Reunions Release Stream Of ‘Head North’ From ‘Aching Waits’ EP

Reunions AWReunions have released a stream of another track taken from their upcoming EP, Aching Waits, that is released on Friday 12th January via La Escalera Records and Def Cow Records, and is now available for pre-order. Head North is the opening track on Aching Waits and it features guest vocals from Stacey Dee of Bad Cop / Bad Cop. The record’s release show is on Saturday 13th January 2018 at The Knockout in San Francisco, with support from Pkew Pkew Pkew, Daydream and The Newports.

Aching Waits can be pre-ordered via La Escalera Records here

Head North can be streamed here

The Flatliners Announce West Coast US Tour Dates

Flatliners Aug 17Toronto Canada’s The Flatliners have announced a new string of west coast dates with The Smith Street Band leading up to their appearance at the It’s Not Dead Festival next month in California. The Flatliners are on tour with Pkew Pkew Pkew through July 17th, after which they will support Sum 41 on a short run of Canadian dates and an extensive European tour, the band is also set to make appearances at Riot Fest and The Fest 16 this fall. The Flatliners latest LP, Inviting Light, is out now on Rise Records.

Inviting Light can be ordered via Rise Records here

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Pkew Pkew Pkew Sign To SideOneDummy Records

Pkew Pkew PkewPkew Pkew Pkew have signed on with SideOneDummy Records.  The band last released their self titled LP, in 2016 via Royal Mountain Records, with their new home reissuing the album including one new song.

Watch a new music video for one of the tracks below.

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Reel Big Fish / Anti-Flag / Ballyhoo! / Pkew Pkew Pkew

Reel Big Fish / Anti-Flag / Ballyhoo! / Pkew Pkew Pkew

Live in Vancouver (02/09/17)

The Commodore Ballroom - Vancouver, BC




There are several types of concerts. Among others, there are some that you go to just for the hell of it with no real expectations. Sometimes you go to check out a new band you’ve never seen before. Sometimes you go just to hang with friends. Sometimes you’re bored, sometimes you’re engaged. There are times you see your favorite band for the umpteenth time and they put on the show you expect but don’t wow you – sometimes they do. You get shitty shows, and good shows, bad shows and great shows. Shows you enjoy than instantly forget, and some that stay with you long after the final chords ring out. Then you get shows that resonate so hard within you that you’re remembered why you fell in love with concerts in the first place.

Thursday’s show was that one.

A rather large four band bill topped by co-headlining sets by two wildly different bands (Reel Big Fish and Anti-Flag) celebrating twentieth anniversaries of major albums (Turn the Radio Off and Die For Your Government respectively), the show was a throwback to the old school punk tours that used to happen all the time but are an all too rare occurrence now.

Starting the night’s festivities was Toronto four piece Pkew Pkew Pkew who immediately put on the best show I’ve seen in months.

Although they would’ve been more at home in a smaller venue like the Cobalt, Pkew Pkew Pkew made the large Commodore Stage feel intimidate. With their straight forward skate-punk style,  and three alternating vocalists yelling chaotically into the microphones, Pkew Pkew Pkew put on the type of show that pulled me into this crazy scene so many years ago.

Their songs are goofy and sometimes moronic, but fun and seeped in earnestness. Songs about trying to skateboard (Mid-20s Skateboarder) and failing (Blood Clot), the need for pizza (Lets Order A Pizza), growing up (Glory Days), and drinking (Drinking In The Park, Hanging Out, Before We go Out Drinking) fill their catalog. These aren’t serious songs, but man are they fun.

You sing, you dance, you let loose in the two minute blasts of passion. For an opening band, the set was almost unheard of in terms of quality and control – this is the type of set that creates punk careers and Pkew Pkew Pkew will be at it for a long time if this is any indication of what to come.

Maryland’s reggae quartet Ballyhoo! came next and performed one of those shows that were enjoyable, but oddly forgettable.  Having just passed their twenty year mark together as a band, Ballyhoo! know how to work the stage – frontman Howi Spangler alongside keyboardist Scott Vandrey sufficiently wave their arms around and engage with the audience as they work through their Jamaican flavored tunes but it missed a certain punch.  Pulling from the likes of Pepper and IllScarlett, Spangler’s vocals are smooth and the set picked up the pace by the end; yet it still felt like what you’d expect to see from an opening band.

With a giant American flag hanging upside down behind the stage, Pittsburgh’s Anti-Flag came next celebrating twenty years of Die For Your Government and ripped into ten tracks from their debut album. It was a smart move to not play all seventeen tracks because their musicianship has definitely grown since their early days and it would’ve been a disservice to ignore some of their newer material. Nevertheless, those ten songs they played showed the foundation of what was to become from the political punk band and helped fill out the best set I’ve seen in years.

With an added guitar now, the songs are fuller and fiercer than they were as a three piece. Justin Sane’s vocals are more confident than they were twenty years ago and Chris #2’s take on Andy Flag’s original vocals fit in their modern incarnation of the band much better. You could sense the teenage angst in the songs of You’d Do the Same, Drink Drank Punk, Davey Destroyed the Punk Scene,  and Summer Squatter Go Home. Not to mention their two mainstays You’re Gonna Die For Your Government and Fuck Police Brutality that make their way into every set whether they’re celebrating the album or not. They ended the ten songs tribute portion with  Your Daddy Was a Rich Man, Your Daddy’s Fucking Dead – a song, ironically, written about Donald Trump twenty years ago and is possibly even more relevant today.

For the second half of their set, they powered through some of their biggest numbers starting with Turncoat and focused heavily on For Blood and Empire tracks including The Press Corpse, This is The End (For Your My Friend),Cities Burn and One Trillion Dollars.  Playing so many from that album made sense since that was released just over ten years ago as well.

Whether they were playing their cover of The Clash‘s Should I Stay or Should I Go or All of The Poison, All of The Pain, it didn’t really matter. Anti-Flag were always Anti-Flag.

I’ve said it before, but Anti-Flag know how to put on a show. Yes, it’s not always spur of the moment anger or unplanned outbursts – the sets are structured and planned to a T, yet the bands’ anger seems real. Chris #2’s guttural screams pull at you, Justin Sane’s political rants ring true, and Pat Thetic’s never ending smile is contagious.

It’s a set full of venomous anger and passion, orchestrated to perfection by the Pittsburgh foursome; and even though they ended the set with Bradenburg Gate instead of Drink Drank Punk, they still moved everyone back and set up the drum kit in the crowd for the final verse. It’s a shtick they do every set, but it still seems just right.  Especially since Pat Thetic stays in the crowd for ten minutes hugging everyone he sees.

It was only an hour long set. There was no encore. Without any glitz or glamour, they lowered the massive American Flag and started setting up for Reel Big Fish – but during those sixty minutes, you were able to lose yourself. Momentarily transported to another plane of existence, Anti-Flag successfully put on a set that rocked you to the core and reignited my love for live shows.

And somehow, the night still  had another sixty minutes of music.

Swapping out the angry fist pumping and circle pits, Reel Big Fish brought out the horns and skanking shoes for their co-headlining spot of the evening. It was an almost 360 degree spin in tone and performance as Aaron Barrett and his co-horts pull in the crowd through comedy and goofiness rather than anger and speed.

Starting with the Ole chant, the band began their real set with three of the famous sarcastic songs: I Want Your Girlfriend to be Mine, Another FU Song and Your Guts (I Hate ‘Em). It immediately set the pace for skanking and sing alongs before Barrett reminded everyone why they were really here: to celebrate 20 years of Turn The Radio Off.

From then on, it was Turn The Radio Off front to back – Sell Out, Trendy, Everything Sucks, S.R. (and all the possible iterations of it), Say Ten. You name it, they played it.

As Monique Powell of Save Ferris was nowhere to be seen, saxophonist Matt Appleton took over her parts on She Has A Girlfriend Now. It was a good effort, but part of me missed how Scott Klopfenstein used to deliver her parts. In fact, the entire night missed the comedy styling’s of Klopfenstein who left the band several years ago. Him and Barrett’s on stage banter used to be the icing on the cake of a Reel Big Fish set. Without him, Barrett seemed somewhat lost and no longer had that comedic edge that made Reel Big Fish what it was.

Nevertheless, the crowd was there for the music and they delivered. After completing Alternative Baby, the band celebrated the album before realizing they missed the biggest song on the album. This led them to play The Mighty Mighty BosstonesThe Impression That I Get segueing into Beer (the missed track) into The Offspring‘s Self Esteem and back into Beer. It was a nostalgia trip if you ever wanted.

A quick encore comprised of Where Have You Been and Take On Me and the night was complete. It was a punk filled, ska filled evening by two of the longer run bands in our scene. Tonight showed why it is that they’re still around.

Pkew Pkew Pkew PPP

Pkew Pkew Pkew

Pkew Pkew Pkew

Royal Mountain Records

Rating: 5/5




I’ve wanted to hear Pkew Pkew Pkew ever since I first saw their band name, the sound millions of people have made when shooting each other with imaginary laser pistols is an inspired, and unique, choice of band name. When your band name is that good you don’t need to worry about an album title, as it’s unlikey that whatever you think of will be as good as that.

Don’t expect deep meaningful insight from this band, this is a fun album, the majority of songs are about beer and the consequences of getting drunk, the majority of the remaining songs are just as superficial and immature, don’t take that as a slight against them, as this is an awesome soundtrack to intoxication and good times. You’ll have to play it a few times to achieve a drunken stupor as this album is done and dusted in about 21 minutes, so yes it is on the short side but I don’t think listening to Pkew Pkew Pkew on repeat will be a problem.

This is straight up punky goodness, Pkew Pkew Pkew keep a consistent quality level across all twelve tracks on their debut album, the lyrics are witty and the guitar riffs are incredibly infectious. This is music made for a frantic mosh pit, if they sound as good live as they do on this then I sincerely hope they make it across the pond so I can experience them live, probably whilst having a beer or two… or three.

This album is bordering on Punk perfection and will be a contender for my favourite album of 2016, I can’t give a better recommendation than that, buy a six pack and then stick this album on, you can thank me later. Pkew Pkew Pkew is released today on Royal Mountain Records and you should get yourself a copy of this awesome drunken debut.

Pkew Pkew Pkew Stream New LP In Full

Pkew Pkew PkewPkew Pkew Pkew have premiered a full stream of their upcoming LP, Pkew Pkew Pkew, which drops on June 10, 2016 via Royal Mountain Records.

Listen to the full disc here.

Video: Pkew Pkew Pkew – “Mid-20s Skateboarder” / “Bloodclot”

Pkew Pkew PkewPkew Pkew Pkew have premiered a double-song music video from their self-titled album.  The video features the songs
Mid-20s Skateboarder” and “Bloodclot,” which will appear on Pkew Pkew Pkew when it drops on June 10, 2016 via Royal Mountain Records.

Watch the video below.

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Pkew Pkew Pkew Announce LP & Tour Dates, Stream Single

Pkew Pkew PkewSouthern Ontario based punks Pkew Pkew Pkew have announced that their self titled debut LP is due to drop on June 10th via Royal Mountain Records. Ahead of the street date the band are streaming Asshole Pandemic via the good folks over at Brooklyn Vegan. 

The band have also announced a series of shows in July alongside Direct Hit! which will follow on from their previously announced tour in June with PUP and Rozwell Kid. Check out the stream of Asshole Pandemic here and the band’s upcoming tour dates below.

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Tours: PUP / Pkew Pkew Pkew

PupToronto’s PUP has announced that they will be playing a one-off headlining show at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn on Friday February 12. The band will receive support from Pkew Pkew Pkew.  PUP released their self titled effort in 2014.

Tickets go on sale this Wednesday at 10:00AM EST and can be purchased here.

PKEW PKEW PKEW (gunshots) Announces New Album

KpewToronto party punks PKEW PKEW PKEW (gunshots) has announced the release of their new album.  The disc will be titled Glory Days and is due out on November 12, 2013 via Art Drug.

Stream the first song from, “We’re Gonna Do It Anyway,” below.

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