Snakerattlers Debut Album Now Available Via Streaming Services

Snakerattlers TIRRThe Snakerattlers are a band comprising married couple Dan Oliver Gott and Naomi Gott, they are a hellbound voyage of deathpunk, rockabilly, country, and traditional greaser rock and roll. This Is Rattlerock can still be streamed and purchased, on CD and digital formats, via the Moon Skull Records Bandcamp here, and the album is also now available via streaming services.

The Punk Site review of This Is Rattlerock can be read here

This Is Rattlerock can be streamed via Spotify here and Apple Music here

Snakerattlers TIRR


This Is Rattlerock

Moon Skull Records

Rating: 4/5




This Is Rattlerock is the debut full length from Yorkshire duo Snakerattlers that is now available via Moon Skull Records. The Snakerattlers emerged from the ashes of The Franceens and have transformed themselves into a band that channels the primal soul of rock ‘n roll via the sinister reverb heavy chords of Link Wray, the unhinged psychobilly of The Meteors and the primitive origins of The Cramps to create something that has the essence of their influences, but crucially they manage to avoid being derivative or in any way an anachronism.

From the dark ominous opening chords of I Won’t Hold Back you know that you’re for a demonic take on rock ‘n roll that is in no way designed to save anyone’s soul, with This Is Rattlerock the Snakerattlers take every facet and mutation of rock ‘n roll and twist it into their own stripped down hybrid. At times they’re channelling the original spirit of the orginators before veering off into a demented psychobilly rampage, the result being that they have delivered a debut album that simultaneously recalls Link Wray‘s Rumble and The Cramps debut full length, Songs The Lord Taught Us, via the insanity and originality of the spirit of the best of the unhinged garage bands, both past and present.

I recently caught the Snakerattlers live, which added to my intrigue in hearing how their raw and primitive menace would transfer to the studio, it turns out that with This Is Rattlerock the Snakerattlers have managed to capture the raw essence and dark energy of their live performance, something that few bands manage when they make the transition from the stage to the studio. With This Is Rattlerock the Snakerattlers have delivered an impressive debut album that hits the spot on every single track, if the devil has the best tunes then there’s no doubt that the Snakerattlers debut full length is playing on repeat on hell’s jukebox.

This Is Rattlerock and be streamed and purchased, on CD and digital formats, via Moon Skull Records here

The Snakerattlers website can be found here

Video: The Rocketz – ‘Before The Night’

The RocketzSouthern California Psychobilly punk band The Rocketz have premiered a video for their track Before The Night. The song is taken from their latest album, California Hell which is available for ‘name your price’ download on their bandcamp page. 

You can check out the video for Before The Night below:

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Vulture Club – Roadkill Cafe

If psychobilly is your thing, then you’re going to want to check out Finland’s Vulture Club.  They’re gearing up for a new album, but in the mean time they’re giving away their previous album, Roadkill Cafe, as a free download!  It’s a little different than your standard psychobilly fare – is that a hint of hardcore I detect? – but it’s easy to get into and heavy on the rockabilly roots.

Vulture ClubRoadkill Cafe

Download Roadkill Cafe From Vulture Club’s Website

Matchless – Don’t Leave Your Day Job

After the distressing breakup of Montreal’s finest psychobilly offering, The Gutter Demons, Matchless emerged to fill the void.  This is the band’ first EP and features some rather uninspired vocals compared to what their new vocalist “Frank” can belt.  That being said, it’s still top notch rock n’ roll psychobilly with upright bassist Flipper still on the top of his game.  Definately a good first effort, and a good sample to wet the appetite; but the real meal comes in the recently released Randomly Generated Numbers (sample it on their myspace) – but you can’t download it anywhere or buy it anywhere but shows at the moment, so for the time being, check out their debut EP, Don’t Leave your Day Job.

MatchlessDon’t Leave Your Day Job

Download the Album From

Gutter Demons – Live on CJLO

It’s no secret that I absolutely love Canadian psychobilly greats the Gutter Demons. During their brief 2001-2008 career they produced three outstanding albums that showcased the band’s unique ability to push the stagnant genre to new territory. In addition to their three groundbreaking albums, the band also recorded some live sessions while promoting their 2005 album (Room 209) on Montreal’s CJLO radio. The band still hosts these sessions on their now defunct “tripod” hosted homepage (the band migrated to myspace much like every other band out there), but based on the state of the barely functioning site, I doubt the band even knows the songs are still offered. The live session EP, unofficially titled “Live on CJLO,” features three songs from their debut CD, as well as one from their followup effort. It’s an internet rarity worth grabbing while it still exists.

Gutter DemonsLive on CJLO

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