Pulley Streams New LP

PulleyLong running skate-punk band Pulley has premiered a dull stream of their new album for Cyber Tracks Records.  The album dropped last week.

Listen to the disc here courtesy Brooklyn Vegan.

Pulley Signs With Cyber Tracks

PulleyLong running skate-punk band Pulley has signed with Cyber Tracks Records.  Lead singer Scott Radinsky expresses his enthusiasm: 

“We couldn’t have found a better home… Friends who appreciate the music and genuinely support us as a band, why put out music with anyone else?”

The band will be playing four shows this November and December.  Dates are below.

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Pulley - Matters



Epitaph Records

Rating: 5/5




For the past couple days, Pulley‘s Matters is the only album I have heard. Its what I listen to on the computer and what I play in the car. Its the last thing I hear before I fall asleep and the first thing to wake me up. Why am I constantly listening to this album? Simply put: its amazing.

The album may only be a little over 30 minutes in length, but in that short time Pulley are able to do something that not many bands can really do: put out a record without any filler songs at all. Each track is spectacular and never lets you down. They play a late 90’s style fast beat punk rock, the same type of sound that Epitaph was founded on. The songs are fast and hard hitting, but they are still able to take it down a notch if needed. Scott Radinsky’s vocals come flying at you in a blur, making you scramble for the lyrics booklet so you can sing along with his catchy and powerful pipes. Reading his lyrics you can easily see that he has great skill with the English language. Songs about corporate America, releasing your inner demons, having a strong “don’t fuck with me” attitude at concerts, parties being broken up by cops and of course, a few girl songs are all found at one point or another in this album. Whatever he is singing about, his lyrics are straight forward, direct and incredibly graphical; depicting vivid images with ease.

Pulley‘s classic punk rock sound is one that any punk fan could enjoy, and easily fall in love with. It has been a while since a band has really blown me away with an album, finally Pulley have stepped up and saved me from this downward tilt in the music industry. And plus, how often do you find the bonus song right smack in the middle of an album? I don’t remember ever seeing that before.

If you liked any of the band’s previous releases, then Matters will simply blow you away. If you have no idea who Pulley is, go to and download Insects Destroy and you’ll be convinced to pick up the album.

Pulley - Beyond Warped


Beyond Warped Live Music Series

Aloha Films Group

Rating: 3.5/5




It’s no secret that I love Pulley. Their CDs are always finding their ways back into my CD player. Their perfect brand of melodic skate punk immediately gets branded in my memory and I sing their chorus as I walk down the streets. Top it all off with Scott Radinsky’s perfect vocals, and you have the perfect skate-punk rock band. And while this, Beyond Warped Live Music Series isn’t nearly one of their best works it is a nice addition to the collection.

This is, of course,only one of the many releases in Aloha Films Group‘s Beyond Warped Live Music Series – and if this is any indication I’m sure the rest of the series will be worth picking up. Not only does it feature a live CD with 7 songs from Warped Tour along with three additional studio tracks, this DualDisc release also comes with a DVD side to entertain yourselves with.

First off we’ll look at the DVD side quickly, and visually, it’s plain to see that Aloha Films have struck gold. The DVD menu is one of the best I’ve seen in any recent live DVD. All the graphics and functions really work well together. Their performance on the Volcom Stage comes through nicely on the screen. It’s clear and vivid in the bright sunlight with lots of different angles. The band puts on a solid set, and anyone whose seen them before will easily recognize Radinsky’s signature singing style. In addition to that, they also have some behind the scenes footage for you to flip through.

Sonically, this album is one of the reasons many people hate live CDs – it’s just not up to part with the band’s studio recordings. It’s not that they sound really bad live, they were great when I saw them, it’s simply that it doesn’t sound quite as good. Every once in a while the vocals go off pitch a bit, but they still give their fans a good live showing.

Pulley‘s Beyond Warped Live Music Series isn’t fantastic by any means, but it is good for a hardcore Pulley fan. The only downside is that the set is short, but that’s what you get from Warped Tour. Even with their short time list, the band is able to play a good batch of songs covering most of their career.

Pulley & Belvedere Tour Alberta

PulleyPulley and the recently revived Belvedere are doing a “two’er” where they will be playing two shows together in Alberta this December.

The first show takes place on December 7th at Dickens Pub in Calgary and the second is the following night at the Pawnshop in Edmonton on December 8th.



Tours: NOFX

NOFXNOFX has announced that the pop punk veterans will be hitting the road as the clock strikes midnight and 2011 comes to close.  The 2012 tour that starts on New Years Eve in Las Vegas and will feature  support from Old Man Markley for the duration of the tour.  Rotating guest acts will including Lagwagon, No Use For A Name, Ellwood, and Pulley.

Full tour listings can be found below.



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Pulley Demoing New Material

PulleyOver on Facebook Pulley has announced that they are working on brand new material:

“We wrote and demoed another killer new song a few nights ago!”

The band last released, The Long And The Short Of it, earlier this year via X-Members/When’s Lunch Records.


Video: Pulley – Which Way To Go

PulleyAlternative Press have premiered the new video from Pulley for their song “Which Way To Go”.”

The track comes from the band’s new EP, The Long And The Short Of it, which is available now via X-Members/When’s Lunch Records.

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Members of Strung Out/Pulley/Ten Foot Pole Form New Band

It appears that new punk rock supergroup is currently in the studio working on new material.

R6I, a new band featuring Rob Ramos (Strung Out), Jim Blowers (Pulley), Chris Dalley (Voodoo Glow Skulls/Ten Foot Pole/Death By Stereo), Ken Conte (The Tank)  and Chris Del Rio (Los Infernos), have just entered the studio to record a brand new set of songs. They’re currently taking a break from the studio as Ramos tours with across North America alongside Face To Face, but they will finish recording upon completion of the tour.

Once finished recording, the band plans to head out and tour in support of the release.

Pulley Announces New Seven Inch

PulleyPunk legends Pulley have announced plans to release a new, three song EP/seven inch on April 28th.  It’ll see a vinyl release through When’s Lunch Records and will be available digitally through the band’s on X-Members Records.

The EP features the songs “No Man’s Flute”, “The Long and the Short of It”, and “Which Way to Go” (a cover version of a song originally done by Austin, TX’s The Big Boys). It was recorded with producer Matt Hyde, who worked with the band on “Matters” in 2004, and “Time-Insensitive Material” in 2009. The artwork is below.

Pulley is currently planning a full length record to be released in early 2012.

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Video: Pulley – Rattling Rust

PulleyPulley have released a new music video for their single “Rattling Rust.”  The song comes from their latest release, Time Insensitive Material, released in 2009 on When’s Lunch Records.

The video can be seen below.

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Video: Pulley – Mandarin

PulleyPulley have released a new music video for their single Mandarin; the video can be seen below.

Mandarin comes from their latest release, Time Insensitive Material, which is still available in limited colors from When’s Lunch Records here.

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Pulley Playing One-Off Show In Edmonton

PulleyPulley will play a one off show in Edmonton, Alberta Canada at the New City Suburbs on November 13, 2010.

This is the first time Pulley has been to Canada since 2004. Joining them for the show will be Calgary’s This is a Standoff (ex-Belvedere) will be opening. Tickets can be bought here.

Pulley released the EP Time In-sensitive Material last year.


Pulley Working On New Material

PulleyWhile pretty much no details have been revealed yet, When’s Lunch Records have announced that Pulley have started working on some new material.

After a small hiatus, the band released the five-song EP Time In-sensitive Material last year.



Jim Blowers

Epitaph Records
By on March 10th, 2004 at Red's - Edmonton, Alberta



Jim Blowers, guitarist of the phenomenal punk band Pulley, was kind enough to take time off from his busy schedule and sit down with me as the band passed through Edmonton with the Frostbite Tour 2004. We talked about all sorts and he was very excited for the band’s fifth studio album, Matters, which comes out on April 6th on Epitaph Records. He was really cool and down to earth, and gave some very interesting answers which all you Avril haters will love. I would like to once again thank Jim for doing it and Keith at Epitaph for setting it up. During the course of this interview I had some help from my friend Kevin as well. Read More…