Camden Rocks Festival Confirm Line Up And Stage Times

Camden Rocks May 17The Camden Rocks Festival have revealed full line up details for the June 3rd all day event, and announced a special Kraken Sounds Stage to be held in the Camden Market Amphitheatre, featuring acoustic performances and open to all, free of charge. Progressively expanding with each year, 2017 asserts Camden Rocks Festival as the biggest and best value multi-venue all-day music event of the UK festival calendar. Camden Rocks 2017 makes a massive statement for independent UK festivals. This year’s headliners include Feeder, The Coral, The Damned, Milburn, The Rifles, Reverend and The Makers, Carl Barat & The Jackals, Pulled Apart By Horses and many more, alongside some of the country’s finest up and coming new acts. The festival will take place across 25 of Camden Town’s legendary music venues and features 250 bands and artists.

Details of the full line up and stage times can be viewed below Read More…


Pulled Apart By Horses / Tigercub

Sound Control, Manchester, UK

6th April 2017

Rating: 4.5/5




Pulled Apart By Horses Sound Control Tigercub 1Welcome to musical menagerie that sees Pulled Apart By Horses and Tigercub visit Manchester’s Sound Control, as is the increasingly common and very annoying policy of many venues, the bands start ridiculously early, especially for those of us who reside in the suburbs, to make way for a club night, so we’ve missed Thee MVPs by the time we finally get into the venue. This is annoying as I always try to catch every band and was looking forward to seeing them, hopefully I’ll catch them on their next visit to the city. On the plus side at least we arrived in time for Tigercub, as with the last gig I attended at Sound Control bass heavy hip hop precedes the arrival of the bands.

Pulled Apart By Horses Sound Control Tigercub 2Tigercub make an unassuming entrance and launch into a haunting introduction, before their bass heavy aural assault laced with reverb drenched guitar hooks kicks in. Tigercub are underpinned by a remorseless rhythm section that is complimented with some twisted guitar riffs, all of which is overlaid with a vocal drawl that is delivered with a laid back style that belies the energy of their material. Tigercub straddle genres, they possess the bass heavy drive of grunge that is mixed with indie, punk and garage, and a dash of pretty much everything else is thrown into the mix, to create a cocktail that’s hard to describe, but if you think of a J. Mascis fronted Nirvana channelling early Muse and you’re about half way there.

Pulled Apart By Horses Sound Control Tigercub 3Tigercub deliver a grinding heavy mix of alternative styles that defies categorisation, even when you think you’ve got a handle on them another card is dealt from the bottom of the pack to keep you off balance. I had no idea what to expect from a band called Tigercub, but it wasn’t the heady pounding mix that is delivered by this Brighton Trio, what I do know is that they have a captivating and original sound that I hope to experience again. What was a sparsely populated Sound Control at the start of the night has filled up nicely during the course of Tigercub‘s support slot, ready for Pulled Apart By Horses headlining set in support of the excellent new album, The Haze, that was released last month via Caroline International

Pulled Apart By Horses Sound Control 1After a lengthy set up and an eclectic, to say the least, DJ set, Pulled Apart By Horses take to the stage to an absolutely packed Sound Control, from the first number they kick straight into overdrive with their high octane garage infused rock, and its clear from the off that they already have an established, and very vocal fan base, in Manchester. As the second song kicks in an enthusiastic and sweaty mosh pit has already formed and as good as I thought the The Haze album was, what has becomes immediately clear is that Pulled Apart By Horses are a band whose natural home is on stage, as the energy levels have already been raised to critical levels.

Pulled Apart By Horses Sound Control 3Pulled Apart By Horses set encompasses their four albums, throughout they maintain their high energy levels for a set of genre spanning rock that really has to be experienced live, their onstage intensity is matched by the crowds reaction, one that is as enthusiastic as I’ve seen at a midweek gig in Manchester. The set played tonight is one that’s as relentless as I’ve heard, there is no slow number to pause for breath or to slip to the bar, every song they deliver is as good as the last, and if you want to see the spirit of rock ‘n roll embodied in a band then go and see Pulled Apart By Horses, as their brand of garage fuelled rock ‘n roll is as good as anyone I’ve seen, thankfully there are no metal or rock clichés or excesses as this is stripped down rock ‘n roll at its finest.

Pulled Apart By Horses Sound Control 2My previous exposure to Pulled Apart By Horses was reviewing The Haze and I thought that was a damn fine album, but as good as that album was live they are a totally different prospect, and as energetic as the band were it must be said that just as much credit must go the audience who have given it everything tonight, from circle pits and demented mosh pits to a steady wave of crowdsurfing throughout the set. Pulled Apart By Horses would seem to be an odd choice of name, but after seeing them live it’s one that makes perfect sense, after seeing the commitment of the crowd and the band tonight I can only imagine that’s exactly what they feel like after a show like this.

Pulled Apart By Horses Sound Control 4Pulled Apart By Horses include an intense cover of The Beatles classic Helter-Skelter in the set, that is delivered with the spirit of the original, and its a compliment to them to say that this is easily the best cover I’ve heard of this classic number, and believe me I’ve heard a few. It was impressive that the pit was that frantic and frenzied as I’ve seen in a while, as an added bonus it kept people filming the show to an minimum, and I can’t think of a better way of keeping this annoying trend out of live shows. The night ended with the vocalist and guitarist Tom Hudson surfing across the crowd, it seems that the last hour has flown by in a loud, sweaty, energetic blur and if tonight wasn’t rock ‘n roll then I don’t know what is.

Pulled Apart By Horses Sound Control 5Pulled Apart By Horses website is here

The Punk Site Review of The Haze can be read here

Tigercub‘s web presence can be found here

Thee MVPs Facebook page is here and their Bandcamp is here

Photography is by Dean Unsworth, his Instagram account is located here,

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Camden Rocks Festival 2017 Announces Latest Additions

Camden Rocks Apr 17The Camden Rocks Festival 2017 have confirmed Swedish rock giants Royal Republic and Leeds’ Pulled Apart By Horses, as the latest additions to the 2017 line up this June 3rd. The Camden Rocks Festival 2017 is the biggest and best value multi-venue all-day music event of the UK festival calendar. The 2017 Camden Rocks Festival will take place across 25 of Camden Town’s legendary music venues and will feature 250 bands, this year’s headliners include the likes of Feeder, The Damned, The Rifles and Carl Barat & The Jackals topping the 250-band-strong bill, together with some of the country’s finest up and coming new acts.

Tickets for the Camden Rocks Festival 2017 can be purchased here

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Pulled Apart By Horses The Haze

Pulled Apart By Horses

The Haze

Caroline International

Rating: 4/5




The members of Pulled Apart By Horses decamped for ten days from their lock up rehearsal facility in their native Leeds to a remote cottage on a dairy farm in the Welsh countryside, far away from the distractions of modern life they could fully focus on writing and recording the new material that would eventually become The Haze. Pulled Apart By Horses released their new album, The Haze, yesterday, March 17th 2017, via Caroline International, the result of their self imposed exile is twelve tracks of whip smart, unpredictable, fierce and sussed hardcore noise rock.

The title track kicks off the album like The Hives on steroids, this impressive introduction is followed by the lead single from the album, The Big What If, that is a hefty slab of snotty rock that boasts a driving hook laden riff, and the album carries on in this vein, picking the best elements from past decades and haphazardly combining them into a contemporary hybrid of styles. The result is an album that is informed, but in no way recreating, the past, whether it’s the garage swagger of Hotel Motivation, the tortured rock of Prince Of Meats or the psychedelic grind of Lamping, The Haze is an album that delivers just shy of forty genre spanning minutes that passes by in a energetic blur.

The Haze is the spiritual heir of band such as Crazyhead and Claytown Troupe who pioneered this kind of garage infused rock back at the tail end of the eighties, but Pulled Apart By Horses are no flashback to a bygone era. The Haze is a swaggering collection of twisted riffs that defies being pigeonholed, and I can’t help thinking that if the energy that is captured on The Haze is transferred to a live setting, then their upcoming tour is going to be something to behold. It’s been three long years since Pulled Apart By Horses last studio album, 2014’s Blood, and for me The Haze is living proof that some things are definitely worth waiting for.

You can catch Pulled Apart By Horses live across the UK and Europe in March and April, the tour dates can be found here

The Haze can be ordered here

Pulled Apart By Horses Release New Album ‘The Haze’ Today

Pulled Apart By Horses The HazePulled Apart By Horses have released their new album, The Haze, today via Caroline International, the band are celebrating with a string of live in-store gigs and signings beginning at London’s Rough Trade East tonight.  The Haze is twelve tracks of whip-smart, unpredictable, fierce and sussed hardcore noise-pop that is now available for purchase and streaming.

You can order The Haze here

Pulled Apart By Horses Tour Dates and in-store appearance can be viewed below Read More…

Pulled Apart By Horses To Release New Album ‘The Haze’

Pulled Apart By Horses The HazeLife doesn’t come with a user manual, but amid the constant noise of the Information Age, sometimes, as with much of the technology which surrounds us, human beings work best after simply being switched off, unplugged, reconnected and switched back on again. In 2015, following three acclaimed albums and hundreds of  visceral live shows since their inception in 2008, Pulled Apart By Horses took the decision to disconnect from the mainframe and to focus anew upon the soul of their band. Pulled Apart By Horses new album, The Haze, will be released by Caroline International on the 17th March 2017.

You can pre-order Pulled Apart By Horses new album, The Haze, here

You can view the video for Hotel Motivation, and the band’s tour dates, below Read More…

Tigercub Release ‘Control’ Video And Confirm Tour Dates

Tigercub Feb 17Ahead of their European tour dates, Brighton alt-noise-pop trio Tigercub have announced they will be joining Pulled Apart By Horses as the main support on their Spring UK tour dates alongside Thee MVPS, Tigercub have also revealed a handful of festival appearances. To celebrate the news the band have revealed the video for their latest single, Control, in which they explore their hometown, and themselves, in these blissed out new visuals. Control is the latest track to be taken from their critically acclaimed debut album, Abstract Figures in The Dark, which is out now on Alcopop! Records and can be ordered here

The video for Control can be viewed here and the bands tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Pulled Apart By Horses Reveal Video For ‘Hotel Motivation’

Pulled Apart By Horses The HazePulled Apart By Horses have released a new music video for the track Hotel Motivation, the latest noise pop anthem from their forthcoming album, The Haze, that is due for release on  March 17th via Caroline International. Hotel Motivation arrives inspired by a mind-scrambling combination of insomnia and the best parts of Iggy Pop’s discography playing back to back at full volume.

The Haze can be pre-ordered here

You can view the video for Hotel Motivation, and their UK tour dates below Read More…

Pulled Apart By Horses Announce New Album And UK Tour

Pulled Apart By Horses The HazePulled Apart By Horses have announced their new album, The Haze, will be released on March 17th via Caroline International, Pulled Apart By Horses today revealed the new album’s title track. The Haze is twelve tracks of whip smart, unpredictable, fierce and sussed hardcore noise pop that is a compelling snapshot of a rewired, recalibrated and rejuvenated band at the peak of their powers.

The title track from The Haze can be streamed here and the album can be pre-ordered here

Pulled Apart By Horses tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Pulled Apart By Horses Release Video For ‘The Big What If’

pulled-apart-by-horses-17-tourPulled Apart By Horses will be touring the UK through March and April of 2017, ahead of which they join Twin Atlantic for three consecutive Glasgow shows this December. Having just delivered the first sonic attack since their 2014 album, Blood, with new single The Big What If, Leeds’s Pulled Apart By Horses have revealed a surreal new music video to match.

You can stream The Big What If here and view the tour dates here

You can view the video for The Big What If below Read More…

Pulled Apart By Horses Announce New Single And 2017 UK Tour

pulled-apart-by-horses-17-tourHardest rocking Leeds quartet Pulled Apart By Horses return this month with their first new music since the release of 2014’s Blood album. The band are back with a brand new track, The Big What If, a UK tour in March and April of 2017 and a new album in 2017, Pulled Apart By Horses are once again ready to give those jams a massive kicking.

The Big What If features a creeping, strutting riff, pounding toms, crackles and distortion before the horses detonate and track explodes out of your speakers, asking big questions and attacking you with an even bigger sound. It’s a sprawling, epic, brain melting, psychedelic rock blast that takes everything we’ve come to expect from our favourite horses and then bravely drop kicks our perceptions into the void to somewhere else entirely.

You can download The Big What If via iTunes and streaming links are here

You can stream The Big What If here and view the tour dates here

Blacklisters Post Video for ‘Shirts’

BlacklistersLeeds, UK noisy punk outfit Blacklisters have premiered a video for their track Shirts. The video was put together by 2 members of fellow Northern UK alt rockers Pulled Apart By Horses. Shirts will features on the band’s sophomore LP, Adult, due for release on September 18th in the UK via Smalltown America Records and a North American release will follow in October via Handshake Inc (LP/Digital) and a cassette release through Exploding in Sound Records.

Check out the video for Shirts below.

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Pulled Apart By Horses Announce New EP, Stream ‘Beat Up’

Pulled_Apart_By_Horses_1Leeds alt rock/post punk outfit Pulled Apart By Horses  are streaming Beat Up, a track from their upcoming EP Medium Rare, due for release on November 17th via Sony/Red Records. The EP is the band’s first new music since their third full length Blood dropped back in September. Check out the stream of Beat Up here (via

The band are embarking on a UK tour starting tonight, check full list of dates and the track list for Medium Rare, below.

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