All Tied Up BS

All Tied Up

Breaking Silence

Stack In A Box Records

Rating: 3.5/5




To date All Tied Up have released two EP’s and an album, it was this DIY attitude that led to their signing to Stack In A Box Records, now the nu-wave pop punk outfit are set to release their latest EP, Breaking Silence, with all the power pop thrusts and melodic hooks that we have come to expect from Milton Keynes quartet. Although All Tied Up draw from American influences, the band have a distinctly British sound and sensibility and as a result they have thankfully managed to avoid the predictable path that so many pop punk bands follow.

So Enthusiastic opens with some mellow chords that make you think this is going to be just another pop punk EP but thankfully it comes to life in an unpredictable manner, it does contain the spirit of pop punk but they’re not trying to mimic their counterparts on the other side of the Atlantic. There are clear influences from the obvious American stalwarts of the pop punk genre including Blink 182, Green Day and The Ataris but this is no pale imitation, All Tied Up have placed a distinctly anglicized take on the genre

Breaking Silence has all the break downs, hook laden riffs and energy to keep fans of the pop punk genre happy, but crucially it brings something new to the genre and All Tied Up bring their own character to the EP. This is a release that is returning to the roots of the genre, and it is one that is more punk than pop which for me is the way it should be, they’ve even skipped the obligatory acoustic number to close the EP, with the release of Breaking Silence All Tied Up have delivered a breath of fresh air in a genre that was very much in danger of becoming stale.

The Breaking Silence EP will be released on the 22nd Septmber and can be pre-ordered here

Sweet Little Machine Reveal ‘Monsters’ Video

Sweet Little Machine Monsters Sweet Little Machine have revealed a brand new video for ‘Monsters‘, the title track from their new EP that is set for release on 6th October 2017. The band will be opening every night on the forthcoming Fireball – Fuelling The Fire tour in October 2017 playing alongside Reel Big Fish, Anti-Flag, Mad Caddies and The Skints.

The Monsters EP can be pre-ordered here

The Fireball – Fuelling The Fire tour dates, and the Monsters video, can be viewed below Read More…

Figure It Out Reveal ‘Silence Isn’t Golden’ Video

Figure It Out SIGKnowing when a relationship has run its course and realizing that it’s time to let go can be a difficult pill to swallow. The Arizona based pop punk quartet Figure It Out tackle this head on in their anthemic new single and video, Silence Isn’t Golden, a song which also serves as the title track of their latest EP. 

The Silence Isn’t Golden EP can be ordered here

The video for Silence Isn’t Golden can be viewed below Read More…

All Tied Up Reveal Track By Track Of ‘Breaking Silence’ EP

All Tied Up BSAll Tied Up are surging ahead with the release of their engulfing new EP, Breaking Silence, which lands via Stack In A Box Records on September 22nd. All Tied Up dispatch thumping power pop thrusts and melodic hooks that conjure up comparisons to All Time Low and A Day To Remember, as well as heavyweight luminaries such as Blink-182 and Green Day. In an exclusive for The Punk Site the band have revealed a track by track breakdown of the Breaking Silence EP.
Breaking Silence can be pre-ordered on CD and digital formats here
You can read the track by track breakdown of the Breaking Silence EP below

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Sweet Little Machine To Release ‘Monsters’ EP

Sweet Little Machine MonstersMonsters is the new EP from Fireball’s Hottest Band 2017, Sweet Little Machine, that is due to be released on the 6th October. Monsters is an EP packed full of the kind of arena ready punk rock songs that were made for the big stage and the radio waves, and you can catch the band on tour throughout the UK with Reel Big Fish, Anti-FlagThe Skints and Mad Caddies next month on the Fireball – Fuelling The Fire tour.
You can pre-order the Monsters EP here
You can view the Fireball – Fuelling The Fire UK Tour dates below

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Showoff MSS


Midwest Side Story

Dodgeball Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Before we get into Midwest Side Story we need to have a brief recap on the rise and fall of Showoff, in the late 1990s they self released their first album and EP, this led to the band signing to Madonna‘s Maverick Records and the release of their sophomore album, but changes within the label’s structure and subsequent tension within the band resulted in their dissolution, leaving a third album recorded but unreleased. In the mid 2000’s a brief reformation saw the release of their fourth album before the band once more dissolved, but now Showoff are back with their fifth studio album, the fourth to see the light of day, and this time they’re doing it on their own terms as Midwest Side Story is released on Dodgeball Records, a label owned and founded by front man Chris Messer, along with his wife Dani and Mike Felumlee of the Smoking Popes.

From the first chords of the opening track, Popular Kid, it’s clear that Showoff are back to doing what they do best, this is anthemic pop punk that packs all the hooks and catchy choruses that the best of the genre delivers. Midwest Side Story also carries those harmony vocals and the almost obligatory acoustic led tracks that were pop punk trademarks, but there are moments that break away from the pop punk style that dominates the album, in particular the frantic Falling Apart brings a brief punkier blast to Midwest Side Story. Showoff have delivered a consistent and well crafted album that should be lapped up by fans of pop punk luminaries such as Bowling For Soup, Weezer, Blink-182 and of course Showoff‘s original fans.

I’ll admit that I’ve been critical of a lot of recent pop punk releases for recreating a sound that predates many of those band’s members births, but I can’t exactly level that criticism at a band that were present at pop punk’s year zero. Midwest Side Story is a damn fine pop punk album, there’s nothing on the album that will come as a surprise, but there’s nothing to disappoint as this is a well crafted thirteen track album that carries all the finest elements of pop punk, every woah, guitar hook, lovelorn lyric and harmony vocal is everything you’d hope for, and if you’re a fan of pop punk’s glory days then Midwest Side Story is the album you’ve been waiting for.

Midwest Side Story will be released on the 22nd September and the album can be pre-ordered here

Buffalo Go Cave In

Buffalo Go!

Cave In

Self Released

Rating: 4/5




Up and coming UK pop punkers Buffalo Go! released their new EP, Cave In, earlier this month, their latest release follows on from their debut single Fifty/Fifty that was released back in 2015 and the style of their debut single is carried through to their latest EP, but everything feels more focused and refined than on their initial release. The end product is an EP that is another example of a band that is moving away from the pop punk template and bringing something fresh to a genre that was in danger of becoming stale and predictable.

Lead single Caught Up launches the Cave In EP with a bruising delivery, that was whilst pop punk at it’s heart has a lot more muscle than bands from the genre usually possess, Mantis confirms that the opening number was not a one off, as this is another intense dose of pop punk. Light Patrol sees the intensity upped with an almost crossover feel to the delivery, but the best is saved almost for last in the form of the impressive track Fight Milk that combines everything the EP has thrown at us in three near perfect minutes, finally Just Call Me Circuit Breaker brings the Cave In EP full circle with another muscular dose of pop punk.

The Cave In EP is an emotional heavyweight that is a unique EP in pop punk terms, the song structures are unmistakably born of the genre’s heyday, but the way they are delivered is a distinct shift away from the more predictable styles that many adopt. The EP contains heavyweight drum beats and crunching guitar riffs that are combined with melodic vocals to deliver an EP that is an original and welcome addition to the ongoing renaissance that pop punk seems to be enjoying this year.

The Cave In EP can be streamed and purchased, on CD and digital formats, here

Knuckle Puck Release ‘Double Helix’ Video

Knuckle Puck SSChicago pop punkers Knuckle Puck have released a new track and the first video from their highly anticipated sophomore album, Shapeshifter. Double Helix is a sharp, urgent punch right to the gut, complete with an explosive chorus that makes excellent use of gang vocals. Knuckle Puck will also embark on a fall headlining tour with support from Movements, With Confidence and Homesafe. Rise Records will release Shapeshifter on October 13, 2017, and the album is now available for pre-order here
You can view the video for Double Helix, and Knuckle Puck‘s tour dates, below

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Don Blake BD

Don Blake

Blake District

Round Dog Records

Rating: 4/5




Bolton, UK’s power pop punk quartet Don Blake have recently released their latest EP, Blake District, and the bands latest offering follows on from their 2015 debut album, Pocket Universe. Blake District features five new songs from the band that build on their previous releases and keep all the harmonies, catchy hooks and punk energy that populated their debut album, but with an added maturity that has been developed over the last two years that has brought a new element to the style that dominated their earlier EP’s, and their impressive debut album.

Their debut album was a blast of high tempo punk rock, and from the opening chords of Broken Baritone it’s clear that this is still the case as they open with a slice of melodic pop punk, but any fears that they might have softened their approach are dismissed by the frantic punk rock blast of Lurking. Blake District continues to tread the line between pop punk, punk rock and power pop perfectly, The Road Home and No Stops return to the poppier side of their style, whilst On The Line revisits their punk rock roots. Whilst there is a distinct influence from the heyday of pop punk on Blake District, this is not a recreation and the emphasis is firmly on the punk and power pop rather than the poppy elements.

Having a band of this quality that are literally right on my doorstep is something that is a rare thing, but for those of you who live further afield I’d recommend getting your hands on the Blake District EP until they make their way to your neck of the woods. Don Blake are a band that will appeal to fans of Teenage Bottlerocket, The Lillingtons, The Riverdales and The Methadones, but this is not a band who have copied a style from across the pond, they have firmly stamped their own identity onto the sound, and more importantly they’ve done it with style.

The Blake District EP can be streamed and purchased here as well as their back catalogue, which is available as pay what you want downloads. Blake District is also available on transparent splatter vinyl via Round Dog Records here

Nerf Herder Contribute To ‘Dog Songs’ LP In Aid Of ASPCA

Nerf Herder October ShowNerf Herder have contributed a brand new track to the Dog Songs Compilation, all proceeds from the album will be donated to the ASPCA to help the dogs affected by Hurricane Harvey. Nerf Herder‘s song is about Carrie Fisher‘s dog, Gary, and it’s a bit of a tear-jerker. Nerf Herder have also announced their first New York show in 15 years at the Bell House on October 5th, details can be found here.
The Dog Songs album can be purchased for $8 here
You can view the album’s tracklisting, and the video for Gary And The Princess, below

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Life Lessons Release ‘Best When In Motion’ EP

Life Lessons BWIMOklahoma City’s Life Lessons have just released their new EP, Best When In Motion, via You Did This Records and Triple Crown Records, the new EP is the follow up to the band’s previous self-released EP’s, I Know What I’m Not and What The Silence Meant. In support of Best When In Motion, Life Lessons have joined Four Year Strong on their Rise Or Die Trying 10 year anniversary tour along with Seaway, Life Pacific and Greyscale.
Best When In Motion is available for purchase and streaming here
Life Lessons US tour dates can be viewed below

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Buffalo Go Release Debut EP ‘Cave In’

Buffalo Go Cave InPromising UK punk band Buffalo Go have released their debut EP, Cave In, to celebrate the news the band have revealed a video for Caught Up, the first single from the Cave In EP which see’s the band performing a fast paced rabble rousing track in the most natural environment for a pop-punk band, a packed house show. To support the release of the EP Buffalo Go will be playing a select number of shows in September with more gigs to be announced.

The Cave In EP can be streamed and purchased here

You can view the video for Caught Up, and Buffalo Go‘s tour dates, below Read More…

Mr Happy Chainsaw INMB

Mr Happy Chainsaw

It's Not My Ball

Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5



Mr Happy Chainsaw reformed last year after a seven year hiatus and they have picked up exactly where they left off by re-establishing themselves on their local scene, with new material, a new line up and new attitude towards performing. Before their long hiatus Mr Happy Chainsaw were a band that took toured across the UK with the likes of The Vibrators, UK Subs and Madness and you can see why when you listen to It’s Not My Ball, as this is the kind of EP that has a distinctly cross genre appeal.

The It’s Not My Ball EP brings three freshly penned tracks and two regenerated classics from their first incarnation. Standing There kicks things off with an upbeat poppy punk riff, this is followed by Out Of Time and Leaving Town, two tracks that have the feel of the finest vintage power pop, whilst Charlie and Your Best Friend bring a touch of old school punk rock, the latter of which will definitely appeal to fans of Dirt Box Disco. It’s Not My Ball is an impressive EP that marks the return of Mr Happy Chainsaw to recording, eight long years after they released their debut EP, We Appear To Be On Fire.

Although Mr Happy Chainsaw describe themselves as poppy punk rock they manage to avoid the pop punk clichés that have been rife in the recent renaissance of the genre, it might be poppy but it’s not pop punk, this is punk rock with a poppy veneer. Underneath the cartoonish name and covert art there lies an accomplished combination of punk rock and power pop that is not what I expected from a band who describe themselves as a cocktail of Blink 182, Green Day and Alkaline Trio, with a splash of Foo Fighters and a hint of Barry Manilow and Elton John.

The It’s Not My Ball EP can be ordered via Bandcamp here and My Happy Chainsaw‘s website is here

Delinquents ALN


About Last Night

Violated Records

Rating: 4/5




Dundee’s Delinquents are a band that are making waves and building a reputation for themselves far beyond their local scene, they have been industriously playing intimate shows on their home turf to raise donations for local foodbanks, as well as touring across their native Scotland and making a triumphant debut appearance at this years Rebellion Festival, making Delinquents a band that are making friends both on and off stage wherever they go. The band name may conjure up the spirit of 1977, but if you were expecting an album of retro punk rock then you’re going to be surprised, as there’s so much more to Delinquents than being just another punk band.

Punk is of course part of the Delinquents DNA, the tracks Acne, Waste Of Time and Valentines Day are slices of punk perfection, and Next Generation is a classic fuck you punk anthem, and from those four tracks you might think that you know what the Delinquents are all about, but those four tracks are spread across a release that is one of the most diverse and original albums I’ve heard this year. Ctrl.Alt.Defeat simultaneously manages to invoke punk rock, post punk and the more abrasive side of indie, whilst Not Your Problem and Something To Prove are intense blasts of old school hardcore. Keep On Choking brings another dimension to the album, as this track recalls the likes of The Chameleons and The Smiths, and you might think The Fuck You Song would be a straight up slice of punk rock, well it isn’t, it’s is a folk punk number that reminds me of a less subtle reimagining of Green Day’s Good Riddance, and the chugging riff of Never Gonna Fit In is a raw discordant slice of pop punk.

Delinquents have delivered an album that doesn’t fit the punk rock template, or any template for that matter, they embrace influences from beyond the usual punk arena, and the result is a truly original album that offers something unique. Trying to define an album such as About Last Night is impossible, every single track veers off on it’s own tangent, embracing punk, hardcore, folk punk, indie, pop punk and post punk along the way, making About Last Night just about the only album I’ve ever reviewed that manages to embrace pretty much everything that has been spawned by punk. Whilst the disparate set of influences on display might sound like a recipe for disaster it isn’t, Delinquents have managed to condense the sprawling array of styles into a cohesive, original and impressive album. If you can’t wait for the 29th September then you can whet your appetite by downloading the tracks Ctrl.Alt.Defeat and Never Gonna Fit In as name your price downloads via the Delinquents Bandcamp here.

About Last Night will be released via Violated Records and Bandcamp on the 29th September

High Down Moving On

High Down

Moving On

Self Released

Rating: 3/5



Portsmouth pop punkers High Down arrived on the music scene last year and they will be self releasing their new EP, Moving On, on the 1st September via all major digital platforms. High Down have been steadily amassing new fans and gathering firm momentum with their highly contagious brand of hard hitting pop punk which unsurprisingly has a sound that is reminiscent of Blink-182, State Champs and New Found Glory, they deliver all the expected hooks, riffs and anthemic choruses that are the hallmark of pop punk, and maybe that’s the reason I felt I was experiencing deja vu when listening to the EP.
Against The Tide kicks things off with a heavier take on the pop punk sound, the recognisable bounce and spirit of the genre is most definitely there, but the riffs and beats are delivered with more crunch and conviction than the majority of pop punkers, and for me it’s all the better for it. All Of You and Life Lessons continue in the same muscular vein until we get to the highlight of the Moving On EP, Making History, which boasts an uplifting chorus and veers slightly away from the pop punk on steroids template of the initial trio of tracks, and of course no self respecting pop punk band could be without the slower acoustic number that builds to an anthemic ending, and this is duly delivered with Rescue Me.
High Down have produced an EP that is worthy addition to the pop punk stable, and whilst they have added a heavier element into the mix it largely adheres to the format of the those that came before them, and I find myself longing for a pop punk band that will take the genre somewhere new. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy a bit of pop punk, providing the punk element hasn’t been buried under the pop, but the genre’s defining albums were released almost twenty years ago. Unless someone starts to produce something that veers away from the style and delivery of those albums then the genre is going to start to become very stale very soon.
High Down‘s Facebook page can be found here and their Big Cartel store is here
Skywalker Sugar House


Sugar House

Self Released

Rating: 3/5




Skywalker are a band originally based now in the Czech Republic, but who now straddle their home town of Prague and Liverpool in the UK, despite the band members now being separated by a significant distance they haven’t let this diminish their rise as they are set to release their new EP, Sugar House, at the start of September. Their latest EP follows on from 2015’s Ellis EP and precedes a tour across mainland Europe, including a series of headline shows in the UK, in support of the Sugar House EP.

The Sugar House EP is a release that combines urgent riffs, brutal breakdowns and a dual vocal delivery that is split between the clean and barked variants, and these are features that appear across all five tracks on the EP, but Skywalker avoid becoming any sort of one trick pony as each track has it’s own distinct character. Sugar House builds in intensity across the EP, with the final two tracks, Caffeine and Venom, reflecting the best elements of the almost schizophrenic approach to punk that that Skywalker deliver, the tracks veer between an almost metal approach and a frantic pop punk, with the emphasis very much on the punkier side.

Skywalker deliver a blend of skate punk riffs and brutal post hardcore, that sit alongside a few hard edged pop punk elements to deliver an unexpected and welcome hybrid. The barked vocal delivery and heavy delivery acknowledges a significant metalcore influence in their DNA, and if this kind of meeting between the brutal side of post hardcore and metalcore, and the more melodic side of punk rock, is to your tastes then you won’t find many who deliver it better than Skywalker.

Skwalker‘s website can be found here and their Bandcamp is here

Figure It Out SIG

Figure It Out

Silence Isn't Golden

Self Released

Rating: 2.5/5




The Arizona based quartet Figure It Out have emerged with a new EP, Silence Isn’t Golden, that is due out on September 1st and will be their first release since the sophomore EP, Nothing To Lose. Silence Isn’t Golden picks up exactly where the last release leaves off, this is an EP of energetic high-tempo tracks that incorporates anthemic elements into the songs, if all this sounds familiar that’s because it is, as Silence Isn’t Golden feels like an exact recreation of pop punks glory days.

Opening track Second Best starts with the familiar Na Na Na Na Na so beloved of many pop punk bands and I get the feeling that I know exactly what I’m in for. All four tracks on Silence Isn’t Golden are cookie cutter recreations of the golden days of pop punk. Tracks such as Lullaby and the EP’s title track continue the somewhat predictable upbeat energetic fizz, and just to complete the feeling that the Silence Isn’t Golden EP has bypassed much of the last two decades, the final track, Sleep Without You, starts with an acoustic heartfelt moment that builds to a crescendo as it seems that no self respecting pop punk band can resist writing a song like this.

If you’re a fan of established North American pop punks such as Blink-182, Sum 41 and New Found Glory then you’ll be in your element, Figure It Out have taken the template laid down in the heyday of pop punk and have taken it, and not so much run with it as cloned it. There’s nothing on the Silence Isn’t Golden EP that you haven’t heard before, but I will say that they have done it very well, so well that if i didn’t know better I would have guessed that this came out at the end of the last millennium. If you love that vintage pop punk sound then this is an EP that will be exactly what you’re looking for, but I’ll just stick with my copy of Enema Of The State.

Figure It Out‘s website can be found here

Mr Happy Chainsaw Release ‘It’s Not My Ball’ EP

Mr Happy Chainsaw INMBMr Happy Chainsaw reformed in 2016 after a 7 year hiatus and have already been taking their local scene by storm with new material, a new line up, a new attitude towards performing and a new EP, It’s Not My Ball. If Mr Happy Chainsaw were a cocktail you’d have to take a pinch of Blink-182, Green Day and Alkaline Trio, add a splash of Foo Fighters, a hint of Barry Manilow and Elton John and top it all off with a generous serving of Essex and a whole lot of fun, and then you’d have a Mr Happy Chainsaw.

Mr Happy Chainsaw‘s website is here and It’s Not My Ball can be streamed and purchased here

Sweet Little Machine Release Stream Of ‘Monsters’

Fireball Tour 17Sheffield pop punk quartet Sweet Little Machine have announced the release of their new EP, Monsters, on the 6th October 2017, ahead of the release the band have unleashed a stream of the EP’s title track. Sweet Little Machine were chosen last year as Fireball’s Hottest Band 2017, and the band will be opening every night on the forthcoming Fireball – Fuelling The Fire Tour in October 2017 playing alongside Reel Big Fish, Anti-Flag and Mad Caddies each night.

The title tracks from the Monsters EP can be streamed here

You can view the Fireball – Fuelling The Fire tour dates below Read More…

UK Pop Punkers ‘All Tied Up’ Release ‘So Enthusiastic’ Video

All Tied Up BSAll Tied Up have revealed a new video for their new single, So Enthusiastic, the band are also set to drop their new EP, Breaking Silence, via Stack In A Box Records on September 22nd. All Tied Up dispatch thumping power pop thrusts and melodic hooks that conjure up comparisons to All Time Low and A Day To Remember, as well as luminaries such as Blink-182 and Green Day.

So Enthusiastic can be streamed and downloaded via Bandcamp here

The video for So Enthusiastic can be viewed below Read More…

Taylor Scott Release ‘Start Anew’ Video

Taylor Scott Leaving HomeOhio’s Taylor Scott have released a music video for Start Anew, a track taken from their Leaving Home EP which was released last spring. Taylor Scott will also be performing at Chin Up Kid‘s record release show on September 8th in Indianapolis.

You can stream Start Anew via Spotify here and Taylor Scott‘s website is here

The video for Start Anew can be viewed below Read More…

The Spinoff Release Debut Single ‘Something Buried’

The Spinoff LogoMontreal’s The Spinoff are a fast paced melodic blast of nostalgia drawing upon inspiration from the late 90’s and early 00’s to forge a unique contribution to the second coming of pop-punk. Focusing on a blend of modern punk and 90s alt rock similar to bands such as Four Year Strong, A Day To Remember, Blink 182, Everclear and Lit. The Spinoff have now released their debut single, Something Buried, and the band are currently working on their debut album, that will merge well-crafted and meaningful songs with a fun and ferocious punk rock energy.

You can stream Something Buried here

High Down Release ‘Life Lessons’ Video

High Down Moving OnPortsmouth born High Down arrived on the music scene last year, and are quickly amassing new fans and gathering firm momentum with their highly contagious brand of hard-hitting pop punk that is reminiscent of Blink-182, State Champs and New Found Glory. High Down will unveil their explosive new EP, Moving On, on Friday 1st September, but before then the pop-punkers have released a new video for the track Life Lessons.

Moving On can be pre-ordered on CD here 

The video for Life Lessons can be viewed below Read More…

Buffalo Go! To Release ‘Cave In’ EP On September 5th

Buffalo Go Cave InPromising Bournemouth pop-punk band Buffalo Go have revealed that their debut EP, Cave In, is set for release on September 5th, 2017. To celebrate, the band have revealed a music video for Caught Up, the first single from Cave In, which see’s the band performing a fast paced rabble rousing track in the most natural environment for a pop-punk band, a packed house show.

Caught Up and be purchased and streamed via Bandcamp here

You can view the video for Caught Up, and Buffalo Go!‘s UK tour dates, below Read More…

Maypine Release ‘In The Back Of My Mind’ EP

maypine ITBOMMBinging together hugely infectious refrains and buoyant punk-rock rhythms, rising UK pop-punkers Maypine have today set loose their eagerly awaited new EP, In The Back Of My Mind, through Disconnect Disconnect Records. The lively quintet have also dropped a spanking new video for the track North / South Divide that is taken from the EP.
You can stream and purchase In The Back Of My Mind here
You can view the video for North / South Divide below

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Amuse Life Sucks


Life Sucks

Dodgeball Records

Rating: 4.5/5




Dodgeball Records is the latest in a long and proud line of Chicago based independent punk imprints, the label is founded by Showoff frontman Chris Messer and Mike Felumlee, of Smoking Popes and Alkaline Trio fame, they have secured Indianapolis punks Amuse as their first signing and will be releasing the band’s latest EP, Life Sucks, in a few days time on August 4th. The bands first release for Dodgeball Records follows on from their 2015 EP, Tosche Station Lot Lizards, and for me Life Sucks is up there amongst the best releases I’ve heard so far this year, and this is not hollow praise given that 2017 really has been an excellent vintage for punk rock.

Offend Me kicks off Life Sucks with a Ramones inspired blast that is played exactly as pop punk oughta be, then it promptly kicks things up a gear with F.U.Y. that’s an ode to fucked up youth and not wanting to grow up. Every track on Life Sucks hits the spot and there’s no sense of deja vu or the predictability that blights so many releases that fly under the pop punk banner, the title track and Toxic keeps the energy flowing nicely, while Tarkin, a love song for bassist Mike Muse‘s dog, brings a harsher old school quality to the EP before I Want To Believe (In Me And You) brings the EP to a close with another love song, this time for the X-Files Agent Scully.

There’s a distinct feel of the likes of The Methadones, The Queers and The Copyrights, who make a guest appearance on the album, about the Life Sucks EP, in the sense that this is an EP of high energy punk that’s played in a good natured punky knockabout feel. Everything from the b-movie sleeve art, courtesy of Jennie Cotterill of Bad Cop/Bad Cop, to the production by the legendary Mass Giorgini and of course the six tracks that inhabit Life Sucks, combine to make this EP an utter blast. Dodgeball Records have scored an impressive first signing with Amuse, and if they can keep this standard up on the full length planned for next year then the future of both the label and the band look very bright.

Dodgeball Records website can be found here and Life Sucks can be pre-ordered here

Knuckle Puck Announce US Fall Tour

Knuckle Puck US Tour Oct 17Hot on the heels of announcing their new album Shapeshifter, the highly anticipated follow-up to their 2015 breakthrough debut Copacetic, Chicago pop punkers Knuckle Puck have announced a fall headlining tour with support from Movements, With Confidence and Homesafe. Rise Records will release Shapeshifter on October 13th 2017 and the band released Gone, the first single from the new album, last week on their website. 
Shapeshifter is currently available for pre-order through Rise Records here
You can view a trailer for Knuckle Puck‘s tour and the band’s tour dates below

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Casual Friday WF LP

Casual Friday

Weekend Forever

Open Door Records / Celebrity Punk House / Hidden Home Records / Counter Intuitive Records

Rating: 2.5/5




The Southern Californian power pop influenced rockers Casual Friday have released their debut album, Weekend Forever, via a joint enterprise through the combined independent alliance of Open Door Records, Hidden Home Records, Celebrity Punk House and Counter Intuitive Records. With such an impressive independent backing and it’s upbeat title, it would seem that Casual Friday are offering us the soundtrack for an extended weekend of fun and excess, but like many planned extended weekends that promise everything there’s almost inevitably a raincloud on the horizon.

Banger kicks things off with an elongated introduction that eventually brings an infectious slice of power pop and punk influenced rock that merges into the slightly heavier Direct Deposit, and there’s virtually no break as FOMO brings the pace down and this more relaxed vibe carries through into California. The majority of this album carries on down this well trodden path and with the exception of the melancholic Blackhole, that brings a touch of depth and variation to proceedings, Weekend Forever is a slice of sunny power pop and indie inspired rock that just doesn’t seem to bring anything new to the party.

There is a sense of deja vu as the Californian slacker power pop washes over you in a not unpleasant wave, but for me there’s never quite the essential hook to pull you into the album, and that’s a shame as all the ingredients are there but the mix of influences seems out of kilter, resulting in an album that’s neither fish nor fowl. There’s an obvious influence from the likes of Weezer, Piebald and The Wannadies on this release, and if those bands have a place in your heart then I’d recommend Casual Friday for your playlist, but for me Weekend Forever falls just short of the mark.

You can order the vinyl release of Weekend Forever via Open Door Records here

Weekend Forever is available for streaming and download via Bandcamp here

maypine ITBOMM


In The Back Of My Mind

Disconnect Disconnect Records

Rating: 3.5/5



Brighton based pop punkers Maypine have announced their arrival with the release of their debut EP, In The Back Of My Mind, that is due out on Friday 4th August through Disconnect Disconnect Records. The band pull influences from the likes of State Champs, Neck Deep and Blink-182, as a result of this Maypine have all the infectious refrains and upbeat punk rock rhythms you’d expect from any self respecting pop punk band, but crucially they have formed their own sound out of the influences to create an accessible and energetic EP.
A Little Sooner kicks things off with an upbeat pop punk blast that sets Maypine‘s stall out nicely, the slightly more hard edged North South Divide ups the ante and keeps the bouncy flow of the In The Back Of My Mind EP moving along as does the midway track, Inside Out. In amongst the sunny pop punk gems is the seemingly obligatory slow burning sentimental number, Never Far Apart, that builds to an intense finale, until finally Day After Day brings us full circle in what has been a quintet of tracks that is the essence of pop punk.
Aside from the obvious pop punk influences you can pick up there is a distinctly British influence from the likes of Mega City Four and The Senseless Things in the delivery, and it’s this transatlantic approach to pop punk that for me makes them stand out from the crowd. Maypine have released as finer slice of sunny pop punk as you’ll find this side of California, and for me the In The Back Of My Mind EP will make a fine addition to any self respecting pop punkers playlist.
You can pre-order the In The Back Of My Mind EP here

Knuckle Puck Release ‘Gone’ From Forthcoming ‘Shapeshifter’ LP

Knuckle Puck SSChicago’s own pop punk heroes Knuckle Puck have announced the highly anticipated follow up to their 2015 breakthrough debut album, Copacetic. Rise Records will release Shapeshifter on October 13, 2017 and the band are now streaming a new single, Gone, ahead of the release of the new album.

Gone can be streamed via Youtube here

Shapeshifter is available for pre-order via Rise Records here

Reckless Intentions Lights

Reckless Intentions


Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




I’m starting to get the impression that there isn’t anyone left in Brighton that isn’t in a band, over the last few year I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in the number of bands from that southern coastal town, and now we can add Reckless Intentions to their number. The band have spent the time since their formation in 2016 developing their material and building up a local fanbase, now they have self released their debut five track EP, Lights, and are looking to spread their wings beyond the confines of the thriving scene that exists in their home town.

Ghost Town kick starts the Lights EP with a hit of high energy pop punk that carries touches of old school punk rock, an important element that marks them out from the pop punk herd, after this we’re headed into more familiar pop punk territory with Stitches, but it’s still delivered with their own approach and stops them being just another cookie cutter band that blends pop with punk. The EP’s title track takes you into a darker place with a distinct post punk vibe whilst Outcast carries more of a feel of the more ragged edge of indie rock, it has the infectious quality that bands such as The Wannadies have perfected, finally the Lights EP finally bows out with the inevitable soulful reflective number that seems to be almost compulsory for any pop punk band.

Reckless Intentions are a band that owe as much to the likes of The Clash as it does to New Found Glory and Green Day, each track on the Lights EP reflects a different facet of their influences, yes this is at the lighter end of the punk spectrum, but for me that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are some predictable elements to this release, in particular the closing ballad that slowly builds to a crescendo, but Reckless Intentions largely avoid the pop punk by numbers cliché’s and incorporate different strands into the EP, the end result is a diverse and enjoyable EP that indicates that Reckless Intentions have a bright future ahead of them.

Lights is now available via iTunes here