, Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?, as a free download today in conjunction with Glunk Records, with a physical release planned for later in the year. 
Nicotine Pretty‘s website is here and their Facebook page is here
The Glunk Records website can be found here
You can grab yourselves a free copy of Nicotine Pretty‘s debut single here
You can view the video for Who’s Gonna Save My Soul? below

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Scott Sorry UK Tour Feb 17

Scott Sorry / The Empty Page / Role Models

Gullivers, Manchester, UK

23rd February 2017

Rating: 4.5/5




Role Models Feb 17 1A hectic journey into Manchester amidst the chaos of Storm Doris, yes it really was called that, sees us arrive in the nick of time for the Role Models, a band I’ve wanted to see since I first heard last years triumphant Forest Lawn LP, an album that for me was one of the best releases of 2016. In true rock ‘n roll style there is a quick tune up followed by a swig from a hip flask and we’re away. Due to the aforementioned Storm Doris hitting the UK I’m not the only one who’s had trouble getting here, frontman Rags starts to explain the travel problems, but cuts himself short with “you don’t give a shit about that” and they launch into Life Of Today, from this point on it’s clear Role Models are even better live than their album promised.

Role Models Feb 17 2The Role Models play a combination of sleazy glam and punk that is borne of the New York Dolls and the Dead Boys, it’s played with a commitment and attitude that really deserves more than an early opening slot on a Thursday night, they are even better live than they are on record and given how good Forest Lawn was that is no mean feat. New Reason, a track recorded just after the turn of the decade, sounds sharper than ever, this has Cyndi Lauper‘s True Colours segued into it, Rags adds “hey don’t be embarrassed its a good song” to address the bemusement of the crowd, before he takes a hefty gulp from his hip flask and acknowledges the turnout for their early set “maybe this is a town that gives a shit about music”

Role Models Feb 17 3Rags self deprecating humour “I thought I’d be way cooler when I came to the home of Joy Division, ah shut the fuck up man” peppers the set and they play a career spanning snap shot of their own brand of high energy punk rock ‘n roll that closes with a triumphant This Eventually Leads Nowhere, which ends a perfect but all too brief opening set, the reception from the crowd indicates the Role Models will return to Manchester, and if I’m honest I’m already counting the days.  Role Models have a pledge campaign for their new album, Dance Moves, that hit its total in a few days, they are one of the most impressive bands out there, and on the basis of tonight, and their last album, the Role Models are an example of how things should be done. 

Empty Page Feb 17 1Next up are The Empty Page, they were an unknown quantity to me prior to tonight, something that I’m glad has been remedied, they are trio that deliver a chaotic noisy storm that contains elements of riot grrrlll, grunge, eighties indie and punk in their sound, these components are blended randomly together to create a fine discordant set. The members of The Empty Page reflect the seemingly random elements of their sound, from the man mountain of a drummer and their wiry demonic looking guitarist to their vocalist, who embodies the attitude and delivery of the defiant side of the alternative scene. Their sound is bass heavy with more than a nod to the finest, and noisier, moments of the Pixies.

Empty Page Feb 17 2The Empty Page embody the attitude of punk with elements of early grunge along with their own idiosyncratic style that gives them a cross genre that will appeal to those who appreciate the darker side of the alternative scene. The Empty Page carry their own dissonant dark energy and this is something that I hope to experience again, they are another band that epitomises the diversity of Manchester’s music scene. In the face of the problems many small venues are facing in the UK, the majority of these in Manchester remain open and defiantly busy, and impressively It doesn’t matter how many concerts I attend in my home town, it seems there’s always another band to be discovered.

Scott Sorry Feb 17 1Finally we get Scott Sorry, he has returned to recording and live shows after a five year hiatus, their set channels equal parts of early Dropkick Murphys, Rancid and Social Distortion. They make a defiant and impressive start to their set with material from his first solo release, the impressive When We Were Kings album. and tonight’s show is one that embodies high energy punk ‘n roll, a fact underlined by Scott Sorry‘s Johnny Cash T shirt, with its iconic middle finger salute. Scott Sorry revisits their past mid set, with a few songs from the days of Sorry & The Sinatra’s, this has more of an anthemic Street punk feel about it, but the early material blends perfectly into the set.

Scott Sorry Feb 17 2Of course there is no visit from to the UK from an American artist without a reference to Donald Trump, Scott Sorry declares that “Trump is a Cheeto puff motherfucker” and they launch into a furious rendition of the Stiff Little Fingers classic, Suspect Device , in defiance to the policies of the current President, he admits they have chosen this as it isn’t possible to write a better political protest song, and to be honest he has a point as there are few better than this classic from Belfast’s finest. Scott Sorry marks the end to a diverse triple bill of bands that not only bridges the Atlantic, but also marks a union of everything that’s worth a damn in rock n roll, this was another great show at Gullivers that demonstrated that the spirt of rebellion and originality that personifies punk is still alive and well

Scott Sorry Feb 17 3Tonight has been a triumphant triple bill, whether it’s the amazing opening set by the Role Models, that carried the sleaze and attitude of early punk rock, through to the local contribution from The Empty Pages who personifed the independence and creativity of the UK alternative scene, through to the full tilt punk ‘n roll of Scott Sorry, this was an amazing tour and I’m hoping i can catch all three of the bands who played tonight again. As a footnote the end of tonight’s show ended up involving shots of Jagermeister with the Role Models, who insisted I have a drink with them despite the fact I’d just ordered a fresh pint, after that it gets hazy, but that’s a story for another day.

Scott Sorry Feb 17 4On a serious note it’s worth mentioning that two of the bands frontmen, Rags of the Role Models and Scott Sorry, have children that are on the autistic spectrum, the honesty around the level of personal disclosure that was on display tonight was very touching, both bands played songs regarding their children’s struggle with communication, and its admirable that two bands are publicly highlighting an issue that is all too often ignored. The Role Models are also supporting the Haringey Autism branch of the National Autistic Society through their current Pledge Music campaign, a campaign that is well worth supporting on every level.

The National Autistic Society website, where you can access information and donate, is here

The Pledge Music campaign for the new Role Models album, Dance Moves, can be found here

Forest Lawn can be ordered here, streamed via the Role Models Bandcamp here and The Punk Site review is here

The Empty Page‘s website is here and their debut album, Unfolding, can be streamed and purchased here

Scott Sorry‘s website can be found here and his Facebook page is here

Photography is by Dean Unsworth, his Instagram account is located here,

You can click on any of Dean’s photos to view a slide show of the images

Worst Days Down To Release Debut Album ‘Elsewhere’

Worst Days Down ElsewhereWorst Days Down is punk rock band based in Canada that started life in 2011 as the solo acoustic project of vocalist and guitarist Ben Sir, now, with the forthcoming release of their debut album Elsewhere, and the backing of Gunner Records, the band stands poised to further their reach and impact, their goal has always remained constant, to get out into the world, and see how it shapes their experiences and music. Elsewhere is due to be released on March 3rd, 2017 and Worst Days Down will be touring extensively in support of the album

Elsewhere can be pre-ordered via Worst Days Down Bandcamp here

Worst Days Down website can be found here


Bordertown Devils

Bordertown Devils EP

Self Released

Rating: 4.5/5




Arizona’sThe Bordertown Devils released their self titled debut EP towards the end of 2016, everything about this EP, from the band’s name and the sleeve art onwards, indicates that this is a band that intend to make an impression from the off. Once you delve into the Bordertown Devils EP you find that they deliver a pumped up crossbreed of punk and rock n’ roll that hits the spot on pretty much every track. The Bordertown Devils debut release is one that channels the spirit of some of the finest of the original punk bands from the USA, but at the same time it injects a dose of rock n’ roll swagger, and a hefty hit of adrenalin, that sits alongside their own style, and it’s this that keeps them sounding contemporary, rather than being just another band recreating the past.

Rot N’ Roll opens the Bordertown Devils EP, it’s a fast paced punk number that sits somewhere between The Ramones and Motorhead, it’s a fine feel good full tilt start to the EP that is followed up by Count Me Out, this track changes the style, but not the tempo, it recalls a high velocity Glenn Danzig era incarnation of The Misfits, Open keeps the relentless high octane pace of the EP running as does Hell Cell and finally Cash returns to a heady influence from The Misfits at full throttle. The Bordertown Devils EP is listed as a five track release, however there’s a hidden track lurking at the end of this release, and it’s not an afterthought, remix or demo, the unlisted track, Saturday Night, is a damn fine conclusion to an impressive debut, this is the only time the Bordertown Devils collective foot is taken off the accelerator, but it’s only a slight deceleration in what has been an exhilarating EP of up front aggressive punk rock.

The Bordertown Devils might sound like a band that is reviving the past, but that is not the case, this is a band that wear their influences like badges of honour, but they bring their own south western influence to bear across the half dozen tracks that populate the EP, and it’s this that stops them from being a band recreating a previous punk era. Had I heard this when it was released at the tail end of last year it would have been listed amongst my favourite releases from 2016, the Bordertown Devils play bare knuckle punk rock as it oughta be, they acknowledge the past and their influences, especially The Misfits, but they have delivered their debut EP in a style that is very much their own. The Bordertown Devils EP is available via all major download and streaming services and the physical CD is available via the Bordertown Devils website.

The Bordertown Devils website can be found here

Bordertown Devils Release Debut EP

bordertown-devils-jan-17The Bordertown Devils have released their self titled debut EP, the EP showcases a straightforward style of punk rock and roll that is infused with hook laden choruses and raw rock guitar chords, hearkening back to old school punk bands such as The Misfits, The Ramones and Social Distortion. The Bordertown Devils debut release is steeped in melody and doused in ferocity, attacking with a one-two combination of punk swagger and hooky songwriting. The EP is available via all major download and streaming services and the physical CD is available via the Bordertown Devils website.

The Bordertown Devils web presence can be found here

New Way On Release ‘Roads Home’ EP

New Way On Roads HomeNew Way On is five piece punk rock ‘n roll band in two and a half parts harmony. Following their recent signing to La Escalera Records, the Californian quintet have officially released their brand new EP Roads Home. The EP was recorded & mixed by Dustin Deleon, and mastered by Nick Mac at Hi-Fi Critter.

Roads Home is the follow up to their debut release, the Survival EP, that was released in 2014.

You can now stream and purchase both of their EP’s here, as well as pick up merch bundles here

Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons Announce UK Tour

Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons 2016 TourPussycat And The Dirty Johnsons have announce extensive UK tour dates throughout the remainder of 2016, they have also confirmed that they already have a number of gigs and festival dates confirmed for 2017, including a trip to Germany. In addition to this they have announced that they will be back in the studio in 2017 to finally record their long awaited, and as yet untitled, third album
Their tour dates can be viewed by clicking on the image on the left
You can visit the Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons website here