Proletariat Jimmys May 17

Proletariat (UK) / Arcades / Shadow Palace

Jimmy's, Manchester, UK

5th May 2017

Rating: 4.5/5




Proleriat Jimmys May 17 1This Feeling is developing a well earned reputation for running some of the UK’s best rock ‘n roll nights and promoting the best upcoming bands, and tonight the party has come to one of Manchester’s latest venues. Jimmy’s is tucked away on the edge of the Northern Quarter and tonight promises to be something special as Manchester’s Proletariat are launching their debut EP, Always The Same, with a sold out show at this intimate venue with support from Shadow Palace and Arcades. An eclectic mix of tunes precedes the first act, everything from ’77 punkers to psych and proto punk classics is played in the steadily filling basement of Jimmy’s to warm the crowd up nicely.

Proleriat Jimmys May 17 2 Shadow PalaceFirst up are local act Shadow Palace, they channel a distinctly mancunian take on a garage and indie influenced set that eases us into the evening, this is a band that couldn’t have come from any other city, their mancunian swagger is an ever present in their hedonistic mix of influences. Elements of their set hint at a darker element in their DNA before they end their brief opening set with an upbeat indie fuelled number that is followed by their new single, Speak My Mind, that returns to their psyche influences and boasts an anthemic chorus. By the end of their set Jimmy’s is approaching capacity, the temperature is rising and it’s a struggle to get to the bar.

Proleriat Jimmys May 17 3 ArcadesBy the end of shadow Palace‘s set whatever I’m drinking is being sweated straight back out again, Leicester’s Arcades are up next and are making their debut appearances in Manchester, their home turf is another part of the UK that seems to have a production line for talented young bands. Arcades sound like their origins lie somewhere between early Rolling Stones and Smashing Pumpkins and this impressive quintet deliver an impeccable set that straddles every genre since the mid sixties and its delivered with confidence and an effortless swagger and indie bounce, coupled with a touch of rock n roll excess, and I’m left wanting to hear more by Arcades, hopefully it won’t be too long before they return.

Proleriat Jimmys May 17 4Jimmy’s continues to fill up, word has clearly spread about Manchester’s Proletariat in their brief existence, as Jimmy’s is packed to capacity tonight and Proletariat kick things up a gear with their mancunian influenced punk rock. From the first chords you can see why the venue is stuffed to the gills, as good as they were a few months ago when I first encountered them they now seem sharper and more focused than the fledgling show I caught them at. There’s an obvious comparison to The Fall in the vocal delivery, but that doesn’t mean to say they are in anyway a copy of that esteemed band, but they are coming at things from a similar direction with the dirty garage riffs effortlessly combined with a punk attitude.

Proleriat Jimmys May 17 5The twisted riffs and the mancunian bark of the vocals are backed by a pounding razor sharp rhythm section that keeps the set hammering along at full tilt. Two new songs are debuted tonight that indicates that despite their debut release coming out today they aren’t going to rest on their laurels, the first, Kiss Of Death, sounds heavier and carries more menace than their early material whilst Nervous Energy edges towards a twisted incarnation of alt rock. Delirium from their early days sounds reborn and by popular demand they revisit The Stooges classic I Wanna Be You Dog, whilst often covered this was as good a version as you’re likely to hear outside of an Iggy Pop show.

Proleriat Jimmys May 17 7The Proletariat‘s set is sadly cut short due to time limits, upon getting the indication that they have one song left they ease into their version of Bang Bang before they finish in style as they segue the twisted version of the sixties classic into Mr Brown, the lead single from their new EP, which brings things to a suitably frantic end. On the strength of tonight’s show Manchester’s Proletariat are heading places, as judging by the crowds reaction, and the strength of the new material on display, Manchester may have just have found its very own saviours for the next generation of punk rock.

Proleriat Jimmys May 17 6Proletariat‘s Facebook page can be found here

The Always The Same EP can be streamed via Spotify here

Arcades Facebook presence is located here

Shadow Palace‘s Facebook page can be found here

Jimmy’s website can be found here

This Feeling‘s website is here

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Proletariat Release Debut Single ‘Mr. Brown’

Proletariat Mr BrownManchester’s Proletariat have released their debut single, Mr. Brown, and the track is now available via Spotify, the band have also released a video for the single. The track is taken from the forthcoming Always The Same EP that will be released on May 5th on Spotify and iTunes, and will feature four tracks.

The Proletariat‘s Facebook presence can be found here

The video For Mr. Brown can be viewed below Read More…

Punk Site Exclusive: Proletariat Release ‘Mr Brown’ Video

Proletariat Mr BrownManchester’s Proletariat have announced that their debut single Mr. Brown will be released via Spotify on Friday April 21st, ahead of the release the band have released a video for the single to give fans a chance to hear the track ahead of it’s release date. The track is taken from the Always The Same EP that will be released on May 5th on Spotify and iTunes, and will feature four tracks.

The Proletariat‘s Facebook presence can be found here

The video For Mr. Brown can be viewed below Read More…

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Trampolene / Proletariat / Mantras

Gullivers, Manchester, UK

29th October 2016

Rating: 4/5




Tonight Gullivers, renamed Ghoullivers for the Halloween weekend, is hosting an impressive four band bill of up and coming talent from across the UK, it comprises two local acts, Proletariat and Altar Flowers, Brighton’s Mantras and from across the Welsh border we have Trampolene. The bar is bedecked with cobwebs and it’s good to see Chucky is helping out behind the bar, the Halloween weekend see’s Gullivers, sorry Ghoullivers, packed out with it’s regulars, those who are celebrating Halloween and the respectable crowd who have turned out for tonight’s show.

mantras-gullivers-oct-16-1Brighton’s Mantras are first on the bill tonight, they channel the last two decades of indie music, importantly they have their own character and bring a heavier edge to the music, which is something that lifts them above a lot of the bands that carry these influences. Their vocalist has a fine voice that is reminiscent of Tim Booth, the lead singer from James, whilst they wear their influences on their sleeves, they avoid the trap of copying the bands that came before them, which is something I all too often with bands that are influenced by the likes of Oasis and The Stone Roses.

mantras-gullivers-oct-16-2Mantras carry that swagger that the bands that influenced them carried, alongside their original material they include a rocked up cover of Fatboy Slim‘s Praise You in their set, this works a hell of a lot better than it has any right to. Mantras sparky upbeat set of indie tunes has made a damn fine start to this Halloween weekend showcase, but their best is saved for the finale of their set. Their final number carries a touch of punkier energy and it marks the end to an impressive opening set by this Brighton quartet that are on the eve of releasing their debut EP.

proletariat-gullivers-oct-16-1Manchester’s Proletariat, not to be confused with the Boston hardcore legends The Proletariat, are next up, they are a new set of punk upstarts and are a welcome addition to Manchester’s forty year history of producing punk bands that bring something new to the genre. Proletariat channel the second wave of punk bands from late 1970’s punk rock, vocally there are similarities to the delivery of The Fall‘s Mark E. Smith when that band were at their peak but musically they are pure grass roots DIY punk rock,

proletariat-gullivers-oct-16-2Proletariat include a cover of The Stooges classic I Wanna Be Your Dog in their set, which is a somewhat unsurprising inclusion for a new band, less expected was a reverb heavy version of Nancy Sinatra‘s Bang Bang, these two covers were played alongside a set of self penned material. Proletariat have a played a contemporary take on the original grass roots spirit of punk rock and I’m looking forward to hearing the new material they’ll be recording early in 2017. This is only their third live outing but already their performance indicates that they are band to watched carefully, the crowd’s reaction to their set indicates that I am not alone in thinking this.

trampolene-gullivers-oct-16-1Both of tonight’s bands so far have overrun which mean welsh trio Trampolene take to the stage later than planned, they start with a tale of someone trying to sell them Ketamine outside the venue, they deliver a spoken word piece around this theme before they launch into a fuzzy bass driven set that encompasses the material from the four Pocket Album‘s that have been released to date. Trampolene up the energy levels further with Alcohol Kiss which appropriately seems to summon a good section of the crowd who have been queuing for drinks in the packed bar downstairs.

trampolene-gullivers-oct-16-2Trampolene are the only band that have a visual accompaniment, their set is played to a backdrop of projections from vintage horror and sci-fi movies which suits the Halloween vibe of the weekend perfectly. Every song is played with an enthusiasm and reckless abandon that makes them a band that is impossible to ignore. In addition to their established material they introduce new material into the set which given the prolific nature of their releases, they have released four Pocket Album‘s in approximately two years, comes as no surprise.

trampolene-gullivers-oct-16-3They channel punk energy and combine this with poetry and stripped down emotional numbers, a break in their set reflects this side of the band and allows for the inclusion of a few quieter numbers, including a heart rending rendition of The Smiths’ Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want. I don’t think there’s anyone out there quite like Trampolene at the moment, they have an approach that straddles the last four decades of alternative music, and for me this is a band that at this moment in time seem to be at the peak of the powers and I recommend catching this powerful and unique Welsh trio live if you can.

Sadly due to the all of the tonight’s bands significantly overrunning, which could lead to the imminent clamping of my car, I miss the final band of the line up, Altar Flowers, and I have already made plans to catch up with them later this year.  What Double Denim promotions have provided tonight is a stunning and varied line up of four bands at an intimate venue in the heart of Manchester, all of this was on offer was the price of a pint and a packet of peanuts, apart from the line up overrunning I would really struggle find with fault with tonight’s show at Gullivers, if Double Denim bring one of their live events to your home town I’d recommend heading down as they are promoting some of the best new bands out there.

Photography is by Dean Unsworth, his Instagram account is located here, you can click on any of Dean’s photos to view a slide show of the images

Mantras Facebook page is here and their Bandcamp is here

The Proletariat‘s Facebook page is here and their Soundcloud page is here

Trampolene‘s website can be found here

Altar Flowers Facebook page is here and their website is here

Gullivers website can be found here

Double Denim’s website is here