Grippers Addiction



STP Records / Potencial Hardcore

Rating: 3.5/5




Madrid’s Grippers formed just a few years ago and have been steadily building their following in the native Spain, but now they are looking to spread the word beyond their home turf. Grippers released their debut full length, Addiction, via Spain’s Potencial Hardcore in 2016, and now there’s a fresh pressing for the UK market courtesy of STP Records, Grippers will also be playing a few dates in the UK, including a set at the UK’s Rebellion Festival, and it must be said that with their debut full length they have unleashed a full blooded punk rock roar.

From the off it’s clear where Grippers take their cue from, this is the essence of the second wave of British punk and the UK82 scene, with a dash of Rancid thrown in for flavour, that’s been distilled into eleven shots that have now been served up in the UK courtesy of a limited edition pressing via STP Records. Addiction possesses all the relentless attack and aggression you’d expect, the machine gun drums, rasping vocals and distorted guitars are all present and correct and are delivered in a no frills style that is straight out of the DIY handbook. For me their stand out moments are the ones that hark back to old school punk rock, tracks such as Friday Night and Roots are a back to basics reminder of the bands that followed in the wake of the initial punk explosion.

If you were going to be critical then you could argue that there’s nothing new on Addiction, but for those who have a love of the roots of punk and hardcore then Grippers are a band that are well  worth checking out. At the time of writing only four copies were left in the STP Records online shop, but for those attending the Rebellion Festival the band will have a further fifty copies of this limited edition release of Addiction, Grippers will be playing the Introducing Stage at Rebellion Festival on Saturday 5th August at 5.00pm and if you’re there then I’ll see you down the front.

You can order Addiction from the STP Records limited edition store here

The vinyl edition of Addiction can be ordered from Spain’s Potencial Hardcore here