Pallas Release Full Stream Of Self Titled Debut LP

Pallas STAtlanta’s Pallas will release their self-titled debut album this Friday, May 26th via Drop Medium Records, ahead of the release the band are streaming the record in full. The young Atlanta post punk quartet have created a unique and challenging mini album that shows the band’s strength in manipulated repetition, art-rock expanse, and abrasive rhythmic shifts.

You can pre-order the self titled debut album here

You can stream Pallas‘s self titled album here

Pallas Release Stream Of ‘Cast A Lion, Cured A Crow’

Pallas STAtlanta’s Pallas will release their self-titled debut album on May 26th via Drop Medium Records and they’ve now released a stream of the track Cast A Lion, Cured A Crow. The young Atlanta post-punk quartet have created a unique and challenging mini-album that shows the band’s strength in manipulated repetition, art-rock expanse, and abrasive rhythmic shifts.

You can pre-order the self titled debut album here

 Cast A Lion, Cured A Crow can be streamed here

Pallas Release Video For ‘Render (Location 13)’

Pallas STAtlanta’s Pallas are getting ready to release their self-titled debut album on May 26th via Drop Medium Records and today they are sharing the track Render (Location 13). The young Atlanta post-punk quartet have created a unique and challenging mini-album that shows the band’s strength is manipulated repetition and abrasive rhythmic shifts. Led by Danielle Brutto’s sharp and sinister howls, there’s a cold sense of calculated chaos throughout the band’s swerving punk movements, a sound that is tightly wound and volatility explosive. 

You can view the video for Render (Location 13) below Read More…

Gun Shy To Release ‘ The Long Dance’ EP

Gun Shy The Long DanceSouthampton’s Gun Shy draw influence from genres ranging from post punk and doom to post rock, and they have now announced their new EP, The Long Dance, is due for release on May 12th via Wrong Way Round Records on both cassette and digital formats. Gun Shy continue to ask their followers to remain vigilant and to keep watching the skies.

The Long Dance can be ordered here and streamed here

The video for Test You Like Gold can be viewed below Read More…

True Moon ST

True Moon

True Moon

Lovely Records

Rating: 4/5




Sweden’s True Moon released their self titled debut album in their native Sweden at the tail end of 2016, now the band are looking to spread their wings beyond Scandinavia with True Moon finally receiving it’s deserved international release on the 28th April 2017 via Lovely Records. Sweden has long been known a breeding ground for noted bands producing upbeat pop music and conversely for releases from the dark and dissonant underbelly of rock ‘n roll, True Moon‘s debut album is one that definitely fits firmly into the latter category.

From the dark opening chords of Voodoo it’s clear that this is an album that’s born of the post punk and gothic scenes that appeared in the wake of initial punk explosion, the influences are easy to pick up on this, dark brooding Peter Hook bass lines sit alongside dark intense post punk guitar riffs, with the whole package being topped off with a mesmerising vocal delivery by Karolina Engdahl. For those of you who have previously spent nights, and the early hours of the morning, in sweaty alternative night clubs then True Moon‘s debut album will be something that will be simultaneously familiar and new, as this is a contemporary and original take on the gothic and alternative scenes that first emerged from the batcave back in the eighties.

There is a hefty influence on this release from the likes of Joy Division, Killing Joke, Siouxsie And The Banshees, The Sisters of Mercy, The Mission and The Cure, but this is an album that isn’t embedded in the past, True Moon will appeal to fans of their contemporaries such as The Duke Spirit, White Lies, The Raveonettes, Calling All Astronauts and The Sounds. True Moon have produced an impressive album that for me recalled hazy nights spent in Manchester’s legendary Banshee nightclub, but more important than my reminiscences is the fact that this is an album that brings something new to a scene that has become stifled by endless reunion tours and nostalgia.

True Moon‘s debut album can be ordered via Lovely Records here or from their Bandcamp here

Super 73 Monkey See Monkey Do


Monkey See Monkey Do

Self Released

Rating: 4/5




Alternative combo Super 73 have returned to the fold with their new single, Monkey See Monkey Do, that is due out on the 14th April. The Midlands based quartet have previously received glowing comparisons to everyone from acts as diverse as Coheed & Cambria to Biffy Clyro to Taking Back Sunday. Super73 come armed with a barrage of powerful riffs, melodic vocals and unique angular phrasing that would set them apart from the pack, if there was a pack to run with, as this is as unique a release as I’ve heard this year, and they’re pretty much out there on their own.

Monkey See Monkey Do kicks off in a laid back almost jazzy style that slowly builds up, and just at the point you start to get worried, the song kicks off in earnest with a strident drum beat that is accompanied by a hypnotic spiky riff. Super 73 are a hard band to pin down, one moment is mellow and jazzy with harmonic vocals, the next it’s bouncing with intense energy levels that build up to an almost hardcore intensity, before gently fading away again. This is a single that leaves you thinking “what the fuck just happened?”, then you find yourself playing it again… and again.

Super73 combine alt rock with post punk, the result of this unlikely marriage is an impressive and unique hybrid that makes me wish that there was more to hear of Monkey See Monkey Do than the radio edit version I received for review. This is an idiosyncratic and addictive release, and if this is what Super73 can cram into a three and half minute single then I can’t wait to see what they can do with a full album.

Super73’s website can be found here

(The) Medicine Theory To Release ‘Rain Follows The Plow’ EP

Medicine Theory Rain Follows ThePlough(The) Medicine Theory will release the Rain Follows the Plow EP on the 16th June 2017. The EP is the band’s fifth studio recording and it continues the raw stripped down heavy post-punk approach to songwriting that they are known for, with a visceral focus on storytelling. (The) Medicine Theory formed in 2007 with the writing duo of Jeff Irvine and Tyson Schroeder, whilst the band has had many incarnations they have always stayed true to their initial mission, to create music that they enjoy.  

(The) Medicine Theory‘s Facebook page is here and their Bandcamp is here

The Nightingales Announce Spring UK Tour

Nightingales Spring 17 Tour

Post punk pioneers The Nightingales are heading out on a UK tour at the end of the month in support of their latest six track EP, Become Not Becoming, that is available on ten inch vinyl  and download formats and was released via Tiny Global Productions on 27 January 2017.The EP features art by Konrad Wallinger, and is their first record to feature James “Bo” Smith on guitar.                                  

The full list of tour dates can be found here and Become Not Becoming can be ordered and streamed here

The Nightingales website can be found here

Blessed Release Stream of Second Single ‘The Body’ From ‘II’ EP

Blessed IIVancouver’s Blessed are getting ready to release II on April 28th via Kingfisher Bluez (Canada) and Cointoss Records (US) and they are sharing the second single from the EP, Body. Blessed‘s artful post-punk and twitchy indie rock sound has earned the band comparisons to everyone from Television and The Fall to Ought and Radiohead.

You can stream Body here and pre-order the II EP here (US) and here (Canada)

Blessed‘s extensive North American tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Rays Self titled



Trouble In Mind Records

Rating: 2.5/5




Rays are a band that is comprised of four Bay area music veterans whose current and past musical projects include local bands of note such as The World, Life Stinks, Violent Change, and Dadfag, that means Rays are something of an underground supergroup that was born of the golden states dark recesses. The band’s self titled debut album was released at the end of last month and is now available on CD and good old fashioned black vinyl via Trouble In Mind Records

The opening plodding discordant chords of Attic bring to mind the more experimental side of the UK’s post punk scene and the fledgling indie scene that followed in it’s wake, Rays have released an album that has come distinctly out of leftfield, there is nothing predictable and the album takes you on a rambling discordant journey across it’s brief run time of a shade under twenty five minutes. Tracks such as Gambler and Theatre Of Lunacy provide the album’s most coherent moments, but for the main part this is a album that channels the more idiosyncratic elements from punk, post punk and the early indie scene.

Rays self titled debut comes across as the troubled offspring of post punk bands such as The Fall and Wire, along with a fair influence from the UK indie scene of early eighties, the whole album has a loose shambolic feel to it and you have to admire an album that seems to give no fucks whatsoever about commercial intent, this is the album Rays wanted to make and there is clearly no compromise. This is not an album that sits easily in your head, there are too many dark and discordant twists and turns for this to be a regular on your playlist, but when the moment is right you’ll be glad this is sitting and lurking in the corner of your collection.

You can stream Rays debut album here and it can be purchased here

Rays Release Debut Album Via Trouble In Mind Records

Rays Self titledRays release their self titled album today on Trouble In Mind Records, the Oakland band is comprised of four Bay area music veterans whose current and past musical projects include local bands of note such as The World, Life Stinks, Violent Change and Dadfag. On Rays debut album the band spins eleven tunes of wiry, urgent post-punk that has it roots firmly planted in the nihilistic apathy of 70 & 80’s punk, Australian punk both past & present and the addictive strum of 80’s & 90’s New Zealand and Flying Nun pop. 

You can stream Rays debut album here and it can be purchased here

The video for the track Made Of Shadows can be viewed below Read More…

Gun Shy To Release ‘The Long Dance’ EP

Gun Shy The Long DanceForged in the depths of the outermost reaches of existence itself, Gun Shy was first uncovered taking temporary residence in Southampton in January of the Earth year 2016 before announcing their First Transmission, which was released in May via Failure By Design Records, a five song audio transmission that drew influence from genres ranging from post-punk and doom to post rock. Gun Shy asks its followers to remain vigilant and to keep watching the skies as their new EP, The Long Dance, is due for release on Earth date May 12th 2017 via Wrong Way Round Records on both cassette and digital formats.

You can pre-order The Long Dance here and stream the EP here

You can watch the video for the tracks Whilst You Execute and In Perfect Silence below Read More…

Rebel Dykes Documentary Launches Crowdfunder

Rebel DykesRebel Dykes is a documentary about a bunch of kick ass post-punk women who lived the life in London in the 1980s, the documentary film is being made because the history of the London Rebel Dykes of the 1980s is in danger of being forgotten. Rebel Dykes created their own world, made their own rules, and refused to be ignored. We can’t let history tidy them away. They were a bunch of kickass women in leather jackets who made their own punk bands, zines and squats. They were the first generation of sex positive outlaw women, and nothing has been quite the same since.

The crowdfunder page can be found here and Rebel Dykes website is here

You can read more about, and view the trailer for, Rebel Dykes below

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Deranged Records

Rating: 5/5




Somewhere in the middle of Florida is UV-TV, they write melancholy pop songs that are a mass of jagged and abrasive edges that combine strong hooks with infectious chainsaw guitar riffs, a sound that has drawn comparisons to Black TambourineThe Jesus And Mary Chain and The Shop Assistants, but for me there’s also a hefty dose of two of my home town’s, Manchester UK, favourite sons woven into their DNA. Glass was self-recorded over a hectic two days in a retired Gainesville train station, and it was released via Deranged Records on the 10th March.

From the opening hyperactive blast of Wasting Away, the finest minute of buzzsaw guitars you’ll hear this year, I had a good feeling about this album, and my gut feeling about this release was right on all eleven counts. The first six tracks are all sparkling amphetamine laced punk rock that should have you bouncing round the room, it’s only as you get deeper into the album’s latter stages that they branch out and their other influences become apparent. Take It All has a distinctly post punk feel to it, whilst Severed Hand and the title track bring a darker element to Glass. The penultimate track, FEAR, channels the authentic feel and sound of the first wave of UK punk bands, whilst the epic Dissolve closes things in a hectic squall of feedback and noise that builds to a crescendo that is a fitting end to what for me is undoubtedly going to be one of my favourite albums of 2017.

It’s rare to find an album that has one foot firmly in the past, but that also manages to be the most refreshing blast of energetic punk rock I’ve heard this year. UV-TV owe an equal debt to The Jesus And Mary Chain, Shop Assistants and the Buzzcocks, along with elements of Joy Division and the C86 UK indie scene to make a hybrid that is one of the best albums I’ve encountered in a long time. The enthusiasm and franticness from the organic lo-fi recording process really comes across, and if you want an idea of just how impressed I was with Glass, I promptly bought their 2014 Demo EP when I had finished writing this review. I’m normally sceptical of what is written on press releases but the closing line on theirs is prefect, this is UV-TV, listen loud.
You can pre-order Glass on vinyl via Deranged Records here and UV-TV‘s website is here
UV-TV‘s Bandcamp can be found here and the Deranged Records Bandcamp is here
Pillow Talk TIAP

Pillow Talk

This Is All Pretend

Animal Style Records

Rating: 3/5




It’s been two years since Pillow Talk‘s last release, their new album is one that has been shaped by singer Joshua Cannon‘s personal experiences, including family bereavement and the toll this took on him over the last few years, but he has channelled these negative events into the creation of This Is All Pretend, a release that follows on from their 2015 EP, What We Should Have Said. Pillow Talk released their debut album via Animal Style Records on the 10th March 2017, and it is available on vinyl, on gold and red and white swirl variants, and digital formats.

Monogamy eases you into This Is All Pretend with ethereal tones, echo drenched guitars and synths that are stretched across a strident drum beat that belies the mellow feel of the opening track, This is All Pretend comes across as the kind of late night mellow soundscape you need in your life from time to time. It’s a release that washes over you with waves of treble and echo, there is no upbeat track to lift the album, it remains in a firmly mellow state across it’s ten tracks and thirty five minute run time, whilst this is not necessarily a bad thing it meant that I found that the tracks tended to blend into each other, not in an unpleasant way, but there is no moment that makes you sit up and take notice.

I can’t help feel that this release owes a hefty debt to the mellower side of the post punk bands of the eighties such as The Cure and The Chameleons, but under their placid exterior there is fire that is fuelled by injustice, they released the track Little Worries ahead of the album’s release to support organisations that are working to combat the current US administrations policies. This Is All Pretend is a natural progression from Pillow Talk‘s previous releases, their name is well chosen as this is an album that’s perfect for the late night’s that merge into early mornings, although on a personal note the use of auto tune, even though it’s used for effect rather than to hide deficiencies, did detract from the album and was a jarring element that I never like to hear used.

Pillow Talk‘s website is here and their Facebook page is here

You can purchase This Is All Pretend here




Hassle Records

Rating: 4/5




Hailing from Leuven, Belgium, Brutus create a pummelling, meteor-shower of sound, they mix intense black metal blast beats and math-rock flourishes with brash post rock tones and hardcore punk intensity, to make make a sound as monolithic and frantic as it is emotive and unique. Stefanie Mannaerts delivers both the beats and the vocals, a delivery that to me seems reminiscent of Penetration‘s Pauline Murray, alongside guitarist Stijn Vanhoegaerden‘s ethereal treble laced style and Peter Mulders’ powerful sub-frequency bass lines. Burst was released yesterday, the 24th February, and is now available via digital platforms, and on physical formats via Hassle Records.

Frantic opener March means that Burst hits the ground with pounding drums and a driving technical riff that’s juxtaposed against a soaring female vocal, this segues into All Alone that delivers more of the same, intricate riffs played at breakneck pace that are overlaid with an emotive female vocal, one that carries melody and sweetness one second and abruptly switches to a vocal straining rasp the next. This style occupies much of the album but there are tracks that deviate from their genre spanning hybrid, Drive stands out on the album, with it’s revved up post punk style and echo drenched guitars, a track that hints at an influence from the likes of The Chameleons, whilst the atmospheric Bird brings a more reflective downbeat element to the mix.

Brutus‘s sound spans everything from rock and punk through to math rock and hardcore, this kind of marriage is a hard trick to pull off, yet Brutus have managed it without breaking sweat. There are constant changes in the timing and pace, often during a single track, if this had been a straight up full tilt assault it would have become a repetitive technical exercise, but the creativity and unpredictability contained on this album mean that Brutus have delivered something unique on their debut release. The intensity of hardcore is married to the technical elements of math rock and the attitude and delivery of post hardcore to create a deceptively subtle and melodic debut release, one that simultaneously manages to be brash and heavy, making Burst an impressive and original debut

You can order Burst from iTunes here or from the band’s official store here


Iris Jupiter

Iris Jupiter

Open Door Records

Rating: 4/5




Reviewing an album is always going to be a subjective exercise, but sometimes an album can be exactly what you need to hear and can reflect your mood, and there are few things better than finding a band that unexpectedly manages to match your state of mind. With that in mind this Southern Californian trio’s self titled debut landed in my inbox at exactly the right moment, it’s a downbeat, yet energetic, fuzzed out soundscape that is a hybrid of punk, hardcore, post punk and shoegaze that brings something unique and very welcome to 2017. Iris Jupiter‘s seven track offering follows on from 2016’s Zero Cool EP, that was released on Pacific Nature Records, it represents a logical progression from their initial lo-fi offering, everything sounds tighter and more refined, but crucially without losing the spirit of their debut release.

The opening track, Carly Beth, opens with a driven bass line that breaks down into a chorus that reflects pain and anguish, all the while this is accompanied by a twisted fuzzed out guitar line that encompasses punk and shoegaze, along with pulses of intense hardcore. Life Pile lets the bass line take the lead, with more than a hint that there’s a debt owed to Peter Hook‘s low slung influential bass style, before it explodes into heartfelt rage, a style that carries over into Mizar. Eat The Sap takes things into a darker place with a brief ode to isolation before we hit the glorious Ween (V4008), this track carries a hypnotic bass line and a piledriving guitar riff that abruptly segues into Science Is A Liar (Sometimes), this brings the pace of the album down with a melodic riff that builds to a climax with it’s anguished refrain of “feel the weight that’s pressing me down”. Solar Denial wraps things up with the heaviest riff on this impressive debut album, and it brings what has been an all too brief septet of slabs of heady dark fuzz to a close with a satisfying squall of feedback.

There’s a hefty influence from the likes of Joy Division, Smashing Punpkins and Placebo in their sound, but this is married to elements from punk, indie, shoegaze and emo that stops Iris Jupiter from being derivative of the bands that came before them. This impressive self titled album is delivered with a dark disturbed feel, and a genuine yearning rage and pain in the vocal delivery, that delivers something that is very much a product of 2017. Iris Jupiter have delivered the perfect soundtrack to those moments of doubt and introspection, but crucially I found that rather than encouraging you to wallow in dark places Iris Jupiter lift your mood. Their restrained rage is matched against an ominous distorted soundtrack, the end result is that this is a debut full length that is something to be treasured.

Iris Jupiter‘s self titled EP was released on the 13th January 2017 and can be ordered here

Iris Jupiter‘s web presence can be found here

Iris Jupiter Release Stream of Debut Album

iris-jupiterOpen Door Records will be releasing the self titled debut album from Southern California’s Iris Jupiter, the debut full length delivers a collision of down tuned power pop riffs and noisy shoegaze, that is shored up by steady beating pulses of hardcore. Iris Jupiter will be playing an album release show at VLHA, Pomona, CA on the 14th January with I’m Glad It’s You and The Total Bettys.

Iris Jupiter‘s self titled debut album can be pre-ordered here and streamed here

Iris Jupiter‘s website can be found here

Iris Jupiter To Release Debut Album Via Open Door Records

iris-jupiterOpen Door Records have confirmed that they will be releasing the self titled debut album from Southern Californian trio Iris Jupiter, the debut full length promises to deliver a collision of down tuned power pop riffs and noisy shoegaze, that is shored up by steady beating pulses of hardcore. Iris Jupiter will be playing an album release show at VLHA, Pomona, CA on the 14th January with I’m Glad It’s You and The Total Bettys.

Iris Jupiter‘s self titled debut album can be pre-ordered here

Iris Jupiter‘s website can be found here



Basically Johnny Moped

German Shepherd Records

Rating: 3.5/5




This is the first release of 2017 from Manchester based independent label German Shepherd Records, Basically Johnny Moped is the new single from the Hamsters with the bands live favourite occupying the A-Side, coupled with the anarchic punk sea shanty, Freudian Ships. This is the long lost Hamsters single that was recorded and ready for release back in January 2015, it was scheduled for release as a double A-Sided vinyl single before label funding issues meant that the recording never saw the light of day, thankfully German Shepherd Records launched a rescue mission so at last it may be heard, and as a result it has finally surfaced today, the 6th January 2017

Basically Johnny Moped occupies the A-Side and it’s a track that celebrates the legendary outsider punk band, appropriately enough this is a single that is delivered in the experimental style of the some of the more eccentric outfits that the UK punk scene spawned four decades ago. The single weaves a condensed tale of the rise and fall of one punks largely forgotten bands, and it name checks a lot of their contemporaries and people who were involved in the band. It’s an entertaining and eccentric salute to a band that trod their own path, and it’s one that’s delivered in a style that’s a cross between the pub rock and early punk bands of the 1970’s. Freudian Ships occupies the AA-Side, this is a departure from the A-Side, it’s a deranged sea shanty concerning a hapless bunch of mutineers who end up adrift in both a physical and moral sense, it’s delivered in the same shambolic style as Basically Johnny Moped but as I’ve indicated it has more than a whiff of piracy and the high seas about it.

German Shepherd Records have a varied and unpredictable roster of bands and the Hamsters could not have found a better home for the release of this almost lost single. The Hamsters channel elements of the original punk attitude with a post punk style, as befits a band who were originally around in the late 1970’s, that is all delivered with a gruff eccentric approach that is not without it’s charms. If you have a love for the more experimental side of the UK punk and post punk scenes then Basically Johnny Moped would be a single that will make a fine addition to your collection. Basically Johnny Moped is now available for download via German Shepherd Records.

The German Shepherd Records Bandcamp can be found here

The Hamsters Facebook page can be located here


The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment

Bootleg 3 EP

Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




There is something of a convoluted back story as to how The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment came to release the Bootleg 3 EP, sadly it is one I have only tugged at a few strands of, but I have enough to share the basics of the EP’s origins. The band were disappointed with the direction that their, now disowned, album was headed in, so The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment decided to take matters into their own hands. They remixed the raw recordings for the ill fated album, stripping them back down into their raw live state and releasing the alternative mixes as the limited edition Bootleg 3 EP.

The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment deliver authentic and unpredictable punk rock in the style of the first wave of UK punk bands, with a hefty influence from the likes of The Slits and X-Ray Spex. The opening number, Baliff, carries dub tones in the bass that is married to a distorted post punk guitar style, both this track and Consumer carry razor sharp social observations that are all delivered with a northern sensibility, this is especially prevalent on the dead pan vocal delivery on the short but sweet Fuck OffThe Bootleg 3 EP concludes with TV Dinner, another track containing wry observations that carries dub stylings, but on this track it is juxtaposed against a gentle melodic guitar riff.

The Bootleg 3 EP delivers something unique amongst the releases I’ve heard this year, the quartet of songs contained on the EP blend reggae, post punk, indie and punk together and the result is unlike anything else I’ve heard this year, it manages to capture the original attitude of punk and harbours obvious influences in it’s DNA, but crucially they manage this without actually sounding like anyone else. The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment have produced something unique and, as their name indicates, experimental, the Bootleg 3 EP is a limited edition physical release that was originally intended to be solely for gig goers, but whilst stocks last this unique EP is available via their Bandcamp.

The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment‘s website is here

The Bootleg 3 EP can be ordered here

Chaos 8 Release Video For ‘What Have You Become’

chaos-8-cause-and-effectChaos 8 released their sophomore album, Cause And Effect, earlier this year, the album can still be purchased direct from Chaos 8, via their Facebook page, and is also available digitally via iTunes. Chaos 8 saw the year out with a final show at Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle on December 1st and they have released a third video, this time for the track What Have You Become, using footage filmed at their final concert of 2016

The Punk Site review of Cause And Effect is here and Chaos 8‘s Facebook page is here

Cause and Effect can be ordered from iTunes here 

The video for What Have You Become can be viewed below Read More…



Adult Loonies

German Shepherd Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Staggs is Michael Scott and Paul Ridley, the duo used to be core members in the Newcastle, UK anarcho punk band Reality Control back in the 1980s. Their recent releases have been characterised by a more electronic sound, but they appear to have gone back to their roots for the Adult Loonies EP. The title of the EP relates to their debut release, Weird Kids EP, so this may indicate that the band have matured, at least physically, whilst simultaneously imitating and revisiting their past.

The lead track, Gone For A Burton, features a cross between new wave, anarcho and punk styles, and it’s certainly as catchy as anything, vocally it’s reminiscent of a demented delivery by Howard Devoto, the original Buzzcocks vocalist and front man of Magazine. Musically it’s pure late 70’s punk and early 80’s early new wave, but that’s not the end of the story, the track features vocal samples and knowing references to moments of pop culture, and I found that every time I played this track it grew on me, the infectious and subtle charms of this track are not to be underestimated. It’s A Larf picks up where the first track left off, but in a slightly more strident manner, it alternates between a weirdly snarled verse and an upbeat post punk chorus that carries more menace and strangeness that its predecessor.

The Adult Loonies EP features two brand new tracks that are performed, with their tongues firmly in the cheeks, in the punk style of their youth, if you are a fan of old school punk rock and new wave then this really should be on your Xmas list. Gone For A Burton is easily the stronger of the two tracks, It’s A Larf comes across as the B Side of this release, but both tracks feature a combination of punk rock attitude, new wave rhythm and post punk stylings that I find oddly appealing. On the basis of the two tracks on the Adult Loonies EP I hope that Staggs make further efforts to recreate their past glories.

The Adult Loonies EP can be streamed and purchased here


Gang Of Four

Live... In The Moment

Metropolis Records

Rating: 3/5




Gang Of Four are a legendary British post punk band who formed almost forty years ago, in the current incarnation only guitarist Andy Gill remains from the original line up. The remainder of the band’s members have been accumulated over the last few years, John Sterry has replaced original vocalist Jon King and the current line up is completed by Jonny Finnegan, drums, and Thomas McNiece on bass. The album was recorded at London’s Islington Assembly Hall on the penultimate date of Gang Of Four‘s 2015 tour and it features a set list that touches on most of their extensive back catalogue.

From the opening chords of Where The Nightingale Sings, from last years What Happens Next album, the Gang Of Four‘s sparse funky post punk sound is in full effect, to my ears the spiky guitar riffs sound as good as ever, and the years appear to have been kind to their material. The set is largely split between their early material and their most recent releases, whilst some will only want to hear the classics I usually prefer a band to still be producing material, not just trotting out their greatest hits. Gang Of Four‘s latest material sits happily alongside their classic songs, which of course make an appearance in the set, Damaged Goods is delivered mid set and arguably their best known song, I Found That Essence Rare, makes an obligatory appearance, a pumped up version of this classic early single is almost inevitably the final encore

When a band is reduced to having one original member in place it’s debatable whether it is the band, with only Andy Gill surviving from the original line up it almost sounds like a completely different band, but things change over time and Gang Of Four still sound fresh and relevant, if not like their old selves. The Gang Of Four‘s influence can’t be underestimated and many have acknowledged their debt to the band’s innovative sound, after almost forty years Live… In The Moment is a document of a band that have been ploughing their own furrow without compromise since the early days of the punk scene.

Live… In The Moment can be ordered on CD and vinyl here

Gang Of Four‘s web presence can be found here

Chaos 8 Release Video For ‘Make Me Believe’

chaos-8-cause-and-effectChaos 8 released their sophomore album, Cause And Effect, earlier this year, the album can still be purchased direct from Chaos 8, via their Facebook page, and is also available digitally via iTunes. Chaos 8 saw the year out with a final show at Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle on December 1st and they have released a second video, this time for the track Make Me Believe, using footage filmed at their final concert of 2016

The Punk Site review of Cause And Effect is here and Chaos 8‘s Facebook page is here

You can order Cause and Effect from iTunes here and view the video for Make Me Believe below Read More…

Chaos 8 Release Video For ‘4 Minutes’ From ‘Cause And Effect’ LP

chaos-8-cause-and-effectChaos 8 released their sophomore album, Cause And Effect, earlier this year, the album can still be purchased direct from Chaos 8, via their Facebook page, and is also available digitally via iTunes. Chaos 8 saw the year out with a final show at Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle on December 1st and they have released a video for the track 4 Minutes using footage filmed at their final concert of 2016

The Punk Site review of Cause And Effect is here and Chaos 8‘s Facebook page is here

You can order Cause and Effect from iTunes here and view the video for 4 Minutes below Read More…

The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment Release Bootleg 3 EP

the-johnnie-squizzercrow-experiment-b3The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment have released a limited edition physical release intended for gig goers, but it is available, whilst stocks last, via their Bandcamp. The Bootleg 3 EP features alternative, non-album remixes of the raw recordings of tracks Bailiff, Consumer, Fuck Off and TV Dinner that were used in the making of album.

The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment‘s website is here

The Bootleg 3 EP can be streamed and purchased here

Chaos 8 Announce Digital Release Of ‘Cause And Effect’

chaos-8-cause-and-effectChaos 8 released their sophomore album, Cause And Effect, earlier this year, the album can still be purchased direct from Chaos 8 at their shows and via their Facebook page. The album is now also available digitally via iTunes.

Chaos 8 are seeing the year out with a final show at Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle on Thursday December 1st with support from Manchester based electronic band St Lucifer.

The Punk Site review of Cause And Effect is here and Chaos 8‘s Facebook page is here

You can order Cause and Effect from iTunes here

Kill The Ill


Kill The Ill

Inverted Kite Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Brine are a post pop punk band that formed in 2014 in Seattle, the members of Brine have spent much of the last two decades playing together in various bands and projects, the quartet that make up Brine put together a new band, importantly with a new and distinct sound and style, immediately after the dissolution of their previous two projects. They put together their first demo in the summer of 2015, and they have now released their debut album, Kill The Ill, today, 2nd December, via Inverted Kite Records.  

There are so many influences that converge on Kill The Ill that it makes this a hard album to pin down, new wave and power pop are the overriding influences but there are hints of indie, post punk and grunge in Brine‘s DNA that gives them a unique hybrid of styles. Every track is delivered with a signature darkness that is reflected both lyrically and musically, Kill The Ill never quite meets the standard set by it’s superb title track, but that track set the bar for this album so high that it would be a difficult task for any band to better it, as good as the rest of the album is I implore you to give that track a listen at the very least.

The production on Kill The Ill is thankfully minimal, the light touch behind the mix gives Kill The Ill a glorious live feel that suits the material perfectly. Brine blend nuances of punk, new wave and alternative rock into their own unique style, there are echoes of the dark style of Alkaline Trio, and given that Matt Skiba has forsaken that band for arena tours with Blink 182, I would recommend their legion of fans investigate Brine, whilst they differ stylistically from that band they harbour the same darkness at their core, and they deliver it with style.

Kill The Ill can be ordered via Inverted Kite Records Bandcamp here

Sparrows  LTSSWIW


Let The Silence Stay Where It Was

New Damage Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Toronto’s spaced out post punks Sparrows released their sophomore album, Let The Silence Stay Where It Was, via New Damage Records earlier this month, once more they have teamed up with their longtime collaborator, Kenny Bridges of Canadian melodic punk outfit Moneen, who has taken the helm on producing the album. Let the Silence Stay Where It Was is Sparrows first release on New Damage Records and it follows on from their impressive 2013 debut album Cold Ground.

Let The Silence Stay Where It Was opens with the atmospheric and intense number Three Four Two Five, Three Four Two Five, the track ebbs and flows but all the while maintaining the intensity. The track leads into the sinister The Written Rules Of Choking that carries a dark cathartic element, this theme is continued with Carrying On With A Modern Lifestyle. The single Cave Eater makes a welcome appearance and raises the tempo of the album whilst still carrying a hefty cloud of darkness on it’s back. This is an album that carries all the aggression and abrasiveness you’d expect from Sparrows but it’s the delivery that raises this above the majority of post hardcore bands. Let The Silence Stay Where It Was is an album that has seen Sparrows retain the signature sound that was established on the debut album, but they have refined their approach, the combination of crushing post hardcore riffs, which are juxtaposed against almost tranquil elements in their songs, mean that this is an album that never strays into being repetitive.

Each track on Let The Silence Stay Where It Was carries it’s own character, and this is something that sets them apart from the majority of bands in the post hardcore genre. Sparrows have been building a solid reputation, both live and in the studio, and following the release of Let The Silence Stay Where It Was they will be returning to their frenetic touring schedule. This is band that subtly delivers the aggression of hardcore, and however you look at it that is an achievement.

Let The Silence Stay Where It Was can be ordered ,and their tour dates can be viewed, here

super whatevr good luck

Super Whatevr

Good Luck

Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




Californian quartet Super Whatevr are the result of a series of poor decisions and misfortunes that have befallen the lead vocalist of Super Whatevr, Skyler McKee. Like any good story the wrong turns and mishaps of one individual have an upside, in this case it’s the debut EP by Super Whatevr, that is ironically entitled Good Luck. His bad luck and mistakes have led to the creation of an impressive five track EP that is comprised of four original songs and a bonus demo track. 

The Good Luck EP carries on in the melodic post punk legacy that the likes of Interpol and The Editors spearheaded in the early to mid 2000’s. The Good Luck EP is a set of curiously upbeat, yet seemingly disgruntled, songs that are not without their charm, the balance between the melancholy subject matter and delicate more upbeat indie tunes is maintained throughout the four completed tracks The only downside to this release is the additional demo track, it feels like something of an afterthought and doesn’t come close to meeting the standards of the rest of the Good Luck EP

Super Whatevr have managed to produce an intriguing EP of upbeat tunes that deal with the trials, tribulations and disappointments of daily life. The end result is a quartet of curiously upbeat, yet simultaneously downbeat songs, the more you become familiar with the Good Luck EP, the more Super Whatevr grow on you. if I was to review this EP in a months time I suspect the gritty lyrical content, and it’s indie tinged melodic post punk style, could well have grown on me even more than it already has.

Super Whatevr ‘s web presence, where you can stream the Good Luck EP, can be found here

The Good Luck EP can be purchased via iTunes