PJ Bond Supporting Frank Turner’s In-Store Shows in August

PJ BondAcoustic singer-songwriter PJ Bond has announced that he will be supporting Frank Turner on his run of in-store shows around the release of his latest LP, Positive Songs For Negative People. PJ Bond’s latest record is Where Were You?, which itself dropped back in May via Xtra Mile Recordings and ahead of these shows, he is streaming Everglades, one of the tracks from the LP.

Check out the stream of Everglades and the full list of in-store shows with Frank Turner below.

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The Lion And The Wolf / PJ Bond

The Lion and the Wolf 1The Lion And The Wolf has joined up with PJ Bond for a summer tour.  The debut album, Symptoms, The Lion And The Wolf’s debut full length, is available now.

Full tour dates are below.

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PJ Bond Full Album Stream

PJ Bond - Album packshotAcoustic singer-songwriter PJ Bond is streaming his brand new full length, Where Were You.  The album dropped today via Xtra Mile Recordings.

Check out the full album here.

PJ Bond - Album packshot

PJ Bond

Where Were You?

Xtra Mile Recordings / Black Numbers Records

Rating: 3/5




I’ve always had a soft spot for Philadelphia, PA acoustic troubadour PJ Bond.  Sure, his debut album, You Didn’t Know I Was Alphabetical, relied heavily on the strength of the opening track, but that track landed on a heck of a lot of my playlists.  It’s been a lengthy five year road, but Bond has finally returned for his second kick at the can with his latest full length, Where Were You?.  Compared with past works, considerable effort has gone into making his sophomore effort a very complete offering.  Balancing catchy choruses and heartfelt delivery with PJ Bond’s breezy, folk-fired americana, the album unveils a balance of small town life and heartfelt ambitions.

Never in a rush to reach for more than what is right in front of him, Bond channels the essence of an American Joel Plaskett.  Modest storytelling through an honest man’s lens makes for a very intuitive listen that spans casual rock n’ roll (“Broad Street”) and a wispy 60’s folk heart (“The Better Option”).  Opener “Everglades” introduces the latter with the gentle invitation of backing “oo-ooo” vocals pushing the song into upbeat melody and lasting memory.  Meanwhile, those like “87 Broadcast” channel a retro vibe circa American Taxi and Gaslight Anthem.  But it’s the breezy, loosely sing-along moments of songs like “The Better Option” that really set Where Were You? up with some staying power.

What Were You?’s only real drawback lies in the somewhat overly tame execution.  Between album highlights, PJ Bond can sometimes revert to a relatively passive state.  While the songwriting is highly intensional and the lyrics of smalltown lifestyles generally flourish, it can get washed away in some of the more casual instrumental moments like the light country twangers “Calm In The Corner” or “Hellfire.”  The most successful of the reserved moments actually resides in the album’s most minimal and intimate sessions.  Purely acoustic strummers like “For J” actually amplify the spotlight just on the power of their words alone.  These incredibly personal moments speak volumes to PJ Bond’s capacity for connecting with his audience.

PJ Bond has come a long way in strengthening his sound.  Where Were You? should answer any outstanding questions about Bond’s confidence in holding an audience beyond a track or two.  His soft approach to songwriting is a breeze to listen to, and with continued effort in advancing a more adventurous spirit, will surely see PJ Bond traversing plenty of more ground.

Stream: PJ Bond – ‘The Better Option’

PJ BondAcoustic singer-songwriter PJ Bond is streaming another track from his upcoming full length, Where Were You. The song is titled The Better Option, and is streaming now via soundcloud. Where Were You is due to drop on May 4th via Xtra Mile Recordings.

Check out the stream of The Better Option below.

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PJ Bond to Release Third LP

PJ BondHailing from New Brunswick, N.J., folk/indie one-piece PJ Bond will release a third full-length album. Where Were You? is set to debut in early May via Black Numbers. Pre-order for the album is available here.

Broad Street, a track off the the upcoming album, is available for streaming here.

PJ Bond Signs to Xtra Mile Recordings

Press Pic 1Americana singer songwriter PJ Bond has signed on with Xtra Mile Recordings and announced that the first release for his new label will be Where Were You, a full length due to drop on May 4th. Ahead of the official release, he is streaming the lead single Broad Street. 

PJ Bond has said this about joining the Xtra Mile family:

“Xtra Mile is one of the rare labels where it seems that they put out music that they truly believe in, and are not so much constrained by genre that they’ll question whether or not it is a ‘good idea’. This approach by clearly music-loving people is what drew me most to XMR, and was supported by everyone with whom I spoke about them. Honesty, respect, heart, these are the common threads. All in all, I think I’ve found a lovely home.”

Check out the cover art for Where Were You and the stream of Broad Street below.

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Tour: PJ Bond / Arliss Nancy

PJ BondPJ Bond and Arliss Nancy have announced that they will be jointly touring their way down to The Fest in Gainesville this October.  Bond is currently supporting his new 7″, Ten Degrees And The Floor, which was co-released by Black Numbers and Shield Recordings.

Tour dates can be found below.

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PJ Bond - You Didn't Know

PJ Bond

You Didn't Know

Black Numbers Records

Rating: 1/5




PJ Bond has been around the block before a few times – or so I’ve read. Previously he played in Outstanding Simon, The Color Fred and Marigold – the last of which I haven’t heard before and I was never much of a fan of the first two, so I never knew who PJ Bond was or took much notice of him. However, I started to run into his name a lot with the release of his sophomore solo album, You Didn’t Know I Was Alphabetical (a dig at all the people who didn’t realize his first album’s track listing was in alphabetical order), and so I was intrigued to see what he sounds like.

Right off the back, Bond impressed me. The album kicks off with a bouncy little acoustic number You, Too which falls somewhere between Bright Eyes and The Special Goodness. It’s a catchy number, with impressive and varied instrumentation that is really pushed forward by some nicely layered vocals, pedal steel and some perfectly placed hand clapping. You, Too is a beautiful emo/indie/acoustic cut – like Bright Eyes – and You Didn’t Know I Was Alphabetical gets off on the right track.

It then goes into Stop Being Bad and goes straight downhill from there.

The record is never again able to recreate the simple honesty and sincerity of You, Too and instead becomes a bit too bland and slightly over polished (which is surprising considering the DIY way in which it was recorded). Bond turns away from the emo/indie mixture that made the opening track so good and infuses more country and pop influences into his song; and by the end it all becomes a bit too overwhelming.

He occasionally recreates that initial glory, like Quiet or Loud which sounds like The Format and Fucking Viv which sounds like a Weezer demo. He scales back all the additional instruments and keeps it at only an acoustic guitar, sings which a tinge of Rivers Cuomo accent and even uses some tongue-in-cheek lyrics; but even that becomes a bit much near the end as the vocals sound too distant and polished.

The rest You Didn’t Know I Was Alphabetical just feels forced. It sounds as if a less country Austin Lucas song merged with a more pop Jon Snodgrass tune and then they threw in some pedal steel for added effect. The albums falls somewhere between american, indie-folk, and acoustic pop with the occasional flourish into a full blown alt-country-rock and the only truly consistent thing is the bland, overly polished nature of the songs. Songs like Stop Being Bad, The Night of the 27th, You Know The Drill, and Not Theme Summer (Pastro, PA) – not to mention the 13 minutes of dead space between the final song and the bonus track – are all skippable and the others are barely even noteworthy to be mentioned.

It may sound harsh considering there is a lot worse music out there, but the fact is Alphabetical just isn’t able to stand out either. Instead, as you listen to the record, you just slowly forget how amazing the first track was.

Geoff Rickly, Fred Mascherino and PJ Bond Do Living Room Tour

Geoff RicklyThursday‘s Geoff Rickly and Fred Mascherino of Terrible Things (and formerly of Breaking Pangea, Taking Back Sunday, and The Color Fred) will be doing a set of dates in the Northeast exclusively in living room set ups. These intimate shows will be limited to only 50 people per show.

After a week together, Rickly will leave the tour and Mascherino will be joined by PJ Bond for the last three dates.

Tickets can be bought here.

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Tours: PJ Bond / Billy + Joe

PJ BondBeginning this Friday, PJ Bond will hit the road for a week-long tour of the East Coast. He will be sharing the stage with Billy + Joe, which features Joe McMahon of Smoke or Fire and Billy of Vancouver’s Billy The Kid. Additionally, Bond will be playing several solo shows throughout February. The full schedule can be seen below.

Bond is touring in support of his latest release, Ten Degrees and The Floor, a digital EP which can be downloaded for free. The songs originally premiered at Alternative Press as three-part series that included accompanying videos for each track.

You can view these videos and read detailed descriptions of each song from Bond here.

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PJ Bond Premieres New Song, New Video And Announces European Tour

PJ BondPJ Bond has teamed up with Alternative Press to premiere a brand new song. You can watch PJ and his brother Brian Bond perform I’m In A Bad Way live in Lynchburg, Virginia on a stopover during their recent tour to the FEST in Gainesville, FL a few weeks ago. The song can also be downloaded in mp3 format here.

More information about the song can be found below, alongside dates for Bond’s ongoing tour of Europe and the UK throughout this month and next.

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Tours: PJ Bond

PJ BondPJ Bond has released a slew of new tour dates for the month of February.  The folky acoustic soloist is set to release a new digital EP, 22 April: Vienna,  Austria, which was recorded in Vienna, Austria on April 22, 2010, during a break in PJ’s exhaustive touring.  PJ Bond released You Didn’t Know I Was Alphabetical last year on Black Numbers Records.

Full tour listings can be found below.

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PJ Bond Releases Digital EP

PJ BondPJ Bond has released a new digital EP, 22 April: Vienna,  Austria. The six song EP was recorded in Vienna,Austria on April 22, 2010, during a break in PJ‘s exhaustive touring

The EP can be streamed or downloaded, for three dollars, on It is now available on iTunes in the US and will be available worldwide in the next few weeks.

PJ Bond released You Didn’t Know I Was Alphabetical last year on Black Numbers Records.


Buzzlegoose Interviews PJ Bond

PJ BondFolk soloist PJ Bond was recently interviewed by Buzzlegoose music.  In the interview PJ Bond reveals his plans for an upcoming book about his time touring on the road:

My hope was just to do January to January, because that’s easy. When I came up with the idea, it didn’t seem feasible at the moment. I was in a band, and they all took a break. So a bunch of us went and joined another band. That’s when I realized that’s not what I want. That’s when I came up with the idea. I was intrigued by this project that seemed impossible to tackle but was a one-day-at-a-time thing. Most people are at the point where they can do what they want with their life but they’re scared. I did a few things that made me believe “I can do this.” I made a few phone calls to friends. I talked to people. They were all super supportive. A month from that day, I was leaving.

PJ Bond is currently on tour with supporting act Koji.  The entire interview can be read here.

PJ Bond Announces Brief Tour With Koji

PJ BondNew Jersey native PJ Bond has announced that he will head out for a month-long tour in continuing support of his lastest full-length, You Didn’t Know I Was Alphabetical. The record was released in late 2009 by Black Numbers in LP and CD format.  Bond will be joined by new Run For Cover signee Koji for the duration of September and a couple of dates in October.

Dates can be found below.

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Tours: PJ Bond / Koji

PJ BondPJ Bond is pleased to announce a string of fall dates alongside Koji (Run For Cover Records). The two will be travelling across the entire east coast as well as some midwest dates, the run kicks off Sept 4th in Virginia Beach and concludes Sept 30th in Lock Haven PA. The dates are below.

Bond continues to support his Black Numbers Records debut full length “You Didn’t Know I Was Alphabetical” on LP/CD/Digital.

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PJ Bond And Over Stars And Gutters On Tour

New Jersey native PJ Bond – backed by a full band this time around – will embark on a two-week tour of the East Coast support of his lastest full-length, You Didn’t Know I Was Alphabetical.  The full-length was released in late 2009 by Black Numbers in LP and CD format.  Bond will be joined by label mates Over Stars And Gutters for eight of those shows, including Rad Fest in Wilmington, NC.  Over Stars And Gutters have also announced a collection of other tour dates.

Tour dates can be found below.

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Tours: PJ Bond And Stars Over Gutters

Black Numbers RecordsBlack Numbers Records labelmates PJ Bond and Stars Over Gutters will be heading out for brief tours in May.  The bands will each have a string of solo dates, as well as eight together.  Stars Over Gutters released Consider This Your Curse to critical acclaim in 2009, with PJ Bond releasing You Didn’t Know I Was Alphabetical in the same year.

Tour dates can be found below.

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Tours: PJ Bond

PJ Bond will embark on a month–long tour of the U.K. and mainland Europe beginning on Tuesday, March 16th; the dates are below.

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PJ Bond Pink Couch Session

Pink Couch Sessions Singer/songwriter PJ Bond is the latest person to stop by IfYouMakeIt’s studio to record a Pink Couch Session. He recorded the song the song Baby Bones from his new full length “You Didn’t Know I Was Alphabetical” which was released on New Jersey’s Black Numbers Records last year.

The video can be seen below.

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