Evertim YHHMW


Your Heaven Held Me Well

Fox Records

Rating: 3/5




Brighton’s Evertim are a band that have no interest in hopping onto passing bandwagons, at their heart they are unashamedly a pop punk band but they also embrace the melodic tendencies of the emo scene and the rage of post hardcore on their latest four track EP, Your Heaven Held Me Well, that follows up to their 2016 debut release, Learn To Swim. Evertim will be releasing Your Heaven Held Me Well on 19th January 2018 via Fox Records

The abrasive introduction to Your Heaven Held Me Well‘s opening track, Let Me Go, encapsulates Evertim‘s style, it has a style and structure that is the very essence of pop punk, but the delivery it much more discordant and in your face than the majority of band’s that attach themselves to the genre. This is followed up by Tuesday, the closest the band come to pure pop punk on this four track EP, that is reminiscent of Bowling For Soup‘s easy style. The second half of Your Heaven Held Me Well showcases a different side to Evertim with the steady building and brooding intensity of The Road We Claim Our Own, and the intense closing track, Clouds.

Evertim are definitely born of the pop punk scene, but this is not pop punk as we know it, the bouncy singalong style is an almost ever present across the Your Heaven Held Me Well EP, but the addition of some muscle, that leans more into post hardcore territory, is more than welcome and stops Evertim being just another pop punk band. Evertim are a welcome addition to the UK’s burgeoning pop punk scene, and if you are a fan of The Early November, Have Mercy or Pentimento, or of label mates Better Than Never, Coast To Coast and Layover, then I would recommend you check out Your Heaven Held Me Well.

Your Heaven Held Me Well can be pre-ordered here

No Liars Release New Single And Video ‘Animal’

No Liars Nov 17No Liars are a straight up no frills punk rock band, their debut full length, The Cause & The Cure, is due out in early 2018 and they have now released the first single from the record. Animal is a track that showcases No Liars at their best and the track is now available via Spotify and Soundcloud, and the band have released a video to accompany the single.

You can stream Animal via Spotify here and Soundcloud here

You can view the video for Animal below Read More…

In Your Memory Release ‘Mr. Default’ Video Ahead Of US Tour

In Your Memory FTLFresh off supporting shows with Enter Shikari and Four Year Strong, In Your Memory have announced dates with Emery which run November 13th through to November 19th. In anticipation of the tour, the Washington DC based post hardcore band have released a new video for the track Mr. Default, that is taken from their latest album, Failure To Launch.

Failure To Launch can be ordered and streamed via In Your Memory‘s website here

You can view the video for Mr. Default, and In Your Memory‘s tour dates, below Read More…

Big Heet OAW

Big Heet

On A Wire

Exploding In Sound Records

Rating: 3/5




Big Heet, the Tallahassee quartet led by the former ex Breathers guitarist and vocalist David Settle, released their full-length debut, On A Wire, on October 20th via the Exploding In Sound Records Tape Club. On A Wire is an album that shifts between agitated post punk and tangled post-hardcore whilst maintaining a social conscience, throughout the album Big Heet rally against anxiety, environmental concerns, politics, anti-semitism, dead end jobs, assault, abuse and false activism, and do their part in creating some much needed change. 

The opening title track on Big Heet‘s full length gives the impression that On A Wire will resemble the aftermath of a collision between The Foo Fighters and The Beatles, the melody and energy are all there but it’s all delivered a breakneck pace with a ragged lo-fi approach. But it’s as you get deeper and deeper into the album it becomes increasingly discordant and frantic, and it just keeps heading off into a primal hardcore swamp of noise, one that simultaneously recalls the more experimental sides of punk, post punk, hardcore and noise rock

On A Wire is a unique noisy chaotic hybrid of an album, and it’s one that reflects the chaotic and dark times we live in, but the energy and enthusiasm that is carried across the entire album is evidence of hope in the face of the insanity that is the modern world. On A Wire is an album that won’t be for everyone, but for those of you who like your punk rock ragged, experimental and raw then Big Heet have produced an album that is well worth investigating, and it’s one that has found it’s natural home on the eclectic, and well named, Exploding In Sound Records.

You can order On A Wire here and subscribe to the Exploding In Sound Records Tape Club here

On A Wire is also available digitally via Bandcamp here

Red Hymns Release Stream Of ‘Terra Preta’ From Vol. 2 EP

Red Hymns Oct 17Northern New Jersey post hardcore outfit Red Hymns have released a new song, Terra Preta, off their upcoming Vol. 2 EP, the second in a planned series of 4 EP’s, that is set to be released on October 27th. Red Hymns will play a record release show at Clash Bar in Clifton, New Jersey on November 4th.

You can stream Terra Preta here

Latewaves PO


Partied Out

Panic State Records

Rating: 3.5/5




New Jersey’s Latewaves signed with Panic State Records earlier this year, and they released the band’s debut EP, Partied Out, back in September. The band draw off influences from the quirky minor and 7th chords that were the hallmark of nineties alt rock, this is combined with the angst and aggression of the early 2000’s post hardcore and emo scenes, whilst Latewaves might have found their sound in the echoes of the past, they bring a distinctly modern twist to the soundtrack that influenced their sound.

If It’s Over kicks things off with an anthemic opener that carries a killer hook, and to confirm that this wasn’t a one off Jezebel and Bailin’ Out follow it up and brings a poppier, but no less bouncy, element to the EP. There’s a distinct change of pace at the midway point as Year Ago Today (Peanut Butter Coffee) brings a distinctly melancholy element into the mix before Partied Out builds itself back up with It’ll Be Fine and Face Down, which round out an impressive six track EP from this New Jersey Trio.

Whilst we were late to party on this one, it’s a case of better late than never as this is an EP that’s anything but Partied Out. The EP never quite manages to hit the heights of the impressive opening track, but that’s more of a reflection on just how good a song If It’s Over is rather than casting any negative light on the rest of the EP. The Partied Out EP is a solid six track debut from Latewaves, and it’s one that indicates that there is a bright future for this New Jersey trio.

Partied Out can be ordered via Panic State Records here

You can download Partied Out via iTunes here and stream the EP via Spotify here 

Silverstein Release ‘Lost Positives’ Video & Announce 2018 Tour

Silverstein Jan 2018 TourCanada’s post-hardcore veterans, Silverstein, recently released their eighth full length, Dead Reflection, on Rise Records, and have already spent much of 2017 on the road in support of the album. Now the band has announced yet another massive run of shows with a full US tour on the books for early 2018. To celebrate the announcement the band have now released their new music video for the track Lost Positives, an explosive cut from Dead Reflection.

Dead Reflection can be streamed and purchased here

You can view the video for Lost Positives, and Silverstein‘s tour dates, below Read More…

Regarde Release ‘Leavers’ Album

Regarde LeaversItaly’s Regarde deliver a solid blend a indie, emo and post hardcore on their new full length, Leavers, that was released yesterday, the 6th October. The album is now available on vinyl, cassette and digital formats, as well as on a limited edition milky vinyl and a bundle that includes a ltd edition hand signed analogic photo. 

Leavers can be streamed and purchased via Wiretap Records here

The limited edition milky vinyl edition of Leavers can be ordered here

Shine Bright Release ‘More Wild Than The Wind’ EP

shine bright MWTTWUtah based post hardcore outfit Shine Bright have released their brand new EP, More Wild Than The Wind, today via Standby Records, the EP is now available on CD and download formats. The band will also be playing a release show for the More Wild Than The Wind EP at Salt Lake City’s Urban Lounge on October 8th.

Shine Bright‘s Facebook page can be found here

More Wild Than The Wind can be purchased via Standby Records here and via iTunes here

Circa Survive TA

Circa Survive

The Amulet

Hopeless Records

Rating: 2.5/5




From the release of their 2005 debut, Juturna, to their 2010 major label release, Blue Sky Noise, to today with their latest release, The Amulet Circa Survive has made a career of turning all of the things that make them difficult to categorize into their greatest strengths. Circa Survive continues this legacy, but on The Amulet this is filtered through the unique lens of their punk and alternative roots and drawing on the raw power of post-hardcore to create a modern hybrid of styles. After thirteen years together Circa Survive have released another album that see’s them move forward, but crucially this has been achieved this whilst remaining true to their roots.

Lustration offers a melodic introduction to The Amulet that steadily builds up in intensity, whilst Never Tell A Soul and Stay bring an upbeat element to Circa Survive‘s latest release. Premonition Of The Hex, Tunnel Vision, The Hex, At Night It Gets Worse and the album’s title track offer a more atmospheric alternative to the driven alt rock that lies at the band’s core, and the album’s penultimate track, Flesh And Bone, brings the pace of the album right down. But for me it’s when they return to a more strident breed of alt rock, one that carries a distinctly more discordant style, where Circa Survive shine brightest, and as a result the track Rites Of Investiture is my personal highlights from The Amulet.

The Amulet is a flawlessly produced slab of melodic alt rock that has touches from the bands roots in it’s DNA, whilst their particular brand of slick and atmospheric alt rock isn’t exactly to my tastes there is no denying that Circa Survive have delivered a radio friendly and polished ten track album. Circa Survive are a band that continue to evolve and The Amulet represents a transition point in Circa Survive‘s history, and I can’t help feeling that it’s one that is likely to gain them a new generation of fans.

The Amulet can be pre-ordered here and details of a Record Store Day exclusive vinyl release can be found here

Namazu WC


Works Cited

Typhoon Killer Records

Rating: 3.5/5



Namazu have only been in existence for a short period of time but already they are planning to release their debut album, Works Cited, in just a few short days on September 29th 2017 via Typhoon Killer Records. Namazu are a noisy hybrid formed by Memphis scene veterans from the ashes of Hosoi Bros and Tanks, but this is not in any way your typical deep south duo, Namazu are a band that are striving to reach that happy medium that balances good time riffs and pummeling hardcore intensity, and if I’m honest it seems like they’ve hit their target on the first attempt.
Bactine kicks in with a dark and dirty riff that quickly develops an intensity that melds rock and hardcore perfectly, and Works Cited just keeps on hitting you with riff after relentless riff, tracks such as Gunwhale and Waterwalkers extend the riffs out, but for me this is a band that are at their best when they deliver their songs as short sharp punches. At times Namazu flirt with metal and rock, especially on Dragged Fighting From His Tomb, but this tendency is kept down and dirty rather than the sterile and clinical approach favoured by many metal acts, whilst the album never quite lives up to the opening track is must be said that Works Cited does boast a stunning opening track.
Namazu employ all the subtlety of a sledgehammer, and with this approach they bring a refreshing change to post hardcore and do to the genre what The Stooges did to music back in the 60s, they strip everything back and turn it up, and for me this is an approach that isn’t employed enough. You could argue that Works Cited is something of a one dimensional album, but if you want subtlety then this isn’t the band for you. Namazu have unleashed a relentless pummelling that just doesn’t quit until the last chords of the final track fade out, there are times when albums like this are exactly what you need and Works Cited also serves as an important reminder that sometimes less is more.
Works Cited can be pre-ordered via Typhoon Killer Records here and via Bandcamp here

Circa Survive Release New Album ‘The Amulet’

Circa Survive TACirca Survive‘s adventurous new album, The Amulet, is out today on Hopeless Records. Circa Survive sound as vital as ever on their sixth full length, stretching their brand of intricately appealing post-hardcore into intense new territory. The Amulet finds Circa Survive continuing to push their unconventional sound, proving exactly why they’re still one of alternative’s most exhilarating bands.

You can stream The Aumlet via Spotify here

The Amulet can be purchased here and details of a Record Store Day exclusive can be found here

Orchards Release ‘The Grey’ Video

Orchards Promo Sept 17Orchards have released the official music video for the track, The Grey, that will appear on the band’s debut EP, Idle, that is due out on December 8th 2017. Idle follows on from Orchards debut single, Vile Me, that was released last year and is available as a pay what you feel download via Bandcamp.

You can download Vile Me via Bandcamp here

The video for The Grey can be viewed below Read More…

Regarde Release Video For ‘Patterns’

Regarde PatternsItaly’s Regarde deliver a solid blend a indie, emo and post hardcore on their new full length, Leavers, that is due for release on the 6th October. The album is now available for pre-order on milky vinyl and a bundle that includes a ltd edition hand signed analogic photo. Ahead of the LP’s release Regarde have revealed a video for the track Patterns that is taken from the new album.

Leavers can be pre-ordered via Wiretap Records here

You can view the video for Patterns below Read More…

Never Found Release ‘Come To Me’ Video

Never Found THCNever Found have revealed the new video for Come To Me, a track that is lifted from their explosive forthcoming EP, The Human Condition, that is due out on 6th October. The post-hardcore crew will also be on tour in the UK this Autumn to coincide with the release of The Human Condition.

You can pre order The Human Condition here

You can view the video for Come To Me, and Never Found‘s tour dates, below Read More…

The Hiding Place Release ‘Are You Even There?’ Video

The Hiding Place Promo Sept 17Post-hardcore quintet The Hiding Place are ripe to break and are armed with their blistering new video single, Are You Even There?, Sparking glowing comparisons to Thrice, He Is Legend and Underoath, The Hiding Place are currently working on an untitled follow-up to their 2014 EP, So This Is Home, that is slated to drop later this year, and promises to both surprise and thrill their current fanbase and new fans alike. Before the new record lands, the band have released their brand new video and single, Are You Even There?

You can view the video for Are You Even There? below Read More…

Skywalker Sugar House


Sugar House

Self Released

Rating: 3/5




Skywalker are a band originally based now in the Czech Republic, but who now straddle their home town of Prague and Liverpool in the UK, despite the band members now being separated by a significant distance they haven’t let this diminish their rise as they are set to release their new EP, Sugar House, at the start of September. Their latest EP follows on from 2015’s Ellis EP and precedes a tour across mainland Europe, including a series of headline shows in the UK, in support of the Sugar House EP.

The Sugar House EP is a release that combines urgent riffs, brutal breakdowns and a dual vocal delivery that is split between the clean and barked variants, and these are features that appear across all five tracks on the EP, but Skywalker avoid becoming any sort of one trick pony as each track has it’s own distinct character. Sugar House builds in intensity across the EP, with the final two tracks, Caffeine and Venom, reflecting the best elements of the almost schizophrenic approach to punk that that Skywalker deliver, the tracks veer between an almost metal approach and a frantic pop punk, with the emphasis very much on the punkier side.

Skywalker deliver a blend of skate punk riffs and brutal post hardcore, that sit alongside a few hard edged pop punk elements to deliver an unexpected and welcome hybrid. The barked vocal delivery and heavy delivery acknowledges a significant metalcore influence in their DNA, and if this kind of meeting between the brutal side of post hardcore and metalcore, and the more melodic side of punk rock, is to your tastes then you won’t find many who deliver it better than Skywalker.

Skwalker‘s website can be found here and their Bandcamp is here

Able Baker Fox Release ‘Visions’ LP Today Via No Sleep Records

Able Baker Fox VisionsSince 2008, Able Baker Fox have been almost completely silent, barring a reunion performance at 2014’s Fest, now nearly ten years after the release of their debut album, post hardcore punk super group Able Baker Fox have finally gotten back on the horse. Visions is the outfit’s long awaited follow up to their 2008 debut Voices, and the album is out today via No Sleep Records

Visions can be streamed via Spotify here and downloaded via iTunes here 

You can order Visions on vinyl via No Sleep Records here

Energy UK Tour 2017

Energy / Miss Vincent / Cascade

Satan's Hollow, Manchester, UK

29th July 2017

Rating: 4.5/5



Energy Satans Hollow Venue July 18Satan’s Hollow is an eccentric venue located on the edge of Manchester’s Gay Village that is done out on early Hammer Horror chic complete with Devils, a Frankenstein’s Monster and numerous ghouls and creatures lurking in the venue, it also boasts the stickiest floor I’ve ever encountered in a live venue and over the DJ booth lurks Satan himself overseeing the tunes, and this bodes well for tonight, after all he is famed for having all the best tunes. I’ve not been to Satan’s Hollow for about ten years, but my memories of it being a unique venue are not just hazy nostalgia, aside from it’s decor the bands play in the centre of the venue, granting you unique perspectives for live shows that no other Manchester venue provides.
Energy Satans Hollow Cascade July 18By the time we’ve had a confusing meander through the construction zone that central Manchester has become and we finally locate Satan’s Hollow it’s too late to catch opening band Sonder, but on the plus side we managed to catch the end of up and coming local outfit Cascade‘s set.  The Manchester quartet are already mid way through their set as we arrive but the brief exposure to Cascade reveals a band who deliver an earnest and down to earth blend of post and melodic hardcore that is the perfect start to tonight’s line up, and as their debut single, Sarracenia, is available as a free download you have nothing to lose by checking out this promising outfit.
Energy Satans Hollow Miss Vincent 1 July 18Miss Vincent are supporting Energy across their debut headline tour of the UK, and you can see why they landed the support slot as they deliver a welcome blast of melodic hardcore tinged punk rock that hits the spot nicely, and it explains the hype that’s building up behind this up and coming UK outfit. The early start for tonight’s show has not done any of the support bands any favours as Miss Vincent have hit the stage before 8pm, a time when many gig goers are still usually enjoying a pre show pint, but this is what venues have to do to survive so I’m not complaining, but I suspect a lot of those with tickets for tonight’s show haven’t checked the stage times prior to attending.
Energy Satans Hollow Miss Vincent 2 July 18Miss Vincent are a band I expect to hear a lot more of, the blend street punk, melodic hardcore and good old fashioned punk rock to incredible effect, and despite the early start they deliver a full tilt set to those who have arrived early enough, and to the steadily growing slightly confused crowd who arrive mid set. Amidst the full tilt punk rock there are moments that break the set up with moments of more heartfelt rock ‘n roll on steroids that befit the band’s moniker. Miss Vincent are authentic muscular punk rock, and I would have been happy just to see them tonight such is the passion and energy behind their set and I can’t recommend Miss Vincent highly enough, on the basis of tonight’s set they stand out as another rising star born of the UK’s grass roots punk scene.
Energy Satans Hollow 1 July 18Energy kick off with The Witching Hour, the impressive lead single from the freshly released Under The Mask EP, that marks a perfect start to their headline set and for a band with a ten year back catalogue demonstrates the strength of their new material. For me Energy‘s sound and attitude is better matched to the intimate venue of Satan’s Hollow, and the demonic theme of the venue, much better than the characterless venues they were playing on the first UK visit earlier this year as support to Creeper. Energy are for me the natural heirs to The Misfits crown of horror punk, but that’s not to say they are a copy of New Jerseys finest, they bring their own character and well, Energy, to the set.
Energy Satans Hollow 2 July 18Energy carry a different feel from many of Boston’s better known sons as there’s no reference to Irish heritage or bagpipes, instead tonight they have delivered a set that is influenced by the last four decades of punk rock, from The Misfits through to AFI and beyond, and to underpin this towards the end of the set they deliver The Misfits classic Hybrid Moments exactly as it was meant to be delivered. Throughout tonight’s set Energy enjoy an intimate interaction with an enthusiastic crowd and they happily mingle with the audience after the show, until the venue is cleared to make way for the following club night. For me this is a tour that represents a showcase of two bands that are deservedly gaining the recognition they deserve.
Energy Satans Hollow 3 July 18Tonight Energy are playing their Under The Mask EP in full for the first time, on their first headlining set in Manchester, on the first date of their first UK headlining tour, and it’s their first show with new drummer Eric Molloy. On a night of numerous firsts I feel privileged to have been here as Energy now sit comfortably amongst my favourite live acts after tonight and my first exposure to them earlier this year. Energy are making significant inroads into the UK with two tours in the last 6 months, and I’m wondering why it took then so long as their brand of horror infused punk rock is well received by the attendees at Satan’s Hollow, and I hope Energy make a return to our shores in 2018.
Energy Satans Hollow 4 July 18Energy‘s Facebook presence is here and the Under The Mask EP can be ordered here
The Punk Site Review of the Under The Mask EP can be read here
Miss Vincent‘s Facebook page can be found here and their Bandcamp is here
Cascade‘s Facebook is located here and their Bandcamp is here
You can enter Satan’s Hollow online here
Live photography is by Dean Unsworth, his Instagram account is located here
You can click on any of Dean’s photos to view a slide show of the images

Silverstein Release Video For New Single ‘The Afterglow’

Silverstein DRCanada’s post hardcore pioneers Silverstein have released their brand new music video for The Afterglow, the single is a choice cut from their recently released eighth full length, Dead Reflection. To compliment the infectious hooks of The Afterglow Silverstein paired the track with a video chronicle of their time on the entirety of the 2017 Vans Warped Tour, from the raucous live show to the backstage camaraderie, the music video is a behind the scenes glimpse into a long summer of sweat, stage dives, and Silverstein

You can pre-order Dead Reflection via Rise Records here

You can view the video for The Afterglow, and Silverstein‘s tour dates, below Read More…

At The Drive In Release New Video For ‘Call Broken Arrow’

At The Drive In InteraliaContinuing to build on the feverish momentum of their new album in • ter a • li • a, that was released on May 5, 2017 on Rise Records, At The Drive In has proudly unveiled the new video for Call Broken Arrow. At The Drive In return to the UK this coming August Bank Holiday weekend for their hugely-anticipated set on the mainstage of the Reading and Leeds Festivals, before returning in November for an arena tour with Royal Blood.

The Punk Site Review of in • ter a • li • a can be read here

you can view the video for Call Broken Arrow, and At The Drive In‘s tour dates, below Read More…

Latewaves To Release Debut EP ‘Partied Out’

Latewaves PONew Jersey trio Latewaves have signed with Panic State Records who are set to release the band’s debut EP, Partied Out. The band draw off influences from the quirky minor and 7th chords of 90s alt rock and the angst and aggression of the early 2000’s post hardcore and emo scenes, Latewaves find their sound in the echoes of the past but bring a modern twist and the band have released a stream of the track Facedown ahead of the EP’s release.

Partied Out can be pre-ordered via Panic State Records here

You can stream Facedown here and view the bands tour dates below Read More…

The Hiding Place To Release New Single ‘Are You Even There?’

Hiding Place AYETThe Hiding Place are a band that pride themselves on being hard to pigeon-hole, walking the tightrope between post-hardcore, gloomy punk, grunge and old-school emo, the band have a broad range of influences that they distil into an intense and powerful sound that never fails to impress audiences. The Hiding Place are currently working on an untitled follow-up to 2014’s So This Is Home EP, the new release is slated to drop later this year and promises to both surprise and thrill their current fanbase and new fans alike. Before the new record lands, the band will release their brand new video and single, Are You Even There? on September 15th, the track unleashes a supremely appealing hook that will be bolted to your head indefinitely and the cut is backed up by an equally compelling video.
The Hiding Place‘s Facebook page can be found here
Young Planetary IATNAYTS

Young Planetary

I Am The Night And You're The Sunrise

Hidden Home Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Hidden Home Records is an Idaho based grass roots label with a growing reputation for signing idiosyncratic bands, and it’s an imprint that seems to be on a mission to develop a roster that covers everything from folk punk to hardcore, now Young Planetary have been added to the label’s eclectic roster. The lengthy and ominously titled I Am The Night And You’re The Sunrise is the latest release from the Idaho based post hardcore quintet, and their latest EP follows on from their 2016 debut full length, Wilt.

Undone opens I Am The Night And You’re The Sunrise in brutal style, encapsulating an approach to post hardcore that goes full circle back to hardcore via punk and grunge influences, Spiderwebs brings the pace down and brings their crushing turn it up to eleven approach to something that in another life could have been an indie or shoegaze number. Daybreak returns to the pulverising approach of the opening track, but it keeps a subtle undertone running along with the distorted riffing and screaming backing vocals but Young Planetary have kept the best for last, Teeth Fall Out boats a hook laden riff before it breaks down into almost haunting vocals and complex beats before the track kicks back in to close the EP in stormy and triumphant style.

Young Planetary are another string to the incredibly diverse bow that Hidden Home Records has armed themselves with, as the title suggests this is a dark and intense affair where everything is louder than everything else, which at times means that some of the complexities of the songs are almost lost in the heavily distorted delivery, almost.  I Am The Night And You’re The Sunrise picks things up exactly where Wilt left off, making this a logical if not somewhat unsurprising release, but if you have a taste for Young Planetary‘s previous releases, or you have a fondness for the more twisted side of post hardcore then I Am The Night And You’re The Sunrise is an EP that should already be on your playlist.

You can pre-order I Am The Night And You’re The Sunrise via Hidden Home Records here

VVomen MO


Moving On

Self Released

Rating: 2.5/5




Sacramento based expressive quartet VVomen will self release their debut EP, Moving On, in a few days time on July 21st. The six songs contained on the EP are a post hardcore influenced blast of discordant punk rock, but leave any expectations that description generated at the door as this not in any way, shape or form like any post hardcore or punk release I’ve been sent this year. Moving On is an eclectic mix of styles that is built on a identifiable foundation, but after this VVomen have built something that is strange and unique, and not exactly stable.

Catching Flies is a raw uncompromising discordant blast of post hardcore that is delivered with a hardcore attitude, which is followed by Cadence And Carousel that exemplifies the mix of contrasting styles and only goes onto cement the impression that VVomen are heading out into unexplored territory. The narrative style of Blueprint, that is underpinned by chiming guitar riffs, brings another element to the EP, Bad Grammar introduces elements of gruff punk before the math rock fuelled Lessons In Humility adds to the confusion until finally Crutch And A Stoma, which is about as close as you get to a coherent straight up punk track, brings things to a close.

This is post hardcore, but not as we know it, it carries the intense and raw delivery from the extreme end of punk rock, but it’s carried on a backbone of stripped down post hardcore that makes VVomen a band that’s impossible to pin down. At times Moving On is a challenging listen, and others it’s downright difficult, the mix of discordant styles keeps you guessing and VVomen never settle into a rut, comfortable or otherwise. An EP of this nature is never going to be a crowd pleaser, but what Moving On is is a unique amalgamation of punk styles, and that’s not something I get to say very often.

Moving On can be pre-ordered here

Young Planetary Release New EP Via Hidden Home Records

Young Planetary IATNAYTSIdaho’s post hardcore punk quintet, Young Planetary, released their latest EP, I Am The Night And You’re The Sunrise, via Hidden Home Records at the end of last month. The EP is now available on CD and digital formats as well as being available for streaming and download via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and most major digital platforms.

Young Planetary‘s Facebook page can be found here

You can stream and purchase I Am The Night And You’re The Sunrise here

Silverstein DR


Dead Reflection

Rise Records / New Damage Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Silverstein have now been with us for 17 years, despite the passing of the years this is a band that always retained their commitment to the spirit of their punk and hardcore roots, and now they have released their eighth full length, Dead Reflection, which came out on the 14th July via Rise Records and New Damage Records. Their latest release follows on from 2015’s I Am Alive In Everything I Touch and Dead Reflection is an album that indicates that Silverstein still have plenty of life left in them, despite approaching the end of their second decade together.

Last Looks kicks things off in full blooded post hardcore rush that continues throughout Dead Reflection, but this isn’t just an relentless assault, the album contains melody that is perfectly balanced against the intense and brooding soundtrack. Tracks such as the heartfelt Mirror Box, Secret’s Safe and the tortured closer Wake Up bring the pace down, whilst The Afterglow take things closer to their roots, but for the most part Dead Reflection is an authentic album of modern post hardcore that demonstrates that Silverstein aren’t content to carry on recreating the past and are determined to continue pressing forward.

Dead Reflection is an album that’s informed by personal loss and it carries a very real sense of darkness and isolation, but having said that it is not an album that allows itself to wallow in self pity and self doubt, Silverstein‘s latest album comes across as a redemptive and cathartic release that is written from a deeply personal perspective, and despite the dark subject matter it feels like this an album that has given the band a new lease of life. For those who already love Silverstein this will be an essential release, and for me Dead Reflection seems to be a positive and logical step forward for the band.

You can order Dead Reflection via Rise Records (US) here and New Damage Records (CAN) here

Silverstein Release Stream Of ‘Whiplash’ From Forthcoming LP

Silverstein DRSilverstein have released a stream of Whiplash, an explosive new track from their forthcoming LP, Dead Reflection, that is due out on July 14th via Rise Records. Dead Reflection is Silverstein‘s eighth full length and proves why the band have remained at the top of their game for over 17 years. Whiplash exemplifies the combination of aggression and hooks that Silverstein excel at, a blend that the band has pushed even further on Dead Reflection.

You can stream Whiplash here and pre-order Dead Reflection here

Silverstein‘s European and North American tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Able Baker Fox Release Stream Of ‘Purple Mountains’

Able Baker Fox VisionsAble Baker Fox is the merger of two 90s post-hardcore heavy hitters, the band was formed when Mike Reed, Ben Reed, and Jeff Gensterblum of Small Brown Bike joined up with Nathan Ellis of the Casket Lottery and the rest is history, now nearing their tenth year, the band is about to release their new album Visions this summer.

You can stream Purple Mountains here and Visions can be pre-ordered here

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VVomen Release ‘Cadence And Carousel’ Video

VVomen MOPoetic post hardcore band VVomen have released their debut music video for the new single, Cadence and Carousel, that is taken from the Sacramento quartet’s EP, Moving On, which will be released independently on July 21st. Cadence and Carousel is a lumbering punk song about a couple’s first dance at their wedding, visually, the band conceptualized an alternate Stranger Things-esque world and the need to rescue someone that is trapped there, they also incorporated giant handmade papier mache heads and a grim reaper antagonist.

Moving On can pre-ordered via Bandcamp here

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Aviator Releasing ‘Loneliness Leaves The Light On For Me’ LP

Aviator LLTLOFMBoston based hardcore outfit Aviator are releasing their sophomore LP, Loneliness Leaves The Light On For Me, tomorrow, June 23rd, via No Sleep Records. Aviator will play a series of US shows in June with Druse, including a hometown record release show on June 23 at Hardcore Stadium in Cambridge, MA, the band will also be joining Lume on a US tour in July.

Loneliness Leaves The Light On For Me can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp here

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