Gun Shy To Release ‘The Long Dance’ EP

Gun Shy The Long DanceForged in the depths of the outermost reaches of existence itself, Gun Shy was first uncovered taking temporary residence in Southampton in January of the Earth year 2016 before announcing their First Transmission, which was released in May via Failure By Design Records, a five song audio transmission that drew influence from genres ranging from post-punk and doom to post rock. Gun Shy asks its followers to remain vigilant and to keep watching the skies as their new EP, The Long Dance, is due for release on Earth date May 12th 2017 via Wrong Way Round Records on both cassette and digital formats.

You can pre-order The Long Dance here and stream the EP here

You can watch the video for the tracks Whilst You Execute and In Perfect Silence below Read More…




Hassle Records

Rating: 4/5




Hailing from Leuven, Belgium, Brutus create a pummelling, meteor-shower of sound, they mix intense black metal blast beats and math-rock flourishes with brash post rock tones and hardcore punk intensity, to make make a sound as monolithic and frantic as it is emotive and unique. Stefanie Mannaerts delivers both the beats and the vocals, a delivery that to me seems reminiscent of Penetration‘s Pauline Murray, alongside guitarist Stijn Vanhoegaerden‘s ethereal treble laced style and Peter Mulders’ powerful sub-frequency bass lines. Burst was released yesterday, the 24th February, and is now available via digital platforms, and on physical formats via Hassle Records.

Frantic opener March means that Burst hits the ground with pounding drums and a driving technical riff that’s juxtaposed against a soaring female vocal, this segues into All Alone that delivers more of the same, intricate riffs played at breakneck pace that are overlaid with an emotive female vocal, one that carries melody and sweetness one second and abruptly switches to a vocal straining rasp the next. This style occupies much of the album but there are tracks that deviate from their genre spanning hybrid, Drive stands out on the album, with it’s revved up post punk style and echo drenched guitars, a track that hints at an influence from the likes of The Chameleons, whilst the atmospheric Bird brings a more reflective downbeat element to the mix.

Brutus‘s sound spans everything from rock and punk through to math rock and hardcore, this kind of marriage is a hard trick to pull off, yet Brutus have managed it without breaking sweat. There are constant changes in the timing and pace, often during a single track, if this had been a straight up full tilt assault it would have become a repetitive technical exercise, but the creativity and unpredictability contained on this album mean that Brutus have delivered something unique on their debut release. The intensity of hardcore is married to the technical elements of math rock and the attitude and delivery of post hardcore to create a deceptively subtle and melodic debut release, one that simultaneously manages to be brash and heavy, making Burst an impressive and original debut

You can order Burst from iTunes here or from the band’s official store here


Con Etiquette

Resulting In...

Self Released

Rating: 3/5




Con Etiquette is a post rock band hailing from Connecticut, the band formed in fairly unique circumstances following a tattoo session by drummer Michael Mandanici on frontman Antonino Lappostato. The duo formed the fledgling version of Con Etiquette and began revisiting some of the tracks from the vocalists solo EP, Profound. Vin Testani and Brian Gamse completed the line up and new material was penned, which has led to the release of their debut album, Resulting In…

It seems there has to be a post everything scene, where thing are a little darker and spikier than the original scene that spawned it, welcome to the post rock world of Con Etiquette. All of the tracks on Resulting In… seem to ebb and flow, building up into rockier sections and then fading back down to quieter slower elements, but never quite hitting the joyous highs that rock can sometimes hit. Whilst most of the tracks are fine I’ve noticed that ther’is an element that’s creeping into a fair few albums I’ve heard this year. There seems to be a trend of including musical interludes that are completely at odds with the rest of the material on the album, Resulting In… is no exception, if anyone can explain the popularity of these tracks, that I’m convinced will almost always be ignored or skipped, let me know.

This is neither punk or rock, it straddles the two genres in a unique manner, the feel and attitude of the album borrows heavily from their spiky cousins, but the delivery is taken straight from their hairy brethren, making this a odd hybrid. It’s an album that lies at the darker end of alt rock, but is somehow feels like everything is being restrained, when you get the sense that what it really wants to do is let loose. For me Resulting In… never quite seems to reach it’s potential, it leaves you wanting just a few more tracks so it can hit the high point you know is in there somewhere.

Resulting In… can be ordered here